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I wanted this future to come true with all my heart, and I would do anything to make it so. I had a new motivation to make sure my time red deer 39 male dating scorpio as governess would be spent well. I would work tirelessly to ensure my new family would survive and thrive in my new kingdom. Over the next three days, Tom and his team red deer 39 male dating scorpio

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red deer 39 male dating scorpio red deer 39 male dating scorpio red deer 39 male dating scorpio of trolls constructed the towers that Certiok had designed. There were twelve of them, all equal in architecture and height, with varying differences in décor. Each of them were ten stories high, with a thirty-foot conical spire at their peak.

Tom persuaded me to commission silver-flaked statues to adorn their spires, and I found an artisan who was willing to do it cheaply. Ten of the statues were of naked she-orcs, each in a different warrior-pose, each with one of The Ten’s tribe symbols carved where their heart would be. The Ardeni immigrant’s tower red deer 39 male had dating scorpiodeer dating male em> red scorpio 39 two figures, one orc and one goblin, standing stoically together, and the Protaki, Terdini and Maple tribe tower had a statue of Sherok atop it, per Certiok’s request. I wasn’t exactly pleased that I’d be reminded of the woman I killed every time I walked down the street, but it was a small irritation in the grand scheme of things. The twelve towers lined the single, wide road that had been constructed, leaving room on either side for expansion when needed. The nymphs required all the arable land they could have red deer 39 male dating scorpio deer male dating 39 red scorpio until more of the surrounding forest had been cut down (which Arbor was not in favor of. “Why don’t you just build taller towers?” was her reply). The exodus red deer 39 male dating scorpio red of deer 39 male dating scorpio The Ten had reached The Pines on the second day, and Arbor determined that they’d brought enough supplies to last them the winter, much to my relief. On the third day, Donok and his team of trolls had finished the aqueduct system from the falls to the city. It split at the creek and ran behind both rows of towers, three stories up, before draining into massive reservoirs dug into the fields. The nymphs used the water from the ducts for irrigation, and their crops already stood high. Arbor moved from plant to plant, whispering to the roots and compelling the stalks to grow.

The fields were flush with green by the end of the third day, and I allowed myself to relax for a red deer 39 male dating scorpio moment. Tomorrow, the tribespeople of The Ten would arrive to a city that had been constructed in days.

The house the hybrids and I had built for ourselves was a two-story log cabin that sat on a hill overlooking the city. It had a large porch with a bench long enough for all of us, and we all sat and looked in pride at red deer 39 male dating scorpio red deer 39 male dating scorpio the city we’d built. “It’s kind of funny looking, actually,” Soraya said, “it’s just twelve massive towers, a castle, a road, and then nothing else but red deer 39 male dating scorpio fields.” “We built the downtown area,” Alexa said, “and the rest of the city will stretch outward from it over the years.” “It’s still bare-bones,

red deer 39 male dating scorpio
” I said, “there’s no rooms yet in any of the towers; their just floors with windows, stairs, and nothing else.” “It’ll work,” Furia said, “red deer 39 male dating scorpio
red deer 39 male dating I think scorpio
The Ten will like it.” “We all know they’re going to bitch about which tribes gets to live in the towers closest to the castle,” red deer 39 male dating scorpio
deer male dating scorpio 39 red
Faltia said, “they’re a petty bunch.” “How many people have you recruited for your police force?” I asked Faltia. “Twenty-three,” Faltia said, “though I’ve barely trained any of them.

I’ve been so busy.” “We’ll need to recruit equal numbers from each tribe of The Ten,” I said, “otherwise, they’red deer 39 male dating scorpio ll view it as favoritism. We cannot give off the perception that one tribe is gaining more influence than any of the others.” “Half of these tribes were warring with 39 deer scorpio male red dating red deer 39 male dating scorpio the other half before the queen came in and united them,” Eva said, “you’ll need to find a way to keep them from killing each other.” “I red deer 39 male dating scorpio know exactly what I’m going to do.” I smiled. “We’ll keep them busy constructing a massive arena on the other side of the creek,” I said, “and then we’ll have a tournament of The Ten. It will allow them to release their competitive hatred for each other in a peaceful way, and keep them distracted until we red deer 39 male dating scorpio find them jobs.” “Sports leads to gambling, and gambling leads to violence,” Brianna frowned, “I’m not sure it’s a great idea.” “Violence is red deer going 39 male dating scorpio to happen no matter what we do,” I said, “we need to make sure it’s criminal violence, and not tribal violence.” “Criminal violence?” Faltia said, “There are no laws yet.” “Which is what tomorrow’s meeting with the representatives of The Ten will be about,” I said, “we’ll need to lay

