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“Now Marybelle Jesse Sue Katrina Windlebell Hannigan,” I said, earning some sniggers from the audience, “If that thar roof means so much to you, you can scurry your tight bee-hind up thar and fix it yourself!” “Ah ain’t learned for fixin’ stuff! I ain’t got no grasp of nailin’ thangs!” “Good thing ah got a grasp o’ that!” I said, pretending to hitch up my pants. “Now, Cletus—”

beautiful men seeking dating in ireland
beautiful men seeking dating in ireland “Ah ain’t gonna hear no more ‘bout it!” I said, slapping my thigh, “Issue is over. Period.” “But honeycakes—” “
beautiful men seeking dating in ireland
beautiful men Ah seeking dating in ireland finished it! Ah said ‘period’!” “Ah have a period!” Kayla roared. I was on the ground, roaring with laughter, unable to beautiful men seeking dating in ireland get back up and continue the scene. Not that it would have mattered; the rest of the class were much the same as me. Locke had her face buried in her hands, tears of merriment streaming down her face. Kayla had her hands on her hips, leaning back and laughing at the ceiling. “beautiful men seeking dating in ireland You beat me dating site women seeking older men there,” I said in her ear. By the time everyone had calmed down, the bell was ringing. “Can I get a ride beautiful home men seeking dating in ireland with you?” she asked. Don’t want to wait for Craig to get out of detention?” She closed her eyes. “If we beautiful men seeking dating in ireland could refrain from saying his name…” “Absolutely, of course,” I said quickly. “How you doing, man?” Joe asked, patting me on the ireland seeking dating in men beautiful beautiful men back seeking dating in ireland. And it was true; I was now giving Kayla a ride to and from school, something I should have started doing on the first day. Hey, seeking beautiful in ireland men dating man, Tom Jennings is having a get-together tonight over on the lake. “I’m hanging with my dad tonight,” I said, glumly, “Sorry, guys.beautiful men seeking dating in ireland ” “Kayla?” She looked at me and then said, “I’ve got some homework I need to catch up on.

I’ve had a beautiful men seeking dating in ireland nasty disease the last couple days that kept me from doing any.” Joe’s shoulders slumped. What about this weekend?” “Well, we planned beautiful men seeking dating in ireland to hang all weekend,” I said. “Hey, why don’t we meet up someplace,” Kayla said, “Like tomorrow? We can go get lunch or something.” “Fantastic!” Joe said, brightening. “Well, the Wonder Twins are coming so you guys probably got to get going.” He and Brad walked off. He looked back and mouthed, ‘Text me’ before disappearing.

“You need a ride again?” Alan asked when he and Amanda saw us together. “If that’s okay,” she said, a little off-put by the way he phrased it. “Oh, yes!” he said, realizing how it had come off, “Absolutely. Whenever you need.” Amanda stayed silent, playing with her phone and not looking at us. At some point I was going to need to have a talk with her, preferably in a public area so there was no chance of another grope session. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dropped off Kayla in her driveway. “Thanks Jack,” she said, squeezing my arm, “Text me soon!” “I will,” I replied, watching her wave to me as she walked up her driveway. “Are we going to be giving her rides from no on?” Alan asked eagerly. “beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating in ireland Probably.” “Fantastic!” Alan squeaked. Amanda dug an elbow into his ribs and he looked down guiltily. She turned her eyes to me and I beautiful men seeking dating in ireland quickly pulled us into our driveway. “Hey, all!” dad said from the living room as we came in from the garage, “How was school?” “Fantastic,” I said. “Two out of three,” dad laughed, coming into the family room, “Anything you need to talk about Amanda?

