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Oh my god, I thought to myself, I am such a ed up person. BROCK I was planning on going to The Maples with a horde at my back, but Zander insisted we didn’t have time. We traveled to Castle Alkandra, where Titus was making considerable progress on the structure. The great hall had already been rebuilt, and the ramparts and towers were close to being 10 rules for done dating my son. Massive trolls lifted tons of stone on their backs and stacked the walls high in a matter of hours. They moved from the quarry to the silver mines, unloading mountains of raw silver son my for 10 rules and datdating 10 rules son my for for son 10 my rules dating ing dropping it onto Ardeni cargo vessels. Titus stood in his black robe, shouting directions to the behemoths behind his mask. “Zander!” Titus exclaimed when he saw the wizard, “I haven’10 rules for dating my son t seen you in a hundred years.” “Titus,” Zander replied curtly, “it’s good to see you’re making progress.” “I was saddened to hear of Prestira’s

10 rules for dating my son
10 rules for dating my fate10 rules for dating my son ,&rdquo son; Titus said, shaking his head, “I have no words-” “Then don’t speak them.” Zander cut him off, “Where are the Terdini and Protaki?” “Far side of the west wall, digging a moat.” Titus replied. “Brock,” Zander said to me, “fetch ten of your best men and make your way to those ruins over there, I have 10 rules for dating my son a portal concealed behind that fountain.” “What are you going to do?” “I have dealings I need to discuss with Titus, and I don’t have time to explain them.10 rules for dating my son ” Zander responded.

I didn’t bother giving the old man shit; he’d just lost Prestira, and I understood the pain. I walked to the west wall to find both of my tribes

10 rules for dating digging my son
a trench thirty feet deep and fifty feet across. “Hey Dad,” Trenok said as he wiped the sweat from his brow, “I heard the meeting with The Ten didn’t 10 rules for dating my go son very well.” “You heard correctly.” I grunted. Trenok was growing stronger by the day, and my failure to secure the clan’s place would no doubt embolden him to make 10 rules for dating a move my s10 rules for dating my son
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for chieftain soon. Trenok looked at me for a bit, his muscles tensing slightly. I raised an eyebrow to the boy and nonchalantly pivoted my heel into the dirt.

Trenok acknowledged my offensive stance and gave me a grin before he resumed his digging. Trenok might have been able to toss me right then and there, but he understood that now wasn’t a good time. Our 10 rules for dating my son clan was in limbo, and I needed to strengthen our position before passing it down to my boy.

I picked out ten men and swiftly greeted my people before making it rules for dating a wealthy man to the does for 10 rules my dating son rules son 10 for my dating 10 rules for dating my son radiometric dating produce exact results place where Zander’s portal was concealed. Zander came up to me with eighteen vampires following him. “I convinced Titus to lend you coin and some of his

dating children,&rdquo my 10 for10 rules rules for dating my son son
; Zander said, “you’ll need them for what you’re about to do.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “There are eighteen minor clan leaders in The Maples,” Zander said, “and we don’t have the time to convince them one by one.” “I’m not seeing what your point is.” “We’re going to kill 10 rules for dating my son dating rules 10 son my for them all.” “There’s no honor in that!” I yelled angrily, “the clans will not follow me after assassinating their leaders! Orcs do not respect back stabbers and hitmen!” 10 rules for “No,&rdq10 rules for dating my son uo dating my son; Zander said coldly, “they’ll follow you because you killed every chieftain in The Maples in one night, and left your symbol carved into their desecrated corpses. We don’t 10 rules for dating my son have time to earn respect anymore, we’ll take fear instead.” “Tyrants are rewarded as they have ruled, Zander.” I growled, “You’re condemning me to a life of looking 10 rules for dating my son rules dating 10 for son my 10 rules for over dating my10 rules for dating my son rules 10 for dating my son son my shoulder.” “You won’t rule over clans once you’re Froktora,” Zander replied, “you’ll rule over chieftains. If you do not do this, Brock, I swear to you, I will throw Yavara’s support behind 8 rules for dating teenage daughter one of The Ten and add your clan as a prize for incentive.” “Watch it, old man...” I growled.