red deer 39 male dating down scorpio
some laws, and we’ll need you and your police force to enforce them.” “The fun part’s over, I guess,” Soraya sighed, “we’ve built the red deer 39 male dating scorpio
red deer 39 male dating scorpio
city, now we have to live in it.” Chapter Three: The Matriarchs and The Queen The tribes came the next morning. The townspeople stood on either sides of the street and welcomed them warmly, as I had told them to do. Each tribe was guided to their tower until the street was empty of the tens of thousands. It newly single leo male dating tips went over pretty well, actually, with no immediate violence or outbursts. It probably helped that The Ten had just been trekking hundreds of miles in three days, and were no doubt exhausted from the journey. I invited representatives of each tribe to meet me in the castle to start hashing out laws and regulations. The representatives turned out to be the wives of the chieftains, the matriarchs of each tribe. I waited until they were all seated, and then began the meeting. “Greetings to the tribes of The Tundra,” I said, “I’m acting governess Adriana red deer 39 male dating scorpio Flourterias-” “We know who you are!” one of the women yelled, “And just so you know, Brock’s been ing your little piece every day, you ranger bitch!” “And you are…?” I asked the she-orc, not rising to her bait. I had to push Furia back to keep her from charging the woman. “Belokia Kraklari," she said red deer 39 male dating scorpio arrogantly, "wife of Gorlok Kraklari, chieftain of the Kraklari Tribe, and I do not recognize your authority!” “Belokia,” I smiled, “Queen Yavara Alkandi has appointed me acting governess red deer 39 male dating scorpio male red 39 deer scorpio dating
red deer 39 male dating scorpio
of Alkandra.

If you refuse to recognize my authority, that means you are refusing to recognize the queen’s authority, and you will be executed as a traitor.” “You ing-” “Furthermore,” I said, “since you are matriarch of the Kraklari clan, and a representative of your people, I will be forced to assume that your sentiments are your people’s sentiments, and they will be evicted and banished from Alkandra. Winter will be upon us soon, and I will let your people die in the cold, and then execute Gorlok when he comes back.” Belokia jumped from her chair and bull-rushed the table. I waited until she was a few feet away, and then cartwheeled over the top, sending my foot red deer 39 male dating scorpio

red deer 39 male dating scorpio
crashing down on her head. Her face met the floor with a sickening crack, and her body flopped in an unconscious stupor. “Ok,” I said, gesturing for my hybrid comrades red deer 39 male dating scorpio to put down their weapons, “we got that out of our system. Who else here needs to release some energy?” None of the others stood. “Good,” I said, sitting back in my chair, “Certiok, could you please help Mrs. Thank you.” Certiok gave me an admiring smile and dragged the unconscious she-orc back to her seat. I scorpio male deer dating 39 red cleared my throat and pushed my hair back behind my ear. “Alright,” I said, “before we begin, let’s get one thing straight: I am in charge here. My words are Queen Alkandi’s words, my actions are her actions and my justice is her justice. Any harm done to me, or my hybrid comrades, is harm done to the queen, red deer 39 male dating scorpio red deer 39 male dating scorpio and will be punished as such. You don’t have to like me, but you better ing obey me. Is that clear?” “Yes, Governess.” The matriarchs said. “Good,red &rdquo deer information on dating the scorpio male 39 male dating scorpio; I smiled, “as I was saying, welcome to Alkandra.

This meeting has been convened to hash out laws and regulations that we can all

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live by. We’ll start with the basics: no murder, no raping, no stealing. Murder will be punished with execution, rape will be punished with whipping and banishment, and theft will be punished based off the severity of the crime. You, at the end, what’s your name and tribe?” “Yeritokia of the Dartiki clan.” The young she-orc dating sites with im for mutes said. Dartiki?” “No other tribespeople may enter my building,” she said, “it is the Dartiki tower, and will not be sullied with feet of red deer 39 lesser male dating scorpio tribes.” All the other women predictably yelled their insults, and then agreed with her. None of them wanted any other tribespeople in their towers.

