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and it looks fresh!” All four teens froze as the words floated through the air.

They knew they were in trouble but had no idea how many speed dating long island 25 35 of the hoods were chasing them. All they knew was that one of them, Jeff Hansen, was reputed to be a rapist. Unfortunately, there had never been enough evidence to

speed dating long island 25 35
convict the son of a rich industrialist, and his victim claimed to be too afraid to testify. As a result, he had gone free, his reputation causing many females to
speed dating long island 25 35
speed dating long island 25 35 fear for their safety. “Denise,” Brian hissed, “find your clothes in this bundle, then put ‘em on!” Turning to his best friend Ted, he commented,”Shit, I never thought I’d ever say that to a naked woman!” Ted fought to suppress the chuckle bubbling up inside him. Passing another bundle of clothing speed dating long island to 25 35 Marsha, he gave her essentially the same command. While the two girls donned their clothing, Brian and Ted did the same. As soon as they were dressed again, Brian motioned the other three to follow him. Walking slowly and as carefully as they could, the foursome made their way to a point furthest from the landed speedboat. Brian speed dating long island 25 35 35 long island 25 speed dating speed dating long island 25 35 carefully surveyed the beach, which was illuminated by the light of the craft, but couldn’t see their pursuers. “Look, I’ve got an idea” Brian suggested. “If we can keep those pricks from figuring out who we are, and how many of us they’re chasing, we’ll have the upper hand. Maybe if we split up, one of us can lead them to the far side of the island while the rest of us commandeer that boat. Once we have that, we can pick up the speed dating long island 25 35 decoy and get the hell out of here.” “Yeah, that might work!” Ted agreed. “I know this island inside out and backwards, so I’ll act
speed dating long island 25 35
as decoy. There’s a point on the south-east tip that’s deep enough to get almost right to the beach. I’ll meet you there, okay?” “speed dating long island 25 35 speed dating long island 25 35 Not without me, you won’t?” Denise put in.

“If those bastards catch up with you, you’ll need someone to bail your ass out, and that would be me.” Silently, they all agreed, with Ted and Denise heading for the centre of the island, while Brian and Marsha studied the terrain between them and the boat. It would be a lot easier to plot a strategy if they knew how many pursuers they were up against. Ted reached out his hand for Denise, and she clasped it tightly, as he led her through the brush. Stalking as quietly as they could, the two desperados made good time to the island’s centre, then started to make enough noise that the gang of goons would hear them. Ted was counting on their pursuers to hear the racket and head that way to investigate. He also knew that there was a high cliff just south of where they were. Getting them to step over the edge, though, could prove difficult. The fall would slow them down, at the least, and there was a possibility of a broken leg or two, but the distance wasn’t great enough to be fatal, and there was sufficient growth at the speed dating long island 25 35 bottom to cushion a fall. “Stomp on some branches, but don’t say a word. I want to lure them without identifying who or what we are. As soon as we hear them coming, we’ll shoot along the cliff’s edge. There’s a way to get down about a quarter mile from here, if I remember.” speed dating long island 25 35 Denise moved about thirty feet away from her boyfriend, then began to stomp on loose underbrush, breaking twigs and rustling leaves. Whether the thugs would take the bait remained to be seen, although she failed to understand how anyone could miss all that noise. Her efforts were rewarded with shouts from the pursuing gang. Let’s go!” Ted recognized speed dating long island 25 35 speed dating long island the 25 35 voice as that of Jeff Hansen, and the blood ran cold in his veins. He had no idea whether or not Jeff’s reputation was real or imaginary, but the thought of Denise becoming his next victim sent chills up and down his spine. The thunder of men running in the bush grew louder, and closer. Denise was about to run from the scene of her destructive stomping, and Ted could feel his heart pounding as the adrenalin pumped into his system. Just as she turned to flee, speed dating long island 25 35

speed dating long island 25 35
speed dating long island 25 35 a powerful beam of light caught Denise’s shape, and three heavyset men burst from behind the light’s source, grabbing and capturing the young teen.