beautiful men seeking dating in ireland
” She just walked by without looking at him and pounded up the stairs. “What’s up with her?” “I don’t know,” beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating in ireland he said, sounding hurt, “She’s been like that all day.” “Well, go talk to her. See what’s up.” Alan bounded out of the room. Hopefully there would actually be some talking behind those closed doors. “Well,” he said brightly, “You ready for some father-son beautiful men seeking dating in ireland time?” “In a bit,” I said, “Need to unwind a little first.” “Of course. I’ll come get you around five.beautiful men seeking dating &rdquo in ireland; I wasn’t planning on playing any videogames. I went upstairs, pulled out my phone, and dating websites for men seeking women immediately started texting Kayla. We chatted for a bit, talking about what we had planned for the weekend. We eventually decided that we would have tomorrow for fun, going to random places and just relaxing, and then spend Sunday doing actual homework. I refrained from calling our hangout a ‘date’, especially so soon after breaking up with Craig. Me: Hey, do you mind if I take a quick detour tomorrow? At least enough to keep my wallet from shrinking to nothing. Kayla: I can still pay you back the beautiful men ten dating site handicapped men seeking women seeking dating in irelbeautiful and men seeking dating in irel
beautiful men seeking dating in ireland
dating men ireland beautiful seeking in and bucks for my uniform. Kayla: <3 I stared at that heart for a while, thinking about what it could mean for the future of our relationship. There was a knock on my door and my dad poked his head in. “Hey, buddy,” he said, “It’s about time to go.” “Be there in a sec,” I said, rolling out of bed. Now I don’t have an excuse to ignore my homework. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Franco’s Bar and Grill was packed, as usual, but my dad had managed to secure us a booth ahead of time with a good view of the giant television screens that filled one wall with images of various sports teams locked in death matches. “Sorry we haven’t had the time to do this as much,” my dad said, taking a sip from his root beer, “But…well, one thing you’re going to find out when you get your job is that free time suddenly becomes less free.” “Mmm,” I said, still thinking about Kayla. I had ordered a thick bacon cheeseburger with an extra helping of fries while my dad had gone for a buffalo chicken sandwich with a good heaping of cole slaw on the side. We had just sent the waiter off and now sat in silence. “So,” dad said, in a voice that announced he was about to tell me why we were here, “The reason I wanted to hang out, other than you’re my son and I like hanging with you, is two-fold. First…” he held up a finger, “…your mother and I are getting different work schedules.” “How do you mean?” “I’ve just been promoted at work. I will let you shower me with congratulations later. What that means is that I will be at home until about eleven and then I’ll be going in until around eleven at night. Not looking forward to that sleep schedule, I can tell you. And your mother has decided to quit working at the book store and go to culinary school. Unfortunately, the only class available was in the afternoon/evening time slot.” I saw vaguely where he was going. “So that means…you and mom…” “Are not going to be around much in the afternoon and evenings,” dad finished, “You’re going to be latchkey kids.” Oh, wonderful.

“Why are you just telling me?” I asked, “Isn’t this a family-announcement sort of thing?” “beautiful men seeking dating in ireland I wanted to tell you first because you’re the oldest.” “By ten minutes.” “Most mature, then, if you prefer,” dad laughed, “I’m trusting you to be in charge. Your mom will make something in the morning that you can heat up for dinner. Your siblings will get their homework done and you’ll make sure the house doesn’t burn down.” “You keep saying that,” I said, “A fire isn’t the only thing that can destroy a house.” “Be that as it may, you’re going to have more responsibility. Aside from in dating men beautiful ireland seeking keeping Amanda back with a ten-foot pole, it wasn’t too much to handle. The twins were decent students and we weren’t planning on throwing any parties. “Sure.” “Thanks, Jack,” dad said, patting my hand, “The second thing—” He broke off as our food arrived. We dug in for a few minutes before he started up again: “The second thing I wanted to talk about was Kayla.” I coughed up part of seeking in beautiful dating men ireland my burger. “What about her?” I wheezed, taking a drink. “Are you serious about her?” “In what way?” “You want beautiful men seeking in dating ireland to date her?” “Absolutely.” A couple days ago, I might have stammered and sputtered, but after today I was feeling confident. “Did I beautiful men seeking dating in ireland ever tell you how your mom and I met?” “I don’t think so.” At least not that I could remember. I was beautiful men seeking dating in ireland part of a frat that enjoyed the ‘partying’ aspect of college more than anything else. I was majoring in mechanical engineering at the time. We decided beautiful men seeking dating in ireland to throw a Toga Party one night shortly after the year began and invited our sister sorority to join. Well, there we all were, toga-clad and drunk as hell, when I heard this girl talking about mechanical engineering. The girl didn’t know what she was talking about. Finally, I walked up to her beautiful men seeking dating in ireland and said, ‘Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re full of it.’ “You know how your mom gets beautiful men seeking dating in ireland that look in her eye when she’s ready to lay someone out. She put her hands on her hips and said, ‘Well, what do you seeking beautiful ireland dating men in know about it?’ I then proceeded to talk, at great length, about how, in every single way, she had been wrong. She argued back and we

