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Helen knelt between my thighs, and her hand was trembling so much with excitement that it took her three attempts to stick the knob of the dildo into my hole. She was very tentative at first, easing forwards slowly, but my cunt was so wet and aroused and open that the full length of the dildo slid into me as smoothly facts on teenage dating and violence as a hot knife through butter, catching her slightly by surprise so that she nearly lost her balance. Helen paused and gazed down at me for a moment, savouring the reversal of our previous roles in my position of sprawled submission beneath her, with her strap-on buried in my vagina. Then she slowly flexed her hips, drawing the dildo upwards and then facts on teenage dating and violence sliding it down into me once again, all the way until the backplate of the dildo harness was pressed hard against my sticky labia. My mouth opened and my eyes were wide as I gazed back up at her, and I writhed in pleasure from both the physical stimulation and the erotic power of knowing that I was initiating a sixteen-year-old lesbian novice, facts on teenage that dating and violence I would be the first woman that she ever ed. Helen’s slow deliberate strokes were driving me wild, and my need was burning me up. please, Helen – faster, do it faster, my angel, please do me harder, oh! – harder!’ I gasped, now utterly and obviously in her power. From that point, she became more confident and steadily increased her pace, raising and lowering herself above me as if she was doing violence and abuse in teenage dating press-ups, to begin a series of thrusting insertions and withdrawals.

This hardly caused her to break sweat, facts on teenage dating and violence facts for on teenage dating and violence she was a very fit and athletic girl, her slender arms being all muscle. I knew that she was sporty and played a lot of tennis, and in fact I facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence had been concerned that her tennis coach might have had her cherry before me – they are almost all of them predatory dykes, as I know well, having lost my virginity facts on teenage dating and violence that way, but hers was either a rare heteroual exception or had plenty of willing young pussy already. All those practises of forehands and backhands had given Helen a lot of upper-body strength, which she used to remain poised above me whilst she pivoted at the hips and slammed the strap-on into me with ever greater force and pace. I knew my climax facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence was approaching, and I clamped my hands on her ass, adding my strength to her impaling thrusts, whilst begging her again to do it harder and harder, and to make me come for her. Helen suddenly changed her posture, resting her knees on the mattress and driving the dildo into me at a more horizontal angle, and I shuddered from its passage as it rasped along the walls of my vagina.

Now that her hands were freed from the task of supporting her weight, Helen reached forwards for the prize of my breasts. Seizing facts on teenage dating and violence a nipple in each hand, she squeezed them firmly, paused for a second with the dildo pulled back most of the way out of my pussy, and then with an dating and on teenage violence facts almost feral snarl she pulled upwards on my tits and slammed the strap-on back into me with greater punch than ever before. Involuntarily, I released my hold on her butt, and my facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence arms splayed wide, clutching at the crumpled bedsheet. My climax burst upon me like a volcanic explosion, and I gave a harsh tearing cry as my pelvis shuddered and my back arched convulsively off the bed. Helen society and teenage dating in britain looked stunned as she was almost lifted upwards, and she gripped my breasts as much to steady herself as to stimulate me further – for facts on teenage dating and violence facts on I had teenage dating and violence no need of that now. She rode my climax, some instinct telling her to ram the dildo into me several more times, which caused a series of mini-orgasmic aftershocks.

