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"They could just draw you in, couldn't they?" Her lips parted, and I knew she was giving me the go ahead to kiss her by the way she dating sites for computer geeks uk was looking at me, and the shape she had made of her red lips. I was here with Shanna, and no matter what I may do when I'm not with her, dating sites for computer geeks uk I wasn't going to kiss another woman in front of her. Shanna looked at me for the first time since I got back, and I saw she was startled by dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk geeks computer sites for dating uk my eyes. She quickly got over it though, as she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and a, "Thank you." She took my arm, and pulled me away.

When we were far enough away, which wasn't too far considering the music, I leaned over and asked what that had been about.

Shanna studied my face for a bit, before answering. She has always been jealous of me, and wants whatever I have, including boyfriends." She glared over to where Julia was smiling at us. Apparently the rival knew we were talking about her.

I didn't doubt that Julia had been successful in the past at stealing men. Dressed as she was, she looked absolutely stunning. I still found Shanna more attractive, dressed up dating sites for as computer geeks dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk uk a better Rogue, but couldn't deny that the wonton way Julia had acted, had had an effect on me. Is that what I am?" She studied my face for dating sites for computer geeks a bit uk geeks uk, before answering with a shy smile. After the way you just turned away from her, it is definitely points in your favor." I looked back over to the other woman, dating sites for computer geeks uk and noticed that her smile had turned a little sour. I took my date out onto the dance floor, and she laughed at my clumsy attempts at dancing, but I didn't mind, just enjoying the way she sounded, and how her long lashes batted at me. Julia didn't seem to be done with us though, and at one point, I found myself sandwiched between the two women. They glared daggers at each other, around me, and I really started to get uncomfortable. It didn't help that Julia kept running her hands all over my body. "Let's go," I told Shanna after Julia had grabbed my crotch for the second time. I'd thought the first time was a fluke, but when she dating sites for computer geeks uk got a firm hold on my cock the second time, I knew it was intentional. I pulled Julia's hand off my ass, and gave Shanna a kiss, hoping the other woman dating sites for computer geeks uk would get the hint. When I didn't feel her behind me, I thought she did, until I realized that she had only moved to the other side of Shanna, and computer for was geeks dating sites ukdating sites ng> for computer geeks uk now running her hands all over HER body. When I saw Julia start to kiss Shanna's neck from behind, I grew even more confused, and pulled my Rogue over to dating sites for computer geeks uk geeks me uk sites dating for computer. "I thought you hated her." She looked at me a bit dazedly, before looking around, and seeing Julia smiling at us again. I don't know what she is thinking." She dating sites for computer geeks uk looked at Julia again, a puzzled expression on her face. We can see the countdown at my place, and I really want to be alone with you." I nodded, still uncertain dating sites for computer about geeks ukdating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk rong> her answer, but figured if it got us out of this situation, all the better. We walked out to my car, but Julia was yelling after us. I didn't want for dating computer geeks uk sites to see a cat fight break out, so I tried to hurry us along, but Shanna stopped instead. Groaning, I decided to try and put an end to this, before it could go on. "Look, Julia, you're cute and all, but I'm with Shanna. Go bother some other guy." I tried to be nice, but I knew my voice sounded a little harsh in my annoyance. Julia looked at me with an odd look, before shaking herself. I want to talk to Shanna." I remained standing there, and Shanna gripped my hand, as we looked at the other Rogue. She looked hard at me for a minute, and I realized she wanted me to leave, but I wasn't going to leave Shanna alone dating sites for computer geeks with uk this other vixen. After a few seconds, Julia sighed, and spoke some more. "I guess if I need to say this in front of him, then I will." She turned to dating sites for computer geeks uk face Shanna, her expression and tone serious. "Shanna, I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to you. You have always been so beautiful, that even as kids, I was dating sites for computer geeks uk jealous of you. I know I stole some of your boyfriends, and I never even knew why, with some of them. I didn't even like most of them." Shanna's grip on my hand grew tighter as Julia spoke, and I could feel the anger nearly radiating off of her in the cold night.

