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And for some reason that turned me on, plus the fact that she was good looking certainly helped. Sam wasn’t beautiful but she had striking features and a really nice smile is david wade currently dating anyone and a very athletic body with tattooed, chiseled arms. I swear you were giving each other the eye earlier” Carly replied with a knowing stare. “Well I can’t help it if is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating anyone anyone currently dating she is wade david noticed how hot I am.” Carly didn’t seem convinced of my innocence in the matter though and she shook her head slowly as she considered what to say. “Listen is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating anyone I know I called her a lezzy earlier but I’m not against them any. Its just that the look you gave her was more than casual and to be honest Ash there have been times that I swore you were checking out girls in the locker room. I know you like guys but I’ve been your friend since 6th grade and sometimes I notice things. I

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never said anything about it because we all look at the competition some but I always suspected there was more to it than that.” “currently david dating anyone wade is Oh my God” I blurted out “does everyone think that about me?” I’d always been so careful about eyeing other girls and now I realized I wasn’t as slick as currently wade anyone I thought is datis david wade currently dating anyone ing david. That thought gave me pause and I was worried until Carly laughed. Don’t worry Ashley your secret is safe with me. I doubt anyone noticed, its just we’re friends is david wade currently dating so anyone I’m more tuned in to you then most. Plus we’ve had gym class together the last few years. It wasn’t like you were sitting there drooling or anything. It anyone is wade dating currently david
is dating currently anyone wade david
is david wade currently dating anyone just seemed strange that you would be so discreet instead of just looking openly, like you didn’t want to be noticed. If it was innocent you wouldn’t care, you know.” “You don’t hold it against me, do you Carly? I do like guys but I think girls are cute in a different way. I never told people because I didn’t want to be different or be judged.” “You are my friend and I’m not so shallow you know.” “Thanks Carly, you are great” I told her before hugging her. “The thing is Sam isn’t like the girls I’m usually attracted to and she is pretty open about liking girls it seems so I doubt anything will happen between us. Don’t want to blow my cover you know.” “You do what you want Ash, but if you’re attracted to her and like her then why hide it? You never know until you give it a try.” What Carly said made a lot of sense to me. There was no reason to not see if anything developed between us.

Maybe Sam wasn’t is david wade currently dating anyone actually interested in me, she just might have been admiring my body the way a guy would but thought I was too young or something. She was starting college in the fall while I is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating anyone was just sixteen. “You might be right Carly but I’m probably just a kid to her. Still I’ll go for a ride and this way I can see if she is interested. I don’t want to abandon you guys.” “Don’t worry about us, we’ll head to that party and you can meet us there if you want.


is david wade currently dating anyone
with older guys there Kayla will be in her element anyway. And don’t worry about your “secret”. I won’t say a word to anyone including Kayla, but I have to ask Ash. I’m your friend and I’m curious, have you ever checked me out when I was naked around you or thought about me in that way?” Luckily for me Sam is david wade pulled currently dating anyone into the parking lot with Kayla who is daniel radcliffe currently dating at that moment, sparing me from answering her loaded questions at least for now. Kayla carefully climbed off and removed the helmet before handing it to david wade currently dating is anyone me. Sam also removed her helmet and stared at me expectantly. “I don’t know about riding dressed like that Ash, be careful. By the way what’s the plan?” “We’is david wade currently dating anyone re going to the party and Ashley is going for a ride and we can meet up later” Carly said as she took Kayla by the arm. “Okay bye, see you Ash is david wade currently dating anyone and thanks for the ride” Kayla said directing the last part to Sam as they headed off talking to each other a mile a minute. I was wearing a light blue tank top is david with wade currently dating anyone a lacy border and black flats but it was my black skirt I was worried about. It was kind of short and I was afraid it might ride up too high revealing the anyone david is thong currently wade dating I was wearing beneath but what could I do. Unlike Sam’s helmet which had a dark visor the one I was wearing left my face uncovered. Gingerly I lifted my leg is david wade currently dating anyone as I straddled the bike and once I did I sat and lifted my feet and placed them on the footrests. “Ashley have you ever been on a motorcycle before?” Sam asked. “No I haven’t so take it nice and easy to start with and please don’t let me fall off.” “No problem, you just hold on tight especially dating currently david is on anyone wais david de wade currently dating anyone the turns” Sam said as she turned the ignition and the engine roared to life. Immediately I felt the vibrations from the engine and when Sam revved it a few times it was like the 649 cc’s went straight to my pussy and jump started it. She hooked a quick right and we cruised down the street. The feel of the wind against my face was awesome although at first my tummy was filled with butterflies but as she drove I really got into it, especially the feeling between my legs. When we stopped at a red-light I tapped Sam in her side and when she turned I yelled over the sound of the engine.

“If you want to you can go faster.” Her head nodded in response and she again revved the engine as we waited and as soon as the light turned green the bike took off like a bat out of hell.

