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The action resumed and she smiled as she took her glass, draining almost half in one gulp before she put the glass on the side table and stood.

She slid pros and cons her of online dating skirt down and threw it in the corner, sitting back in a pair of white G-string panties and her shoes and socks. He sat down beside her and took a long sip from his glass, his eyes torn between her body and the frantic ing on the widescreen. She smiled as she reached over and undid the sash around his waist, peeling the pros and cons of online dating silk fabric back to expose his half-hard cock. Her eyes widened in mock-surprise when she saw the size of his cock, unable to resist wrapping her small hand around it and jacking pros and cons of online dating it slowly. “Now that’s what I call a cock.” She whispered. “No wonder Katie has a smile on her face whenever I see her!” His hand slid across, resting on her thigh before tracing a lazy path toward her barely concealed pussy. She lifted the edge of her panties in a wanton invitation to his probing fingers, and he

pros and immediately cons of online dating
felt her moisture as he caressed the length of her slit. “Isn’t this better than sitting here alone and playing with your cock?” She asked sweetly. “I pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating guess so.” He reluctantly acknowledged, groaning as she squeezed his shaft. “My friends at school think I’m a cock-crazy slut because I just love to suck and .

Do you want to be my friend Dean?” She squeezed him again, which elicited another deep groan. “Yes Chrissie, I want to be your friend.” She flicked the head of his

pros and cons of online dating
cock which caused him to gasp in pain. I want to be your friend!” She giggled and gently massaged the head of his cock. You know I watch you ing your pros and cons of online dating cons dating and online pros of wife outside by the pool sometimes. She goes kinda crazy when you feed her this big hard cock!” He slid a probing finger past her slick labia and inside her hot, wet pussy, drawing a groan of enjoyment from her lips. “How the hell can you see into our yard?” “Easy!” She laughed. “My bedroom is upstairs so I can just see when you come outside, and one day I was in the yard and I could just make out some….interesting noises, so I got Dad’s cordless drill and drilled a little hole in the fence. She really seems to get off when you get down and dirty!” He slid a second finger past the elastic of her pros G-string and cons of onlinpros and cons of online dating e dating, and then thought “What the !” as he ripped it from her body.

She squealed as he threw the torn fabric away and slid a third finger inside, her breathing

dating online cons of pros and
pros and cons of online dating becoming increasingly ragged as he stretched her.

“You really are an evil little cunt aren’t you?” He hissed.

“I’ll bet your folks have no idea what you get up to when they’re not around!” She giggled as she stared jacking him harder. “If they knew half the things I do…I think I’d be in pros and cons of online dating a foster home or something!” “So what do you like Cunt?” He hissed at her.

“What really gets your little pussy juiced up and ready for ing?

Tell me all your dirty little secrets!” “Oh God!” She groaned, finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate as Dean continued working at her slippery pussy. I love sucking them, and having a big thick one buried deep in hot -box. I love cum too, especially when it sprays all over my face and my titties. It just has to be the best pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating moisturizer ever!” He slid his arm around her waist and lifted her effortlessly, before dropping her on his cock and feeling the flesh in her slippery, streaming pussy stretch to pros and cons of online dating accommodate him. “How does this feel, you little -slut?” He growled as thrust firmly, his cock easily sliding deep into her tight tunnel. “Does this push your buttons and get you hot? You sure are stretching now!” “Oh…yes! Are you going to cum in my cunt?” “That depends, bitch!” He shouted as his thrusting intensified. “pros and cons of online dating I haven’t got any condoms, so you’d better tell me now if you’re on birth control, otherwise I’ll have to dump my load somewhere else.” “I am!” She panted.

“Mom…had to put me on the pill months ago ‘cause my hormones were going crazy and my skin was a mess. She wasn’t pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating cons dating online pros of and dating of and pros cons online too happy about it…..but the doctor said I could have acne scars for life if she didn’t.” He grinned a lascivious grin at her. “Then I guess you’re going to get a cunt full….just….about….now!” He roared as his cock erupted, spraying his hot, thick seed deep into her clenching cunt. FILL MY CUNT WITH JUICE!!!” pros and cons of online dating She joined him, her twitching, quivering pussy clamping and releasing around his cock as her juice mixed with his, until it trickled gently down his shaft and over his balls. His mind was a seething cauldron of lust, and he picked her up as though she were a feather and dropped her on the couch beside him.

He pushed her thighs apart, gazing down lustfully at her freshly ed pussy as their combined cum oozed from her gaping hole. “You may get off on cock, but chowing down on a freshly ed cunt is pros and my cons of online dating turn on!” He growled, before attacking her with his mouth.

She was in no condition to resist, and started writhing furiously as his tongue slid easily inside and he set about lapping up their cream. Deeper and deeper he probed, his tongue bathing every square inch of her ravaged pussy as he tasted and cleansed her. Soon his face was slick with a coating of -juice, and at one moment she was holding his head as she ground her pussy against his face, the next second she was weakly attempting to push him pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating away.

