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Cindy was trying to be modest and covering her naked body with her hands while Lucy sat on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands crying, Tom's semen pooling out of her. Christina and Jessica sat on their bed, triumphant smiles upon their faces. Cindy was wearing a short pink nighty that stopped just above her pink frilly panties and Jessica top dating sites for jazz lovers just had plain cotton white panties on and a tank top. “So, the perverts brother awakens,” Christina said. She picked up her love aiment elske london dating site london dating love elske aiment site camera and took another picture of Tom in his full nakedness. “Just so you know if you try anything funny we will send the picture to everyone in our grade, love aiment elske london dating site and your parents. I've already sent it to Jessica's phone as backup.” “How long was I out?” Tom asked groggily. “Shut up slut,”

love aiment elske london dating site
snarled Christina and she slapped Cindy hard across the face. Watches her brother her friend while masturbating.

And here we all were thinking you were a good little girl. Imagine our love aiment elske london surprise dating site when we found you masturbating while watching your brother your best friend. Tell me Cindy, do you like your brothers cock?” “Can I put some clothes on love aiment elske london dating site

love aiment elske now london dating site please?” Cindy begged, avoiding the question. Her clothes were strewn on the floor in front of her. Why don't you go over to him and show us how much you love his cock?” Cindy didn't move. It was a demand.” Cindy got up slowly and sat down in front of Tom. It stiffened to her love touch aiment elske london dating
love aiment elske london dating site
site and rose to its full glory. Cindy looked questioningly towards Christina with her brothers cock firmly in her grasp.

“ him.” “What?” Asked Cindy, shocked. I'm sure you've heard of it” replied Christina with a smug look upon her face. I can't lose my virginity to my brother!” “Oh sure. But then

aiment dating elske site london love
love aiment elske london dating site if you don't this picture will be circulating through our school within the hour.” Christina snapped a picture of Cindy holding her brothers cock. I just don't want elske site aiment london love dating to lose my virginity to my brother.” “The clock's ticking, Cindy,” replied Jessica. They're all losers,” said Lucy, still sitting naked on the bed, some of Tom's cum still dripping from her pussy. “Clean his cum from your pussy you slut, have you no dignity?” Spat Christina, throwing a packet of tissues love aiment elske london dating site at Lucy. Lucy opened the packet and wiped up the cum that had oozed out of her pussy and onto the bed and then cleaned herself up. Tom shot it everywhere when he spun around,” giggled Jessica. “That's it slut, we've given you enough time. Jessica, help me get her up.” Jessica walked over to Cindy. “Get up on your knees.” Cindy was unsure of what they were going to do so she got on her knees. Jessica and Christina lifted Cindy up, one hand on each ankle and the other just below the knee. They hoisted Cindy into the air and Cindy had to hold on to their shoulders to prevent herself from tipping over. She tried to struggle out of their grasp but they were too strong. Christina and Jessica walked a struggling Cindy over to Tom and positioned her pussy above his erect cock. Christina and Jessica slowly lowered Cindy down to her brothers cock, inch by inch. At first contact between her brothers dick and her labia she shivered. Tom's dick slowly sunk into her until he pressed into a barrier. Her pussy was now directly above her brothers cock. Please Christina I'll do anything for you.” Christina grinned. “love aiment elske london dating
love aiment elske london dating site
ho site i shane wet currently dating Now that I've thought about it, I think it's a pretty cruel thing to do... I guess we better let her go aiment london dating elske love site love aiment elske london dating site Jess, we don't want to force her to lose her virginity to her brother,” she said, and with that both Jessica and Christina let go of Cindy. Cindy's full weight fell to the ground, her virginity ripped open by Tom's cock as she fell and his full length entered inside her. Cindy shrieked out in pain as her brother tore through her hymen and sunk his full length inside her. Little dribbles of blood seeped from her and mixed with Tom's matted pubic hair. I hope you'love aiment elske london dating site re happy.” Christina had a wide grin upon her face. I think you ought to give yourself a little orgasm.

