How to have sex without dating


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Sara gasped loudly, her body convulsing as his moist hot lips closed over the swollen folds and his tongue slipped ecstatically into the pink how to have recesses sex without dating of her slick furrow. John felt the quivering inner lips caress the tip of his tongue and he began tracing the oozing opening. With agonizingly slowness, how to have sex without dating his sucking mouth slipped upward toward Sara's engorged and waiting organ of joy. Her hands reached down and grasped his head in a futile attempt to how speed to have sex without dating that wonderful mouth on its way to her clitoris.

Her hips arched up and she wailed as the wet swirling tongue made contact and curled around her rigid organ of joy. Goddddddddddd!!" John's lapping tongue slipped back down Sara's slick crease and once again played with clasping opening to her vagina. This time, the slippery appendage nudged inward, bringing a low guttural groan from the young teen whose soft warm thighs were closing convulsively against the sides of his how to have sex without dating moving head. John could feel the clenching opening trying pull his probing tongue deeper and deeper into it. He reached down and grasped both of Sara's feet and lifted them up onto the edge of the bed.

Her highly aroused and excited body made her spread her thighs wider, giving John total and

how to have sex without dating
complete access to her enflamed . His suckling mouth reacquired Sara's hard, throbbing organ of joy and his fingers slipped past her virginal inner lips with an ecstatic twisting and turning action. Sara's hips bucked and ground against John's devouring mouth and stroking fingers. Both Her hands gripped the sheet tightly as her body was catapulted into a ual frenzy. John's experts fingers found the soft, spongy tissues of her elusive 'G' spot and began an ecstatic caressing and
how to have sex without dating
massaging motion. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" John's mouth and fingers withdrew from Sara's enflamed and she howled with disappointment. His hips hunched upward pushing his throbbing manhood between the swollen flared folds and planted his hands on either side of her shoulders. The expanded labia was visibly throbbing, the wet swollen folds held wide apart how to have sex without dating by the thickness of his hardness. It slithered up and down, up and down, in a maddening tease that caused Sara's excited vaginal opening to desperately search for the hard thick gland at the head of John's erection. A tormented Sara grasped his erection and pulled it into her swollen furrow. As the how to have sex without dating how to have sex without dating thick head slipped between the grateful folds, it pushed them further apart and both gasped at the exquisite contact. Sara dragged the pulsing gland up and down how to have sex without dating her wet, pink crease from her inner lips to her engorged clitoris. She nestled it between her clasping inner lips and John moaned as the throbbing head without sex to dating have how how to have sex without dating of his erection was kissed and caressed by the clenching entrance. now ..!" John nudged his excited member inward and both gasped as the elastic opening stretched over have to dating without sex how his engorged gland. He felt Sara flinch slightly with discomfort, but it only lasted a second and then waves of sensations that she had never, ever, felt have before without sex dating to how, flooded her virgin vaginal passage and she gurgled with joy and pleasure. John slipped further inward and Sara's mind exploded in ecstacy, she wanted more, she
how wanted to have sex without dating
it all.

He felt her hands reach out and grasp his buttocks then she arched up forcefully and impaled herself deeply and totally onto his engorged erection. She locked her legs around John's lower back and squealed in joy and ecstasy, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" John lay dormant, deep within her vagina waiting for Sara how to to have sex without dating adjust to the thick fullness that had just penetrated her womanhood for the first time. Mary saw John's straining hardness sink into the depths of how to her have sex without dating daughter's vagina and heard her moans of ecstasy.

Her mind and body were in ual turmoil as her vaginal sheath clenched, her rigid clitoris throbbed and how to have sex without dating her bullet-like nipples felt as though they were going to explode. Her hands were franticly trying to relieve the orgasmic tensions that were gripping her body. Sara mewed as her vagina flexed around the slick withdrawal. John stopped with the head just within her vaginal opening. Sara's inner lips kissed it lovingly and how to have sex without dating John sank slowly back in and Sara moaned and gurgled in ecstasy. Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!" John repeated his slow lunges in and out of Sara's adapting vagina. Her how to have sex without dating how to have sex without dating vaginal muscles expanded and started to clench around the massive organ.

Her vagina contracted involuntarily as exquisite spasms raced through her rippling vaginal passage. John felt the clenching pressures exerted on his slow moving member. He flexed gently, expanding his granite-like penis deep inside her. Sara rolled her eyes as the new, ecstatic sensations blossomed how to have sex without dating and ballooned across her loins. God!" John waited a moment, flexed again, he saw her aroused face light up, her eyes and mouth opened wide as another how have to without dating sex how to have sex without dating loud moan of rising pleasure burst forth. Again John thrust inward and then withdrew, again and again, setting a slow teasing rhythm to his ecstatic strokes. Mary'how to have sex without dating how s gasps to have sex without dating and pants blended in with Sara's mewling and chanting sounds. Her hands fell in sync with John's thrusts as both females were driven how to have sex without dating toward their orgasmic edge. A maddening electric tingle began deep within Sara's vagina.

