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But just when she was nearing the point of no return, just when she started to moan the words, "Oh God I'm gonna cum Bree," and "best dating for married in k best dating for married in k Oh don't stop," just when the muscles in her trembling thighs began to tighten up, Damon grabbed a handful of Bree's hair and pulled her back, saying, "Stop right there." Bree's sucking mouth came away best online dating for married men from Julia's pussy with a smacking sound and a thread of juice still attached. "Unh wha..." she gasped as her hungry mouth longed to latch back on and finish the job it had started. She licked her lips of the tasty juices and wished her tongue was long enough to lick her chin and nose of the rest. Having been nearly delirious with pleasure, and so close to orgasm a slight breeze would best dating for married in k best dating for married in k send her over the edge, Julia was beside herself when the tantalizing tongue and luscious lips of her best friend Bree were pulled away at the last possible for in best k dating married best dating for married in k instant. Her eyes popped open and she tilted her head up to see what had happened. "Hey," she exclaimed, "What the hell." Still ing his man meat inside best dating for married in k Bree's long unused pussy, Damon said, "You don't cum until I give you permission. Now spin around and get your face under us." He pulled Bree up until she was standing almost fully erect, and watched as Julia made the transition on the bed.

When the top of her head was touching Bree's pubic k for best married dating in married best in dating for k hair, Damon pushed her back down until the two women were in a 69 position.

"Now crawl up slowly on the bed," Damon ordered Bree, and as in for married best k dating she did, he followed her until they were both kneeling with Julia's face right below Bree's well ed pussy. "How's the view down there?" Damon best dating for married in k asked with a chuckle, as he began ing Bree again. Julia wasn't concerned about the view from her vantage point because she was so close to the action that she could only see the blur of Damon's hairless balls as they swung back and forth mere centimeters from her eyes. The sounds and smells for dating best k in married were what was really interesting. Damon's cock sliding in and out of Bree's wet hole was making sounds that would be terribly embarrassing if everyone present best dating for married in k wasn't so horny.

The smell was the most intense mixture of male and female pheromones that she had ever had the pleasure of breathing, and her mouth watered best dating for married in k best dating for married in best sites for dating married women k more than ever before. Without waiting to be told, she stuck out her tongue and began licking. In her thirty eight years on the planet, Bree had been ed and had her pussy licked by her husband hundreds of times, but never had she been ed and licked at the same time, until now. The feeling best dating for married in k of Julia's tongue gliding over her clitoris while Damon's thick cock stretched her pussy was glorious, and in a very short amount of time, she was nearing her first orgasm of the day. "Get your face back in that hot cunt," Damon barked at Bree as she focused on her own rising pleasure, moaning best dating for married in k and humping her hips to meet every thrust of his teenaged cock, and rub her clit best married dating site for virginia on Julia's hot tongue. He pushed her face down without slowing best dating for married in k his momentum. Underneath all the action, Julia felt like she had become an afterthought as Bree and Damon continued their hearty ing as if she wasn't there. Her best dating for married in k tongue was still at work though, licking Bree's clit and Damon's cock and nut sack when he thrust forward. The flavors were intoxicating and kept her best dating for married own in k ual heat higher than ever. She was however, beginning to think that she was going to be denied her own climax while helping them both cum, at least until she felt Bree's tongue go back to work on her pussy. With just a few licks, she was suddenly back in the race and all three of them were nearing the last hurdle together. "Oh , I'm gonna cum," Damon groaned as he pumped in and out of Bree's hot cunt. The feeling of Julia's tongue rubbing on the underside of his cock and balls every time he thrust forward was a new sensation that was pushing him to a whole new level of pleasure. Her mouth was latched onto Julia's pussy with tremendous suction while her tongue worked tirelessly to bring her best friend to

best dating for married orgasm in best dating for married k
in k. Julia was the first to reach the plateau and her thighs clamped together on Bree's ears, holding her head in place while her pussy started to spasm. The eroticism of her position set Bree's orgasm in motion just a moment later causing her pussy to clamp down hard on Damon's cock. That was best dating for married in k in for k married dating best all it took for him to reach the point of no return also, and although his first instinct was to shove himself all the way inside the clutching cavern to deposit his seed, he still had the presence of mind to pull out just as the first blast of hot cum fired from the tip of best dating for married in k his urethra, splashing Bree's winking asshole. Before the next shot fired, Damon pointed himself down and pushed the head into Julia's open mouth. The last thing Julia expected, as she rode the waves of her intense orgasm while Bree's tongue continued its assault on her convulsing pussy, was for her mouth to be best dating for married in k filled with Damon's pussy juice coated cock.

