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I couldn't tell who it was cause her back was facing me while she bounced on top of my cock like there was no tomorrow. A couple more girls ga sim e club girls dating had managed to get underneath me and was pinning my body by wrapping their arms around my chest and their legs around my thighs and body, the shear heat of their pussys and the poking of their tits pushing against me all too apparent. I tried to reach and push the boobs away from my face so I could speak (and breath) but dating e girls ga club sim my hands had been pinned underneath some other girls, their ass facing me and them doing, what it felt like, furiously trying to push my fingers into their cunts; Wow, they were ing my hands. The nipples in my face were brutally thrown into my mouth, as if I were a baby that wouldn't shut up and they were giving me a

girls club dating sim ga e
suck toy, making the act of talking all the more difficult. I rolled my eyes and gasped (through my nose) as the pussy gripping my cock pulsated as it continued to be girls club dating sim ga e girls club dating sim ga e furiously forced up and down my pole, faster than I had ever felt, nor thought was possible. I had a look and managed to see through the tits my face and saw the girl bouncing on my dick now had two girls were gripping her hips helping her go up and down faster, and another two had her arms and legs out stretched and were wiggling her sideways, left and right, as she went up and down. Oh my god, I wonder how many people have experienced that before.It felt ing fantastic. Another girls club dating sim ga e two that were underneath my legs each had a testicle in their mouths, which felt mind-blowingly wonderful. My hands were being furiously pulled into girls cunts, as if it were a dick. My club e girls dating sim dating sim e girls ga club ga entire body was being masturbated or ed in some sort of way, if that makes sense. Every piece of my flesh was in contact with some feminine part.

The pleasure

girls club dating sim ga e
I was feeling was just utterly overwhelming. Since each girl wanted to obey my command of ing me but the volumes of girls were preventing them, many were still jumping on my chest, furiously trying to get in contact with me, but many couldn't since there wasn't enough surface area of my body to touch them all. I had so many girls on top of me...and beneath me; it was like swimming in an ocean of naked woman. The sheer amount of sweaty bodily heat being emitted into the room was steaming the windows, not to mention the heat of all the bodies on me was adding to the already over-the-top sensations. Every now and then my dick would slip out of someone'girls club dating sim s holgirls club dating sim ga e sim e ga club dating girls e ga e for a second before it quickly re-entered someone else's warmness. Sometimes it would only last in someone's hole for only a few seconds. It seemed there was massive girls club dating sim ga e competition going on for my pole.

So much weight was on me, I couldn't get up nor see much of what was going on with so much flesh in my girls club dating sim ga e girls club dating sim ga e face. All I knew was that the sensations were pure bliss. I couldn't even suck on the nipple that was stuck halfway down my throat because I couldn't focus for than a few seconds; the pleasure was overloading my brain. The tits in my face were suddenly being forced away towards my chest, the one in my mouth was removed and e dating girls club sim I took ga a huge breath as I was about to command them off me but I couldn’t as the tight, tanned ass that been pushing all the boobs away sat on me, the weight of the chick landing on my face. Noticing the tanned chick was short, I guessed it was Neha, the half Indian. She crossed her legs as tightly as girls club dating sim ga e girls club dating sim ga e she could around my head, forcing her cunt into my face. I couldn’t see anything, she was forcing it so hard into my face I couldn’t see barely anything, I could just feel and smell and taste her cunt right next to my mouth. My concentration lapsed for a few seconds, the first signs of losing consciousness. The cunt in my face was preventing me from getting adequate oxygen; the overdose of alcohol also wasn’t helping. I knew that I'd have to terminate that command before I passed out or they girls club dating sim ga e girls club dating sim ga e could all potentially me to death while I was unconscious. I tried to move my arm but they were still each stuck under a girls pussy, and my legs were out of e dating club ga sim girls the question with about five girls sitting on them and a couple of girls I was on top of had their legs wrapped around them. I realized I was completely and girls club dating sim ga e utterly pinned by all the girls. I couldn't speak and get them off with a girl’s legs wrapped around my face and my entire body was next to immovable. I was in a prison of pleasure and potential death awaited unless I could get up somehow. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins, both adrenaline and the fear of imminent death adrenaline.

