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“I know you’re way too smart to make that kind of mistake.” Zoe snuggled close to his side. “Plus, you’re good enough to not let it happen.” ____________________________________________________________ The next week was mostly being spent sequestered in the library studying for final exams. He was helping her decode algebraic expressions while she helped her keep my boss is dating is worker comprehend literature written by authors long dead. “Zoe,” Erik called to her after class one day. We need a break.” “What did you have in mind?” Zoe my boss is dating is asked workermy boss is dating is worker , grabbing her backpack from her locker.

“Let’s go for a relaxing walk,” he suggested. “Just out in the woods away from it all.” “And my boss is dating is worker my boss is dating is worker no talking about classes, studying, or finals?” Zoe replied. “Sounds fantastic!” The two departed out the back of the school, past the track, and down the path used my boss is dating is worker by the cross-country team during track meets. They walked slowly, hand-in-hand, occasionally chatting about unimportant things, but mostly just taking in the quiet of the forest. Despite being December, the weather here my boss is dating is worker in the south is still mild and pleasant. “This way,” Erik said at one point, leading Zoe off the path through a thick area of brush. After pushing through

my boss is dating is worker
my boss is dating a few is worker leafless bushes, they emerged into a clearing – a wide path cut through the woods for power lines. “Wow…” Zoe sighed as Erik took a blanket out my boss is dating is worker my boss is dating is worker of his backpack and spread it out. The two lay next to each other, looking up at the leafless trees against company policy dating co worker standing tall and straight around them like toothpicks. From their angle, the my boss is dating is worker power lines were nowhere to be seen and only the majestic views of nature filled their views.

“This is lovely,” Zoe said, turning towards Erik. “I bet this my boss is dating is worker whole field fills up with wildflowers in the spring.” “But you would still be the loveliest thing here,” Erik said sweetly. The two pushed their bodies together as their my boss is dating is worker tongues danced. Minutes passed as the two shared their closeness, cuddled together in coziness. Erik broke the kiss and reached behind him for his backpack. “I’m got something for you,” he said, pulling a small, wrapped present out and handing it to Zoe. “Ooh… what is it?” she said, prying the corners of the paper apart. As the paper fell away, Zoe’s mouth formed a surprised ‘o’ shape as she realized she was holding a box of condoms. “You’re really special to me,” Erik my boss is dating is worker my boss is dating is worker explained, “and I don’t want what happened to your sister…” He trailed off as he realized Zoe was giggling softly – not the reaction he was expecting. He was hoping for happy acceptance; he was prepared for outrage or objection. Worried he asked, “What’s so funny?” “Sorry,” Zoe said trying to stifle her giggles, my boss is dating is worker but that just caused her to boil over into outright laughter. “It’s just… Well…” she tried to say between laughs. Still laughing, she turned over and rummaged through her boss backpack worker my is dating is. “See…” she said, holding a slightly crumbled wrapped gift with Erik’s name on it. Erik tore off the paper and found himself looking at a sheet that looked like a series of ruptured bubble-wrap. “It’s a pack of birth control pills,” Zoe said, her giggles getting under control. “But it’s empty,” Erik replied, although should companies allow co worker dating even as he said this, he realized what it meant. “Because I’ve been using them,” Zoe said. “I’ve been so nervous and stressed about how my boss is dating is worker to give it to you and how you’d react. Now you’ve lifted that burden.” “So that means I don’t need the condoms after all?” Erik my boss is dating is worker asked as Zoe shook her head in agreement. “Do you have any idea how long it took me to work up the courage to buy them in the drug store? To find a time when nobody was watching and wondering what the clerk would think when I checked out?” This sent Zoe into another fit of laughter. “Well, you should my boss have is dating is worker asked earlier then!” “Well, I’m asking now,” Erik said. Here?” Zoe said, looking around the quiet forest. “Won’t we get cold?” Even my boss is dating is worker though winters are mild in the south, the weather was a little brisk. “Plus, I’ve got another blanket in the backpack that we can cuddle under.” “So you my boss is dating is worker were planning on this working!” Zoe said with feigned outrage.

