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She transferred her university application to the midlands city where I live and work, which has a top-class university, and told her parents that she had an offer of lodging in the spare room of a top woman cricketer for much less rent than a place in the university halls of residence would cost.

Her folks accepted that as quite natural, knowing her commitment if you are dating a loser to the sport, and they don’t seem to suspect that whilst Carla does all her studying in ‘her room’, she never sleeps there but always in my king-size double-bed. She doesn’t actually pay me rent for her room; instead, we put that money aside each month in a savings fund, some of which we use for sports equipment and some for treats and holidays. Naturally, Carla joined the same team as me, and I have to say that the combination of my batting skills and her demonic fast bowling has made us more or less if you are dating a loser unbeatable, and thanks to that we are about to win the national women’s league yet again this year, for an unprecedented third time in a row, and with a big lead of points over the runners-up.

Both Carla and I are at the top of our form, with the extra lift and pleasure of playing together on the cricket pitch on the weekend and playing if loser a dating are you together every night of the week in bed – oh yeah, we give each other a real work-out! In fact, tonight we celebrated with a bottle of champagne and best-quality fillet steaks, if you are dating a loser if you are dating a as loser we have both just got the call to play for the England women’s cricket team this coming winter in a test-match tour to India, Australia and New Zealand.

And finally – if you are dating a loser and amazingly – I am now Miss Monogamous: I don’t any other women, even when they try to seduce me or almost shove their wet cunts in my face. Yes, that’s if you are dating right a loser, I did get all sweet on the hot little slut; yes, I fell in love too – if the pun doesn’t make you groan, you can say that, in the end, if you are dating a loser she bowled me over. If you enjoyed this, check out my other all-girl lesbian stories ... (to find them, follow the author link at the top of this story) I woke to the if you are dating a loser smell of food and climbed out of bed, getting dressed. At first I thought it had all been a dream until I looked on my nightstand and saw the array of toys, the if you are dating a loser smallest that had been inside me was now clean. I sat down on my bed for a minute, soaking in the reality that I was no longer a virgin. She was a full if you are dating a loser grown woman and damn she knew how to use her hands and mouth. I looked at her, "Mmm, smells great Jamie, what'd you make?" Jamie turned and smiled at me. She was in her men's clothes but some how they now looked y on her. Maybe it was because I knew what lay waiting beneath them. She wiped her brow and leaned down

if you are dating to a loser
get something out of the oven. I made it from scratch." My mouth started watering immediately and I sat at the table. My favorite!" Jamie chuckled and it was like music to my ears. She dished it out and sat my plate in front of me with a fork sticking out. I scooped up a big bite and started to put it in my mouth if you are dating a loser until I heard her clear her throat. "Not before we say prayer." My jaw dropped wider than when I was about to stuff food in it and she busted up laughing, "Oh, the look on your face. I just had to see your reaction." I glared at her for a minute, narrowing my chilly blue eyes, for interrupting my meal then sighed, laughing a little, if you are dating a loser if you are dating a loser if you are dating a loser and started eating. I had no idea how hungry I was until the food got in my mouth. Thank you so much." I wiped my mouth then kissed her cheek.

Blushing slightly, "I love you." Jamie smiled gently back at me, "I love you too. Now eat, more fun awaits!" She said and started eating too. The rest of our meal was eaten fairly quickly with idle chit chat. When we were finished, I insisted on washing the dishes so that she wouldn't think I was some lazy kid, even though that's what I normally was.

She if you are loser dating a smiled at me and dried and put away the dishes as I washed them. Soon enough I was done and realized my shirt was soaked. Jamie wrapped her arms around my waist if you are dating a loser from behind, leaning down to do so and kissing on my neck.

I snuggled into her then started to pull away, to go change into my pajama's. As I did, her fingers if you are dating a loser slid under the edge of my shirt and pulled it off as she said, "You won't be needing this anymore tonight." I blushed at my shirt being so abruptly removed. I turned if you are dating a loser to her and tried to remove hers in turn but was too short to pull it over her head. either." I finally got out when she bent forward to let me pull hers off. I stared at her tanned breasts as her nipples hardened from the cool air of the house. I couldn't help myself, now filled with confidence, and reached up, grabbing one in each hand. Mine must of looked like pasty white mounds compared to her bronzed globes. I started massaging and kneading them, as best I could like I did my own. I took one nipple into my mouth like she had done to me and began suckling it, flicking it with my tongue. "Mmm," Jamie said, "I haven't been touched like this in so long. Let's go to the bedroom." She said pulling away from my mouth. I didn't want to stop touching her so I reached around and cupped her ass in both hands, squeezing it and pulling her towards me, looking up into her emerald eyes. I was staring between her breasts up to her face and nodded then walked into the room. I felt a burning between my legs that I hadn't paid much attention to but had been there since I woke.