She came repeatedly, adding to the steaming cocktail he was attempting to swallow, until he finally sat back, breathing heavily and flushed from the exertion. “, you taste sweet!” He breathlessly enthused, but all she could do was groan softly. He was sipping thirstily from his drink when her eyelids finally flickered open. “I’ve…never…been… ed…like…that…before!pros and cons of online dating ” She stammered softly, her chest rising and falling and her face and breasts flushed bright pink. He helped her into a sitting position and passed her glass, which she drained in one gulp before handing it back with a thankful smile. “Could I have a top-up please?” She asked sweetly. “I could use another myself after that little session.” pros and cons of online dating He made fresh drinks and was back pros and cons of internet dating beside her in a minute, softly stroking her thigh and feeling goose-bumps appear beneath his gentle, moving fingers. “Man, you know how to get a girl going!” He grinned at her. “What about all these young boys you’re supposed to have ed? I’m sure they could cum and be ready and raring pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating to go five minutes later!” “That’s true.” She giggled. “But they lack your….technique; and they sure don’t suck my cunt after they’focus on the family online dating ve dumped a load of cum in there. Is that it….or do you think we could play some more if you have a rest for a while?” “Aren’t you just an anxious little cunt?” He teased.

And what does your Mom think about that, or is that something else she doesn’t know about you?” She laughed loudly. “Well…if you want the truth I only shaved it this morning!” He raised a curious eyebrow and she smiled and continued her explanation. “You pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating know I’ve been spying on you through the fence, and I’ve seen how your wife has a bald pussy, and I know it turns you on so I decided to shave and see what it was like. And Mom doesn’t know, but I’m sure she’d freak if she found out! It feels really good though, very y, so I might keep it like this.” “If you ever want to come over here again, you’d better!” He threatened, but with a hint of amusement in his voice.

“That’s settled then.” She assured him. “I’m going to be as smooth as a baby from now on!” “We’ll see about that.” He leered pros and cons of online dating down at her. “You came over here and blackmailed me into ing you. Now we’ve ticked that box I’m not letting you go until I’m done with you, and the day is still young.” She grinned up at him and then lowered her gaze to his glistening cock. “Then you’d better bring it on big man. I’m ready for some more of that!” He surprised her by leaving the room, and heading for the bedroom and their growing collection of toys. He rummaged through the drawer, picking out the items he wanted before returning to the den. When he walked back in she was waiting expectantly, wondering what would happen next.

He glanced at the movie still playing

pros and cons of online dating
on the screen and smiled. “Why don’t you watch some TV, and see if you pick up any good ideas.” He pushed her back against the couch, dipping his pros and cons of online dating head to her breast and taking her proud nipple between his lips. His tongue flicked over the tip, and he felt her tiny point grow harder and longer as he started sucking firmly. She was moaning and running her fingers through his hair as her nipple grew harder, and he took her firm button between his teeth and nipped sharply. A gasp slipped from her lips as she felt him crush her nipple, before he slid back. A wicked smile crept across his face as he picked up a pair of nipple clamps and held them up for Chrissie to see. “What are you going to do with those?” She asked in an innocent tone. “They look kinda evil!” He opened the jaws of pros and cons the of online dating first clamp and placed it carefully over the nipple he had just brought to full firmness with his mouth, release the tension slowly to ensure she would feel the serrated teeth
pros and cons of online dating
biting into her flesh. She squealed and shook as tendrils of pain sparked from her nipple.

What are you doing, you prick?” “I’m teaching you how adults , Cunt!” pros and cons of online dating He said in a menacing tone. Seconds later his mouth latched onto her other nipple, and he drew this to full hardness before carefully attaching the second clip. She squealed again when he clipped her second nipple, and her eyes blazed at him. He responded with an evil grin, before taking the connecting chain between his thumb and forefinger, and slowly pulling back. The slack disappeared and her nipples started to stretch, pulling further and further until they were dragging her breasts away from her chest and her breath was coming in heaving gasps. “of and dating pros cons I was ocons and online pros of dating nline going to say that she’s a sick cunt….but it feels kinda hot once the initial sting goes away. He smiled as he picked up the second pair of pros and cons nipple of online datingpros and cons of trong> online datinpros and cons of online dating pros and cons of g online dating clips, waving them in front of her face. “So what do you want me to do with these?” She reached, down gripping her labia and squeezing them firmly. “dating online pros of cons and pros and cons of online dating Use your imagination stud!” He was about to ask if she was sure as he had no doubt this was really going to hurt, but the look of pure lust on her face made it clear that the question was superfluous. The first clamp bit firmly into her tender flesh, causing her to wince and gasp, bit she breathed deeply, glanced up at him, and nodded for him to continue. He eased the second clamp over her labia and slowly released the tension, allowing the serrated to teeth to grip her firmly. She squealed again, arching her back as her senses were momentarily overwhelmed by the exquisite ual pain she had so willingly asked for.