My girls club dating sim ga e orgasm was approaching but since I couldn't speak I couldn't really warn them. The inevitable happened and I started plastering the mystery rider's vaginal walls with vancouver island girls club dating sim ga e dating services over forty my jizz.

I heard a faint scream saying, "He's coming!" and then more girls started squealing saying they wanted some.

I felt the screamer being pushed off while the hose was still pumping, and the girls squealing at, what I can assume, the final moments of my sprouting fountain. The next few minutes were a mystery to me girls club dating sim ga e girls club dating sim ga e

girls club dating sim ga e
as I lost myself in only what I could describe the best orgasm of my life. As I came back from my high, I noticed that the girl that was on girls club dating sim ga e girls club dating sim ga e my right hand was gone now; my arm was completely free to move. Knowing it might be my only chance, I ignored the painful pleasures of the blowjob on my sensitive dick
girls club dating sim ga e
and reached to my left arm and pushed the girl off balance a ripped my left arm from beneath her and with all my strength pushed the girl off my face. I dating e club ga girls sim managed to prop myself up by my hands and wasted no time and screamed "Everyone go to sleep until I say wake up!" All the girls passed out, landing on the ground, heads flopping over. The girl that was blowing my sensitive dick passed out with her mouth on my dick. I squealed in pain as her mouth relaxed and her teeth grazed my sensitive dick’s head. I slowly eased out of her and then just relaxed in the ocean of body heat. Some commands seemed to just ‘command’ them, where others girls club dating sim ga e
girls club dating sim ga e
made them ‘trust’ me to the point of doing what I wanted. Like for example, my mum would forget she made a smoothie when I told her to, and I girls club dating sim ga e assumed this ‘ the shit out of me command’ was the same sort of thing, as well as when I told Kara to forget ‘everything’ I told her, she couldn’t put her finger on why she was naked. But before that when I told them to skinny dip, they did it as if they thought it was a great idea, not girls club dating sim ga e because I told them to. And then there’s the feelings transfer, like when I thought about Britt ually, I transmitted my feelings to her somehow. Not only that, why did they girls club dating sim ga e like being around me so much? Better yet, how did I get my abilities in the first place? So many questions, I’d have to figure out the extent of my abilities when I got the chance. Not long after concluding that, I just passed out on all the womanly bodies from mass ual exhaustion and drunkenness. Part 5: The girls were sitting on the floor, eyes downcast in shame with me looking down on them.

"So, you watched HOW many porn videos?" Momo and Sonja looked at each other and then held girls club dating sim ga e up both their hands. Beside them, Chloe looked like she was about to cry. "And I'm guessing you were the ringleader?" "Ringleader?" "It was your idea." "We thought we could impress you by using the computer and you would give us cake." It's pretty hard to stay mad when they're so damn cute. "Had you actually stayed on Youtube after getting back to it, I would have been proud.

Instead, now I'm mad and you all need to be punished." All the girls shied away, trying to make themselves look as small as possible. In truth, I knew that they would inevitably start messing around on my computer. I had been reluctant to let them use it for their reading lessons but e dating girls ga sim club it was the best solution. Among the dangers of them exposing their existence on the Internet, I really didn't like them looking at porn. I mean, sure, it was hard to imagine Momo and Sonja seeing anything on that website that we already hadn't done (besides anal of course), and Chloe certainly got an eyeful the other night, but I just didn'girls club dating sim ga e t want to expose them to that. These girls are more than just my pets, they're like my kids, and like kids, they are dumb as dirt and easily impressionable. The girls club dating sim ga e last thing I needed was them asking for a gang-bang or seducing the mailman like the countless pool boys and pizza delivery guys of s past.