"I've always been jealous that those dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer other geeks uk men could have you, when what I really wanted... I took your boyfriends, so that I could in some way be close to you," she finished in a rush, and Shanna's hand released mine in shock. The import of what she'd just said wasn't lost on me either, as I stood there stunned. "Because...because I only just realized it in there. No one has ever been able to ignore me as well as he did, so I decided to step up my game, by playing with you. Only instead of dating sites for computer geeks uk winning him over, I found that I was enjoying being with you instead. I realized that I've liked you for a very long time." Julia sounded truly sincere, but I couldn'dating sites for computer geeks uk t help but wonder if this was just another ploy of hers to win me over.

The two women looked at each other for a bit, and Shanna must have come dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk dating to sites for computer geeks uk some sort of a decision. She turned to me, and took both of my hands in hers. I promise I'll be there in a bit." "Are you sure?" I whispered dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer to geeks uk her, but she told me to go. Unsure what was going to happen, I stayed aware of her 'happy' switch. I walked to my car, part of my mind on that dating sites for computer geeks uk switch, as I started it up, and turned up the heater. Curiously, her switch moved a little bit to the happy side, but not far, before I saw them both walking dating sites for computer geeks uk over to my car. I jumped out, and held the car door open for Shanna. "Julia is going to come back to my place with us," she told me, whispering in my for uk geeks sites ear dating computer. "I'm not giving you permission to be with her." The last part of the whisper was fierce, and I found that I was now more confused than ever. The dating sites for computer geeks uk drive wasn't long, but made to seem longer by the silence in my car. When I got out to let Shanna out, I noticed that Julia waited for me to open dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk her door, too.

I looked to my date, and she didn't seem to care, so I opened her door, and she stepped out. "I'm sorry about how I behaved earlier." I nodded, not sure what to say. Once inside, Shanna poured us all drinks, and they sat to watch TV, while I went to remove my contacts. I could hear the women talking, but couldn't make out what they were saying, and when I rejoined them, they immediately grew quiet. "Will someone please explain to me what is going on?" I asked,

dating sites for computer geeks uk
somewhat annoyed by their behavior. If it goes well, then maybe more will come later." I nodded as thought this made perfect sense.

Hadn't Robbie been nice to me, after geeks for computer uk dating sites a fashion, after I'd stolen Gina from him? You seem to have grown pretty popular lately," Julia commented. "Yeah, for some reason, some of the jocks have taken a liking to dating sites for computer geeks uk me. Kinda unexpected," I tried to blow off the question. They had become friendlier with me after the whole kidnapping scene where Robbie had beat me up because of Gina's lies. I still wasn't sure if it was because they were afraid of what I had done that night with my switches, or because they felt bad about their hand in dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer the geeksdating sites for computer geeks uk uk fiasco. Julia pretty much ignored me after that, even though Shanna and I were cuddling on the couch. When the ball started to drop, we all counted down, and cheered as dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk the New Year began. Shanna spun around in my arms, and kissed me quite thoroughly. We were both quite out of breath, when I let her pull away. I saw Julia standing there, forlornly, and felt bad for her. Shanna saw her, too, and to my surprise, she let go of me, and walked over to her. "Let this be a new year for new beginnings, and the end of old rivalries," she said, and then kissed her for a few seconds. When they pulled away, I was wondering if I was actually going dating sites for computer geeks uk to get a crack at this second Rogue after all, despite what Shanna had told me.

Julia's eyes were sparkling, and I could see a tremulous smile on her lips, as Shanna walked back over to me, and grabbed my hand, pulling me back to her room. "Someone has been on their best behavior tonight, and I think he deserves a reward," she dating sites geeks computer uk for told me with a wink. When Julia made to follow us, I thought for sure it was going to happen, but Shanna indicated for her to stay outside, and shoved me into her room.