“That calls for some punishment!” she declared lunging towards him, her fingers furiously tickling his belly. Erik tried to squirm away while his hands found sensitive spots under her armpits.

The two rolled around on the blanket, trying to twist away from the tickling while finding new spots to attack. A moment later, Erik wrapped his hands around her pulling her down on top of him and planted a kiss on her lips. The giggling was replaced with heavy breathing as the two exchanged a passionate kiss. His hands ran up and down her back while he felt her breasts push into his chest. “You’d better get that blanket out now,” she told him. Erik reached over his head, feeling around for the backpack. With his hands over his head, Zoe started working on the buttons of his shirt, pulling them my boss is open dating is womy boss is dating is worker rker and running her hands over his chest. Erik’s hands found the blanket and furled it out, tossing it loosely over them. He grabbed the hem of Zoe’s shirt dating is worker my boss is and lifted it over her head in a single motion.

As Zoe pulled her head and arms out of the tangled shirt, Erik briefly saw her bra-clad chest before she grabbed boss dating is is worker my my dating is the worker is boss edge of the blanket and pulled it tightly around the pair. Even after all this time, Zoe was still reluctant to let him see her body. As she leaned down for my boss is dating is worker a kiss, Erik’s hands dove under the blanket and opened the clasp on her bra. The straps became slack and he pushed the material up and over her breasts, feeling my boss is dating is worker them against his bare chest for the first time. Zoe wriggled her arms to extract the bra straps and tossed the unneeded garment aside. As Erik’s hands explored the contours my boss is of dating is worker her breasts, Zoe’s hands were busy feeling the hardness of his body. She twisted her body slightly to allow her hands to unfasten the buckle. Erik felt this and with

my boss is dating is worker
the fastener released, his hands lowered his pants over his hips and his legs helped kick them off. Zoe settled back on top of Erik, pinning his professional dating cock executive my boss is dating is worker my boss is dating is dating worker executive singles between them. He could feel the rough material of her jeans scrape over his cock, but rather than causing pain, it only heightened the passion that was rising within him. His hands cupped her butt, pushing her down onto him. He slid his hands inside her jeans, cupping her bare buttocks directly. Even through the jeans, it felt so hot, although she couldn’t work up the courage to feel it directly with her hand. Instead, she ran her hands up and down Erik’s body. When she felt his hands my dating boss is worker is reach inside her jeans, a surge of pleasure flushed through her. Being squeezed between his hands and his cock made her ready. Zoe lifted her body up slightly and unbuttoned her jeans. With my boss is dating is womy boss is rker dating is worker a wiggle of her hips and a kick of her legs, she slid the jeans off her feet. Settling herself back on Erik’s body, she could feel the hardness my boss is dating is worker of his cock directly against her belly. She wanted it more than she wanted anything before. “Be gentle.” His hands returned to her buttocks. The cool skin under his my boss is dating is worker my boss is dating is worker fingers was in stark contrast to the heat and dampness he could feel against his cock.

His hands guided her body to slide her pussy over his cock, gently spreading her legs my apart boss is dating is wmy boss is dating is worker orker to reveal her opening. Looking into Zoe’s eyes, he reached a hand between them to guide his cock to her opening. She sighed as the top of his cock brushed against her before being nestled at the entrance to her vagina. Zoe’s hands grabbed onto Erik’s shoulders and his hands returned to her rear. They stared into each other’my boss is dating is worker s eyes as he pushed her down with his hands and flexed up with his body.