“We’re one city united 39 deer dating red male scorpio under one queen,” I said, “not twelve cities divided by different towers. This law will not pass; any citizen is allowed to come and go as they please in other towers, provided they respect the people that reside there.

These buildings are not your embassies, they are public housing. When the war is over and we expand our infrastructure, you will be red deer 39 male dating scorpio dating scorpio male and scorpio female allowed to build your own residences, and have your own rules. You, what is your name and tribe?” “Kalimarok of the Silktari clan,” the old she-orc said, “and

red deer 39 male dating scorpio
red deer I want 39 male dating sred deer 39 male dating scorpio corpio to pass a law against inter-clan marriages!

None of these lesser clans will taint the blood of our people!” All the other women yelled insults at one another, and red deer 39 male dating scorpio then unanimously concurred. “Also,” I sighed, “not going to happen. I don’t want to keep reiterating this point, but, you are all equal citizens of Alkandra now.

You red deer 39 male dating scorpio can still be tribe leaders and matriarchs, but in the eyes of the law, a stable boy has the same rights as a chieftain, and any two citizens of age can red deer 39 male dating scorpio marry.” “Then these laws are bullshit!” Kalimarok yelled. “When you joined Queen Alkandi’s army,” I said angrily, “and shared in the glory of her empire, you agreed to follow her laws and rule. You can hate the laws, you can think they’re bullshit, but you will follow them. Next representative, please state your name and clan.” One by one, I shot down the tribal whims of the matriarchs.

Slowly but surely, they stopped arguing with each other, and started arguing with me.

The meeting lasted for hours, red deer 39 male dating scorpio but we finally hashed out a few laws and regulations everyone hated equally. All the matriarchs agreed that my idea to construct an arena was a good one. I’d leave the red deer 39 male dating scorpio trolls out of construction so that the tribespeople had something to do for a few days. We’d chop down some of the surrounding forest so that we could expand our red deer 39 male dating cropland scorpio and allow the citizenry to build their own residences. All buildings would have to be approved by me first. Each tribe would volunteer twenty-five officers for the police force, and each tribe would have two-hundred workers in the silver mines. Taxes would be levied after employment reached a certain level. Drugs could be sold, prostitution was fine, and fights in the arena would be a legal way to settle differences without getting the police involved.

Despite their dislike for me, no other matriarch challenged my authority, and when I finally banged the gavel, they left red deer 39 male dating scorpio in a much better mood than when they arrived. I dismissed my hybrid friends, and told them to mingle amongst the new tribespeople to garner goodwill and familiarity. “That was tactfully

