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His submissive servants, Ying and Nikki, stayed by his side through all of his ordeals and he gave Nikki what she wanted most; a child. Ying wanted no and jennifer gerard anniston butler dating butler dating jennifer anniston gerard and part of child bearing, fearing her small pint-sized frame and the responsibility involved would be more than she could physically and mentally handle. She remained loyal to James, however, and jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating sought his approval and happiness in every endeavor.

His wife, the billionaire that inherited her fortune from her father, loved James probably more than even he realized. What motive would and dating anniston butler gerard jennifer she have to take the young man under her wing and mold him into the emmy rossum and gerard butler dating man she needed him to be? She too had submissive servants and James more or jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating less adopted them. This was mainly due to his involvement with their virginity, thanks to Cathleen’s insistence that he make a woman out of both. Jacqueline and Jill remained by Cathleen and James’ side, and even though it was never spoken, love binds them all. His best friend had a child with his wife’s half-sister. Mike and Lisa had their on submissive servants and like Ying and Nikki, were loyal to them. Link and Jen were somewhat compatible it seemed as Jen liked to dominate the guy in butler unusual anniston and jennifer gerardjennifer anniston and gerard butler dating dating ways. If that wasn’t the most interesting relationship one could find their selves in, Lisa teamed up with Jen to add her inventive mind to the domination of Link and Mike. It was all just a little crazy for James, overwhelmed by the events that took place in just one week of his life, one year ago. Now, his life consisted of catering to the elite as they sought refuge in the mansion on vacations and visits.

Of course, that meant changes in kitchen and maintenance, having people on duty 24/7. Jay, Cathleen’s assistant, even had to have her own assistant, trying to maintain scheduling and logistics. There wasn’t much left of the golf course cory and lea admit to dating as much of it was made into a garden. A jennifer aniston and gerard butler dating good portion was made into a training area for the security team. It had bunkers and makeshift houses to practice in. The local and state police used it often in exchange for their protection around the ever-increasing size of the property. Cathleen had purchased jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating the land behind the mansion all the way to the ocean and had plans in the works for most of it. A landing pad on the roof of the mansion jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating helped transport many jennifer aniston is dating gerard butler of Washington and New York passengers to and from the mansion but the municipal airport was a frequent destination for James, picking up those that flew in jennifer anniston and by gerard butler datijennifer anniston and gerard butler dating ng jet.

James coined the name Cat Cave as it ended in a natural cave with a pool of spring water in the center. Stalactites hung from the ceiling and rose from the ground in various spots. You could walk right out of the cave and be on the beach overlooking the ocean. Parties were held on Saturdays, usually a jennifer themed anniston and gerard butler dating one, for the guests. Most of the submissive servants were there as eye candy dressed in whatever the theme called for but there were other places guests could go for more intimate and romantic encounters. Of course, there were rules to abide by; no touching without permission, clothes required outside the mansion grounds, no soliciting the help, etc. Spenco had many companies that advertised various goods and services and those relevant to the advertisers visited often, taking advantage of the scenery for photo shoots and brand marketing. Cathleen hobnobbed with the elite and had a knack for influencing her visitors. James had been called many times to meet and greet guests asking to see him. He stayed away if he could help it but sometimes they wanted him to be their escort for the evening, a fancy term used to say he screwed them. Guests staying over on that day were advised that they were there as a common person regardless of their status in society and not to expect preferential treatment. It worked out well as they were gerard anniston dating butler jennifer and recuperating from the party the night before anyway. The senator from Texas wandered down to the level one area while everyone was enjoying their day off one Sunday. Needless to jennifer and anniston gerard butler dating jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating

jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating
say, he’d gotten an eyeful which prompted the installation of a passcode needed to get the elevator to the lower floors. A conservative politically, he displayed his liberal side jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating on the rec room couch, thanks to Ying. His question before he left, where can I get a girl like that, was left unanswered by James. He threatened to “Tell the world” until James marched him in to the security room and played the tape back. Needless to say, the senator speaks highly of the Spencer estate and even mentioned it a few times in his interviews. A typical day for James would appear frantic and stressful to most. Money brings responsibilities and responsibilities changes point of views. James dating jennifer anniston butler gerard and was becoming an aristocrat of sorts with his ever-increasing wealth and knowledge. He worked hard to maintain his health and keep both feet on the ground. He didn’t jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating
jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating
want to be the snobby rich guy many men of wealth seemed to be.   Chapter 1 Crime and Punishment “Ying!” James yelled, looking at the condition a recruit was left in.

She had the poor boy tied to the chair with his dick tied to a pair of shoes dangling between his legs. “Yes master?” she answered, skipping into the room. Wearing her favorite apparel, a gift from God himself, absolutely nothing, her chains rattled between her perky breasts. She first started off with one chain linking her pierced nipples but added two more to it. The first chain was her commitment to James, the second to Nikki, and the third to herself. “Why

butler dating gerard jennifer anniston and
do you still have Jeff strapped to this chair?” he asked, “I thought you were going to show him some film clips.” and shook his head.

She jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating and jennifer had butler gerard dating anniston actually tied his shoe strings to his dick. If you could get over that fact, you would appreciate the interlacing she had around him. Just like the crossing on and gerard butler jennifer anniston dating jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating the sneakers, the strings were woven in x-shaped fashion around the boy’s shaft. “He stretching his dick master.” Ying explained, looking at her handiwork. Master seemed to jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating question her training methods all the time. This caused her to refrain from the more intense methods she would prefer, balancing the line between her master’s approval and her jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating

and anniston dating jennifer own gerard butleranniston gerard jennifer dating and butler h6> internal kinks. “Um, how long has he been there now?” James asked, looking at the swinging dick in front of him. He’d seen plenty of swinging dicks in the year he’d been there and had grown accustomed to them. But every now and then, something uniquely different happens, bringing him back to the memory of where he started; a life with no other dick but his. “Since after breakfast.” she said, climbing into the chair with him. The girl was just odd anniston and gerard dating butler jennifer jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating sometimes and James watched as she placed a foot on the back of the chair with her other foot beside him. “I fix him now so he can get up.” she said, placing her on his face.

“Sucky mister!” she ordered, gyrating on him. James was always clueless on her training methods and this was no different.

He tried to understand the reasoning but usually wounded up just where he was at that moment, clueless. “How does that fix him?” he asked, unable to jennifer anniston and gerard resist butler jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating dating the urge to know. “You know, he suck pussy, he get hard.” she said, holding his hair in her hands. She humped into him a few times, “He get hard, he get fixed.” and then slapped the boy on his head, “I say sucky, not licky.” shaking her head, “Why you so jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating stupid?” and focused his attention back on her. “He sucky pussy, he gets hard fast.” she explained. James shook his head at that, “Won’t that jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating

jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating
jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating like, hurt if he gets hard? You got that string around him.” and struggled with his own thoughts about a bound dick getting hard in the first place. “It no hurt so it ok.” she said, getting in to the servicing she was receiving. “How does that not hurt?” he asked, knowing full well it would hurt him if he were in Jeff’s shoes, or whatever. “He has numb dick, he won’t feel It.” she explained. Her ass jiggled while she humped the boy and her master always found that exciting. She was well aware of the view she was giving him and over-dramatized it a bit. “Says you, but you don’t have one.” he replied, letting her ass hypnotize him a little, “You ok in there Jeff?” unable to see his face, all he
jennifer and anniston butler gerard dating
could see was the jiggling ass Ying sported.

A muffled, “Yeah” was all he got back in reply. At least he wasn’t kicking up a fight like the last one she smothered. Even though the girl was ok, it scared him a little. He could just picture the coroner’s report on that one. ‘Girl drowned from

jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating
jennifer anniston butler dating gerard and orgasmic tidal wave.’ It took a few days for Ying to get over it. He had to grab the girl by her ankles and yank her out from under jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating Ying, leaving the little China doll humping air.

“Listen, I’m heading out to the shooting range if you need me. Try not to drown Jeff while I’m jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating gone, ok?” he said, grabbing his phone and 9mm weapon. He had more, since he could afford them, and those were kept in the security room. Looking one more time at the ass jiggling in front of him, he was glad to have a chair made for the outdoors there, knowing the fluid that was surely going to soak it.

A glance at Jeff gave him the sight of his cock tightening in its bonds, leaving stripes indented around it. Ying definitely knew what she was doing as the jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating indentations took shape. He slapped her on the ass, which caused her to buck up on the boy and scream “Master!” in one long breath, and released her juices on him. He didn’t have to worry about Jeff getting killed by pussy. He stayed long enough to ensure his safety, watching the flow travel down and soak jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating

jennifer anniston his and gerard butler dating
shoe strings. Just to intensify her orgasm, he spanked her bottom while gripping a pierced nipple. That was a bit of a mistake, having to pull her back from jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating jennifer anniston Jeff and gerard butler dating after she released another flood. But both were safe from harm with him focusing on their safety. As always, he was impressed with the amount that comes out of Ying. She kept bottles of water in the mini fridge they had in the room because her orgasm output dehydrated her. After her gift that keeps on giving, she hopped down to go get a bottle. James was left holding the bag, untying the Jeff-in-training. He opened the door to leave and noticed Jeff in the submissive stance, shoes jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating dangling between his legs. The rule was, if a master put it on you, a master takes it off. Jeff was well on his way for graduation and would be ready for his mistress soon. Ingrid’s mother should be well pleased, he thought. Jeff was a young man full of cum and she was a mature woman with a
jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating
ual awakening brought on by James himself. Jeff had a fetish for older women so the match was made. Yes, Shelia would certainly appreciate Ingrid’s gift. He had refined his task of supplying VIP clients with compatible servants over the past year. The reassessment of his methods was brought on by an unhappy girl in a vindictive relationship with a duke. James learned to vet master and slave from then on, making better decisions in his and their choices.