Despite all her struggling,

long they 35 island 25 dating speed
had her tightly in their grip. You’re gonna like this!” one of the captors yelled. I get dibs on her!” Jeff burst out from the underbrush and into the light cast by the lanterns, an evil grin on his lips. “Yeah, this should be fun!” Hansen crowed. “I ain’t had me a speed dating long island 25 35 tight piece of ass since that Lucy bitch, and my cock is just itching for a young cunt! Get her clothes off, and spread her on the ground, you speed dating long island 25 35 mental morons! I’m gonna have me a real good !” Denise gasped in horror, understanding what was about to happen, but praying she was mistaken. Hands grabbed at her shirt, ripping it off in one movement, then began pulling on her pants. Squirm and fight as she might, the two men holding her had too tight a grip for her to escape. Tears began to run down her cheeks, and the sight of Jeff Hansen with his pants down and his hard cock protruding from his groin like a speed dating long island 25 35 deadly lance elicited a scream of terror from her lips.

Ted hid in the bush, waiting for just the right moment to make his move. He’d have only one dating island 25 speed 35 chance long to do anything effective before the gang of rapists pinned him down. He felt certain they’d probably do him a lot of damage. There was a good possibility that he wouldn’t survive their beatings, but if it gave Denise a chance to escape, it would be worth the risk. Now, four hands grabbed at Denise’s

speed dating long island 25 35
speed dating long island 25 35 arms and legs, forcing her down on the ground, face up, and pinned her there. Two more hands attached themselves to one leg while one pair held her shoulders, and they forced her legs as far apart as possible. She screamed at the pain, her hip joints throbbing in protest as they rotated as far as human anatomy would allow. In speed dating long island 25 35 the light, she saw Jeff slowly striding towards her, his eyes locked on her defenceless pussy that was illuminated in the beam of light for all to see.

Jeff’s evil facial expression of lustful conquest elicited another scream of terror from her, and the sound almost seemed to feed his desires to conquer this young teen with his 25 speed 35 long island dating invading cock. He kneeled down between her legs, grabbing his massive prick in one hand, and began rubbing the head up and down Denise’s slit. Once more she screamed in horror at his touch, understanding fully now that Jeff had all intentions of forcing himself deep inside her, whether she wanted him to or not. Denise was on the verge of passing out from fright, and she welcomed the blackness of unconsciousness. Before it could claim her for its own, there was a dark shape that flew across her vision, it’s mass colliding with her assailant. Ted had aimed for Jeff’s upper body, determined to drive him away from poor Denise at all costs. His aim was true, but his weight wasn’t quite as effective as he’d hoped. Wrapping his arms around Jeff’s neck as he sailed through the air, he successfully toppled speed dating long island 25 35 island 35 speed long 25 dating the would-be rapist over Denise’s thigh, pushing Jeff’s head down sideways, and slamming it against the hard earth. But his trajectory was too high, and he continued to speed dating long island fly 25 35 long island 25 35 through the air another four feet. Just enough that he couldn’t get to Jeff to keep the man from recovering his balance. Rolling onto his feet, Ted launched himself for another attack, flying through the air as he aimed for Jeff’s upper body. Halfway between take-off and impact, Ted felt something hard strike him square in the gut, driving the breath out of his lungs. He collapsed on the ground, mere inches from his target, only to feel that same object pound between the base of his neck and his shoulder blades. Blackness enveloped him as he passed out from the pain. His last conscious thoughts were of his Denise, still held prisoner law of fossil succession strata dating by three of Jeff’s goons. He prayed that his actions had persuaded the lusting man that the attack on his intended victim had been foiled. The speed dating long island darkness 25 35 claimed Ted before he could ascertain the success or failure of his defensive tackle. “Hold onto that little bastard!” Jeff screamed. “When I’m finished with speed dating long island 25 35 speed dating long island 25 35 speed dating long her island 25speed dating long island 25 35 35, I’m gonna do his ing ass until he ing bleeds to death!” Hands grabbed Ted’s limp form, and dragged him to the edge of the circle of light. Realizing that her rescue had been defeated, Denise screamed as loud and as long as her lungs would permit, the shear terror of this ordeal washing over speed dating long her island 25 35, and almost convincing her that these were the last moments of her young life. Down on the beach, Brian and Marsha heard Denise’s screams of terror, as they abandoned their objective of Jeff’s speedboat. The sun had set, and the remaining light was barely bright enough to see the rough outline of the bush they had just speed dating long island 25 35 navigated. Heading in the general direction of the loud protest they’d heard, both teens broke into a run. Neither one had any idea of how they’d rescue Denise, or whether Ted was still in any shape to be of assistance. All Brian could think of was to get to Denise as fast as he could, and do whatever dating island was speed long 35speed dating long island 25 35 25 possible to rescue her. Silence and stealth were the last things from his mind as he crashed through the scrub and undergrowth. The noise advertised his approach like the whistle of a train. She realized that she might be Denise’s last hope for rescue. She was also aware that, if she failed, there was a high probability that her fate would parallel Denise’s. Whatever had happened to elicit those screams of terror, it was also waiting for her. As a result, she held back enough to carefully follow Brian’s progress through the underbrush while allowing speed dating new york long island her time to observe the situation and formulate some kind of plan. As they approached the area where the terrorizing speed dating long island 25 35 noises had come from, she was aware of the light cast from the lanterns. The understanding flooded her mind that those lights could afford her clear observation, and

