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Yuriko could only manage a squawk, as Alexis seized her upper left arm with one hand, and clamped a grip upon her throat with the other. Yuriko the good things about internet dating closed her eyes, grimacing partly due to shock and partly to a first twinge of fear – what the shit was going on here? She gave her first sound the of good things about internet dating uncertainty – a faint whimper – as Alexis shook her lightly by the throat, whilst mocking her helplessness: ‘Did you want to say something, bitch? You got something to say, yeah?’; then Alexis’s tone turned angrier and darker: ‘You could start by saying sorry, you cunt, you ing snotty little bitch, ing smart-ass the good know-it-all things about internet dating in show-off, yeah! Well, now you’re sure gonna show it all off, oh yeah, you’re gonna give it all up, bitch! Your ass is sure going to be a ing smart ass once I’m done ing it!’ Yuriko didn’t really follow this, partly because it was poured out in an angry spate, the good things about internet dating

the good things about internet dating
and partly because Alexis was shaking her ever more viciously as her own words stoked her anger. Yuriko yelped, managed a ‘You can’t do ...’ before Alexis the good things slapped about internet dating her across the face, causing the lithe Asian girl to give a shrill scream and then to fall silent, looking at the older girl in wide-eyed shock. Alexis’s warm weight pressed down on Yuriko’s thighs, and the Head Girl was certainly getting even more aroused from her position of conquest and fact that her own legs were spread wide open. She used the moment of Yuriko’s sudden silence to release the girl’s left arm (as Alexis’s grip on her throat was
the good things about internet dating
sufficient easily to keep her subdued), and to run her free hand across the Japanese-American girl’s chest, feeling the small bumps of the rise of her breasts, and dating the internet the good things abthe good things about internet dating out slightly harder little lumps where her nipples were. Then Alexis calmly unbuttoned Yuriko’s plain white half-sleeve shirt, tugging it out of the waistband of the girl’s the good tartan things about internet the good things about internet dating dating plaid uniform skirt and away to each side. Yuriko felt her first taste of humiliation as Alexis gazed down scornfully at her almost flat chest. The Head Girl the good things about internet dating gave a contemptuous snort, and flicked her fingers – with sharply painful effect – on Yuriko’s nipples, which had almost no protection from the grey cotton fabric bra the good things about internet dating which covered them. Alexis changed position, moving with such athletic swiftness and grace that Yuriko had no chance of gathering her scattered wits and attempting to escape, before Alexis had her pinioned again. The Head Girl was once more standing behind her victim, and she pulled Yuriko’s shirt down from her shoulders and over the back of the good things about internet dating
the good things about internet dating
the good things about the internet dating chair, using it partly to trap the girl’s arms behind her. WAIT!!’ shrilled Yuriko, her voice ascending an octave at the end, for of course Alexis the good things about internet dating had ignored her instruction – she had not waited at all. Leaning forward, with her straight shoulder-length brown hair brushing across the Asian girl’s bare shoulder, Alexis reached the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating down Yuriko’s front. Like a homing missile, the Head Girl’s hand plunged between Yuriko’s thighs and then jerked backwards, rumpling up the front of the smaller the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating girl’s tartan uniform skirt, and smacking Alexis’s fingers right against the plain thin white cotton of Yuriko’s panties, right on the gusset that cradled her tight slit. She tried to twist away, which her much stronger assailant, benefiting also from her position of leverage, easily prevented. Yuriko tried to clamp her thighs together to protect her cunt, but it was already much too late for that – in fact, the effect of her action was to press Alexis’s fingers even more firmly into
things dating her good about the internet
pussy, making a real cameltoe groove in her panties for the length of her vagina. Alexis laughed, and forcefully rubbed her index finger up and down this, as the good things about internet dating Yuriko’s eyes bugged out and she squirmed futilely on the chair, as if it had suddenly become the hot seat. The disoriented Asian teen was at last beginning to realise that there was a definite ual aspect to the assault that was taking place – and that there was something shockingly thrilling about that, as an undercurrent the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating below her automatic surface response of outraged dignity and fear. She gave a few little gasps, and then almost without thinking eased her thighs slightly apart, in the process the about things dating unavoidably good internet giving Alexis even more opportunity. The Head Girl snorted, and thought to herself with some triumph: ‘ing slut! She’s giving it away, her body is anyway, the internet good about things dating that’s for sure! Little ing tramp bitch – I knew it, yeah, I knew it! Alexis rubbed the middle two fingers of her hand up and down the the good things about internet dating neat white front of Yuriko’s panties, forcing the material into her tight slit for at least a centimetre, and then probing for her clitoral hood. The Asian girl the good things about internet dating jumped as if stung when Alexis at last found her target, and then she gave a howl of anguish as her clitoris was sharply nipped between Alexis’s fingers. hollered about the internet things datthe good things about ing internet dating good Yuriko, feeling violated and painfully bruised in her most intimate and personal of places.