Her eyes flew open as she felt the swollen knob push past her gaping lips, just as a hot blast best dating for married in of k cream hosed the back of throat.

She couldn't stop him from sinking three more inches of his slimy shaft into her mouth, the helmet shaped head best dating for married in k pushing up against the very back of her throat just as the third squirt of semen was ejected from the pumping penis. She gagged once as the thick semen dating best k in for married collected in a pool by her tonsils, and was forced to swallow to stop from choking. The first swallow triggered several more in rapid succession while more cum leaked into her throat. Damon clutched his hand around his balls and shaft as the pleasure of his orgasm ebbed and the last dregs of semen were expelled best from dating for married in k the tip of his pumping cock.

Feeling exhausted from the most pleasurable orgasm of his young life, Damon laid over the top of Bree's backside, leaving best dating for married in k his still throbbing cock to slowly soften inside Julia's mouth. The weight of Damon on Bree's backside caused her to drop onto Julia who felt like she was being squished, but couldn't complain because her mouth was full of still hard cock. For several seconds, all three just lay together catching their breath

best dating for married in k
while the sweat slowly dried on their bodies. Finally Damon pushed himself up and pulled his soft, wet cock out of Julia's mouth. He gave a playful best dating for married in k swat on Bree's ass and said, "Come on, move over so Julia can get up and clean that cum off your ass." "What?" Julia asked, pushing herself up onto her elbows when Bree rolled off her.

"What do you want?" She was sure that she heard him right, but wasn't sure exactly what he wanted her to do. With Bree lying on her back next to Julia, Damon lifted her feet and legs up over her head until she bent her knees and her ass was lifted up. "Get up here and see," he ordered Julia while looking at the sticky mess. With a sigh, Julia got up and came best around dating for married in k to where Damon was standing. Bree's thick ass cheek blocked the majority of the mess until she was standing right beside him, then she could see best dating for married in k for married in best dating k a truly disgusting sight. White cum was smeared from the bottom of Bree's pussy to midway up her crack. It reminded Julia of one of those Rorschach best dating for married in k inkblot tests, except that the ink was actually cum and the folded paper was actually a large ass crack. "She needs all that cum cleaned off her ass and pussy," Damon said, "and I want you to do it with your tongue." "Oh that's disgusting," Julia uttered with a quick shake of her head. "I'm best dating for married in k not doing that." "Oh yes you are," Damon insisted, then grabbed a handful of her hair in one hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist. With best dating for married his in k larger, stronger body, Damon began to bend her forward. "I'm the boss here don't forget, and when I give you an order, you had better follow it without question," he growled into her ear as he pushed her face down toward her friend's ass. "Damon no!" Julia wailed just before her face best k married in dating for was forced between the soft pillowy ass cheeks. She closed her mouth at the last second and felt the slimy, sticky mess coat her nose, lips and chin. Soon best dating for married in k she found that she couldn't breathe without opening her mouth and Damon wasn't letting her up. "Come on now, let's see that tongue get to work, or I'll hold you here until you pass out," Damon ordered. He was quite sure that he was crossing a line here and he wouldn'best dating for married in k t be invited back, but a part of him was fine with that as he had been contemplating telling Julia to find another plaything for dating a few best dating for married in k in the dark get selected weeks now. If this was the last straw, then so be it, he thought. Meanwhile, Bree was holding her legs up over her head best dating for married in k and staring in absolute awe at what was being done to her best friend Julia. Part of her wondered if she should put a stop to this by getting up, but then she remembered that Julia had confided in her that she secretly liked to be dominated and degraded. Was this degradation going too far she k in married for wondered dating best<

best dating for /strong> married in k
, or was Julia secretly enjoying this treatment? She decided to let it play out and see what happened, but if Damon got too rough, she would speak up. Julia held out for as long as she could hold her breath, which was only about twenty seconds, then she stuck out her tongue and began licking best dating for married in k the syrupy mess. Once again her mouth was filled with the bitter taste of semen. Damon couldn't see Julia's tongue worming out of her mouth to lick up his sperm because Bree's plump ass cheeks had seemingly swallowed Julia's whole face, but after a few seconds of licking, Bree said, "I can feel it, she's licking me." "That's a good girl," Damon said. He pulled her face up enough so he could see her tongue stuck out, then let go of her hair and said, "clean her real good and I'll think about letting you cum one more time before I leave." A strange feeling of pride welled up in Julia as she set about doing what she was supposed to, and soon she found herself getting into the messy task. She hadn't
best dating for married in k
been acting when she had said that it was disgusting and that she wasn't going to do it, in fact, she had been adamant that she wasn't about to put her face anywhere near the sticky mess.