With a slow rhythm, Erik would relax and pull back slightly, before resuming his inward push. He could feel himself sliding deeper and more easily with each push. The pressure and heat around his cock felt amazing as it slid deeper into Zoe. Zoe could feel her insides slowly part as his cock inched its way deeper inside her. She felt herself opening wider and wider with each gentle push as he penetrated deeper and deeper. His cock my boss is dating is worker made her feel so full, filling a void inside her that she didn’t know she had. The feelings flowing over her caused her to relax until suddenly she felt him my boss is dating is worker my slide boss is dating is worker all of the way inside. Implanted all of the way inside Zoe, Erik lifted her head up to give her lips a kiss. His hands moved to her hips to worker is dating is lift boss my her up slightly to slide slowly back out of her. As his cock glided out, he could feel a gripping sensation, as if Zoe’s pussy did not want to let my boss is dating is worker go. When his cock reached the opening, he allowed it to slide smoothly back in, burying it deep into her depths. With every outward stroke, Zoe felt a pang of loss, my boss is dating is worker worker my boss is is dating but with every inward stroke that loss was washed away with a feeling of desire and fullness. Her body was moving on its own rhythm, sliding up and down on Erik’my boss is dating is worker my boss is dating is worker s cock, trying to force him deeper and deeper inside. Each stroke was like pumping a balloon inside her tighter and tighter. Erik could also feel the pressure building inside him. Each

my dating worker is boss is
my boss is dating is worker slippery stroke of his cock tingled with sensation. With Zoe supporting her body on her hands to better move onto his cock, the blanket had come loose and he could catch my boss is dating is worker my boss is dating is worker my boss is dating is worker brief glances of her breasts swaying in the shadows beneath her.

With Zoe being so secretive about her body, it was this forbidden sight was the trigger of his eruption. Zoe felt Erik squeeze her tightly to him, forcing his cock in as deep as it could possibly go. Fully impaled, she felt his cock twitch as it burst forth his potent seed my boss is dating is worker deep into her pussy. She squirmed in pleasure, grinding her pussy against him, encouraging his cock to pump forth burst after glorious burst into her. The feeling of fullness, combined with grinding her clit against his pelvis burst the balloon which had been building inside her, spreading rapturous pleasure all through her body. Her mouth could not contain it as she let out a loud moan of satisfaction before collapsing onto his body. The two lovers just lay in each other’s arms. Erik’s cock was still inside her, slowly oozing the last remnants of his discharge. They once again looked into each other’s eyes and exchanged a simple kiss.

It was like being one with you.” “I’m so glad. It was better than I had imagined it to be.” “You’d been imagining it?” Zoe asked. “But it was definitely worth the wait.” Zoe noticed that my boss is dating is worker the blanket covering them was slightly askew and tried to fix it. Erik stopped her, “Don’t.” “But…” she started to protest. “Do you want to know what put me over the edge?” Erik asked. “When you were moving on top of me, I could see your breasts bouncing beneath you.

That sight was just as erotic as feeling your pussy on my cock.” “Really?” Zoe asked as she flushed in embarrassment. “You could see…” Zoe clutched the blanket close again. “my boss is dating is worker

my boss is dating is worker
I’ll probably see again when you get up,” Erik said. “What’s to keep me from just tickling you until you roll out from under the blanket?” “If you do I’ll hate you forever.” The two stared at each other for a moment then started giggling. Both of them knew that their statements were idle threats. “my co workers dating in the workplace boss is dating is worker Still, it is…” Erik was about to say ‘weird’ before he caught himself. “…unusual that I’ve had with you but haven’t seen you boss is dating is worker ” Zoe thought it over for a minute. You ace that literature exam next week and then I’ll let you look.” “I have to wait that long?” my boss is dating is worker is boss my dating worker is “It’ll give you something else to study for,” Zoe concluded. “And now, you’re going to cover your eyes while I get dressed again.” Erik closed his my boss is dating is worker eyes. He felt something, probably his jeans, dumped over his face. “But when I come back with that grade, you’d better be ready.” ____________________________________________________________ Erik was grinning inside next week as the two walked home from school. He was trying not to look too eager or gloating when he showed his English exam with the ‘94’ grade emblazoned on the front. Zoe gave him a, “I knew you could do it” reassurance before disappearing claiming that she had a few things to pick up. Instead of her normally cheerful my boss is dating is worker self, she was walking home, bundled tightly in her long jacket.

