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He moves his hands over to her arms and caresses them up and down, working his way up to her shoulders. Finally, his hands ease over to cup and caress those budding breasts with the pink nipple hard and drawn. His thumb and forefinger dating site where disable people meet gently pinch each and rolls them between. Lisa pushes out her chest just a bit hungarian in u k dating site and lets out a little moan. She pulls her knees up and lets her legs open wide, feeling the cool air over her mound, making her feel more naked. Slowly, one k hungarian site in dating u of her dad’s hands moves down her torso towards dating site sign of the fish her spread legs. He first bypasses her pussy and caresses the inside of her thighs, then pulls his hand back up and his fingers lightly dance over her pussy. He makes his fingers rub the smooth mound on either side of her slit, closing them in slowly until finally, one hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating fingehungarian site in k dating u r site rubs gently the inner lips and over the clit hood. Lisa moans again and pushes up her hips, yearning for a stronger touch.

Her breathing gradually becoming faster as her body’s desire rises. Her legs involuntarily open up and she pulls back her knees as if to invite him deeper. Tom’s fingers, gently open her and finds moisture increasing.

The tip of his finger slips easily into the beginnings of the tight passage as his other hand continues to caress her breasts. Sawing his finger gently in and out of Lisa’s folds, then bringing his now slick finger to her clitoral hood, he begins to rub her in small circles, slowly at first. Her chest thrust out with the caress on her still forming breasts. Her hips thrust at the strange, but pleasant touch between her legs. She feels safe in the arms of her father as he hungarian in u k dating site caresses her, but at the same time, feels so exposed to him. In her mind, she both feels his strength as he cradles her to his naked body and also sees in site u hungarian dating k hungarian in u k dating site him standing before her watching her body writhe in what is nearing ecstasy. She likes being seen in such lewd displays as her body is pleasured either by herself or hungarian in u k dating site hungarian someone in u k dating site else. He changes to two fingers, one either side of her clit and strokes her hood up and down her engorged clit. As she becomes more and more aroused, her hungarian in dad u k dating site switches his fingers to go side to side over the hood. She has become so wet now that the room is filled with the squishy sounds of a wet hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k pussy dating site being rubbed fast. He remembers her earlier questions and moves his other hand down between her legs until his finger finds her tight rosebud wet with the juices from her pussy. He gently rubs the outside of her anus and her moans get louder. He gently pushes his now slick fingertip into her bowels. Her moans coming out staccato like with her rapid breathing. Her body tightens and relaxes in succession over and over again as her orgasm rises inside her. She starts to feel it in both her belly and her thighs. It builds towards her vagina, getting closer and closer. Suddenly, it hits with full forces and her hips thrust high in the air. Lisa cries out loudly, but her heartbeat in her ears blocks out the sound of her moan as her body goes into massive convulsions, her breathing stops for a moment and her body is racked with the strongest orgasm she has had in her young life. Her vagina convulses and she squirts her girls cum down to the end table at the opposite end of the couch just before she briefly loses consciousness. Tom kisses her cheek and neck as he softly caresses her body until she comes to once again. She lazily looks up to his eyes and with a half-smile she moans. “Oh dad, what was that!” she almost whispers, not enough energy returned to speak louder.

“Well honey, you know how, when I cum I squirt out my sperm? Some girls can sometimes squirt out their own fluid if they cum hard enough.

You seem to be one of those hungarian in u k dating site girls.” He explains happily. “I squirted out cum?” she ask, still a bit confused and lifts her head up with seeming effort. She spies the long streak of hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating site wetness that goes from just below her pussy over the arm of the sofa. “No honey, it’s not pee” Tom tells her as he rubs his fingers in hungarian in site dating k u hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating site it.

It doesn’t smell anything like pee” He tells her putting his finger to her nose. “It’s only special girls that can squirt” he adds proudly. “So dating site u hungarian k in you like it that I did that?” she asks hesitantly. “I love it!” he confirms as he then licks his finger. Lisa smiles and turns to him hungarian in u k and dating site puts her head on his chest. Her body so racked by this last one, she soon drifts off to sleep. Tom sits with her a little longer then gets hungarian in u k dating site

hungarian in u k dating site
up and picks her up and carries her to her room to tuck her in and she sleeps very soundly through the night. The next day after school, Lisa comes home from school still very happy. As usual, she strips naked pretty quickly, but tells her dad that she wants to wait until bed time to masturbate.

She goes to her k hungarian site dating u in room and dutifully completes all her homework.