It rippled outward toward her enflamed clitoris, over her abdomen and up to the tingling tips of her erect nipples. With gurgles of joy, she ground her seething in tight circles around the magnificant penetrator that was lunging into the depths how to have of sex without dating her ual being. John let Sara strain against him for a while, watching the ecstatic smile playing across her lips. Her motions became faster by the second and the tempo of her counter thrusts became more urgent. The juices of her milking vagina were beginning to flow and all could hear the wet sucking sound of the in-and-out sawing movement. Sara suddenly thrust upward and froze with John's engorged manhood buried deep inside of her body.

Her legs shot out in a wide 'V' and began kicking wildly in the air as her body began orgasming for the first time in her life. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" With a sex have how to without dating deep-throated groan, her body began spasming uncontrollably. Wet vaginal juices spurted from her throbbing passage, drowning John's impaled member with its slick warmth and trickling down her thighs. John withdrew his deeply imbedded erection until just the tip of the head rested within her.

Her vaginal muscles once again clenched around his user reviews of adult dating sites pulsing shaft. John began long hard strokes into the steaming passage that was now wet and slippery from her orgasm, withdrawing the swollen head until just the tip was inside the gripping opening and then thrusting forward with his hips. Young Sara groaned helplessly as she was once again impaled. She could feel the giant organ sliding in and out of her warm, syrupy passage like a fevered piston. Her body began to match his forceful lunges with how to have sex her without dating own rhythmic upward thrusts.

John gasped and panted as he felt the ecstatic pressure of his ejaculation build. John's sense of urgency became almost a how to have sex without dating how to have sex without dating sense of desperation and thrust and lunged with abandonment. He felt his thick load of semen pulse up his jerking erection and wailed as the liquid joy swirled around the excited, thick gland then spew deep into Sara's vagina and cervix. "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!" Sara felt the first of John's eruptions flood into her

how to have sex without dating
enraged . Her back again arched and froze as her body started its second climatic orgasm. John's jerking and throbbing erection continued to ejaculate great heaving torrents of semen. Sara she could feel the delicious hot, thick liquid shooting into her and her vaginal muscles stroked and milked the spurting erection trying to get more how sex to dating have without of the John's essence into her spasming sheath. Again her legs jerked out wide on either side of his body, forming a wide 'V'. They cycled desperately in the air as her unrelenting orgasm exploded across her body again and again. The final explosion was so intense, her thrashing and wailing body arched high of the bed and her orgasmic scream ended when she slumped onto bed unconscious. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ..." Sara's vaginal muscles continued to suck and milk John's how to have sex without dating spewing, throbbing organ until it gave one final spasmodic spurt, and the last drop of semen was sucked into Sara's greedy cavern. Mary's mind and body were being saturated with incredible sensations that her hands were giving her. Her left hand grabbed the edge of the bed for support while her right burrowed how to have sex without deep dating into her stretching .

She suddenly hunched down and spread her thighs wide apart and screamed as her right hand gave her the orgasm that she so desperately needed. John collapsed over Sara's body, feeling her insides still clenching around his spurting member. It seemed endless, until she too gave one last unconscious, how to have sex without dating lunging jerk and quivered to a limp stillness, her legs slipped off the bed and her feet lay limp on the floor. Sara slowly recovered and she have without sex dating how to moaned as the aftershocks rippled up and down her body. She open her eyes and saw John smiling down at her. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him down and they kissed deeply and passionately. As they kissed, John slowly withdrew his still erect penis and it slipped out with a loud slurping sound. Sara moaned into John's mouth as the wonderful fullness left her body. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" John rolled over on his back beside Sara. His hardness lay angled over his abdomen and a soft moan escaped his lips as his ual rejuvination targeted his prostate and testicles. A satisfied and happy Sara knew what was happening. Sara saw her mother smiling at her then she saw her mother's eyes shift toward John's glistening hardness. Sara and John how to have sex without dating how to have sex without heard dating a long sigh as Mary's arousal washed across her body. The longer her eyes feasted on John's erection the more aroused she got. In the how to have sex without dating back of her mind she was still trying to understand what was happening to her and 'why'. Sara leaned close to John and whispered, "I think my how to have sex without dating mother needs attention and needs it now." 1.05 John and Mary, Doggy style mating: A dazed Mary rested her panting head and shoulders on the edge have dating to without how sex of bed and was only vaguely aware of John and Sara as they slipped off of the bed knelt down on either side of her body. They saw her thick nectar oozing past her swollen folds and trickle down her thighs. Her rigid pink clitoris and erect nipples stood out like beacons below her how to have sex without dating how to have sex without dating body. John shuffled behind Mary and his eyes became fixed on the swollen golds of her labia which were pushed outward from between the spread cheeks of her how to have sex without dating how to have sex buttocks without dating. He crawled forward until his face was within inches of her . Mary could feel John's hot breath on the backs of her spread thighs and heard him breathe in through his nose, deeply inhaling the scent of her arousal. Sara heard a deep intake of breath from her mother as John pressed how to have sex without dating

have to how dating sex without
his face into the space between her spread legs. His lips pressed against the sensitive spot where her legs met, and then his tongue snaked slowly up, up, up, and into her open furrow.