After facts on teenage dating andfacts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence violence a long moment of pure blinding ecstatic release, I collapsed back again, completely spent and utterly ed. I looked up at the startled teen, who was clearly astonished by examples violence facts teenage dating on and facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and of violence fun internet dating profiles the effects which she had achieved. I reached upwards, quickly caressing her breasts and flicking her nipples. brilliant’, I said with complete sincerity; ‘you’re facts on teenage dating and violence a natural, lover-girl, there’s no doubt about it.’ Helen glowed with pride at this praise, and then the reaction to the excitements and discoveries of the long day caught up with her. She gave a wide yawn, looking suddenly tired out, and I quickly unbuckled the strap-on and set it aside. Now naked, Helen flopped down on one half of the facts on teenage bed dating and violeviolence and facts teenage on dating facts on teenage dating and violence nce, watching me top dating and sex chat sites through sleepy eyes as I rolled down and removed my hold-ups. As soon as I was nude as well, I slipped into bed next to her and drew the sheets over both of us. Helen snuggled up to me, and we exchanged soft words and sweet kisses, and she thanked me very prettily for having taken her virginity and showing her so much – to which my very honest answer, once again, was that it had truly been my pleasure! My teenage sister-in-law fell dating on violence facts teenage and asleep in my bed, her naked young body nestled next to me, cradled under my arm with her small nipples pressed against my side. One of her arms was draped across facts on teenage dating and violence my stomach with her hand resting on my cunt – she had been playfully stroking my slit when sleep finally overtook her.

As dawn began to break, I woke her up – facts on teenage dating and violence and gave in to her pleas to take her again with the vibrator before she had to return to her own bedroom. Helen assured me that her vagina did not feel facts on teenage dating and violence sore any more, but I noticed that she hid a little wince when the vibrator first pushed past where her hymen had been – however, after that, the little minx totally gave herself up to pleasure, bucking her hips upwards against my thrusts. I leant down and sucked and bit her nipples again, until her head went back and she squealed in another bone-shaking orgasm. After this, it really was time to part, for we could not run the risk of her being seen leaving my bedroom, or of not being found in her own room by her parents in the morning. With aching reluctance – and a few tears, though mainly of happiness, from the sweet teen – we had a quick kiss and hug, before I checked that the coast was clear and she quickly scooted back down the corridor to her own assigned room. We saw each other at breakfast, of course, and sat together – making it look like we had become friends during the wedding celebrations, but of course no more than that. Both sets of parents looked on benignly at the facts on teenage dating and violence

facts on teenage dating and violence
two new sisters-in-law, regarding our companionship as another good omen of friendly feeling between our two families (‘oh, yeah – Mum and Dad, you have no idea!’ was in facts on teenage dating and violence both our thoughts). Then it was time for Helen to depart with her folks, and I stood with mine in the hotel forecourt to wave them on the their way – facts on teenage dating and violence and, in a brief moment when everyone else was not looking our way, to blow a kiss to the sweet babe, which she quickly returned.

We have met up regularly since facts on teenage dating and violence then – mostly without anyone’s knowledge, as fortunately the city where I attend college is only a fifty-minute train journey from Helen’s home town, and on Saturdays she arrives facts on teenage dating at and violenfacts on teenage dating and violence ce my room in the student residence in the early afternoon and we make love until she has to catch the last train back in the evening – her parents think she facts on teenage dating and violence is out shopping or with friends, and then at parties, and they don’t worry as she is always home before midnight. Once we had longer, as her folks were away facts on teenage dating and violence and she was able to arrive on Friday evening and stay with me for the whole weekend, and I loved every minute of her bubbly vivacious company, as well as the increasingly expert passion with which she ed me in bed – the little teenage slut loves every lesbian love-making in any and every position imaginable, but most of all she delights facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence in giving me a really hard and deep pussy-pounding with a big strap-on, until I am begging to come for her ... In fact, I guess she has become my girlfriend, despite facts on teenage dating and violence teenage facts and on violence dating facts on teenage dating and the violence difference in our ages – and, after all, it’s good to keep these things in the family! If you enjoyed this, check out my other stories ... (to find them, facts on teenage dating and violence teenage violence on and follow facts datingon and violence teenage facts dating trong> the author link at the top of this story) copyright: Lesley Tara, 2009 When I was a teenager in a small town in the mid-1970s, lesbianism was something you had heard of in a theoretical kind of way, but there were no openly ‘gay’ (the word was just changing its meaning then) women that one knew of, never mind girls.