red deer 39 male dating scorpio
done,” Arbor’s mystical voice said from the back of the hall, “very impressive, Governess.” “Thank you, Arbor.” I said as I sat back in my chair, completely exhausted. “Kicking that Kraklari bitch in the face was a smart move,” Certiok smiled, “they respected you after that.” “If all it took was kicking red people deer 39 male dating scorpio in the face to gain respect,” I smiled, “I’d would have been king of The Highlands, and not temporary governess of Alkandra.” “You’re right,” red deer 39 male dating scorpio Certiok said, “the games in the arena will secure your power.” “I’m not trying to secure anything,” I said, “I’m trying to maintain order until the queen finally comes back.” “Do you not want to remain governess after the queen as arrived?” Arbor asked. “It’s a temporary position.” I replied. “red deer 39 After male dating scorpideer dating male scorpio 39 red o all you’ve done here,” Certiok said, “it’ll be a permanent position. Queen Alkandi needs people like you to manage her empire. You have my vote.” “red deer 39 male dating scorpio I didn’t know this was a democracy,” I laughed, “and I don’t want to be governess forever.” “It sounds cliché,” Arbor said with a rare red deer 39 male dating scorpio smile, “but those that seek power are often the least qualified to have it, and those that don’t, are often the most.” “We’re putting this thing to bed, now,” I said firmly, “after the queen returns, I’ll retire to spend time with my new family. I’ve made enough sacrifices for two nations.” “You’re not done sacrificing,” Arbor said as she stood up, “not yet, I fear.” Two days later, in the morning, Zander’s blue eagle projection landed on my window with a note in its talons. Dear Governess Adriana Flourterias I’m sorry that I haven’t corresponded with you over the past few days, the war has escalated, and I’red deer 39 male dating scorpio ve been busy. I’m pleased to tell you that we achieved a great victory in The Tundra, and have been pushing the Highland invaders back to their own border. I suspect red deer 39 male dating scorpio we’ll reach a state of military stasis for a while, and I will take the opportunity to visit Alkandra today. It is my hope that you have managed the city to red deer 39 male dating scorpio red deer scorpio dating 39 male expectations, and that I will not be disappointed. Queen Yavara Alkandi “Furia,” I whispered to the naked hermaphrodite lying beside me in the bed, “wake up.” “Whaaaaaat?” Furia groaned. “The queen’s coming today,” I said, “and we have to look busy.” “Aaaaw,” she mumbled, “tell her to come tomorrow, red deer 39 male dating scorpio I barely got any sleep last night.” “Whose fault was that?” I grinned. “Maybe,” I smiled as I kissed her neck, savoring the smell of her in red deer 39 male dating scorpio the morning, “but you could’ve just said no.” “Mmmmm,” Furia rolled over until she was facing me, “you’re a hard woman to refuse, and all the others peer-pressured me.” “Come on,” I said with a slap on her ass, “let’s get washed up and presentable. We both have cum in our hair, and that’s no way to address the queen.” “Somehow,” Furia groaned, “I don’t think she’ll mind.” “Get you lazy ass out of bed, red deer 39 male dating scorpio Furia.” I giggled. “Make me.” Furia smiled back as she perked her ass up. “Goddamn it woman,” I smirked as I spread her cheeks and lowered my mouth, “you always have to have it your way.” “You know you love it.” The street lined with the tens of thousands as we awaited the arrival of the queen. The arena was almost done after two days of construction, and so far, I only had to jail one citizen for drunkenly shitting on a boulevard bench. Things were looking pretty good, but our future was far from secure. Arbor, Certiok, Dronok, Smigli, Tom and the hybrids stood with me at the steps of Castle Alkandra. Soon, we saw the outline red deer 39 male dating scorpio male 39 scorpio red deer dating red of deer 39 male dating scorpio what could be a bird against the sun. It flew without flapping, and we all soon realized who it was. Yavara shot from the sky and flew through the buildings, waving
red deer 39 male down dating scorpio
at her cheering citizens before she descended to the steps in front of us.

She hailed her people, gave them a little speech about victory and then turned to me. “red deer 39 male dating scorpio Governess,” she smiled gleefully, “I’m impressed; astounded, actually. I don’t even recognize the place.” “My queen,” I nodded curtly, “this is Dronok, our hydro-engineer, deer this dating male scorpio red 39 is Smigli Figiti, our master of coin, and this is Tom, our construction foreman.” “Dronok, Mr.

Figiti, Tom,” Yavara smiled to each of my employees, “excellent work.” The hybrids took their turns bowing their heads and greeting Yavara. She smiled and kissed them on the cheek, and then greeted Certiok and Arbor with warm embraces. When the pleasantries were finished, I beckoned Yavara to come inside to discuss the state of her city. “The matriarchs of The Ten are insisting on maintaining the autonomy of their clans,” 39 dating deer scorpio male red red deer 39 male dating scorpio red deer 39 male dating scorpio I explained as we walked through the great hall, “they’re treating the public housing as their own towers, and openly discuss moving back to The Tundra when the war is over.” “The divisions between them will take a long time to fade,” Yavara sighed, “it took a miracle to get them to stop killing each other; it will red deer 39 male dating scorpio red deer 39 male dating scorpio take generations for them to stop hating each other. I don’t know how I’ll fix it.” “We’re going to host a series of games starting tomorrow,” I said, “inter-tribal competitions to keep them occupied until employment increases, which is the greatest pressing issue now. The Ardeni citizens are craftsmen, builders and skilled laborers, the tribespeople are not.

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