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"I have some here if you want to use it" Jay offered as he walked over to her. She put some on her hands and then Jay angelina haven jolie dating james and james offered haven and angelina joliejames haven and angelina jolie dating dating to help her out. "Can I help you and get your back." "Yes" she replied.

Jay put some sunscreen in his hands and lowered his hands to Arielle's shoulders and begin to work in the lotion going down her back. Arielle felt his strong hands touch her back and his fingers kneed the lotion into her skin. Jay moved down slowly and went from the middle of her back to the sides. Arielle felt him get closer and closer to her bikini top and the sides of her breasts. Jay knew what he was doing as he teased closer and closer to her heaving little breasts. Jay then worked down to her lower back and closer to her james haven and bottoms angelina jolie dating. He was just an inch above her bikini bottoms and could feel the rise of her back to her y little bum. One time Jay intentionally slipped two fingers james haven a inch and angelina jolie dating deep under her bottoms as he was making circles on her back.

"Mmm" Arielle let out a little moan and Jay knew she was enjoying her personal massage. Jay boldly asked "do you want me to get the backs of your legs too?" Arielle quickly responded "please!" Jay couldn't believe the fun he was having as james haven he and angelina jolie datijames haven and angelina jolie dating ng looked down at her warm body that still had drops of pool water on it. Jay started around her knees and went down first and got her calf muscles. Arielle gladly vended her knee and lifted her legs allowing Jay to take her foot and leg into his hands. Next Jay worked up on the back of her legs Andover slowly up to her ass. Arielle felt his hands work closer to her crotch and get 6 inches away.

His hands would dip in between her legs as he rubbed her inner thighs.

Jay wasn't going to stop now as he was just inches away from her pussy that was separated from his fingers by only a thin james haven and angelina jolie dating bathing suit. He intentionally made wide circles so that he would touch her bottoms more and more.

Arielle felt his fingers brush against her pussy and imagined what it might james haven and angelina jolie dating be like for him to touch her pussy for real. Jay begin to rub right next to her pussy and he went on top of the suit with his fingers. Arielle james haven and angelina joliejames haven and angelina jolie dating dating let out another moan, but this time more loudly. Jay now had all the permission he need to have some fun. He rubbed her sides of her ass and then quickly returned to her pussy. This time he put 3 fingers directly on her bikini bottoms directly over her pussy. Arielle opened her legs wider allowing Jay to work james haven and angelina jolie dating her pussy even better. Next Arielle felt Jay's fingers slip under her bottoms and probed for her pussy hole. A tingle shot up her whole body as Jay explored james haven and angelina jolie dating her young pussy with his fingers. He wanted to see what her wet and warm pussy looked like. He grabbed the inside of it and pulled it over to the side to reveal her young tight pussy. He lips were pressed to her body from the tight swim suit. She had some curly hair coming out from her front, but james haven and angelina jolie her datjames haven and angelina jolie ing dating pussy was shaven clean. Arielle felt Jay’s fingers touch her pussy again. And probe her deeper now that the bottoms were out of the way. Jay inserted two dating james haven jolie fingers angelina and inside her pussy and he began to work her pussy faster and deeper. Wells" she announced, "don't stop!" "Call me Jay sweetheart" he told her. "Turn over and james haven and angelina jolie dating james haven and angelina jolie dating I'll pleasure you even better" Jay instructed.

Arielle flipped over and opened her legs wider for Jay. He pulled her swim suit bottoms to the side again but this time revealed more of her little bush that was just above her labia. Arielle felt Jay's finger probe between her slits and locate her clit. Jay rubbed her clit

james haven and for angelina jolie datingjames haven and angelina jolie dating h6> several minutes and took out his finger and tasted her pussy juice on his lips. "Mmm, you taste good" Jay replied and he smiled at her and licked her
james haven and angelina jolie dating
james haven and angelina jolie dating pussy juice from between his fingers. Arielle took his hand and guided his fingers into her mouth as she sucked on his fingers smiling. Arielle lifted up her legs and quickly removed her bottoms completely off her and then unhooked her top and tossed it to the side.

Jay grabbed her chest and pinched her nipples and leaned down james haven and angelina jolie dating to kiss and suck them a little Arielle had opened her legs wide and them said "now you can get a better taste" as she smiled. Jay's head turned james haven and angelina jolie down dajames haven and angelina jolie dating ting to fully enjoy the prize as he kissed down her belly and on top of her little bush. Arielle felt him run his tongue down between her bush and to her slit. His tongue probed deeper into her hole as he lapped up her wet tasty pussy. Arielle moved her hands to Jay's shorts and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. She reached in and felt his hard dick with her hand. She pulled it out and it sprang from his shorts just inches away from her mouth. Arielle began to stroke Jay's dick as she turned sideways facing his cock with her legs still spread wide.

