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She took her time putting her clothes back on and my imagination was running wild. The dares went on in that same manner for a good hour.

We would each dare someone to do something completely ridiculous wearing as little as possible. I was dared to recite “The Road Less Traveled” by Robert Frost (I had to memorize it for school in jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating the sixth grade and for some reason still remember it) in the nude but holding a bottle of wine in front of my unmentionables. Marcela had to strip down to just her panties and pour us drinks while covering her breasts with the bottles she was pouring from. Every dare Belinda got, she was forced to get completely naked. After a while, I got tired jennifer of nettles and kristian bush dating dressing and undressing, so I came up with a plan. Clearly, we’re all going to keep daring each other to get naked or almost naked, so why don’t I just grab some towels for us to wrap up with? That way, we won’t have to keep getting in and out of our clothes.” I wasn’t sure if my little plan to see some more skin was going to work, but to my surprise the girls both replied “Sure.” I went to the bathroom and grabbed three towels. I handed them one each and then headed to my bedroom to change. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and wrapped the towel around my waist and headed back toward the living room. I jennifer nettles dating kristian bush and stopped at the door and asked them if they were ready. My girlfriend and her best friend were both sitting on the couch with towels wrapped around their bodies covering them from their

jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating
bush nettles jennifer dating breasts kristian and to their upper thigh. Their clothes were in neat little piles on the floor next to their feet. I must’ve been taken by the moment because I playfully started humming jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and cabaret kristian bush dating music and threatening to open my towel. The girls were both laughing as I pulled one side of it completely open. I had my hand on the opposite corner still wrapped jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating around my waist and my little tune was reaching a crescendo. Marcela hid her eyes just before I hit the grand finale and pulled the other side open to expose myself, flashing Belinda. Nothing could’ve prepared me for what happened next. Out of the blue (and before I had covered up) Belinda said “It’s safe Marcela.” Marcela uncovered her eyes and jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and looked kristian bush dating up just before I could snap the towel closed.

Apparently, Belinda didn’t mind if her best friend saw my dick. This thought galloped through my head and immediately started shining a light on all the other possibilities that may lie ahead. “I can’t believe you just did that!” Belinda was just laughing about it. I fastened the towel back around jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating my waist and asked the girls if they wanted another drink. They both did, so I headed to the fridge and grabbed us another round. When I got back, Belinda was talking about how good it felt to be naked outside. I have to admit the weather was perfect that night, so I suggested we move the game to the backyard.

The girls agreed that it was a good idea and we headed out back. Once you went out the backdoor, there was a paved path that led to a wooden deck with patio furniture on it. Off jennifer to nettles and kristian bush dating the side of the house was a fenced yard with high privacy fences. We all settled in on the deck and I was informed that it was my turn. I remembered jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating that the reason we came outside in the first place was because of Belinda saying how good it felt to be naked in the night air. I said “Belinda, I dare you to play the rest of the game with no towel.” “I knew you were gonna say that!” she smiled. She then set her drink down and stood up in jennifer nettles front and kristian bush dating of me and Marcela. “You just wanna look at my tits!” she heckled. With a flick of her wrist, the towel swung open and fell to the ground. Her legs stretched up from the deck and met in a small strip of dark pubic hair that caught a bluish glow from the moonlight. Her flat stomach was firm and led up to her small, perky breasts. Her nipples were taught and appeared as dark circles in contrast to the pale flesh of her breasts. The tips of them stretched out into the cool night jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating air and her brown hair melted over her shoulders in large spirals. The sight of her naked body bathing in the moonlight was breath taking. I noticed Marcela’s eyes studying Belinda’s jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating body too. Now my girlfriend was completely naked and her best friend sat beside me in only her panties and a towel. This night was turning out much better than I could’

jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating
ve imagined. She took a big gulp of her wine cooler and set it on the table. Then she looked at me and said “I have a dare for you Chico.” I smiled back at her and said “What you got?” She looked over at Belinda who was now sitting down again and said “I dare you to take off your towel and rub your penis on Belinda’s boobs.” Just hearing her say that was almost enough to get me hard. I had already grabbed my sock in anticipation of the jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating next ridiculous stunt I would have to perform. Belinda turned her chair so that she was facing Marcela straight on. I stood up and walked over to stand in front of her. As jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating I approached, she scooted forward to the edge of her chair, arched her back and spread her legs. By the time it had opened up, my cock was half way stiff. Her jennifer nettles kristian dating and enettles kristian and dating jennifer bush jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating yes bush skimmed down my chest and belly and fixated on my throbbing dick.

I let my towel fall to the ground exposing my rear end to Marcela. I looked over my shoulder at her and saw that she was smiling a mischievous grin. I turned to face Belinda and took my cock by the base and began to rub it across Belinda’s chest.

I couldn’t believe what was happening and how lucky I was to be in that situation.