I wonder, Jessica, what should she use to get herself off?” “Her brothers cock?” Came Jessica's reply. Please continue.” “I can't get off from having with my brother with all you watching me,love aiment elske london dating site love aiment elske london dating site ” pleaded Cindy. Just please can I get off my brothers dick?” “You seemed to be getting off watching your brother have , and besides you don't know until you've tried,” said Jessica. “You're not getting off your brothers cock until you've climaxed. And if you're having problems getting off maybe we'll throw Lucy in mix.” Cindy stopped arguing. She got on all fours, her hands either side of Tom's chest, her knees either side of his hips. She lifted up

love aiment elske london dating site
slowly, her pussy still sore after her brothers dick had ripped through her hymen. As she sunk back down again through the gentle sting she felt a tingling pleasure. Cindy slowly started a rhythm of bucking up and down. With each thrust down she flicked her hips up, grinding her clitoris against her brothers pubic bone. Tom loved the feeling if love aiment elske london dating site his sisters velvet insides squeezing his dick, he began to thrust back tentatively, meeting his sister half way. “Yeahhh,” his sister muttered, as she picked up the pace, elske london dating aiment site love to which Tom followed. Tom could feel the pleasure in his loins rise, but he knew he was a way off orgasming so soon after his previous. Cindy, however, looked as if she could go off any minute. She had her eyes closed and she was biting her lower lip. The floor beneath them was now soaked in her vaginal juices, her brothers pubic hair was matted in the mixture of her juices and her virginal blood. Cindy began thrusting faster now, her hips grinding harder now, her clitoris aching in pleasure. All love aiment elske eyes london dating site were on Cindy now, but she was oblivious, her eyes still closed. Jessica was looking at Cindy wide eyed, as if, almost in lust. Christina's was a look of disgust that Cindy was actually getting off on it, and Lucy was grinning widely. “I'm gonna orgasm,” muttered Cindy as she kept ing her brother, harder and faster still. She thrust down hard as her orgasm rolled through her, first starting at her clit, then rolling through her body in waves of pleasure. Her arms buckled now,
love aiment elske london dating site
she fell onto her brothers chest, her breasts rubbing against his chest. His sisters pussy was squeezing his cock as web site online dating skin love her orgasm rolled through her. Cindy kept thrusting softly with love aiment elske london dating site her breasts dragging up and down Tom's chest. Her thrusts came to a stop as her panting slowed down. Tom was still rock hard, he had come close to cumming but couldn't quite peak. Cindy slowly lifted herself off her brother, his cock bouncing up chinese dating sites love and relationships once freed from the confides of his sisters pussy. It was soaking wet with love aiment elske london dating site his sisters juices and fully erect. Cindy stood up now and looked at Christina and Jessica. Her juices had run down her legs with a little bit of blood leaving a love aiment elske london dating site trail down her tanned thighs. Christina snapped another picture, to Cindy's annoyance. You're just as sick as your sister,” Christina said. She rubbed the length of his love aiment elske london dating site london aiment site love elske dating elske aiment site dating love london cock with her foot causing Tom's dick to jerk and stiffen, to which Christina laughed. Can you please delete the pictures now?” Said Cindy. “But you've left love aiment elske london dating site your brother all excited and standing to attention. Don't you think he deserves a little fun?” “You do it,” spat back Cindy. It wasn't that aiment london love dating elske site she didn't want to make her brother cum, it was the idea of obeying Christina that sickened her. “I think you're forgetting the little thing about the photographs, love aiment elske london dating site Cindy. Why, I took even more