‘Stupid bitch!’ grunted Alexis, her breath hot against Yuriko’s cheek and the good things about internet dating throat; ‘I’ll do what I want – and you’ll learn to take it, yeah, you will – and to be ing grateful for it, too’. To the good things about internet dating good internet dating about things the drive the lesson home, Alexis pushed her hand down inside her desperately squirming victim’s panties, ignoring the voluble protests, and then pinched one good thing about internet dating hard on the outer labia on the good things about internet dating each side of Yuriko’s pussy, making the Asian girl fill her lungs and scream shrilly – loud enough to be heard, albeit faintly, by the girls on guard duty outside the library door. They laughed, for they knew that a cry of that volume could only mean that Yuriko was getting her medicine from Alexis, good and strong, and that the superior show-off little bitch wasn’t caring for the taste of it, not at all. They high-fived each other in glee, and Miranda murmured in praise of her lover, using her special pet name for her: ‘Yo, Lexie, go, babe – go for it, grind that snotty little bitch-cunt right into the ground! Yeah, the good things about internet datinthe good things about internet dating g that’s my babe!’ Inside the Sixth Form Library, Alexis took an iron grip on Yuriko’s long braided pigtails, and used them to haul the screeching

the good things about internet dating
the good things about internet dating schoolgirl back to the heavy hardwood table where she had been working. The shock of the assault had undermined the Asian teen’s will to resist, and she knew that she was powerless against the much stronger and more aggressive Head Girl. Yuriko’s hope was that her protests and pleas might be heard by someone passing near who would come to her rescue, but then she remembered that the last girls to leave the room had been Jenny, Cecilia and Miranda – Alexis’s cronies – the good things about internet dating and her heart sank, for at once she guessed that they were stationed outside the door, ready to forestall any interruption. Yuriko gave a desperate wail, which suddenly turned into an even higher pitch. Taking instant advantage of her victim’s moment of distraction, Alexis had jerked Yuriko’s tartan mini-skirt above her hips, and then – using the Asian girl’s long braids like a tether rope – had roughly forced the slender teen against the corner of the table, so that its sharp point ground painfully right into the little Jap cow’s cunt. Yuriko’s pretty face scrunched up in agony, as her thin white cotton briefs-style panties gave her young pussy no the dating things good internet about the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating protection at all. She squirmed and moaned, but Alexis had her pinned mercilessly in place. With a wide gleeful smile – for she knew exactly what effect it would the good things about internet dating have – the tough dominant Head Girl began to punish Yuriko’s out-thrust ass with hard slaps of her hand, whilst telling the arrogant Asian bitch exactly what she the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating and the rest of the class thought of her. Alexis’s sporty fitness gave her plenty of strength, and her angry feelings imparted an extra viciousness to every blow. Tears streamed down Yuriko’s face, for no one had ever before dared to treat her in such a humiliating way. Her body shuddered with the impact of each spank, and then even more as the corner of the table dug cruelly into the soft flesh of her slit, forcing her bruised labia painfully apart. Yuriko writhed on the sharp point, shocked and horrified as the wetness streaking her face was matched by dampness between her legs, as moisture trickled from her vagina down her inner thighs. ‘the good things about internet dating Dear God’, thought the bewildered Japanese-American girl, ‘what is happening to me? This can’t be getting me off, it can’t be! I’m not like the good things about internet dating
the good things about internet dating