A whap on the head with a newspaper might be enough, but Chloe was so fragile that it might traumatize her for life. But nor could I go easier on her than on Momo and Sonja. No girls club dating sim ga e more head pats for the rest of the night." The girls all gaped at me in horror. No petting or having their ears rubbed for the rest of the night? They rushed to me just like when I first came through the door, crying into sim girls dating sim v3 ending my pants. When a girl is crying against you, you of course want to touch her! Besides, club e I was sim ga girls dating so used to petting them I might need to take up smoking just so that I could keep my hands occupied. "I know you are, and hopefully you'll learn girls club dating sim ga e not to mess with things you don't understand." They hugged me even tighter, rubbing their heads against my legs. "So, you really liked using the computer?" They all looked up ga club dating sim girls e girls club dating sim ga e girls club dating sim ga e for me. "I taught you three how to make spaghetti and meatballs, remember?

So, if you three make dinner, I'll show you how to use my computer properly." Wide grins crossed girls club dating sim ga e girls club dating sim ga e their faces, once again making me want to pat their heads. They rushed into the kitchen while I collapsed on the couch. ---------------------------------------- "Ok, so I'll start by making you girls club dating sim ga e girls your own account. That way you won't go digging around in my bookmarks." The girls were crowded around me on the couch. I had Chloe on one side and Sonja girls club dating sim ga e on the other, with Momo lying above us on the top of the couch, purring in my ear. I brought them onto their new account, with a blank desktop and generic girls club dating sim galaxy ga e background. Well, if you want, I can show you how to get a different background. Ok, now what do you want to learn how to do first?" "Can we watch porn?" Momo asked. What ELSE do you want to do?" "We used that Google thing to look at pictures," Chloe said. "Well then I'll show you what else Google can do." I brought up a browser window, showing them Google.

"Ok, what do you girls want to know about?" "You mean with pictures?" Sonja asked. Ok, since you love cake so much..." girls club dating sim ga e I typed it in and showed them the results. Here, you can read about it." I brought up the Wikipedia page. It's like Google, it will tell you everything you want to know about whatever you're interested in. See, look at all this information." I scrolled through the page, and while the huge wall of words intimidated them, they were also girls club dating sim ga e interested. I then bookmarked the main page and showed them how to get to it. "Ok, now you've been using YouTube for your reading lessons, but you can watch plenty of other movies." "You mean like-" "Momo, if you keep asking for porn, I won't give you any head pats tomorrow either." That shut her up. "Ok, I'll show you girls club dating sim ga e some things you might like." I showed them cat videos, dog videos, and mouse videos, each of them making the girls wiggle in excitement. After that, I showed them a couple flash games websites, mainly old arcade games. Wikipedia, Youtube, and games, that's all I trusted them with as far as the Internet was concerned. I then showed them some applications like girls club dating sim ga e girls club Photo dating sim ga e Booth, Microsoft, and a few other things. "Ok, girls, that's all you need to know about the computer and you're now free to use it. First rule: you girls club dating sim ga e are not allowed to eat or drink and use it. Second rule: no bringing it into the bathroom." "But you do both those things," said Sonja. Fourth rule: You have to be ridiculously careful with it. Always carry it with both hands, keep it on the table, keep it charged, and close it if you're not using it. If it breaks or gets any damage, I'll give each of you a hard spanking." "A spanking?" Chloe asked. "I'll do that to your butt, several times." Now that scared them. "Fifth and final ga e club girls dating sim rule: Unless you're all using it together, you're each limited to an hour use every day. I'm exhausted." ---------------------------------------- I woke up the next morning being head-butted by three girls club dating sim ga e naked girls. Even Chloe had slithered under the covers and was lying on my chest. Since it was a new day, their punishment was over and they wanted to make up sim e dating ga girls club for lost time. I pulled them in close and rubbed their heads like I was trying to polish them, making the girls whimper in bliss. With only two hands and three girls girls club dating sim to ga e satisfy, I had to add my mouth to the equation, nibbling the ears of whichever girl I wasn't able to pet. Of course, it had been a strain for girls club dating sim ga e me to resist petting them last night, and with three naked girls rubbing up against me, my morning wood was getting an extra charge. Feeling my erection between her legs, Chloe's