“If you don’rules 10 for son my t want dating a chieftain of The Tundra branding the symbol of The Gorge on his arm, you better get those ing clans, Brock.” Zander said as he positioned his staff threateningly, “Because if 10 rules for dating my son we don’t have an army within a month, we are all going to die.” I stared down at the wizard. Zander was always an asshole, but now he was ruthless. Prestira’s 10 dating for son my rules death hardened him, and forced his focus onto a singular goal. He was going to put Yavara on that throne come hell or high water, and everyone but her was rapidly becoming expendable to him. Zander stared his determination into my eyes and opened the portal.

ELENA Leveria squeezed the sponge into the bucket before gently washing me. She hummed quietly to herself and cleaned my cuts and 10 rules for dating my son the dirt off my body. I laid on my bed and looked at her with a confused expression, but she just smiled back and continued to wash me with the sponge. She gently blotted 10 rules for dating my son my skin from my neck to my breasts and down my torso. She stopped just short of my cock and let out a giggle before washing that as well.

I felt myself get hard, and 10 rules for Leveria dating10 rules for dating my son my son responded my running a finger down the length of my shaft and laughing girlishly. She spread my cheeks and washed my nethers, taking a few moments to tease me with her fingers before moving the sponge down my legs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leveria was wearing the devil outfit she had promised me, and it was extremely distracting. The costume included a tight, red corset with laces that tied together 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son over a ‘V’ opening that started at her breasts (which were straining to stay put), and traveled down to her navel. She wore red silk panties that bore a fake little tail protruding 10 rules for dating my son

10 rules for dating my from son
between her full cheeks. Her legs were barely covered with a pair of tight fishnet stockings, which extended down into a pair of red high-heeled shoes. Completing the outfit was a set of 10 fake rules for dating my son bat wings attached to the back of her corset, and a little red headband baring little red horns.

Her hair was braided in rules for dating a married man two platinum ponytails that ran down both sides of the

10 rules for dating my son
crown of her head. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “How do you think we should do your hair today?” her gentle voice asked.

Leveria undid my braided pony tail and began to wet my hair with cool water. Her fingers tenderly massaged my scalp as she lathered the shampoo. She gently washed the foam from my hair, keeping a hand on my brow to make sure water didn’t get into 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules my for dating my son eyes. “Glendian, Adarian.” Leveria called as she dried my hair.

Headmaster Glendian and Ranger Adarian entered the room. Both gave me a pitied expression, and I returned Adarian’s gaze with 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son one of cold rage. “Glendian,” Leveria said, “Elena needs clothes and a new toe.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Yes, my queen.” Glendian said with a reluctant tone. Glendian twirled his fingers 10 rules for dating my son and collection of white fabrics flew from his bag. They stitched together about my body until my angel outfit was complete. I looked down at the white dress that now clung to my body. It

10 rules for dating my son10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for 6> dating my son was a strapless garment that started just above my nipples and ended too short to cover the tip of my cock. A set of feathered angel wings were sewn to the back of the dress, but the outfit was conspicuously missing something. “Where’s the halo?” I asked Leveria. “I’ve got it right here.” Leveria smiled as she held up a golden cock rules dating for son my 10 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son ring. She pushed it down my half-hard member and giggled in delight. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I looked cautiously up at Leveria as her mage healed my foot.

I had no idea what the was going on anymore, but I was pretty sure this was a new and exciting method of torture Leveria had concocted. She’d try to put me at ease, heal the wounds she inflicted, and then lay 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son the hammer down and torture me all over again. “Well?” she asked, a hint of excitement in her voice. “It’s straighter than it used to be.” I said. “How does it feel?” There was definitely something weird about Leveria. She was asking me questions with this odd upward inflection, as though she were genuinely interested in the well-being of my foot. “That’s good,” Leveria said, smiling awkwardly, “that’s…exactly how it should feel.” “Yeah…” I responded. “Adarian,” Leveria said to her head ranger, “remove Elena 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son from her wrist binds and strap her ankles to that chair.” Adarian held my hands in place as he removed the straps. I looked for any opening to launch an attack, but he 10 rules for dating my son was too careful to present me with one. As he tied my hands behind my back he whispered under his breath. “Why the are you still alive?” he asked through an exhale. I dating my for 10 son rules let him strap my legs to the chair and chain my wrists to its arms. “Those can be looser.” Leveria said, beckoning to the shackles around my wrists. Adarian looked up 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for at dating my son Leveria with an alarmed expression, “My queen-” “Looser, Adarian.” Leveria said. Adarian sighed and allowed nine inches of slack on each chain, giving me enough arm mobility to easily strangle 10 rules for Leveria dating my son10 rules for dating my son