beautiful men seeking dating in eventually irbeautiful men seeking dating in ireland eland
got off the subject of engineering and onto more personal stuff. By the time we looked up, everyone had wandered away and we were alone.” He took another drink. “Twenty years later I still remember everything about her from that night, but one thing in particular stuck out: when she left, I knew I had to run after her and find out where she lived on campus. I couldn’t let her get away.” I listened beautiful men seeking dating in ireland ireland men dating beautiful in seeking beautiful men seeking dating in ireland in silence. “So, if you feel that strongly about Kayla, Jack, go for her. And if this Craig guy gets in your way, do what you beautiful men seeking dating in ireland dating have ireland in men seeking beautiful to do.” “I don’t think Craig’s going to be a problem anymore.” “Even better,” dad said, returning to his beautiful men seeking dating in ireland meal, “I’m happy for you, buddy. I knew you’d probably fall for her the first time we met her.” navy dating site navy dating sites “I’m surprised you didn’t say anything.” “Your mom promised to make me sleep on the roof if I said beautiful men seeking dating in ireland anything. Did I mention she could kick ass even back when I first met her?” We chatted more throughout the rest of our meal, mostly about beautiful men seeking dating in ireland the various adventures dad and mom went through before they got married. The most entertaining, by far, was when dad’s car died on the side of dating ireland beautiful in men seeking beautiful men seeking dating in ireland the road in a long stretch where there was no civilization for miles and my mom had to leave class and drive an hour to come get in seeking men ireland beautiful dating beautiful men seeking dating in ireland him. The more I listened, the more I wanted Kayla and I to have wild adventures like that. I still wanted to give her some time before officially asking her out to recover from Craig Syndrome but I was already planning possibilities. We talking until way past eight o’clock before dad glanced beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating in ireland men beautiful ireland in seeking dating at his watch and said, “Well, we best clear out before they start checking us for roots.” I immediately pulled out my phone in the beautiful men seeking dating in ireland car and shot a message to Kayla. Kayla: The blahhhhhhh was more for Craig texting me.

Kayla: If my phone had a censor app, almost all of ireland seeking dating in men beautiful his texts would just be black boxes. I congratulated both mom and dad on their new positions and promised that I would look after the place while

ireland dating seeking men beautiful in
men beautiful in seeking ireland dating they were at work. “I know you will,” mom said, giving me a big hug. I said goodnight to both of them and went up to my room, ignoring the closed door to the twins’ room. Me: Turns out I’m going to be a latchkey kid. Me: My mom and dad are getting new positions so the twins and I are going to be alone in the afternoons and evenings. :) Me: Yep yep :) Kayla: Ugh, Craig keeps texting me. Kayla: Well, you’re my shining knight in armor, remember? You could kick my ass then go for a bologna sandwich. We continued texting for another hour or so until she announced that she was getting sleepy. <3 I dropped my phone and lay back against my pillow, astonished at how well things were going. I wasn’t going to get lazy, not when it came to Craig, but just for a few minutes I lay basking in the fact that she was no longer with him and how awesome it would be to hang with her for the next two days. Who, I remarked, had been thankfully distant for most of the day. I hummed a little to myself in the shower as I rinsed out my hair. I hadn’t had a shower this good or relaxing in days, a nice little capstone to a pretty good day. I made sure my alarm was working, especially after my right hook that morning, and slipped under my blanket, feeling warm and secure. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m not exactly sure what it was that woke me up but right away I could tell something was wrong. I tried to bring my hands forward to rub my face but neither seemed to be able to move. I tried doing the same with my feet and found they were likewise immobile. The … I came fully awake to find Amanda standing over me, grinning. “Amanda—” I started to roar but she clamped a hand down on my mouth. “Shush,” she said quietly, “We don’t want to wake the whole house.” I twisted my head around. My wrists and ankles had been secured to my bedposts by handcuffs. Amanda was bouncing the key in her palm with a wide smile. “Didn’t want you getting away from me this time.