So I knew what I was – for I definitely wasn’t interested in boys, and had been masturbating to pictures and fantasies of female film starlets and pop singers – but facts on teenage dating and violence there was no outlet, no way to meet like-minded people. At long last, soon after my sixteenth birthday, things changed.

I had been in the Girl Guide movement for many years, facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage starting dating and violence in the Brownies, and now was one of the older girls in our group.

We had three adult Leaders, the youngest of whom was called Diana. She was a bright young professional woman in her mid-20s, and a breath of fresh air compared to the other two, who were staid ‘wife and mom’ types in their forties. Diana was sporty, playing a lot of tennis and squash, and regularly jogging (also a new thing in those days). She was about five foot seven inches, dark-haired, with a trim figure, bright smile and facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence an attractive liveliness. One Wednesday, after the usual weekly meeting had come to an end, she said that she wanted a word and asked me to stay behind. The rest of facts on teenage dating and violence the girls and the two older leaders said their farewells and headed for home, leaving Diana and myself alone in the roomy wooden hut which our Guides shared with the Boy facts on teenage dating and violence Scout troop. Diana looked at me for a moment, and what she saw – if I say so myself – was a pretty cute chick. I was just shorter than her, facts on teenage dating and violence at five feet six inches, and I was slim with a tight trim ass but also getting curvy on the chest. This had happened fairly recently, and the development of my bust had put a strain on some of my shirts – the blue blouse of my Guide uniform in particular. However, my most striking feature is that I am a classic redhead, facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence with waves of ginger hair and a dusting of freckles on my pale smooth skin. I have a bit of snub nose, slightly pouty lips, and my breasts were shaping up facts on teenage dating and violence and dating on teenage facts violence to be more cone-shaped and pointy than round. What Diana said next was a shock: she told me that she had noticed the way I looked at the other Guides when facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence we were getting changed before or after an activity, and they were in their underwear or naked. I panicked and began to protest that I didn’t know what she meant, facts on teenage dating and violence when her next comment silenced me. ‘It’s OK, babe,’ she said, ‘I understand – but you need to be much more discrete, or the other leaders or facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence one of the girls will notice. You fancy girls, don’t you?’ I nodded mutely, and then burst out explaining that I didn’t know how to meet anyone and teenage facts and on dating violence facts on dared teenage dating and violence not take the risk of approaching any of my friends. ‘I know how you feel’, said Diana, ‘believe me, I know – but I think we can solve your problem.’ I had been on the verge of tears, but brightened at this, without quite realising what she was meaning. A couple of seconds later I certainly did undertstand, as facts and on dating teenage violence and violence facts teenage dating on she leant forward and gently kissed me on the lips. I gave a small gasp of mixed shock and pleasure, and it parted my lips enough for her tongue to slip facts on teenage dating and violence delightfully between them and flick into the roof of my mouth, making me go weak in the stomach. I had a second moment of shock, as I felt her hands explore facts on teenage dating and my violenfacts on teenage dating and violence ce chest, taking my breasts in her hands and gently squeezing them through the thin fabric of my Guide uniform shirt and my cotton bra underneath. I gave a kind of facts on teenage dating and violence moan, and responded by putting my arms around her and pulling her close.

For a moment she continued like this, and then her seduction of me was complete, as she dropped one hand and slipped it up under my uniform skirt to find the front of my panties and stroke the outline of my cleft.

I gave a shudder of delight, almost sobbing, facts on teenage dating and violence ‘Oh! yes!’ My knees felt weak and, realising that I was close to fainting with shock and excitement, Diana swiftly backed me up against the wall. As I leaned facts dating and against violence on teenage it, my hands splayed out to each side to keep me upright, she looked me steadily in the eyes whilst her hands methodically loosed my neckerchief and then undid the facts on teenage dating and violence buttons on my uniform shirt one by one from the collar downwards. When they were all opened, she pulled the shirt out from the waistband of my skirt and apart to each side, revealing my budding breasts in their plain and innocent white cotton bra.