stewart dating speed dating long island 25 35 also pattinson kristin is robert
hide her form in their shadows.

Brian burst out of the bush and into the arena of Denise’s rape, the vision of her pinned long dating 25 speed island 35 speed 25 35 long island dating speed dating long island 25 35 prone on the ground, and Ted’s lifeless form mere feet way, the only details he jewish speed dating in long island took note. Without a strategy, he charged towards Jeff’s menacing form kneeling speed dating long island 25 35 island dating long 25 35 speed between Denise’s spread thighs. His forward momentum was instantly halted by that same blunt object as it connected with his upper stomach. The quick exhausting of his lungs, accompanied by the pain of ribs cracking, sent bursts of light to cloud his vision. Stunned by the blow, Brian collapsed in a heap of writhing flesh as he hit the speed dating long island ground 25 35 several feet short of his intended target. “Jesus Christ!” Hansen yelled at no one in particular. “How many of these stupid sons-of-bitches are there? I’m speed dating long island 25 35 getting ing sick of all these interruptions, dammit! If there’s one more attack like that before I the ass off this little tightie, someone’s gonna lose their cock and balls!

” With that said, Jeff began to stroke his now semi-hard prick in an effort to return it to its previous state of erection. All the excitement had drained the blood from his engorged cock, leaving him sufficiently soft to prevent penetration of the young pussy that he so desired. Returning to the assault, Jeff began to

speed dating long island 25 35
rub the tip of his cock up and down Denise’s slit, trying vainly to lubricate himself for his attack on her cunt. Just as he attained sufficient hardness to speed dating long island push 25 35 himself inside her, there was a loud thwack, and the light that had illuminated the scene shone straight up into the sky, instead of on the site of his speed dating lustful long island 25 35 speed dating in grand island ne attack. Jeff’s aim for Denise’s entrance was off by an inch, but it was enough to deflect his cock away from her opening, and into the juncture between her vulva and her thigh. She felt the stabbing pain as Jeff’s cock drove into her leg joint, then felt his crushing weight on her as he collapsed speed dating long island 25 35 on top of her, the pain in his groin advertised by the screams in her ear. Jeff had thrust himself towards her with all his strength, and had missed. The speed dating long island 25 35 resulting contact with the dry skin of her leg had driven his erect phallus back into his groin, resulting in excruciating pain, and an immediate loss of his erection. In the ensuing confusion, she managed to extricate one arm, and immediately used it to pound her attacker’s head mercilessly. As she flailed in panic, she was dimly aware of another thwack from the edge of the circle. Whoever had struck the lamp holder had claimed another victim. Barely understanding that she was on the verge of rescue, Denise speed dating long island 25 35 continued to squirm and struggle towards freedom, and escape. His first realizations were of the sounds of someone being struck resoundingly, and a body landing right beside him. The smell speed dating of long island 25 35 body odour indicated that it wasn’t anyone he knew. Shaking his head to clear his vision, he became quickly aware that Denise was still struggling to extricate herself speed dating long island 25 from 35 Jeff’s hulking weight. Leaping to his feet in an attempt to save her, the dizziness almost pushed him back into that black pit of unconsciousness.