The tender area just below the tip of my shaft brushed across Belinda’s erect nipple and sent an exquisite jolt of raw nerve data up my spine. After about fifteen seconds, my cock was as hard as a rock. I finally pulled away and bent down to jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating grab my towel. I needed to find a way to get rid of the boner I’d gotten, so I asked if I could get anyone a refill. They were both still good, jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian so bush dating I ran inside and got myself another beer. By the time I got back to the backdoor, my cock had softened and I could walk normally again. I sat back down jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating in my chair and Belinda alerted us that it was her turn. She turned to Marcela and said “Marcela, now I have a dare for you.” Marcela was still smiling. “I dare you to pull up your towel and put your hand down the front of your panties for thirty seconds.” “What, and like touch myself?” she asked. “No way!” “Hey, you just dared Johnny to rub his dick on my boobs!” Belinda laughed in defense of her latest dare. With that, Marcela lifted a few inches off of her seat and pulled her towel up around her waist. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” She whispered almost to herself as she spread her thighs and jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating nettles dating kristian and jennifer bush found her way jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating under the elastic waist band with her fingertips. Her hand became a bulge under the white fabric of her panties and it slowly started to move and pulsate.

There was only ever a brief high pitched moan between giggles. We counted the thirty seconds until she was done and she slid her hand out of her panties. It didn’t really occur to me until she was finished that I had just watched my girlfriend’s best friend masturbating in my backyard. It was my turn again and I felt like Marcela had certainly jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating been pushed far enough for the time being, so I turned my attention to Belinda. “I have a great dare for you.” I smiled. I stood up and walked across the jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating deck to where the small bench seat was and turned around.

I pulled off my towel and held it out in front of me. Then I sat down and draped it across my lap and leaned back. “I dare you to give me a boner.” I said. “Only, you aren’t allowed to touch me.” Marcela was laughing again. “This jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating is getting pretty raunchy.” She said. She stood up from her seat, picked up her drink, and slowly walked toward me. Her breasts gave a little bounce with each step as jennifer she nettles and kristian bush dating approached. When she reached me, she dropped to her knees and looked up at me.

She set her drink to the side and placed her hands on her stomach. She then glided

jennifer nettles and them kristian bush dating up her body and cupped her breasts, squeezing her nipples between her thumbs and fingertips. She moaned deeply and urgently and I felt the first rush of blood heading down to my dick. I glanced over at Marcela and saw that she was watching Belinda’s show intently. Her breasts were hanging just in front of my mouth. She then arched her back jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush and datkristian jennifer dating bush and nettles ing pushed her hips forward. Her titties were pointing straight up and her legs were shoulder width apart. Her hand slid across her waistline and found its way between her thighs. I could kristian jennifer feel bush and nettles dating my dick beginning to rise as she fingered her pussy in long strokes right in front of my face. I couldn’t believe how uninhibited she was being in front of Marcela. She had only been working on me for a minute or less before the front of my towel rose up like a flag of surrender. From behind her I heard Marcela say jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating nettles jennifer dating bush and kristian “Wow.” Belinda leaned forward and kissed me hard on the mouth and secretly reached down and gave my cock a little squeeze through the towel. It was Marcela’s turn again and she had a doozie in store. I couldn’t believe how far we were taking this game. “I have a dare for both of you.” She started. “I dare you to both get totally naked and make out for one minute.” I looked over to Belinda for her approval and was met with her slow smile.

The outline of jennifer nettles my and kristian bush dating cock was clearly visible under the towel and I thought about earlier in the evening when Belinda all but tricked Marcela into seeing me naked. Maybe it was the logic, or maybe jennifer nettles and kristian it bush dating was the alcohol, but I suddenly felt that it was safe. Without bothering to pull the towel closed around me, I stood up. The towel fell to the deck and I jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating stood in front of them both completely naked. My cock was sticking straight out now and I felt wonderful. I felt free and could feel the cool night air all around me. I jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating walked across the deck to where Belinda and Marcela were and Belinda stood to meet me. I pushed my mouth into hers with passion and force. To my surprise, she moved to the far side of it instead of blocking it from Marcela’s view. My hands followed the gentle curve of her back and rested on her ass cheeks. I pulled hard on jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating

jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating
her ass and she moaned as we kissed harder. Her leg came up and I held it in place on my side as she started to grind her crotch against the bone of my pelvis. I could feel the heat and wetness from between her legs as she pushed into me. Then I was shocked to feel her delicate fingers wrap around the base of my cock and begin to loosely stroke me.

Marcela was staring at us with her mouth wide open. I draped my towel over my lap again and took a deep pull from my beer. We were all smiling and feeling the awkward silence building when Marcela finally broke it.