I fidgeted as I sat on my bed and pulled off my pants as she pulled off my bra. She lightly pushed me onto the bed and got between my legs as she wiggled out of her own pants. She looked at my tender pussy, "Oh my, loser you if dating you'reif you are dating a loser are a beat red and swollen!" She looked up at me worried. I'm so sorry honey." She said and licked at my pussy which relieved the burning and slight itching very quickly. I think I can handle it again." I said to her, hoping to ease her heart. "No no, I don't want to hurt you." She said sadly and sat up on the side of the bed. "Well then, I'll just do it to you if you'll just show me how to put this on." I said and picked up the harness intended for me to wear. Jamie's face lit up happily and she hopped up, pulling me to be standing with her. She quickly made the adjustments then stepped back, looking at me with lustful emerald eyes.

I moved around some, getting used to the feel of it. It was like an extension of myself, except without feeling. I reached down and grabbed it which I saw made Jamie bite her lip. I remembered in the porn I briefly watched and my readings that men stroked their members for pleasure so I tried it. My hand skidded across it if you are dating a loser loser if you dating are a which just irritated the skin of my palm. I frowned down at it and looked at Jamie who was now on her knees in front of me. "It helps if it's wet." if you She are dating a loser said an instantly my rubber cock was in her mouth, her head bobbing back and forth on it's now slick surface. Instantly I was wet at the sight, feeling the same tingle that came with being touched. It makes me want to cum." I told her and she stopped and looked up at me. I look like one but can be a femme in the sack." She said and licked the tip which made my pussy tense. "I'll explain later." She shoved my rubber cock in her mouth again.

I bit my lip and started if you are dating a loser to thrust a little, out of reflex and she moaned so I did it more.

I felt a finger rubbing my clit under the edge of the crotchless leather harness. Between the rubbing on my clit and the sight of her sucking me, I quickly started cumming, grabbing the edge of the bed to keep up right. The cumming made me thrust harder, pushing it deep are dating a if you loser into her throat. I finally stopped and she licked some of my cum off her hand then wiped the rest off on a towel. Doing what felt natural, like she said for if you are dating a loser if you are dating a loser me to do, I pulled her up by her chin, our lips barely touching as I rotated us in place then pushed her onto the bed. Jamie laid there, pleasantly surprised at my if new you are dating a loser found courage. I stroked the cock and felt it pressing on my clit with each pump and looked at her with a y smolder. It made me feel y beyond belief which just boosted my libido and ego more. I climbed up between her spread legs and got on my knees in front of this beauty worth praying to. I couldn't resist a quick if you are dating a loser

if you are dating a loser
taste before I started ing her. I started to lay on my stomach then remembered my artificial appendage and just got on my elbows and started lapping at her sweet folds. I if you are dating a loser snatched her throbbing nub into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, sucked, and nibbled. I wanted to see her cum, to feel the pulsing around my fingers. I slid three fingers a you are loser dating if if you are dating a loser into her pussy and started thrusting them in and out slowly. Feeling her soft, slick pussy around my fingers and listening to her moan was too much to resist. She quickly came on my fingers and I groaned more than moaned with her and before I knew what was happening, came too. "Did you just cum Lisa?" She asked me, surprise and joy showing in loser you dating if a are her emerald eyes. I was just enjoying hearing your moans and the feeling of you wrapped around my fingers. Mmmm." I shivered and bit my lip then started stroking my rubber cock again. "You don't mind me calling you that, do you?" "No, actually I never liked being called Lisa. Call me that from now on." Jamie smiled at me, "Lee baby, it's because your heart is butch. We'll talk more later." She kissed me passionately then grabbed my cock. "But now," She said in a seductive voice, " me." "God yes." I what to write on dating said profile and grabbed her tight ass. I almost lost control and slammed into her, but seeing the desperate, craving look on her face made me decide it would be more a you are loser dating if fun to tease her first. I reached over and dimmed down the light to set the mood better. It was pitch black outside so no light filtered through my purple curtains. The only if you are dating a loser light was the pale pinkish light coming from my dimmed lamp. I pressed the thick cock against her entrance then grabbed it with my right hand, still cupping her ass with my left. It if you are dating a loser was so big around that my finger didn't touch my thumb from the other side. I rubbed the head on her clit and entrance, just slightly sliding it inside. Watching her if you are dating a loser squirm excitedly under my touch put a smile on my face.

Just as she looked like she was going to yell at me for not ing her, I thrust quickly into her as deep as I could, making our bodies be flesh together. She let out a loud, screaming moan that sounded like it may be my name. I grabbed a tight hold on her

if you are dating a loser
hips and slowly pulled out and thrust back in, testing my movements. I had never moved this way so I took my time thrusting in and out slowly. I could tell by her face that it felt like heaven, as if her moaning to the lord wasn't enough for me to figure that out. I knew it wasn't enough make her cum but felt if you are dating good a loser just the same. I started rubbing her clit with my thumb as I picked up the pace, managing to keep her lifted off the bed with only one hand. Before long dating I could are you a loser if feel another are you interested dating service reviews orgasm coming to me and let it out. I groaned out as the shocks caused me to pound her harder until she came too. I stopped cumming before her dating are a loser you if dating are a loser you if if you are dating a loser but leaned down to tease her nipples with my mouth, still thrusting a bit to keep her going.