Once inside, Shanna started stripping off her costume, and I did the same. As she met me on the bed, I noticed that she had left the door cracked, and Julia was spying on us. I laughed inwardly, dating sites for silicon valley geeks wondering if Shanna had done it on purpose or not. She had said she still didn't trust the other woman, and I wondered if this was some kind of test. But whether it was a test for me or her, I didn't know. All thoughts of the other women fled, however, when dating Shanna's sites for computer dating sites for computer geeks geeks uk

dating sites for computer geeks uk
uk wet lips wrapped around my cock, and she started to give me one helluva blowjob. Luckily I'd already gotten off twice today, or else I really wouldn't have dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk lasted long. I don't know why, but for some reason, she seemed to take extra care to make sure I was enjoying it, and easily had me moaning and groaning, dating sites for computer geeks uk computer dating for as sites uk geeksdating sites for dating sites for over 50 s computer geeks uk
i> I ran my fingers through her red dyed hair. She almost looked like another person, with the change in her hair color.

As much as I was enjoying her attentions, I dating sites felt for computer geeks uk bad for ignoring her pleasure. I started to kiss her feet, sucking gently on her toes, and running my tongue between the little digits, listening to her small purrs of dating sites pleasure for computer

dating sites for computer geeks uk
geeks uk as I did it. I trailed kisses up the arch of her foot, to her heel, where I nibbled a bit, before moving up her calf, the underside of her knee, dating sites for computer geeks uk then thigh, and finally the juncture at the top. I could see that she was already soaking wet by the time my tongue swirled around her inner lips. She tasted as good as ever, and I hungrily drove my tongue into her as deep as it would go. I heard a noise behind me, and only then remembered Julia. I moved my mouth
sites geeks uk for computer dating
geeks for uk computer dating sites up to Shanna's clit, so that I could get a look at her face, and saw that she must have been staring at where Julia was.

She didn't look angry, dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer uk geeks dating sites for computer geeks uk though, so I concentrated on attacking her clit with my teeth and lips. She was soon quivering, with my head locked between her legs, and her fingernails digging into my scalp. When dating sites for computer geekdating sites for computer geeks uk sites best online dating sites for christians dating geeks for uk computer dating computer uk for sites geeks dating sites for computer geeks uk s uk her legs released me, she grabbed me by my ears, and hauled me up to her face, where she greedily licked her juices from my lips, chin, and tongue. I remembered the way Summer and I had been together at first, and thought I would tease Shanna a little bit. I placed the head of my cock against her labia, and rubbed dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk it up and down, making her moan with desire. You've been away for too long, and I need your monster prick inside me," Shanna demanded, but I continued to tease her, until she had another orgasm from me rubbing against her tiny clit. As soon as I saw the beginnings of her passion, I quickly changed angles, and thrust myself as deep into dating sites for computer geeks uk for sites dating geeks uk computer her as I could go in one stroke. Shanna grunted at the invasion, and it increased her orgasm. I could feel her fingernails digging into the flesh of my back. I dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk pulled all of my length out, except for my head, and then shoved back into her, going for that deepest spot that I've found in the twins. After pounding into her dating sites for computer geeks uk for a few minutes, making her cum again and again, I realized the angle must be wrong, and rolled us over. When we swapped places, I caught a glimpse of Julia, dating geeks sites for uk computer dating sites for computer geeks her uk lips parted in an 'O', eyes closed, and her hand buried deep in her own pussy. She had a hold of her wrist with the other hand, and it looked like she was trying to get her fist even deeper into her hole. She had decent sized tits, though smaller than Shanna's, and they bounced in time with her efforts. She grinned as she licked her dark red lips at me seductively. I decided I'd better concentrate on the woman I was with, and latched onto one of her breasts, while I reached down between us, and pressed hard against her clit.