Then when Damon took over and pushed her face down, she became the submissive slut that she was. Licking the slimy mess was turning out to be a real turn on for Julia, and suddenly the idea of another orgasm sounded wonderful. "Oh my God that feels incredible," Bree hissed as Julia enthusiastically licked her ass crack. "No one's ever done that to me before." She pursed her lips and began humping best dating for married in k her hips up and down as her friend's tongue moved closer to her puckered asshole.

It was so dirty and disturbing and she knew that she shouldn't be doing it, but when Bree cried out that it felt good, it spurred her on even more. Soon she had moved up and began to run her tongue around Bree's tight hole. Her mind knew that this was where shit came out and that this was the dirtiest part of a person's body, best in k married but for dating suddenly it didn't matter to her anymore, the depravity of the act became a massive turn on. I can't believe she's doing it, but it feels divine," Bree gushed. As Damon watched, Bree's pussy kept opening and closing as Julia's tongue worked over her asshole. Without a warning, Damon stepped best dating for married in k up on the bed, and stepped over Bree's legs facing her pussy. "What are you..." Bree began to ask as he suddenly drove two fingers deep into

best dating for married in k
her clutching pussy, she moaned, "Ohhhhh shhhiitt!" She was so wet that his finger sank all the way in with no problem. Damon ed his fingers deep into Bree's pussy while Julia was still tonging her asshole, which had begun to loosen and open. Meanwhile Bree was now looking up at Damon's hairy ass and hanging ball sack only a foot above her face, while her legs and back was starting to tighten up from the unnatural position. It may have been a bit uncomfortable for her, but the feelings she was experiencing were so intense she didn't want it to stop. "Oh my God, you're gonna make me best dating for married in k cum," Bree cried out as Damon added a third finger, and Julia's tongue began to sink into her loosening asshole. The sights, sounds, smells and feelings were best dating for married in k best dating for married in k an overwhelming mix that was guiding her higher than she had ever been before. When Damon added a fourth finger to her churning pussy, Bree gasped and bit her lip. Her eyes were wild and sweat was rolling down the side of her head, but none of it mattered. There was only one thing that she needed, that her body craved more than anything, and that was the sweet release of orgasm, and she was nearly there. Julia hadn't thought that she would
best dating for married in k
best dating for married in k actually push her tongue into Bree's asshole, but that was just what she was doing. At first she didn't think it would be possible because the hole had been so tightly puckered, and even if it was possible, she didn't want to think about doing that anyway. But the more she licked around the in for k dating best married wrinkled skin, the looser that hole seemed to become, and when Damon began finger ing Bree's pussy, she suddenly found the hole had opened and her tongue best dating for married in k was dipping inside. Her depravity had reached a new low, but she was enjoying every second. Damon was roughly slamming all four fingers into her, but hadn't best dating for married in k pushed the widest part, his knuckles in yet. She was too tight for that, but he wasn't going to let that stop him. "Are you ready to best dating for married in k cum?" Damon asked, his arm slamming up and down as fast as he could make it go. oh meeeeee," Bree cried out as her body was right on the edge of the ultimate orgasm. Her eyes closed tightly as her muscles began to tighten up one last time, and just then... Damon tucked his thumb to best dating for married in his k palm, and with one hard shove down, his whole fist slid inside up to his wrist. ...A stab of pain shot through Bree's pleasure sensors as she best dating for married in k best dating for married in k best dating was for married in k suddenly filled more then ever before. Her eyes flew open as a scream burst forth from her throat. At the same time, her orgasm began, and the k dating for married best in pain of being filled to near bursting turned to the most insane orgasm ever. The scream of pain became a scream of unbelievable pleasure, as her whole body was wracked with powerful orgasmic contractions. Never before in her life had she felt such an intense climax. Hot wetness splashed her chest from somewhere, soaking her and running down her sides to dampen the blanket beneath, but she was so caught up in cumming, that she didn't realize where it came from. The hot liquid was actually coming from Bree's clenching pussy, and it wasn't urine. Damon had seen videos online of women claiming to squirt when they came real best dating for hard married in k, but he had always been skeptical of them, because he thought only guys could squirt cum. Now he had proof that women could actually spray cum, and it was such a turn on. It had sprayed out with some pretty serious force, soaking his arm and chest and raining down on Bree's folded up body.

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