She licked all around the tip of his Dick rebecca st james dating james haven james haven and angelina jolie dating and them placed the head into her mouth and began to suck hard on it. Jay moaned in pleasure as he felt the wet mouth of Arielle take his dick in deeper and deeper. Arielle couldn't take the intense pleasure anymore and announced "I want you inside of me." Jay took no further excuse and got up and Arielle

jolie dating james angelina haven and
laid on her back and opened her legs wide for Jay. Jay took his wet dick and rubbed it up and down on her wet pussy lips. The head of james his haven and angelina jolie dating cock would disappear inside her open wet pussy occasionally. "Don't ing tease johnny depp and angelina jolie dating me!" She demanded and Jay took the hint to push his dick inside her further. Arielle james haven and angelina jolie dating felt her pussy expand to fit his fat cock inside her. She felt a tingle move up her spine as jay went deeper. Jay felt her hymen stop his dick halfway inside her. "Just do it." She ordered him and Jay pushed forward leaning on top of her and kissing her mouth and helping to hold on her scream as james haven and angelina jolie he datijames haven and angelina jolie dating ng took her virginity away. Arielle felt the intense pain but it went away as soon as she felt the base of jays cock rub against her clit. She could not believe how much of his dick that her young pussy took in. Their chests rubbed together as Jay started to pump in and out of her stretching out her james haven and angelina jolie dating
james virgin haven and angelina jolie datinjames haven and angelina jolie dating g
hole for the first time. Jay felt his balls slap against her ass and he could feel the wetness of her pussy leaking out from their making love. Jay got faster and faster and Arielle was moaning out and holding Jay and feeling his chest as he pumped her pussy deeply. In a quick move Jay flipped over and grabbed Arielle and pulled her on top of himself. Arielle found herself straddling Jay and she sat up and started ridding him like a wild horse. Jay looked up at her and smiled as he watched her bouncing breasts bobble up and down with her motion. Jay followed her body and enjoyed watching his dick disappear in and out of dating and haven angelina jolie james james haven and angelina jolie dating her pussy. Arielle nicole co and james tan dating slammed down on his dick and pressed down hard putting pressure on her clit. She began to rock her hips back and forth grinding her clit against james haven and angelina Jay's jolie djames ating haven and angelina jolie dating body. The motion began to bring her to a climax and she became even more vocal as Jay reached up and pinched her nipples.

Jay reached around with james haven and angelina jolie dating james haven and a hand angelina jolie dating and squeezed her butt. He pulled her ass apart to allow her go a little deeper. Jay slid his fingers down her crack and felt her asshole. He began to finger it a knuckle deep and work it in a little circle. "!" She exclaimed as she felt her ass being toyed with. Jay took this cue to start going deeper and he began to finger her deeper and more quickly. It wasn't long and Arielle couldn't hold in her cum any longer. She slammed down on dating angelina james his jolie haven and cock again and pressed down so hard to ride her climax good.

Jay squeezed her ass more and in excitement for her he called out "cum for me baby, james haven and angelina cum dating jolie all over my dick." Jay felt his cock flooded with her wet sticky mess. It was all he could take and announced " I'm gonna cum too". Arielle jumped off his dick and laid right next to him leaning toward him. Jay aimed his dick at her stomach as he shot two big spurts of his cum all on her belly and even up on her tits. Jay could see some of his cum in her public hair and dripping down on her skin. He leaned over and they hugged together rubbing his cum all over their stomachs. They collapsed next to each other for a minute and Jay gently rubbed her chest and body. Jay kissed Arielle james haven and angelina jolie dating and he held her for a while and ran his finger on her lips and face. They both jumped in the pool to clean up and then Arielle put her bikini back on and went home with a smile on her face. Jay watched her walk to the fence gate and called out to her "come over and swim anytime!" angelina jolie dating james haven and haven jolie and james dating angelina james haven and angelina jolie dating Arielle turned around and said "oh I will for sure." (To be continued...) My hand was still behind her head and my other dropped from her chest to her upper james haven and angelina jolie dating thigh. My thumb softly rubbing the soft pliant flesh of her inner thigh. My juices were flowing and my clit was getting hard and knowing that she had "tingles" from my kiss fueled my passions. I grabbed a fist full of hair at the back of her head and swung my body slightly sideways so I could pull her down on the bed and lay her on her back with me slightly over her. She let out a little surprised gasp and with out a word I lowered my head to kiss her while pulling her head back slightly by her hair bringing her mouth upwards and causing her to slightly arch her back. I let my other hand rest on her breast feeling her erect nipple though her bra and shirt. She was giving as good as she was getting and her body was starting to writhe under me. I broke our mouth to mouth kiss and managed to run my hand up to the low cut edge of her sweater shirt pulling it down and exposing her breast. I glanced down to see what I was doing and was rewarded with the view of a perfectly creamy white breast with a quarter sized dark pink rock hard nipple the thickness of a no. I opened my hand and started lightly rubbing the palm of my hand over her erect nipple in a circular motion. At the same time james haven and angelina jolie dating I lowered my head again and started kissing her neck. Her eyes were mostly closed and she began moaning deep with in her throat. I raised a leg putting it between hers and resting it against her mons. I kissed and licked her neck from her jaw line to her collarbone creating little goose bumps all over her flesh. I kept moving downwards with my kissing, even adding a few nibbles here and there on her upper breast. I reached over and exposed the other breast, the one nearest me, james haven and angelina jolie dating jolie haven james and dating angelina so I could feel her hard nip on my tongue. I kissed around her entire breast leaving an ever shrinking spiral of moisture as I worked around and around to the center of the breast and my reward, a beautiful hard bud. I flicked her nipple with my tongue a bit then brushed its stiffness with my teeth. Making her james haven and angelina jolie dating jump slightly thrusting her hips upward into my leg. I sucked the bud into my mouth and used my tongue to run little circles around the tip. I released my hand from her hair and brought it down and leaned on my elbow so I could use my other hand to undo her pants. When she realized what I was doing she reached down with one hand to assist.