“I thought you guys were about to start going at it or something.” “jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating Who’s turn is it now?” Belinda asked. Who am I gonna get?” she asked the night air. Belinda looked incredible in the glow of the moonlight. There was a twinge jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating of humidity in the air and it gave her dark skin a beautiful sheen. Marcela was watching her every move wondering who she would dare and what that dare would be. Finally, jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating Belinda exclaimed “I got it!” Then she stood up and ran to the back door and then disappeared inside. Marcela and I looked at each other completely puzzled. Belinda returned a minute later and she was carrying something. She hopped up the short steps of the deck and set the items on the table. She had brought my sunglasses and a spray bottle kristian and dating nettles bush jennifer filled with water.

She then pulled me up from my chair and led me back to the bench seat. It was already dark outside, but now with the sunglasses, I couldn’t see much of anything. Then she picked up the spray bottle and sprayed it at my face. Now kenny chesney and jennifer nettles dating the lenses were beaded with water and all I could see were dark blurry spots. What

jennifer nettles is and kristian bush dating
all this for?” I asked as she draped my towel across my lap again. “Well,” she started “my dare is for Marcela, but for it to work, I had to make it to where you couldn’t see anything.” She explained. “Can you see anything?” “Not really.” I answered. “Okay, Marcela, I dare you to take your towel off and give Johnny a lap dance.” I was in complete shock. Marcela was insanely gorgeous and I had seen more of her body that night jennifer nettles and than kristian bush dating I ever thought I would, and there I was, about to feel her skin on mine. I couldn’t really see much more than moving shadows, but I heard Marcela ask her bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian “Are you serious?” “Yeah.” Belinda replied. Don’t I even get some music?” she asked. Then I heard footsteps trailing off and the back door opening. Moments jennifer nettles and kristian later bush dating I heard a light thud and a small alarm clock radio hum to life. I heard skimming through stations until she found something she liked. Then I felt a jennifer aniston and gerard butler dating brush of wind at my foot accompanied by the sound of cloth hitting the deck. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Marcela had gerard butler and jennifer aniston dating dropped her towel! She was standing right in front of me wearing only her panties and I couldn’t see anything but a muddy silhouette. I wanted to tear the sunglasses off and take in her stunning body so badly that jennifer nettles and kristian I almost bush dating had to sit on my hands.

The music was smooth and all of my senses seemed strangely sharp. Suddenly, I why men use online dating

online dating sites for pets lovers
services felt Marcela’s hands on my shoulders.

I felt pressure as she pushed my legs apart, so I spread them out for her. Then I felt her breath on my

jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating
jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating face as she put her arms around my neck. She slid away from me and I felt her legs on either side of my right knee. I could feel her weight shift back jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating and forth as she moved to the music. Then she turned around and I felt her hands on my knees as she lowered herself down onto my lap. I felt her ass rest on my lap and move from side to side.

My dick immediately responded and began to rise again. Then her bare back was suddenly resting against my chest and she ground her jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating ass into my crotch as she arched her back. Her head was now right next to mine and I could smell the faint feminine smells of her body. My dick was rising fast now and I wasn’t sure if Belinda could see it or not. I wondered momentarily if she would be upset or jealous, but it soon passed. Marcela had been grinding on jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush me dating for a little over a minute now and my cock was at full attention. It was pressing upward through the towel against Marcela’s ass.

Marcela turned to face me again jennifer nettles and kristian bush and dating climbed onto the bench. She’d put a knee on either side of me and pushed my cock toward my body. She put her arms around my neck again and I could jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating feel my cock pushing against the soft spot between her legs. The song was coming to an end, and not a moment too soon. If she’d ground on me like that jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating much longer, I might’ve shot a load under my towel, and that would’ve been a little embarrassing. I was completely amazed at how much she had gotten into it and jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating how aroused I could get just by her touch. The song finally ended and Marcela climbed off of me, panting. I waited a bit until I got the okay to take off my sun glasses. Belinda was smiling at me, standing naked in front of me. Marcela had wrapped her towel around herself again and they were both looking at the tent that was now bulging in my lap. “Little excited Johnny?” Belinda asked.

Marcela had just been pushed pretty far and she seemed to be pretty comfortable with everything that was going on. I had and bush dating nettles jennifer kristian jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating been thinking about that night in the bathroom at the party and how I had wanted to see them kiss again all night. I had run out of ideas for stupid or embarrassing dares, so I decided it was time to up the stakes and go for it. I looked back and forth at the two of them and finally said “I have a jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating dare for both of you.” “Oh, boy.” Marcela said. “I dare you two to kiss again.” I said. “I had a feeling that was coming.” jennifer nettles and Belinda kristian bushkristian bush and dating jennifer nettles dating said. “For how long?” “One minute.” I said. “You’re such a boy!” “I know. When I’m facing the house, Marcela gets naked too. Then jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating you two press your bodies together so I can’t see anything I’m not supposed to see. They looked at each other for a minute and started smiling. “I’m in if you are.” Marcela replied. Belinda broke her gaze from Marcela and looked over at me. Turn around.” I stood up and pulled my towel around my waist again.

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