that, I’m not, I’m NOT!!’ Sensing that her victim was close to passing out, Alexis changed tactics. Giving no warning, she suddenly pulled Yuriko back from the impaling corner of the table. The dazed teen tottered on her feet for a second, and would have collapsed but for Alexis’s firm grip on both of her upper arms. However, the Asian schoolgirl hardly had the chance to draw a breath, for as soon as she had been spun around 180 degrees so that her back was to the table, Alexis lifted her light frame almost bodily and dumped her across it. Yuriko was slammed down on the hard surface on her back – the good her things about internet dating head fortunately (or perhaps it was due to Alexis’s sportswoman’s judgement of velocity and distance) having its impact cushioned by the large book which she had the good been things about internet dating reading earlier, but which was now very far from her thoughts. The pretty Asian schoolgirl was sprawled across the table like a puppet whose strings had been cut. Her dating breath internet about the gthe good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating ood things and all of her powers of resistance had been knocked right out of her, and her arms flopped feebly to each side of her body, not even the good things about internet dating being raised any more in futile struggles against Alexis’s overwhelming dominance. Yuriko was utterly conquered territory, and a gleam came into Alexis’s eyes as she contemplated the good dating about things the internet vengeance she intended to wreak on the girl who had so arrogantly tried to take her place and make her a laughing stock. Alexis’s first move was to tug Yuriko’s bra away from her tits – if either of those things deserved their name. The Asian girl’s breasts were so small that when she was the good things about internet dating the good things about internet laid dathe good things about internet dating ting on her back like this they almost disappeared from view, and her ‘bra’ was a barely even a training garment, being just a soft strip of lacy the good things about internet dating grey fabric. Yuriko’s tartan uniform skirt was then pulled right up above its waistband, baring all of her smooth pelvis. Finally, Alexis seized the damp-stained crotch of the internet quivering the dating good things about Japanese-American girl’s panties, and roughly ripped them down her legs. Yuriko jerked at this denuding of her cunt and let out a fearful wail, for she was
the good things about internet dating
the good things filled about internet dating
with apprehension as to what this fearsome dyke intended to inflict upon her defenceless body. After stripping away Yuriko’s panties, Alexis rubbed them over her own sweaty the good things about oozing internet datithe good things ng about internet dating pussy and then shoved the dirty garment into Yuriko’s mouth – at first, the Japanese girl twisted her head aside and tried to keep her mouth closed, but a sharp pinch of one of her little nipples soon ended that: as the slim teenager gave an involuntary squeal, Alexis jammed the panties in between her parted lips. Yuriko might have tried to spit them out again, but Alexis shifted her stance and clamped a hand across the Asian schoolgirl’s throat, pinning her down with an iron grip and a clear threat. Alexis leaned close to the startled teen’s face, and snarled viciously at her: ‘Stop your in’ struggling, you nasty little the good things about internet dating bitch, or you’ll regret it even more, believe me!’ Yuriko knew that she was completely over-matched and over-powered, and the last vestiges of any will to resist the good things about internet her dating Amazon conqueror melted away. Fearful and tearful, she surrendered to Alexis’ rough dominance and lolled limply on the table-top, making no further attempt to remove the soiled panties. Yuriko whimpered and closed her eyes, but offered no physical resistance when Alexis forced her thighs apart, spreading the Japanese girl’s legs so that her cunt was utterly unprotected. There was no subtlety about what Alexis did next – no foreplay, and no warning at all. This was assault – rape, in fact – and as brutal the good things about as internet dating Alexis’s long-burning anger and resentment could make it. The tall brunette licked the index finger goods and bads about internet dating of her right hand once, and then rammed it viciously into the dating good things the internet about frightened teen’s vaginal hole, spearing nearly four inches inside her. Yuriko gave an appalled and agonised lurch upwards, which Alex’s greater strength and the leverage of her position easily contained, whilst the violated girl’s agonised hoarse scream was muffled by the gagging panties. Yuriko was so shocked by this finger-rape that she slumped back again to lie dazed and supine, as Alexis, with a grim smile of satisfaction on her face, began to pump her finger in and out, roughly and unmercifully ravaging the
the good things about internet dating