Besides, I’m feeling kinky tonight.” She was certainly dressed like it. She was wearing a sheer black teddy with garters attached to knee-high stockings. She turned around to put the key on my bedside table, sticking her rear out beautiful in dating men seeking ireland as she did. The edge of the garment rode up well past the curve of her ass, exposing both cheeks in all their smooth, pale glory. “dating ireland Amanda,&rdquo beautiful men seeking in; I hissed, making sure to keep my voice down, “What the are you doing?” “We were rudely interrupted last night,” she beautiful men seeking dating in ireland said, running a finger down my chest. I wanted to twist away but the restraints made sure that I couldn’t. “I wanted to continue beautiful men seeking dating in ireland where we left off.” I was panicking. “I think you missed a few steps,” I said, “How about you uncuff me and we start from where we really left off?” “Tempting,” she said, kissing my stomach, “But I don’t think it would be a good beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating in ireland idea to let you out. At least not yet.” She gave me a seductive smile. “Maybe after I’ve already had you in me for beautiful a good men seeking dating in irelabeautiful men seeking dating in ireland nd while.” I twisted and thrashed, trying to get lose. She pinched my nipple and I had to keep from yelping. “None of that,beautiful men &rdquo seeking dating in irelabeautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating nd in ireland; she said calmly, “I’m not letting anything get in the way of tonight.” “Amanda, why are you doing this?” I beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating in ireland said, desperate to get free, “I don’t want this.” “But…” she said, dropping the straps of her teddy, “I do.

And beautiful men seeking dating in ireland I’m going to get it.” “I told you ‘no’ before and I’m telling you ‘no’ again. If I’m going to have to put up with you seducing me every night…” She covered my mouth with her hand again and started to tug down my boxers. “Very nice,” she said appreciatively, running her hand along it. “I told you,” she hissed, “None of that. Or I’m going beautiful men seeking dating in ireland to have to hurt you again.” She straddled my waist and pulled the teddy down so her tits were revealed. “And to correct you on beautiful men seeking dating in a certain ireland point, big brother…” she said, sliding along my cock and leaning down next to my ear, “This is no longer seduction. This time beautiful men seeking dating in ireland

beautiful men seeking dating in ireland
it’s domination.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author's Note: Wow! The response to this story is bigger than I imagined it would be! Thank you all so much beautiful men seeking dating in ireland
beautiful men seeking dating in ireland
beautiful men seeking dating in ireland for reading and supporting my work. I know I'm leaving you on kind of a cliffhanger so I just wanted to address a couple of beautiful men seeking dating in ireland points. First of all, yes, there will be a showdown in this story, but I will not say with whom. Second, regarding a timetable for these stories, beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating in ireland it's going to vary.

I work a very taxing full-time job so I'm working on this in my spare time. And sometimes I will have a game or a movie on in the background for when the flow stops flowing.

I will attempt to have at least one story out a week, beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating maybe in ireland more, but I'm not going to absolutely tack that down as a fact just in case something comes up. Third, thank you to all of beautiful men seeking dating you in ireland pointing out things you like and things you'd like to see; I am definitely taking them into account when writing these stories so keep beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating in ireland beautiful men seeking dating in ireland them coming! Thank you all once again and I hope you continue to enjoy the series. Driven Series Draft version 1.0 This has not been proof-read and may contain errors. Read the series Driven Lust I II III & IV first as this is a continuation of that series. The reader should be aware that there is BDSM in this story and the first chapter is a mere sample. The scenes dipicted in this storyline will become extremely graphic in ireland men beautiful in seeking dating nature as it progresses.

Also, other characters introduced may offend some readers in their creation. Please enjoy the prologue and first chapter of Driven Wild Prologue James Isaac Farlow had lived an exciting life. As a college student who’d found a part time job at a transportation company, he took his job beautiful men seeking dating in ireland seriously.

As a professional chauffeur, you could not find one more suited for the task. So well did he perform his job, he was recruited by a billionaire heiress. He fell in love with her along with the servants he met and acquired. Eventually, he married the rich Cathleen Spencer to give her an beautiful men seeking dating in ireland heir. He became a millionaire himself when a scandalous video leaked to the press after his heroic deeds in the past made him popular to begin with.

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