girls club dating sim ga e
porcelain face became flushed and she moved aside in embarrassment. I had managed to resist temptation these past few days, but this month was really dragging on. Another few weeks would girls club dating sim ga tell e me whether or not she had a menstrual cycle, as well as solidify her trust in me. As such, she had already seen me play with Momo and Sonja, but her girls club dating sim ga e nervousness had yet to ease. Oh well, my balls wouldn't be turning blue anytime soon. Seeing my hard-on like the dot of a laser pointer, Momo pounced. She straddled my lap and stuck herself on my dick like a marker top. Luckily, I always set my alarm extra early so we'd have time for some morning coitus. After emptying myself into girls club dating sim ga e Momo and playing Sonja like a harmonica, I went downstairs with the girls cheering for breakfast. I had taught Momo and Sonja how to use the stove (but only when I'girls club dating sim ga e m home so I could turn it off if they forgot) and to cook eggs and sausages, and Chloe was a simple breakfast girl. I would eat at the table, watching the girls club dating sim ga e girls eat on the floor in their usual bowed posture. I had my laptop with me, checking my email, the news, and of course, dank memes. After eating, I'd brush, girls club dating sim ga e shave, finish getting dressed, and then give the girls a kiss goodbye as they crawled back into bed for a nap. I want to make sure sim girls dating sim time machine you remember them." "No using it around food," said Momo.

And?" sim girls dating sim time machin "No bringing it into the bathroom when we use the toilet," said Sonja. "Do you remember the third rule?" Her white head poked out. And the sim dating club girls ga e girls club dating sim ga e fourth rule is that you have to be careful with it. I want to be able to trust you with it, trust that you can keep it safe.

"Can we watch girls club dating sim ga e girls club e dating ga sim porn?" Hearing porn mentioned excited Sonja. Dear, my humanoid cat and dog are obsessed with watching graphy. Good, then I'll see you tonight." I gave them all a kiss and left them sound asleep in (and under) the bed. ---------------------------------------- Hours later, the girls all woke up, though not quite at the same time. First was Momo, who first thing upon waking crawled under the bed to bully Chloe. The unwanted fingering awoke Chloe, whose whimpers of embarrassment and nervousness woke of Sonja. "So who gets to use the computer first?"

club girls dating e ga sim
Chloe asked after they ate. "I'm gonna go play outside for a while." "Momo wants to look for something on the computer. I don't need to use it!" her shy nature revealed itself, afraid of getting in anyone's way.

Let's go look for firewood!" Before Chloe could object, Sonja pulled her outside. Momo sat down at the kitchen table girls club dating sim ga e and logged on to the girls' shared account. ---------------------------------------- Sonja and Chloe returned after half an hour, dirty from carrying sticks. They found Momo with her head on the table, a true image of a broken soul. Google isn't helping?" "No, Google is too dumb to get it." "Well maybe Master will know what you're looking for," said Chloe. She ran girls club dating sim ga e off to find her crayons, leaving the computer with Sonja and Chloe. "Let's play a game!" Taking the computer, Sonja brought up the bookmarked game website, showing classic games like Pong girls club and dating sim ga e Space Invader. For hours they played together, taking turns or using games that allowed for two people to share the keyboard. True, they were breaking the time limit rule, but girls club dating sim ga e hopefully they wouldn't get in trouble. Momo being Momo, she finished her drawing and went upstairs to spend the day napping and masturbating. ---------------------------------------- "Please tell me you girls haven't girls club dating sim ga e been on that thing all day," I said, coming through the front door. All the girls had greeted me as usual, but I could see a paused game on the open laptop.

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