I brushed her hand away and deftly unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. I continued to pay attention to her breast with james haven and angelina jolie dating james haven and angelina jolie dating little nibbles, kisses and licks all over. Making little circles with my tongue on her areaola and flicking and sucking her nipple while laying my hand palm down on her lower abdomen, just below her belly button. I turned my hand so my fingers pointed downwards, I started running the tips of my fingers back and forth along her panty line and then I slowly moved my palm down. My fingers went under her panties and started to gently and ever so slowly slide down further. Her hips rising to haven angelina and james dating jolie meet my hand and her legs parting to allow me access to what I desired. I could feel the heat coming from between her legs. She was panting lightly james haven and angelina jolie dating

james and haven and angelina jolie dating
her moans had deepened. I slid my hand lower and lower till I could feel just a little bit of fur along the lower part of the mons just angelina jolie haven james dating and james haven and angelina jolie dating before I reached her wet hot slit and found her engorged clit.

I rested my hand over her steamy and pressed ever so lightly downwards putting pressure on her labia over her throbbing clitorus. The ball of my hand splitting her lips open slightly so i was touching her most precious bud. Her legs spread wider and another gasp escaped her lips. I wanted to rip off her pants right there and force her legs apart as wide as I could and wrap my lips around her steamy cunt. I james haven and angelina glanced jolie dating at the clock and realized we should have plenty of time yet. I rubbed her furry cunt a tiny bit more and then decided I needed to taste her. I james haven and angelina jolie dating pulled my hand out getting a noise of disappointment from her. But as soon as she realized I was taking her pants down she eagerly raised her hips so and haven angelina dating james jolie I could lower them. Pulling her panties down with her pants and throwing them on the floor I maneuvered till I was kneeling between her legs. I love the sensation of skin flowing smoothly beneath my touch . It turns me on to even watch my hands touching skin. Feeling the contours of the body under my hands, the texture of james haven and angelina jolie dating the skin, any tiny hairs on parts of the body. I had each hand at her waist splaying my fingers out so as I ran my hands down her sides james haven my and angelina jolie dating fingers slipped behind her and cupped her buttocks a bit . She raised her hips again allowing me to reach further behind her and give her ample buttocks a good james haven and angelina jolie dating squeeze. At the same time I bent over and lowered my head to her round belly. My strawberry blond hair spreading out on her white

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. I placed small kisses on her stomach and hips while running my hands slowly down the outside of her thighs. Then as I lowed my head to the top of her mons placing a kiss there, I brought my hands around to her inner thighs. I lifted my head slightly to watch as my hands ran softly down james haven to and angelina jolie dating her knees and then back up all the way to her labia. She a bit at my touch but spread wider to offer herself to me. I stroked her james haven and angelina jolie dating james haven and angelina jolie dating gently, breathing in her scent, feeling her soft black curls , her warmth and her wetness that had seeped out from between her lips. Her scent brought a rise in my
james haven and angelina jolie dating
desires and I needed to put my mouth on her most lovely of buds. I lowered my mouth and ran the tip of my tongue along her slit. She let james haven and angelina jolie dating out another of those involuntary gasps and I believe an involuntary shudder ran through her body as well.

My hands exploring her soft stomach, her ample hips and her luscious james haven and angelina jolie dating wide spread thighs as my mouth lingered over her hot . I brought my hands back to stroke her labia before I lapped at them with my whole tongue. Her moans coming more frequently as were her juices. Her clit was so swollen and engorged with blood that it was poking out of her outer labia and with every lap of my tongue I was stroking it. She produced a slight shudder every time my tongue made contact with her clit. I finally moved my hands to spread her lips and expose her virginal opening and the beautiful bud of her large clit. Her scent was surrounding me making my clit throb with excitement. Her inner labia, vulva and clit were james haven and angelina jolie dating james jolie angelina and dating haven the most enticing color of dark pink with all the blood rushing to her loins, all of which was surrounded by a frame of dark pubes, which someday I hoped james haven and angelina jolie dating to rid her of. I softly licked the inside of her labia trying to avoid her clit. I ran circles around her opening teasing her and lapping up as much james haven and angelina jolie dating of her lubrication as I could. I lowered my mouth to encompass the tiny star of her anus which was covered with her juices that had run down her crack .

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