For a few moments she stroked and squeezed them, as I just soaked up the attention – at last, at long last, what I had longed for was happening. I was thrilled that it felt as good as I had hoped, better even, and that I wasn’t facts on teenage dating and violence scared or repelled – in fact, I wanted more and more. We kissed again, and this time I opened my mouth fully and probed my tongue into hers, for a long wet facts on teenage dating and arousing violence snog. When we detached, for the first time she looked a bit flustered and flushed. With a deft movement, she reached behind my back and uncoupled my bra, letting it facts on teenage dating and violence slip from my shoulders and fall to the floor. I felt only slightly self-conscious as she admired my breasts, and I resisted the automatic urge to cover them with my hands. Instead, facts on teenage dating and violence I turned the half-motion that I had instinctively started to make into something quite different – with sudden boldness, I reached for her bust, which I had long admired for facts on teenage dating and violence its fullness. With a half-smile, she stood still as I felt her breasts’ wonderful combination of softness and firmness. Tentatively at first, and then with greater haste, I unbuttoned the shirt of her Guide Leader’s uniform, and pushed it back from her shoulders. She discarded her tie, and faced me naked from the waist up apart from her bra. This was facts on teenage dating and navy violdating facts on teenage and violence teenage and violence facts on dating ence blue in colour, plain and unadorned, but in a stylish cut that uplifted her breasts but only covered their lower teenage girl athletes and dating violence part. They were full and a lovely pear shape, D cup facts on teenage dating and violence I think, and I was entranced by them – never before had I seen a young woman’s tits so close, never mind touching them, never mind having the anticipation of facts on teenage dating and violence

facts on teenage dating and violence
so much more to come.

Diana reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, and with a shake of her head and shoulders dislodged it and let it fall. In almost the same movement, she took my head in her hands and guided my mouth gently but firmly to the nipple of her left breast, which was already erect. I parted my lips as the wondrous object came close, and swirled my tongue around her tit and then over it, from side to side. It seemed so obvious and natural what to do, and I fastened my lips around her nipple and both sucked and nibbled on it.

Diana’s breathing became a bit more rapid and her back arched, thrusting her chest more directly at me. I was also beginning to gasp, not just from the heady arousal of my first titty-licking, but because Diana’s hand had gone back up under my skirt, and facts on teenage dating and violence on facts her and teenage dating violence fingers had slipped inside the gusset of my panties and were pushing into the lips of my pussy. Under their coaxing, I spread my legs wider apart, and she used facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence aggression and violence in dating relationships her other hand first to jerk my uniform skirt upwards around my hips, and then to pull my panties out from my sweating stomach and give the questing fingers more room for manoeuvre. I was wetter down there than I had ever been before, even with my best fantasy masturbations, and I felt loose and open. Diana started to thrust two of her fingers in and out of me, building a rhythm that promised to take me to the stars. Then, suddenly, she stopped, as her fingertips encountered the membrane of my hymen and violence dating on teenage facts and she realised what it was, and that I was a virgin. ‘Oh?’, she said, not having expected that – though I don’t know why it was a facts on teenage surprise dating and violence, as I had indicated I didn’t go with boys and hadn’t had any girls. ‘Please – please,’ I begged her, ‘please, don’t stop ... I want facts to and on dating violence teenafacts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence facts on teenage dating and violence ge go all the way, I’m so turned on – don’t stop now!’ She looked uncertain, and sought reassurance: ‘Are you really sure?

It’s a big thing, losing your virginity – you mustn’t do it if you have any doubts.’ But I had no doubts at all – I had dreamed of something like this, and I certainly wasn’t going to let it escape me now. In a couple of minutes, my eager enthusiasm and determination convinced her, but she said this wasn’t the place – and that anyway this had only been the warm-up and she had intended to take me home with her. ‘You can stay for a while, can’t you?

on and facts &rsquo dating teenage violence
; she asked. As Diana knew, my parents were avid bridge players, and on Wednesday evenings they played at the local club and did not come home till nearly half past eleven.

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