If it hadn’t been for his determination to find Denise, that unconsciousness would probably have won the battle. Diving for where he thought Jeff’s body should be, he flew through speed dating long island 25 35 the air, missing his intended target completely. Jeff was still sprawled horizontally on top of Denise. The realization that he’d executed another failed attack swept through Ted’s mind, speed dating long island 25 35 micro-seconds before he felt his shoulder slam into something warm and stubble-covered. The mass moved under his weight and momentum, rendering that unmistakable sound of breaking bone. Ted had no speed dating long idea island 25 35 of who he’d hit, but the prickling sensations on his shoulder told him it definitely wasn’t Denise; not unless she had started shaving recently. Denise struggled to get free from the hulking weight perched atop her. Finding curly hair close at hand, she clutched for a handful of the unruly locks and heaved for all she was speed dating long island 25 35 worth. Her efforts were rewarded by the sounds of Jeff screaming in pain as hanks of hair came loose in Denise’s grasp. The diversion was enough to convince Jeff to roll away from the source of his attack. Unfortunately for him, the space he rolled into was already occupied by Ted, who quickly became aware of who it was that had tried to invade his piece of the cosmos. With all the strength he could muster, Ted delivered a clench-fisted blow, connecting with Jeff’s nose, resulting in a great flow of blood, and a rewarding pain in Ted’s knuckles. Jeff blacked out from the pain, allowing Ted to renew his attack on any missed assailants.

Marsha could barely make out the shapes of moving bodies, let alone identify any of them. She was aware, though, of a lone figure attempting to flee, with another in hot pursuit. Simple deduction told her that the pursuer had to be either Ted or Brian, and she darted to the edge of what had now become a distinct clearing in speed dating long island 25 35 speed dating long island 25 35 an attempt to cut off the pursued’s escape. Her intentions were good, but her aim wasn’t. She did connect, but in doing so, dropped poor Ted to the speed dating long island 25 35 ground. “How about you put that thing down, before someone gets hurt?” “Sorry, Ted,” she apologized, “I was aiming for the other guy! In speed this dating long island 2speed dating long island 25 35 5 35 light, it’s hard to see who’s who, ya know!” “Yeah, I know, and I appreciate your intervention attempt, but that ing thing hurts! What the speed dating long island 25 35 hell is it, anyway?” “Umm, I think it’s a broken piece of branch. Are you okay?” Marsha asked with real concern in her voice. “Yeah,

long 25 dating speed 35 island
speed dating long island 25 I think 35 so,” Ted assured her, “but it’s Denise I’m worried about. Where’s that stupid lantern, anyway?” A fast sweep of the clearing showed speed dating long island 25 35 the lantern, almost buried under Brian’s lifeless form. “Come on, let’s get Brian and Denise out of here, before those assholes regain consciousness!” Ted strongly suggested. With speed dating long island 25 35dating 25 35 speed long island speed dating long island 25 35 speed dating long island 25 35 that, Ted managed to revive Brian, then strained to lift him up and onto his feet, while Marsha attended to Denise, who was still in the grip of fear.

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