We easily passed a couple of cars in the left lane as Sam gave it some gas while at the same time coming close to giving me an orgasm. My hands gripped her tightly as we flew around a curve in is the david wade currently dating anyone street and the bike leaned sideways. As the feeling grew between my legs I buried my face against Sam’s back and held on for dear life. The throbbing machine between my legs is david wade currently dating anyone felt to me like a giant vibrator.

My climax was rapidly approaching when at the next intersection we came to a stop sign. When Sam stopped she put one of her leather glove is david wade currently dating anyone clad hands over mine and revved the engine again. As I trembled from the sensation she squeezed my hand firmly. This time it was more than I could take as I felt my juices leak from my climaxing pussy into my drenched panties. The orgasm made me gasp for breath as the bike then drove on but at a low speed as it approached a commercial strip. At is david currently anyone dating wade who women to like dating masterbate the next parking lot Sam pulled in and came to a stop whereupon she removed her helmet and climbed from the bike.

My body was reluctant to move due to my leg muscles still shaking gently as well as that I figured there would be a noticeable wet spot on the seat from when I had cum. Sam met is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating my anyone gaze with her chocolate brown eyes until I glanced down feeling embarrassed as if she could see my thoughts. “You alright Ashley?” she asked with sincerity in her firm voice.

I is david wade currently dating anyone just nodded as I didn’t trust my voice right now, I had the feeling she would be able to hear the lust I was feeling reflected in it. “So if you is david wade want currently dating anyone me to drop you at some party just let me know, okay, as I don’t know the address.” I paused for a few seconds before answering as I gathered my is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating anyone thoughts and gained a greater measure of control over my highly aroused body. “Well I do want to meet up with my friends again and they are going to the party. But you don’t have to just drop me off” I said pausing while I looked straight at Sam. I took a deep breath before continuing as I intended to put it all on the david dating is wade currently anyone is david wade currently dating anyone line with her.

“I’d like it if you hung out with me as well, if you want to I mean” I concluded as I hung my head afraid to continue looking at her in case she was about to shoot me down.

She didn’t say a word at first and I was afraid that she was trying to come up with the words to blow me off nicely.

Probably along the lines of ‘Well you’re a nice kid, but I go with college women now’ or something to that effect when I felt her hand is david wade currently dating anyone touch my cheek. Startled by this I brought my head up and when I did Sam’s lips met mine with a kiss. Her lips were warm and soft and the kiss started is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently gentle dating anyone but when my hands went around her neck it became harder and fiercer and I felt her hand press against my ribs. Sam’s tongue slipped between my parted lips and when my tongue met it I realized that her tongue was pierced with a tongue ball. As we kissed I felt my already heated loins become even gooier from her touch as her strong hand

is currently david traced anyone wade dating
its way toward my butt. Suddenly from a passing car a voice called out “Get a room” followed by the sound of laughter. We broke the kiss and I felt the blood rush to my face from my feeling of embarrassment. Sam smiled at me as her hand reluctantly moved off me. She put her helmet on but with the visor up for now. “So what is the address where we are going” she plainly asked as she looked down at me. I quietly told her at which point she mounted up again and we were off. Again I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my face sideways to her muscled torso. The ride felt like heaven to me with the combination of the vibrations coupled with the is david wade currently dating anyone closeness of her body to mine. The ride ended far too soon for me as we arrived at the house where the party was. It was hopping with some people milling about in is david wade currently dating anyone the driveway and on the front porch and you could hear the music filtering out from inside. Sam worked her bike up the driveway and put down the kickstand before helping me off. Her is david wade currently dating anyone eye definitely noticed the darker patch where my excited little pussy had seeped onto the black leather seat. After removing the helmet I gave it to Sam who put it along with hers is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating anyone on the handlebars. We then proceeded up the porch stairs and into the house. A techno beat filled the room as we entered and there were a few people dancing though most were just standing or sitting. The crowd was college age and up with most being early twenties it seemed to me.

I was looking around for my friends when someone from my left called out to me. It was Ryan and he was passing through the living room holding a case of beer. “Hey Ash glad you could make it” he said “do either of you is david wade currently dating anyone want a beer?” Sam shook her head no and replied “None for me now as I’m driving, what about you Ashley?” I declined as well as I really don’is david wade currently dating anyone t like the taste of beer too much but I asked Ryan if he had seen my friends here. “To tell the truth I haven’t and even though it’s possible I is david wade currently dating anyone is david missed wade currently dating anyone them I don’t think so. Well see you later.” “What could have happened to them?” I mused aloud as they should have easily beaten us here. I’ll check upstairs and you look around here” Sam told me. If they weren’t coming then there was no reason for us to stay. I didn’t want to ditch them but right

is david wade currently dating anyone
now I really wanted to spend some alone time with Sam. First I passed through the dining room before checking the kitchen and they weren’t there. Since people were in the back yard I headed out there when I almost collided with someone.