This time when she came, I felt myself slip into her that last little bit, as her womb strangled the head of dating sites my uk for geeks computer cock. Oh, I love how you fill every part of me Nick," Shanna moaned, and I could feel her juices leaking out and around my invading tool. I knew I dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk was getting close, and gripped her hips, forcing her violently back and forth. She felt so good, with that tight grip on my member, and I soon unloaded my seed into mommies looking for daughters dating sites her grasping vagina, to the echoing sound of loud cries from the other two women. Shanna collapsed against my chest, trying to catch her breath, while I slowly softened inside of her, without slipping out. She kissed me tenderly, before squeezing her arms underneath me, and hugging me tight with her whole body. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was her whisper dating in sites for computer geeks dating sites for computer geeks uk uk my ear.

Thank you for being..." the rest was lost in the oblivion of sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I found that I was still inside Shanna, and computer dating geeks sites uk for had grown hard again. Definitely a better way to start the New Year, than in the past. =========================== Check my forum for pics of characters as well as status information. http:dating sites for computer // geeks uk Chapter Twenty-One LEVERIA All last night I watched Elena from the enchanted mirror I had hidden in the ceiling of her cell. I sipped my wine and smoked my cigarettes as I pondered what the hell was going through my head.

One half of my mind told me to continue the torture, to beat this defiant dyke into dating sites for computer geeks uk dating sites for computer geeks uk the ground until there was nothing left of her. I was still a young woman, and had never given much thought to what my life would be like after Father died.

The dating sites for computer geeks uk

dating sites for computer geeks uk
toll of his wife’s ‘betrayal’ and Yavara’s revelation were wearing him of his years. In just a matter of weeks, my father had gone from a man of energy and passion, to a decrepit geriatric with sunken eyes.

He still had decades of life left in him, but the very act of living seamed to wear on him day after dating sites for computer geeks uk day. Even the news of his son in my womb didn’t awaken the passion I needed from him. And here was this creature, a beautiful woman with the gift of a dating sites for computer geeks uk man. She was intelligent, brave and funny, and she hated the ground I walked on. Maybe it was the competitiveness within me that drew me to her; she was my sister’dating sites for computer geeks uk s lover, and I wanted to take her from Yavara mind, body and soul. Maybe it was my twisted mind reveling in the idea of making someone who hated me want me. But there was something else dwelling with in me, something true: I didn’t love my father like I used to. I deceived him and surpassed jennifer nettles and kristian bush dating him, and that made him unattractive to me. My father showed his weakness and vulnerability to me, and while I embraced and comforted him in his hour of need (which was sites for dating computer uk geeks a crisis of my own design), I found myself increasingly repulsed by how easy it had been for me to take what was his. Daddy was right about me all those years ago: power is my only true love, and he no longer possessed it.

Elena, on the other hand, saw right through my guise of control and turned the whole thing on dating sites for computer geeks uk

computer its uk dating sites geeks for computer geeks uk head. I was always planning on raping her, but she seduced me anyway; she seduced me mentally.

was always a game of power for me: either I was the one in sites geeks dating uk computer for control, or my father was. I walked into Elena’s cell the one in power, and in the heat of my lust, she took it from me. That was it right there, I gave Elena the power willingly. Through her cunning, wit and ual potency, she made me want to give her control. I’d never given up power of any kind willingly before, and she had that power over me. I took a candid look at my relationship with my father.

I learned from him, loved him as a mentor and a man, but dating sites for computer geeks uk I never gave him my power. A darker thought began to creep into my mind: was I ever actually in love with my father? I loved him, sure, I adored his dating sites for computer geeks uk attention, yes, I respected his opinions and held his ideas in high regard, absolutely. But during any part of my relationship with him, did I once ask myself what was best for computer geeks sites for dating uk him? No, I took everything I could from him, and now that he had nothing left to give me, a sinking realization was forming that I never was in love the man.

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