Tom goes up to check it just before dinner and they both go to the kitchen together to prepare baked chicken with lima beans hungarian in u k dating site and rice. Sitting down to eat, Lisa cheerfully talks about her day at school. The latest antics of Kelly and the boy she is pursuing. Tom also talks about his k u site day in dating hungarian<

hungarian in u k dating site
/i> in a way not too boring for a young girl to listen to. Tells her of a possible new contract that will pay quite nicely and he hopes to hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating site close it by Friday. Lisa has been deep in thought about the previous night’s session. The images that came to her mind just before she came of her dad watching her, but there was more. ‘Was that right?’ she questions herself. They were faceless, but just the idea of being watched by many people excited her. What was u k dating in hungarian site more surprising was that she saw them all dressed. Was her strong orgasm the result of this image or was it because she was being touched by someone else she wondered. Oh, hungarian in u k dating site and the finger in her butt really felt great too. As they ate and cleaned up, Tom could tell she was deep in thought. He let her go and hungarian in u k dating site knew when she was ready she would bring her thoughts and questions to him. She was very quiet tonight as her mind churned over whatever dilemma she had going, but she also didn’t seem unhappy or concerned. In fact, she seemed still quite happy, just her mind preoccupied. They watched some TV before bed and about 8:30 pm, Tom site u dating k hungarian in sent her off to get ready for bed and told her he’d be up shortly. She went up and brushed her teeth and washed her face. In her room, she begins picking out her cloths for tomorrow. Tom comes in as she is laying them over the back of her desk chair. “This look OK for tomorrow?” hungarian in u k dating site she asks about the denim skirt and ice blue, button down blouse. You’ll have to take a bat with you to keep the boys away.” He teases her. After hungarian in a brief u k datihungarian in u ng k dating site site pause with a little more thought, she begins anew.

“Dad, would you do something for me?” she asks tentatively. “Sure honey, you know I’d hungarian in u k dating site hungarian do in u k dating dating sites for wealthy and rich sihungarian in u k te dating site anything for you.” He answers softly. “Uhm, well this may seem kind of weird” she continues.

“Honey, you know I won’t judge you in anyway. “ “Well, I was wondering if you would get dressed and watch me masturbate while you are dressed?” Tom wasn’t expecting this and takes a moment to process the meaning behind it. “Sure honey, you know I just want to make you happy, but can I ask why?” “Well, it was weird, but last night hungarian in u k dating site when you masturbated me, right at the end I imagined that you were watching me and for some reason you had cloths on and I was the only one naked. It hungarian in u k dating site made me feel, I don’t know, really excited for some reason.” She tells him, leaving out the part about there being more than one person. After processing the additional information a bit more, Tom begins to understand. His daughter, like himself, is becoming a bit of an exhibitionist. I’ll be right back” he says and turns to leave hungarian in u k dating site the room. Tom chooses not to just dress in shorts and t, but to put on some jeans, a shirt and even shoes. He knows that the more dressed he is, the more naked Lisa will feel. When she sees him enter her room, her face lights up a bit.

Tom takes another chair can sets it in the middle of the room, far enough away to give her that watched feeling that is slightly less intimate than being close. “So baby you ready to show daddy how naughty you hungarian can in u k site dating be?” he asks with a grin. Lisa, already excited, moves up on her bed a little more and props up pillows against the wall so she can sit facing her dad. She spreads her legs lewdly, but starts with her tits first. She is looking right at her dad as she begins to stimulate her body. I love to hungarian in u k dating site k u watch site in dating hungarian you play with your body” he says softly. “You’re such a naughty girl”, he smiles.

Lisa likes him talking to her and she smiles as she thrust out her chest. She has this overwhelming desire to expose herself as much as she can. Her legs spread wider and she lifts them higher, knowing now her butt hole is exposed too. After a few minutes of playing with her tits, one hand moves down between her legs. Tom sees her put the tip of her finger inside her like site dating in hungarian u k hungarian in u k dating site he did last night. She is already quite wet down there he can tell by the glistening of her finger as she withdraws. But instead of moving her moist finger to her clit, she goes the other way to her asshole and begins to rub it on the outside. That feels so good, doesn’t it baby?” he coos to her. “You gonna put your finger inside your ass, baby? Oh yes show daddy what a naughty girl you can be.” She tries to attracting a man push dating secrets ebook her finger into her ass and is surprised how easily it goes. While it’s only her finger tip, the newness of it and the stretched feeling excite her more. She pushes in more before starting to saw in in and out. “Daddy, my finger is in my butt” she tries to say seductively while still using hungarian in u k dating site the more pedestrian word for it. Do you like something in your butt?” he asks going along with her term use. I think your finger was bigger though.” hungarian in u k dating site she groans. At this time her other hand leaves her breast and comes down to her clit. She starts to rub her clit while fingering her ass. Not only is she exposed, but she fingers her ass too. It doesn’t take her long to really start going. Her eyes locked on his as his are locked on her hands between her legs. “Yes baby, finger that butt” he chants.