“That hurts….so…ing…good!” She gasped. What…what are you going to do to me next?” pros and cons of traditional dating He grinned down at her, and shook his head slowly as her picked up both connection chains and drawing them slowly away from her, the tiny teeth gripping her nipples and labia as they were dragged away from her body. “I was thinking about ing your hot little ass. Sliding my thick cock past your pros and cons of online dating tight ring and watching you stretch around me, then ing you hard and past until I blew a load of hot cum in there.” “That….sounds….ing delicious!” She whispered. “But I do love your firm teen tits, so I was also thinking about slipping my cock between them and giving you a nice, long tit-……until I’m ready to give you a cum bath. I can always do one now and the other later….if you’re up for it!” Her response was immediate. You can always do my ass later.” She encouraged him by dropping her chin and spitting into the valley between her breasts, before pushing them together firmly. He moved up to straddle her chest, pros and cons of online dating sliding the chain between her nipples down her body and lowering down until his cock was poking against the bottom of her breasts. He slid between them effortlessly, her saliva and his oozing precum providing the necessary lubrication as his cock head poked through until it stopped just below her chin. “I haven’t had a good tit for sooo long!” She pros murmured and cons of online dapros and cons of online dating ting. He started thrusting, slowly at first but gradually increasing in speed, until he was sliding easily as she held her breasts together. They were both breathing deeper, and he closed his eyes to focus on the sensations radiating through his cock and balls. While the timing was somewhat strange, he realized this was the first time he had enjoyed a tit-.

Sure, he’pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating d cum on Katie’s breasts many times, but this was the first time he’d slid his thick cock between a pair of slippery tits, and the sensations were unlike anything he’d ever experienced. His senses were immersed in a warm pool of hedonistic pleasure, and he smiled down at her. I get the feeling my cock and your titties are going pros to and cons of online datipros and cons of online dating dating online pros and of cons pros and cons of online dating ng get together a lot more often!” “Uh...UHH!!! I…hope…so.” She grunted as he thrust even harder. I need it so bad!!!” With her words of lustful encouragement and one final thrust he came, and despite having already enjoyed a fantastic , his first spurt hit Chrissie’s chin with enough force to cause her to flinch. “pros online of dating and cons Oh YEAH!!!” Dean roared, as his cock continued spraying his thick cream. Chrissie tilted her head forward as far as she could, and managed to take two powerful sprays across her lips before his spurts diminished and sprayed across her neck, and finally dribbled into the valley between her heaving breasts. Dean could do nothing more than collapse on top of her, which

pros and cons of online dating
brought an ear-splitting scream as his weight crushed the nipple clamps into her body. Realizing what had happened, he managed to find the strength to half-stumble, half fall away, and lay panting on the floor, totally spent. Seconds became minutes as he lay without moving, pros and cons for online dating the heaving of his chest finally slowing until he realized she had propped herself up and was smiling down pros and cons of at online dating him as she carefully removed the clamps.

When she knew he was watching she started scooping the cum from her skin, sliding creamy fingers into her mouth and sucking them clean pros and cons of online dating online and of pros dating cons with slow, deliberate movements. “Man…you know how to !” He was grinning back at her. “That goes both ways Cunt!” He assured her with heartfelt enthusiasm. “Now cons and pros dating of online pros and cons of online dating pros come and cons of online da

pros and cons of online dating
ting down here.” He said in a softer tone, wrapping his arms around her as she lay on top of him.

He stroked her hair softly, planting soft kisses on any part of her face he could reach.

“I think it’s time I sent Chrissie home babe.” “Really?” She said softly. “Can’t keep up with the pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating younger girls anymore?” “Probably not.” He laughingly assured her. “But right now what I want more than anything is to have my wife in my arms, and tell pros and cons of online dating

pros of cons online and dating
pros and cons of online dating her I love her so much, and make sure she knows how lucky I am to have her…because she is the hottest, iest, sassiest woman I have ever known, and pros and cons of online dating of cons online dating and pros I wouldn’t have pros and cons of interrcial dating it any other way!” Katie propped herself up and gazed down at him with sparkling eyes. So I didn’t look too ridiculous in my little school uniform?” “Ridiculous? Man, when I saw you at the door I thought my cock was going to explode! Let me put it this way, Chrissie can come and play any ing time she wants.” She laughed loudly for some time. “You do have a way with words babe, but it’s nice to know I turned you on, and not off. Do you want to have shower with me?” “I’d love to. Let’s go.” He said simply as he managed to get to his feet. Their shower pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating pros and cons of online dating was the antithesis of everything that happened in the recent past, as it was slow, soft and sensual. They washed each other with loving, unhurried movements, and when they were finally done pros and cons of online dating they dried each other off, before Dean told Katie to sit on the closed toilet seat as he dried and brushed her hair. He smiled as he told her he was desperate pros and cons of online dating for a nap, and she admitted feeling tired so they set the alarm for two hours and slid beneath the sheets, their arms wrapped around each other as they drifted away. When the alarm finally penetrated the enveloping clouds of sleep they stretched and grinned at each other. Katie stifled a yawn as she looked over at her husband. If I don’t get some food soon I think I’ll pass out.” Dean’s stomach was making it abundantly clear that food was his first, last and only priority, so he nodded in agreement.

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