strong> if I got the opportunity. “Thank you, Adarian, Glendian,” Leveria said, “that will be all.” Adarian and Glendian left the room, and Leveria sat in a chair across from me. Leveria
dating rules 10 my for s10 rules for dating my son on
put some pastries on the table and beckoned me to eat. Leveria watched me with a studious expression as I devoured the food. When I finished, I looked up at Leveria for an indication of what was next, but she just sat and smiled. “So…” I said, “are we going to or…” “Why didn’t you kill yourself?” Leveria asked. “dating for my son rules 10 The pill April gave to you,” Leveria said, “you put it in your mouth, but you didn’t swallow it.” I looked around the room until I spotted the mirror that dating son rules for 10 my was in the ceiling. It was tiny for enchanted glass, only a few inches wide. “You haven’t told Adarian you know about April.” I replied, “I’m surprised the beast 10 rules for dating my son is still living.” “A kitsune is hardly a threat,” Leveria smiled, “and Adarian’s escapades are not a concern of mine unless they interfere with his work. It’s funny; my for 10 dating Adarian rules 10 rules for dating my son son never covers his mirror after he’s done using it. A simple enchantment can keep the line open on one end while the observing party appears to be gone.

Just yesterday, Adarian was getting a blowjob from April while he talked to me. The entire time it was happening, he was so worried that I’d catch on.” “Do you enjoy watching people?” I asked.

10 rules for dat10 rules for dating my son ing my son I do,” Leveria said, “I like to observe people when they think they’re alone. You get a true sense of who that person really is.” “Everyone picks their nose and farts, Leveria,” I said, “and you’re not getting a glimpse into the soul of someone by watching them masturbate.” “Ha!” Leveria laughed, “you are a 10 rules for dating my son funny one, Elena. But you still haven’t told me: why are you still alive?” “I couldn’t kill myself when I had this to look forward to.” I said, gesturing

10 rules for dating my son
to Leveria’s outfit. “That’s flattering,” Leveria smiled sincerely, “but I’m serious.” “So am I.” I replied. “Is it because of your love for Yavara?
10 rules for dating my son
for &rdquo dating rules 10 10 rules for dating my son my son; Leveria asked as she lit a cigarette, “I mean… that must be it; you’re holding out hope that you will see her again.” “No,” I said honestly, “that 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son hope was gone the moment we stepped through these gates.” “So why keep living?” Leveria asked through a cloud of smoke, “Why not just end it all?” “Because I enjoy you.” I said. And one day you’ll up, and my teeth will rip a hole in your throat. “And I enjoy you, Elena,” Leveria smiled, “but that doesn’t change the fact that if I were in your shoes, I’d be looking for an out.

You don’t enjoy the enough to endure what you think is coming.” “I don’t know, Leveria,” I said, smiling slyly, “maybe you ed me into changing my mind.” “You’re such a smartass!” Leveria laughed and slapped my thigh. It was flirtatious and almost loving, and it was creeping me the out. Leveria’s new game must be to make me as emotionally uncomfortable as possible, and it was working. I wasn’t sure if 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son dating son rules for 10 my Leveria simply lacked the social skills developed in adolescence (she did spend her teen years ing her dad for ’s sake), or if she was just that great an actor, but the familiarity

10 rules for dating my son
was getting downright excruciating. I could take getting my toe cut off with a dull knife, but talking with this woman was agonizingly awkward. “I’ll tell you why I didn’t bite the capsule,” I said, “if you tell me what your game is.” “What do you mean?” Leveria asked. “This whole thing you’re doing,” I said, “the washing, the healing, the looser chains, the food, the , all of that can be explained as a method of making me comfortable before you bring the hammer down. But the way you’re 10 rules for dating my son acting, Leveria, it’s ing with me.” Leveria shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

She looked away and took a drag from her cigarette. “I uhh…” Leveria said nervously, flicking the ash from her square, “I like you, Elena.” “Sure, Leveria, I like you too. Now what’s the real play?” “There is no play,” Leveria said, “the reason I’10 rules for dating my son m being nice to you is because I genuinely like you.” “What?” I laughed, “like, you have feelings for me?!” “I know,” Leveria said, blushing and pushing