Erik tried to distract her with various random bits of conversation on the way home, but all too quickly, the

dating my boss worker is is
conversation would die back down into silence. When they got to Zoe’s house, they kicked off their shoes and went upstairs. Zoe led the way to her room, still wearing her worker dating is is my boss winter jacket. They got inside and she closed the door as Erik sat down on the bed. “Are you okay with this?” he asked seriously.

“You’ve been my is is dating boss worker looking so bothered.” “No,” Zoe disagreed. “I’m just so anxious.” “Don’t be,” Erik reassured her. “Besides, you’ll get to see just as much of me as I will of you.” “It’s just that…” Zoe paused, clutching her jacket even tighter. “Well, it’s so embarrassing.” Before my boss is dating is worker Erik could respond, she continued, “Here goes,” as she opened her jacket and let it fall to the ground. Zoe was wearing a bikini made of cloth squares, decorated my boss is dating is worker as if wrapping paper tied together with ribbons which wound all around her as if wrapping her up like a present. These ribbons culminated in four large bows – one behind her neck, one between her breasts, and one on each hip – that looked ready to be opened. What Zoe was wearing under her jacket seemed designed to do the opposite. Even though the outfit showed quite a bit of skin, it still seemed quite concealing, while at the same time exuding an invitation to be unwrapped. As Erik stood in stunned silence, my boss is dating Zoe’s is worker cheeks grew red and she fidgeted nervously on her feet. “Wow, you look fantastic,” Erik finally said. “You couldn’t have been wearing that all day at school.” “No,” Zoe said. “I changed in the bathroom just before we walked home.” “So that was your errand? You’re like a present to is is dating my worker boss me.” Zoe smiled at this praise. “Should I undress or did you want to do the unwrapping?” Zoe started to reach out towards Erik before changing her mind. Erik smiled back as he pulled his shirt off over his head. Standing up, he unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his legs. His cock was already hard in anticipation and my boss is dating is worker Zoe gasped as he stood back up. “Did that really fit inside me?” “It fit quite nicely, as I recall,” Erik said. “If I knew it was that big, I don’t know if I would have let you.” Zoe started to reach out towards Erik, before hesitating. “It’s okay,” Erik said, closing the distance between them. “I won’t bite.” Erik put his hands around her, pushing her towards his bare body. Her hand, already partially outstretched, grazed across his cock. Almost instinctively, she wrapped her hand around it, holding it firmly, as the rest of her body is pushed against his. Erik leaned down to kiss Zoe, while he moved his hips my boss is dating is worker slightly to slide his cock in her hand. Returning the kiss, Zoe’s hand unconsciously took up the rhythm and was very gently stroking his cock.

Stepping back, Erik asked, “Is it my turn to unwrap the presents?” Zoe blushed again before nodding. Erik led her to the edge of the bed where she sat down. Erik knelt in front of her and put his hands around her neck.

While his lips found hers, his hands untied the bow behind her neck and let the released ribbons cascade down her back.

Breaking the kiss, Erik gaze followed his hands as they trailed down her shoulders towards the bow between her breasts. As his hands pulled the bow apart the material fell away to reveal my boss is dating is worker my her boss is dating is worker round perfection. Crowning each soft breast was a large, light brown areola surrounding a wide nipple. Zoe’s hands moved to cover her breasts, but Erik gently held them down my boss is dating is worker at her side. “They look perfect,” he said, his hands moving to cup each one gently in his palm. “Really?” Zoe asked metaphor for dating a co worker single and fed up dating online with still a trace of uncertainty in her voice. Erik swirled his thumb over the surface, flicking across the nipple, while the rest of his hand applied gentle massaging pressure to

my boss is dating is worker
the bottom of the swells. Besides, if you didn’t let me see them, I couldn’t do this.” He bent his head down to close his lips over her right nipple. Zoe gave a sharp intake of breath as the intense feeling shot through her. Her hands moved to his head, running through his hair and trying to pull him closer.

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