Oh god baby you are so nasty and hot” he tells her. “You’re making daddy’s cock so

hungarian in u k dating hard.&rdquo site
; Lisa gets more and more into it as she goes faster and feels the excitement build. The more excited she gets, the wider she spreads and the exposed she hungarian in u k dating site makes herself which in turn makes her more excited.

It’s not long before she is thrusting and bucking on the bed. She has most of her finger in her butt now and rubbing her clit for all she’s worth. I’m going to cum daddy, watch me cum daddy” she begins to chant.

Not as strong as last in site dating hungarian u k site dating in k night u hungarian, but still strong and again she squirts, hitting Tom’s pant legs. She sees herself squirt this time and it throws her into a second convulsion and she squirts again, hungarian this in site dating u k time half the distance of the first.

Her eyes wide, her body shaking, she rubs herself until she’s too tender to touch anymore.

She squeezes her legs together and curls up in the fetal position as she recovers. A moment later she feels her daddy’s comforting arms around her and she melts into them. “Oh dad, that was really good” she repeats. They hold each other for some time until Lisa has recovered from her body racking orgasm. She reaches down and feels his erection through his pants. “Your turn!” she says softly with a smile as she starts to undress him. “I want you to squirt it in my mouth again, please.”

hungarian in u She k dating site
adds this last in an innocent little girl tone again. “OK, but next time you squirt, you have to cum in my mouth” he says with a chuckle as hungarian in u k dating dating site for new york singles site hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating site they both get him undressed. Once undressed, Tom uses the pillows Lisa used and starts to stroke his cock as Lisa gets down close again to watch. After a few strokes, she reaches out and begins to massage his balls. She even leans over to kiss each one in a casual way and notices his butt hole. “Do you ever hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating site put a finger in your butt too daddy?” she ask innocently. “Well, I have once in a while.” He answers. Lisa thinks for a minute then licks her finger and places it on his rosebud. Before pushing in, she looks up at him as if to ask if it’s ok. With a slight nod and adjusting his position he answers and she looks back down and begins to push her finger into her dads butt.

She checks his face every now and then as she goes deeper hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating site to make sure it’s all ok.

In just a moment she is sawing her finger in and out of her dad’s butt as he strokes his cock for her. “Does this feel nice?” she asks innocently. “Mmmm, feels very nice” he confirms and with a proud smile, Lisa gains for confidence to continue fingering her hungarian in u k dating site father’s asshole and massage his balls. It’s not long, especially after the show Lisa gave him, that he feels his orgasm building. “I’m getting close, Lisa” he pants. Lisa changes positions slightly, getting ready to clamp her mouth over the head of her father’s cock. She is anxious to once again feel his sperm squirting into her mouth. Having him squirt inside her mouth for the first time last night was exciting and she also found it exciting to realize she had the tip of a cock hungarian in u k in dating site her mouth. With this, Lisa clamps her lips around the head and that’s enough to send Tom over the edge. She feels him swell again and then the hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating site pumping convulsions as she feel the warm, thick cum filling her mouth. Gathering it all in there until he’s done, she sucks a little as she pulls her lips hungarian in u k dating site off and swallows his cum and then smiles proudly up at him. “That was wonderful” he says genuinely.

“I love you so much baby” he adds gently. “I love you too, dad” she says softly, then gives him a kiss on the lips where he tastes the slight flavor of himself. They cuddle for a few minutes, then Tom gets up and gets Lisa tucked into bed. He kisses her again, telling her goodnight as she does the same for him. Gathering up his cloths, he turns the light out on his way back to his own room. Fat dad Pt 5 Mom had the cash in the bank, we moved into the house we had already christened, debt free. Mom said that by the time I graduated from High School that she should have enough to pay for the first two years of community college, then maybe I’hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating d be site able to transfer to a full up university to finish. My friend Dennis came through with his brothers truck. Size wise we really didn’t need it but the hungarian site u dating k in problem was we couldn’t move any of my belongings out the front door. In fact we decided it would be best if we never even appeared to go in my room. The plan I worked out was almost totally fool proof.

Mom pulled the moving van up close to the front door. Then Dennis backed up the front lawn to dating k in site hungarian u under my window. We opened the garage and pulled the ladder out, ladder went from the rear of his truck to my open window. Dennis quietly moved all my belongings u k hungarian in dating site hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating site out the window while mom and I worked on the house. It went off almost perfectly, the only way dad could see what was up was if he walked right hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u k dating site hungarian in u to k dating site the front door and looked to his right, which he started to do. Dennis had all my stuff packed and was waiting outside, mom was on her way back in. Dad looked at Dennis, he could see the truck from that angle but hadn’t yet. While he asked who Dennis was, (he said he was the driver) mom unbuttoned 3 buttons on her blouse. It opened to underneath her bra showing off a lot of cleavage. Dad looked back, maybe because of moms arms moving and went off on mom.

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