A minute or so later she came back to earth with a thud onto the if you are dating a loser bed, causing my cock to slip out. I let her signs you are dating a loser catch her breath but I was far from done. As soon as she looked coherent again, I slid back into her, causing her to moan out again. My thigh muscles protested at me but I ignored them and started ing her again. Her nails clawed at my back, the pain shocking me at first. It if you are dating a loser felt so good I thrusted harder which made her drag her nails down my back as she moaned my name out through another orgasm, making me cum with her again. I was determined if you are dating a loser if you are dating a to loser give her as many as I could before I stopped. She fell back to earth and I could feel a little blood running down my back from where she had clawed through if you are dating a loser her ecstasy. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up again and thrust into her, taking it slower this time until I remembered what a friend had taught me about dancing. I started if swaying you are dating a loser and swiveling my hips, knowing it was making the cock swirl around inside her. Jamie moaned out even louder, begging me not to stop so I kept it up until she if you are dating a loser came again. My muscles locked as soon as I stopped thrusting but I wanted to please her more. I pulled out as soon as I was sure she was done and fell back if you are dating a loser onto the bed, even with my knees uncomfortably bent under me. She crawled up beside me and hugged me then kissed me deep. Were you lying about your virginity?" She said as she if you are dating warning signs you're dating a loser a loser a dating loser are you if snuggled close. Knowing how great it was to make you cum made me keep doing more to see you cum more." I looked down at the rubber cock sticking straight up in the air and laughed. "I can't move but I still want why are you interested dating me to you." I said, whining a little. I had no idea what she meant until I watched her pussy slide over the cock again. It was almost like I could really feel it, the sight so pleasing. Helping her lift up, she started sliding up and down on me. I watched her tits bounce if you are dating a loser about and grabbed two handfuls of them. As tired as my legs were, I managed to meet her thrusts as she picked up pace and soon we were both cumming again. I spun around and sat up so I could explore more of her while she bounced on my cock.

Jamie started again and I alternated between watching her face, her pussy, and sucking her if you are dating a loser tits while our moans made an erotic song of pleasure. Her nails dug into my shoulders again as she reached another climax.

As soon as she was done cumming she got between my if you are dating legs a loserif you are dating a loser and started licking my pussy, stroking the cock coated in her juices. Between the pressure and rubbing on my clit from the leather, seeing her hand wrapped around it, and feeling her if you are dating a loser tongue in me, I came.

I smiled at her, knowing she would be happy if we stopped now but just happy wasn't enough. "Get this thing off me." I said and she if looked you are dating a loser up at me surprised and started removing it. I scooted down to be laying with one pillow under my head. She started to lay beside me before I shook my head, "Gimme that pussy, I ain't done with you yet." This is not a very erotic story, just some memories of my childhood, let’s say 18 for legal reasons, when I was just getting interested about . I was about 4’6” and weighed about 80 pounds as best I can remember. My favorite time was when I went to visit my grandpa about once every month or two. We would go to the zoo or aquarium, ice skate, or just play games. We played hide and seek, board games, and, my favorite, card games. I would sit on if you are dating a loser the couch on one side of the coffee table and grandpa would sit in his lazy boy chair on the other side. We were playing cards, sitting across from each other. Grandpa if you are dating a loser usually wore shorts in the summer and this day he must have not been wearing any underware because when he turned just right in his chair, I was able to see up his pants legs and I saw part of his penis and one ball. I must have starred a long time because he said, “What you staring at Lily”. I caught myself, looked up if you are dating a loser if you are dating a loser if you are dating a loser and said, “Just daydreaming”. We continued playing, but I stole glances up his pants legs every time I got the chance. After the card game, I got out some animals I often if you are dating a loser if you are dating a loser if you are dating played a loser with and went over to sit in front of grandpa. I was able to get up close and see up his pants legs while pretending to look at him. I played if you are dating a loser with the animals running them up and down his leg. I had him lay back and I put the animals on his lap and played like they were chasing each other. I placed them so that they made the pants stand up and I could see in better as I sat in front. I got my toy snake and had it slither up his pants legs you if dating loser a are are you a if loser dating until it almost touched his penis. Finally he got up and went into the kitchen to fix us something to eat. Nothing else special happened that weekend except we just had a good if you are dating a loser if you are dating a loser time. Two visits later, I was at grandpa’s house and we had played a lot outside in the hot summer weather. When we went back inside, he was tired and said if you are dating a loser he was going to take a nap and I could watch TV or read. After about half an hour of reading, I went into his bedroom to check on him, He was laying if you are dating loser a if you are dating a loser on the bed in his underware and tee-shirt. That wasn’t unusual, he always napped that way, but to my surprise, his penis was peeking out of the front of his underware.

I crept into the room and stood by the bed just looking at it. The head was just sticking out and I could also see some of the shaft as well as the head.

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