10 a strand rules for dating my 10 rules for dating my son son
of hair behind her ear, “it’s stupid. You hate me, and I’m supposed to hate you, but I don’t. When I saw April give you the pill last son my 10 rules dating for night, I almost ran to the portal to try and stop you from biting it. Not because I didn’t want you to die so easily, but because I didn’t want you to 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son die at all.” “Leveria,” I laughed, astonished at this new development, “what the is wrong with you?” “I’m ed up,” Leveria laughed with me, “I know it, but I can’t help myself. I want to be with you.” “Oh my god!” I wheezed, my chest heaving, “Exactly how do you think your little romantic fantasy 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son my 10 dating for son rules is going to play out?” “Ideally?” Leveria said through a chuckle, “I make love to you every day. I share my feelings with you and you begin to realize I’m not such a monster. You develop Stockholm syndrome and fall deeply in love with me.” “Holy shit,” I said, “that’s one hell of a fantasy. You are without
10 rules for dating my son
a doubt, the most disturbed individual I’ve ever met.” “I know it’s never going to happen, but I can deal with the one-sidedness of our relationship,” Leveria said through 10 rules for dating my son a smile, “I can’t make you not hate me, and I can’t make myself hate you, as hard as I tried. So, I’m going to enjoy your hatred for however for rules my dating son 10 long it lasts. Now, Elena, tell me why you haven’t bit that pill; I bet you’re really thinking about it now.” “Undo my binds,” I adult dating best site whats the said, “and I’ll show you why I’m still alive.” “That wasn’t part of the deal.” “My cell, my rules, sister.” I smiled. “Ooooh,10 rules for dating my son ” Leveria smiled at me, “you’re holding out on a chance to kill me!” “Bingo.” “OK, Elena,” Leveria said as she stood up, “I’ll release my son 10 for dating rules you.” “What?!” “Sure,” Leveria smiled while pulling out the keys to my shackles, “I want to do whatever you want to do, Elena.” Leveria unlocked the shackles around my ankles and wrists and stood back.

I flexed and rolled my aching joints before looking back up at her. She stood just a foot away from me, still smiling down. I couldn’10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son t feel the effects of any spell, and she was completely unarmed. I jumped on the bitch, knocking her over with a leg kick before wrapping my hands around her throat. BROCK My ten 10 rules for dating my son men and I stepped through the portal and into the heart of The Maples. The jagged snow-capped peaks of the Spearhead Mountains towered over us, and the perpetual autumn colors of the maples painted a 10 for son my dating rules rules son for my dating 10 forest of deciduous flame. I took a moment to breathe the sweet air that the syrup trees yielded before the vampires came in behind me. “What’s the plan, Brock?” asked Jefrok, my second in command on this mission. “We’ll position ourselves at The Broken Pass,” I said pointing to a canyon that cut through The Spearheads, “that is where the clans here meet with the centaurs to trade. There’s an ancient citadel deep in the canyon that the tribes use as a meeting place in time of strife.” “Why are we going

10 rules for dating my son
there?” Jefrok asked. “To negotiate with the centaurs.” “We’re not here for the centaurs, Brock,” Jefrok said, “we’re here for the tribes.” “No, that’10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating s why my son they’re here,” I said pointing to the vampires, “and when they do their deed, five thousand orcs will descend upon The Broken Pass to find out what the just happened.” “And there they’ll see Brock Terdini, the man whose symbol was just carved into the chests of their dead leaders.” “Which is why we’ll need back up,” I laughed, “because they are going to be ing pissed..” “Brock,” Jefrok said, clapping a hand on my shoulder, “I’ve followed you through some stupid missions, but this 10 rules for dating my son one, this one is ing suicidal.” “It really is,” I laughed, “but we have a small chance. The centaurs are Alkandra loyalists, so it will be easy to convince them 10 rules for dating my son to join Yavara; it will be much harder to convince them to save our asses.” “What do we have to negotiate with?” “Ivanka, Tiffany,” I said to Titus’ blood-daughters, “how much gold are you carrying?” “Ten thousand a piece.” Tiffany said. “That might help ease negotiations,” I laughed, “we’ll all meet at the citadel after
10 rules for dating my son
10 rules for dating my son 10 rules for dating my son midnight. Leave my symbol on their chests and a message to their people to meet me at The Broken Pass.” “We’re never making it out of that ing canyon.” Jefrok said.

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