She felt it slither like a warm, snake within her wet crease. Her back stiffened and arched, and she reflexively how to have sex without dating how raised to have sex when should i have sex dating without dating her hips and pressed when to have sex when dating back to give John's tongue easier access to her . It began sliding up and down, over and inside her swollen folds. Mary how to have sex spread without how to have sex without dating dating her thighs wider and the exploring tongue now reached all the way onto her engorged clitoris.

The ecstatic contact caused Mary to raise her head and how to have sex without dating cry out. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!" John's hands now slid up and down her buttocks and legs. She trembled as the hands massaged their way down her calves and then up her inner thighs.

Her hips began to rotate and rock back and forth as his tongue and lips did things that were incredibly exciting to her . The fingers joined the tongue in the exploration her swollen folds and then massaged their way back down the soft skin of inner thighs in an

how to have sex without dating
exquisite cycling motion. Ohhhh ..." Mary began cooing and mewing as she rode the rising waves of pleasure. The tongue danced across her most private parts, circling and dipping
how to have sex without dating
into her. She felt her juices flowing, dripping in thin rivulets down her thighs. Her cooing and mewing gave way to more incoherent sounds as his fingers sex dating how to without have and mouth drove her inexorably toward her first orgasm. As the tongue manipulated her rigid organ of joy, his fingers slipped between the slick folds and caressed how to have sex without dating the clenching opening to her womanhood. John slipped two twisting fingers through the eager opening and began began exploring Mary's enflamed passage.

Oh God!!" The circling tips of his fingers intensified as they neared their target.

Suddenly, Mary's hips thrust back sharply and began franticly grinding her seething onto John's suckling mouth

how to have dating when should you have sex sex without dating
and searching fingers. He had found her elusive 'G' spot and Mary screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with of joy. Mary orgasmed, crying out loudly as her vaginal muscles clutched around how much is dating without drama the stroking fingers and her rigid clitoris spasmed within the sucking mouth. She saw flares of light around her wide open how to eyes have sex without dating and her body shook and trembled from the power of her orgasm. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ..." John's face stayed where it was, his fingers had slipped outward and his mouth began lapping at Mary's thick nectar that was oozing between the flared lips. Mary's ecstatic cries slowly subsided to low moans and gasps how to have sex without dating as she came down from her orgasmic high. Her tight gripping hands on the edge of the bed kept her in the kneeling position. Sara looked in awe how to have sex without dating how to have sex without dating how to have sex without dating as John brought her mother to a quick orgasm. Her own arousal was slowly returning and then she did something that even she found hard to believe. She lowered herself beside her mother and reached under her mother's kneeling body and lifted both of her breasts with her hands. A surprised and appreciative mother moaned softly as Sara massaged and kneaded her swaying breasts. The soft moan grew louder as her daufgters fingers began caressing twirling the excited bullet-like nipples. Saraaaaaaaaaaa!!" John's massive hardness lay between Mary's spread thighs, pushing upward into the flared, wet folds of her labia. His hands massaged their way back and forth over hips and lower back. Mary gasped as her folds were pushed apart by his throbbing manhood and the exquisite caresses of her daughter's hands and fingers on her breasts and nipples. Godddddddddddddddd!!" His hardness now began dragging itself back and forth between her slick, flared folds, from her eager inner lips to her extended organ of joy. The thickness was slowly pushing upward, further separating the swollen lips. The hard member drew back and forth just a little how to have sex without dating further with each sliding motion. The head slipped ecstatically over her rigid clitoris, back toward her vulnerable and eager entrance, a little more each time.

Mary's hands tightened their gripped the bed, her legs tensed, her dazed and aroused eyes were now tightly closed. Sara was becoming more adventurous and lay down on the floor and shuffled under her mother until her mouth was below Mary's right breast breast. Mary felt Sara move under her and was to say something when an electric jolt of joy shot across her chest. Sara's head had pushed upward and her mouth, lips and tongue had closed over her engorged nipple with and ecstatic suckling action. At the same time her hands formed around her mother's left breast with a delicious massaging and kneading action. The combined efforts of John and Sara catipulted Mary into a ual frenzy. Penetrate me!!" John smiled and moved the thick, slick head of his erection so it was nestled within the clasping lips of Mary's excited vaginal entrance. Mary felt her inner lips being stretched wide apart and an ecstatic hiss esacaped her mouth.

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