the good things about internet dating small Asian girl’s tight little vaginal passage. Yuriko was not quite a virgin – she had done it once, with a slightly older cousin during the previous summer the good things about internet dating vacation, but he had been quite fumbling and had barely managed to rupture her hymen before he came with a gasp, squirting an unpleasant load of spunk over the the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating inside and outside of her vaginal lips. It had not been satisfying in any way and wasn’t something she had felt any particular wish to repeat, now that the good things about internet dating she could airily state that she was not a virgin. So Alexis’s intrusions entered her with a force and a depth hitherto unknown,
best single japanese women dating the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating sites
and in truth this was the real taking of her virginity. A moment later, Yuriko gave another agonised wail of distress, for Alexis had changed her angle of attack to a more horizontal one – and had inserted her second digit as well. The pair of fingers was wider and longer than anything that ever entered the the good things about internet dating
about internet dating things the good
flat-chested girl’s pussy before, and she simply did not know how to cope with these violent and pulverising intrusions. However, whilst Yuriko’s mind was in a dazed the good things whirl about internet dating, her body began purely automatically to respond to the physical stimulus. Yuriko’s small breasts suddenly felt twitchy and tender, and her nipples hardened in a way they never had before. Worse still, as the appalled victim began to register, her pussy was oozing damp sticky fluids, her labia were engorged and opening, and her body was actually matching the rhythm of Alexis’s finger-ing, with her pelvis humping upwards in an automatic attempt to make the penetrations even more forceful and deeper. Yuriko gave a the good things about internet dating deep moan of bewilderment – was she, could she be, actually in some sick way enjoying this? Her thoughts skittered away from the latter doubt, unwilling to face the implications of her bodily reactions, but she could not ignoring the ignition of her ual arousal, and her moans turned into desperate whimpering gasps of mounting desire. Alexis gave the good a wild things about internet dating laugh – the gamble was paying off! She had suspected that Yuriko might be pussy-fodder, that her apparent disinterest in boys and disinclination for anything with ual overtones was a self-induced shield to obscure – from herself, as much as anyone else – her actual lesbian orientation. Alexis did find the sassy little Asian bitch a turn-on, and in fact that was the cause of much of the trouble between them: good things about dating ugly guys Alexis knowingly, and Yuriko unconsciously, were strongly attracted to each other’s type. Alexis the good things about internet dating about internet things good dating the the good things about internet dating had always liked the tomboys, the bright slim girls with trim taut asses – and Yuriko’s was one of the neatest around. Now Yuriko was discovering that her
the good things about internet dating
the good things about taste internet dating was to be submissive to the ual desires of a more powerful woman – someone more developed, with bigger tits than hers, but most of all someone more the powerful good things about internet dating, more forceful, someone to command her and use her ually and take her without mercy ... Yuriko’s thoughts spun inside her head almost hysterically, confusion and certainty chasing the good things about internet dating each other in ever-decreasing circles: ‘Oh, God! Oh, no, no, no!’ she mumbled into the soiled panties that were jammed into her mouth, simultaneously both repelled and the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating the good things about internet dating intrigued by their strong smell and taste; ‘I’m not ... I can’t be, even if I don’t like boys – and their dicks and their squirty the good things about internet dating grey cum are just so disgusting – but, really, that don’t mean ... AAAARGHHHH!!’ The yell was the product of Alexis having now brought her thumb into play, and she jabbed it against the younger girl’s clitoris with an abrasive circular motion each time her long fingers smacked home into the Asian teen’s vaginal passage.

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