while you were having the time of your life. But promise me this will be the last thing I'll have to do.” “I'm not promising anything,” said Christina. “Now Tom, tell us when you're about to cum, we've got a very special place we'd like it love aiment elske london dating site to go.” Cindy started stroking her brothers cock, wondering what Christina's cryptic message meant. His sister kept eye contact with him while she pumped his cock up in down, her pussy juices used as lubricant. Jessica leaned over and whispered something in Christina's ear. Christina's eyes widened and a wicked smile spread across her face. Cindy kept masturbating her brother, wondering what the girls were whispering about. She wiped her pussy with her other hand and spread her juices all over her brothers cock keeping it lubricated which caused Tom to groan in pleasure. “Just about, nearly..” Christina yanked Cindy back, Tom's dick ripped out of her grasp. Tom moaned in frustration, bucking his hips, love dating aiment elske site london trying to orgasm after coming so close. His balls ached for some release, his semen churned inside waiting to be shot free. Christina and Jessica howled in laughter at Tom's futile attempts to get off. He eventually gave up trying, knowing it was pointless. Cindy sat back helpless, unable to help her brother. “I bet you're feeling pretty blue balled aren't you, Tom,” laughed Christina. “Well I see you two are getting aroused at this,” said Lucy. Both Christina's and Jessica's panties had love aiment soaking elske london dating slove aiment elske london dating site ite wet spots where their lubricants had oozed out of them. Their nipples were hard against their night-attire. I can see your aroused clit all the way from here,” spat back Christina. “Oh look, Tom's dick has gone down,” said Jessica, pointing at Tom. “What's the matter Tom?” Asked Christina. “Are your sister love aiment elske london dating site love aiment elske london dating site and her best friends naked pussies not enough to keep you up? Do you have erection problems Tom?” Christina giggled at the joke. “Maybe you need a little love aiment elske london dating site bit of help to get aroused?” Christina got up and walked behind Tom. He couldn't see behind him as his arms were tied around the beam behind his head. He love aiment could elske london datlove aiment ing elske london dating site site hear whispering behind him as Christina and Jessica whispered and giggled behind them. Tom didn't know what was happening, but Lucy and Cindy's eyebrows both raised
love aiment elske london dating site
love aiment elske london dating site and their mouths opened in shock. And then Christina's arm came swinging around and she mashed some material into his face. “Is this what you need to get aroused?” Christina laughed. She was mashing her pink frilly panties into Tom's face. Jessica joined in with her plain white cotton panties. They were both laughing at Tom's struggling
love aiment elske london dating site
to breathe. He gave a deep breath through his nose, the girls moist panties had a strong aroma. His dick twitched and began to rise until he was fully erect. His dick bobbled and flexed as the blood rushed through, aching for a release. Christina howled with laughter at his involuntary response. “That's it,” said Lucy, as she love aiment elske london dating site love aiment elske london dating site
love aiment elske london dating site
jumped forward. She grabbed Tom's dick and started jacking him off in a flurry of movement. Without thinking Christina crawled forward to stop Lucy. Lucy's furious jacking of love aiment elske london his dating site cock happened at half speed, Christina's glorious ass came into view as she crawled past him to stop Lucy from getting him off. Her hairless pussy was visible, her love aiment elske london dating site love aiment elske london dating site sphincter was swaying and flexing with each crawl forward. Tom could see the aroused state of her vagina from behind. Her juices had spread across the backs of her thighs love aiment elske london dating site from her sitting on them.