Tracy Gleason helped the servants with their citizenship and James jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating helped fit them into a loving home. Over the past year, his efforts have made servants a must have to the elite.

The challenges of finding servants for the right people were the reason he was headed to the gun range. It helped him clear his mind from the tasks and tedious details involved in his work. It isn’t jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating like you could find a super model and pin a dick on them. Cathleen suggested gay bars and clubs but he hadn’t had any success there. It was awkward for him, having to beat the gay men off of him a few times. Gays really don’t believe no means no, it seems, and James was a fine male specimen. Advertising was out of the question, although he did mention it in a few online blogs that catered to such things.

But even if there was one out there, they would have to trust an explicit website to answer his call. He headed for the security room to grab his new toy, the XM8 Light Assault Rifle. That baby could crank out 750 rounds a minute which was totally absurd.

The clips held 30 or 100 rounds in a drum and the caliber was 5.56x45 mm. Designed for NATO, it was a futuristic looking weapon that enemies ran in fear of. Yes, if you felt like wasting $300.00 in fifteen seconds, the XM8 similar to websites jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating

jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating
dating for eharmony could certainly do that for you. He entered his security code into the keypad for the new security room. It was so much better, not having to go to the first floor where it used to be. Opening the door, he found Trent monitoring the screens. “Hey James, what’s up?” he asked, turning around jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating in his computer chair. “Shooting range, I’m anxious to play with that XM8 I bought.” James replied, eyeing the monitors behind Trent. One had the nursery on it and gerard butler and jennifer aniston dating his son was the first in line. James Isaac Farlow II, named after him, was agreed to by Cathleen, since the man that practically raised her was also butler gerard dating anniston and jennifer jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating named Isaac. Next was Nikki’s baby girl; Gwyn Farlow, baring his last name since he was the father of the child. Cathleen Farlow, honoring her mother’s mistress with the name. Several others in the room completed the line of baby cribs. Gretel was feeding one of the staff member’s babies at the nurse’s station they built anniston and butler gerard dating jennifer into the room. “Jim and Hansel already left about ten minutes ago.” Trent informed him, and James could see them entering the range on another the monitor. His jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating eyes were drawn to yet another monitor, displaying the pool area. Jack, Cathleen’s servant, was diligently using a strap-on, holding the girl by her long hair like a pony, over a lawn chair. Nikki, his second servant, was on the receiving end of Jack’s affections. Jill was being serviced by Nikki, her head buried between her legs. His wife, Cathleen, was sitting in a chair beside them and masturbating.

He hoped she didn’t wear herself out as his erection was now growing from the sight. “Um, jennifer anniston and yeah gerard butler dating, no matter how much I see of the action that goes on around here, it always seems to affect me every time.” he replied, still focused on jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating the screen. Watch it eight hours a day for a week and tell me how you feel.” Trent chuckled, turning back to see what James was focused on. Looking jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating at Nikki taking that nine inch dildo, he said, “She seems to like that thing a lot.” James knew her kink and said, “She likes being dominated by a woman. The dildo seems to be the method of dominance she prefers. Some people are just born submissive; she was born submissive and, with women, it’s just another fetish of hers.” “Yep, that’s a good way to describe her.” Trent admitted, watching Nikki lap at Jill’s . James unlocked the gun cabinet and dating anniston and jennifer butler gerard pulled out his rifle. Locking it back, he sat it on the table so he could get the ammo. “How long do we have on the range?” he jennifer anniston and gerard butler asked dating, sitting the heavy container on the table. “Two hours, then the state troopers will want to use it.” Trent replied. That would be partly his fault for jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating having a better training facility than the police. But it was a give and take situation; they used the range so they permitted him to zone it. The neighbors, what jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating

jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating
few there were, were bought out. Nobody other than those in Spenco’s employ were anywhere around. Even his mom and dad made out from it, living in the mansion next door. After giving his parents their own servants, they became too free for him and he couldn’t bear to see his mother’s bare breasts one more time jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating in the rec room. It was rather awkward the first time, making him cringe and lust at the same time. He was glad Hansel was between her legs at the
jennifer anniston and time gerard butler dating<jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating jennifer anniston and gerard butler dating /h6> or he would be looking at the hole he came out of. Making his way behind the garage, he hopped into one of the ten golf carts and made his way to the range. A load of fun for all that dared race against Cathleen, who seemed to take her opponents out by running them off of the course.

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