“Sorry” I said as I stepped back when I realized that it was Paul the piercer who had almost walked into me. Quickly I attempted to turn around and return to the house when he grabbed me by my arm and yanked me close to him. His eyes were glassy and I could smell the is david wade currently dating anyone alcohol on his breath. “Well look who I’ve found here” he said to a couple of guys nearby “this is the little slut I was telling you about, the one who is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating anyone I ed earlier today.” He leered at me and his eyes roamed all over my curvaceous figure as I attempted to pull my arm from his grasp but Paul was having none anyone currently dating is wade of davis david wade currently dating anyone id that.

His fingers dug deep into my flesh as he tightened his hold on me. “Let go of me” I hissed “I thought neither one of us wanted anything to do with the other after before.” He pushed me into his friends who both grabbed at me, one holding me by my shoulders while the other squeezed my butt cheek. Paul moved right next to me cutting off any opening I had to escape from them and his hand pawed at my full bosom. “Maybe I made a mistake before in letting you leave slut” he slurred “but now you can service me and my friends.” “In your ing dreams” I yelled as I slapped the pig right in the face. His friends let go is david wade currently dating anyone

is david wade currently dating anyone
of me as they realized this wasn’t going to turn out like a movie but his face turned red with anger. “You stupid bitch who do you think you are?” he is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating bellowed anyone at me, a vein throbbing on his forehead. He was so incensed that I wondered if he was going to hit me when like a streak Sam was there and she shoved Paul back a few steps. “Are you all right Ash?” was all she said. When I nodded yes to her she just said “Let’s get out of here.” “So this slut belongs to you dyke” Paul spat out “well don’t forget to ask her why I ed her today because I bet she spreads her legs for anyone who asks even a freak like you.” The muscles on Sam’s arms tensed as she clenched her fists but she maintained her control and didn’t allow him to bait her into is david wade currently dating anyone action. “Whatever, you aren’t worth the trouble” she said before turning toward the driveway as she reached for my hand when I noticed Paul lunge forward. “Look out” I managed is david wade currently dating anyone to cry out in warning. She managed to push me behind her as Paul swung wildly. Sam managed to raise her arm but she wasn’t quick enough to totally block the blow is david wade currently dating anyone is david wade currently dating anyone as it grazed her face above her eye. He swung again but this time she sidestepped him while throwing her forearm out like she was back on the athletic field. As her arm connected with Paul I heard a sickening crunch as her elbow smashed into his nose. With a moan he sank down to the grass as the blood flowed from his nose. Things seemed like dating currently wade david is anyone a bad dream to me now as if in slow motion one of Paul’s friends approached Sam unaware from behind. Without thinking I launched myself at his legs tripping him up while is david wade also currently dating anyone knocking the wind out of myself.

Paul was wailing in pain and I could hear a bunch of people flooding the yard. “That bitch broke my ing nose” I heard Paul yell is david wade currently as dating anyone hands pulled me to my feet. There was a bunch of guys, including Ryan thankfully, who were separating everybody from each other.

Sam had a trickle of blood from a cut above is david wade currently dating anyone her eye as she stood defiantly, ready for more trouble. “What’s going on Ashley?” Ryan asked me with a concerned look. “This jerk started it by messing with me and then throwing the first punch” I said vehemently before softening a little “though I’m sorry if his nose is broken but it’s his own damn fault.” I pulled free is david wade currently dating anyone from everyone and just walked away from the crowd and down the driveway as my eyes filled with tears. In front of a crowd I had been called a slut, truthfully I knew, david dating wade currently while anyone is also getting Sam hit by Paul and vice versa. It was all my fault and I doubted I’d be able to show my face in public and worse than that is bianca delagarza currently dating anyone I is david must wade currently dating anyoneis david wade currently dating anyone have blown it for sure with Sam. She’d heard what a slut I was and it gave her a chance to cut her losses and forget about me. My vision was cloudy is from david wade currently dating anyone the bitter tears that ran down my face as I stumbled down the tree lined street with no idea of what direction I was heading in. Suddenly I felt a hand touch my shoulder at which point I whirled and saw Sam standing there with concern and worry written plainly on david deangelo fat guy dating tips her face. “Ashley didn’t you hear me, I’ve been calling you” is david wade currently dating anyone she asked softly.

“Didn’t you hear him?” I told her. I’m not worth your time or anyone’s for that matter. I’m sorry you were hurt standing up for me but I’m no good, just a stupid slut who causes trouble for others.” After saying that I wished I could just disappear especially as it seemed like my words caused pain in Sam’s face but she didn’t let go of me. Her finger pressed against my lips as she made a shh sound. When I started to open my mouth to speak she kept me quiet by again pressing her lips to mine. When she broke the kiss she wiped my tears from my face with her finger. “Wait here Ash, I’m just is david wade currently dating anyone going to get my bike. DON’T LEAVE.” After saying this she turned and jogged back in the direction of the house. Realizing I couldn’t outrun her even if I wanted

is david to wade currently dating anyone
I took out my cell and texted Carly instead. [Don’t know what happened to you guys but don’t go to party no matter what you do now. Will explain later is david wade currently dating anyone but just let me know that you are alright when you get message.] Sam pulled up just as I was finishing the message and she handed me the helmet which I put on.

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