Her breasts underneath her nighty swayed and bobbled as she moved forward. Tom's eyes widened as he watched the arousing scene take place. Christina took hold of Lucy's shoulders and pushed her back, Cindy leapt forward and partners china love china dating sites pushed Christina back, her hands mashing into Christina's chest. “I'll send it!” Everyone love aiment elske london dating site froze and looked up. She had fiery red pubic hair, her milky white thighs standing shoulder width apart. Her pubic hair was a matted mess of vaginal juices.

She held a love aiment elske london dating site love phone aiment elske london dating site above her head with her finger over the kepad. When Jessica realised Tom could see her pussy she gasped and covered up with one hand. Christina slapped him across love aiment elske london dating site the face and sat down, ending the show. Both the captors were sitting bottomless on either side of Tom, and the victims fully naked in front of him. Which picture was it, Jessica?” “The one with Cindy climaxing on Tom's dick. You should see her orgasm face,” Jessica giggled. She passed her phone to Christina who also laughed. Spread your legs.” Cindy looked scared as she complied.

As she opened her legs her labia slowly spread apart revealing her cunt. Go in there and suck her filthy cunt.” “That's not punishment. I'm biual, I don't care if she tongue s me,” Cindy bluffed. “Bullshit, you're bluffing.” “Watch me. C'love aiment elske london dating site mon Lucy, suck on my pussy.” Lucy's eyes betrayed her, but she tried to bluff it too. Bring your sweet pussy over here.” She crawled slowly over to Cindy. She edged forward on her knees, spread apart and she leant forward. She placed her hands on Lucy's thighs, slowly bringing them together at the centre. Her hands became moist as they dragged through what little pubic hair Cindy hadn't shaved off, her pussy soaking wet. She leant forward closer and Cindy mouthed a sorry to Lucy when Lucy had blocked her face from their captors view. Lucy gave a nervous smile and then poked out her tongue. Her best friends pussy loomed closer and closer, tiny love aiment elske london dating little site bubbles of pussy juice were stuck in the folds of Cindy's pussy, along with little beads of blood. Tom couldn't actually see what was going on, Lucy's arse was raised in the air blocking his view, but he did have a nice view of Lucy's pussy. A string of her juices slowly dripped down to the love aiment elske london dating floor site. Lucy's tongue licked all the way up Cindy's cunt, finishing at the clit. “Oh yeah lick my cunt,” cooed Cindy, putting on a show, pretending love aiment elske london to dating site like it even more than she was. Lucy's inexperienced tongue still felt fantastic as it scraped up her cunt. Lucy's hands gently massaged Cindy's thighs, coming together love dating elske aiment london site and massaging just around Cindy's clit as she got right into sucking her friends Pussy. Jessica and Christina looked on, both in surprise and slightly aroused. Tom was hypnotised site aiment london elske love dating by the string of pussy juices dripping down from Lucy's cunt. Ooooohh,” moaned Cindy, holding down Lucy's head into her crotch.

Lucy was lapping now at Cindy's love aiment elske london dating site cunt, her tongue squelching into the folds of Cindy's pussy with each lick. “That's enough you dyke bitches.” Lucy grinned. She had a smear of Cindy's virginal blood on her cheek. “How'd you like the show Tom,” said Lucy, winking at him, to which Tom could only gape at her, stunned at what love aiment elske london dating site they had just done. Now Christina and Jessica had their attention on Tom. He still lay on the ground, his erection pointing up straight into the air, throbbing with each pulse. Christina love aiment elske london dating site put out a hand and pressed a finger onto the sticky underside of Tom's and slowly stroked down with a single index finger. “It's funny how when aroused, you're at your most vunerable,” she said. Her finger had reached the base and now her hand wrapped around his scrotum. She squeezed softly, testing at first, and then squeezed harder until Tom winced. She was still naked from the waist down, her tall legs towering over Tom. She pushed Tom's legs apart with her toe love aiment elske london dating site love aiment elske london dating site and then raised it back and swung it forward. Her toes were tucked back, the front of her foot collided with Tom's sack. To be fair, Christina did not kick him very hard, but the pain shot through Tom's balls and into his stomach. The pain seared through him, aching as if his balls had been torn off. “You kick him, Jessica,” Christina giggled. “Oh c'mon it's fun.” Jessica got up and stood in front of him and Christina held Tom's legs apart. Jessica was cupping her pussy with her hand so Tom couldn't see her cunt, her fiery red pubes sticking out around her hand. Christina however, seemed to have forgotten she was half naked she was kneeling down on her knees with her legs spread, leaning forward holding Tom's legs. She didn't hit any where near as hard as love aiment elske london dating site Christina but the pain was excruciating for Tom. She sat down cross legged in front of Tom, forgetting to cup her pussy. “It's your turn bitch.” “love I won't aiment elske london dating site do it,” said Cindy. “We've had enough of your games I won't torment my brother any more.” “You don't have a love aiment elske london choice datinlove aiment london dating site elske g site. If you don't do it we will send some pictures to all your friends. Maybe the first picture, of you frigging your pussy while watching your friend your brother.

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