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There was something about those "goodnights" that confused Stacey and Trish - but they couldn't put their finger on it.

Everything was great until a game of Twister shortly before Christmas.

Their mothers were wearing their standard tight pajamas shorts and tank tops. But that wasn’t as big a deal as the position Stacey and Trish were locked into on the Twister mat. They were propping themselves up on their hands and feet, their legs entwined, their crotches right up against each other's. The boys quickly excused themselves, leaving their aunts in a provocative position. "Do we keep playing?" Stacey said nothing; she stared at Trish, and slowly gyrated her hips so her crotch would slide against her sister's. "Yeah?" "Mmhmm," she winked at Trish, slowly rubbing against her, knowing exactly how this looked. "Someone has to win." "Yeah but," Stacey smiled, her eyes locked on Trish. Trish stared dating online wrong right or right chrichristian stian online dating right or wrong back, letting Stacey grind her pajama shorts covered pussy against her own. After a few intense seconds, Trish broke the position, falling to the mat, "Fine. You win." Stacey laughed, christian online dating right or wrong pouncing on her sister, squatting, lifting Trish over her shoulder and taking her to her bedroom. Stacey slammed Trish on the bed, climbing on top of her, Trish's legs wrapping online right wrong christian dating or around Stacey's waist. "I haven't slept with you in a long time," Stacey said, kissing Trish's cheek. You've been sleeping with my son." "And you've christian online dating right or wrong christian been online dating right or wrong sleeping with mine," Stacey kissed Trish's mouth fairly hard. He seems to feel a little more comfortable around his secret crush," Stacey winked. So you're positive they have crushes on their aunts?" "Yep." Trish slid off Stacey, resting her head on Stacey's shoulder. They've been more talkative, going on about classes, games and so on. They seem a bit more comfortable around women, us." "It sucks that we can't be here for New Year's though," Stacey said. "We'll be in Hawaii, so that'll be christian wrong online dating right or nice," Trish said of their upcoming shoot.

"I'll miss our boys." "We'll have a boy there with us," Stacey said, referring to their coworker Ulysses. "True," Trish pulled Stacey's tank top up, revealing her washboard stomach. She peppered it with kisses, similar to how she's done to Ulysses in the past. "Mmm, yeah baby," Stacey said, lowering her voice as if she were Ulysses. "Now go lower." "Ha, you're silly," Trish resumed lying against her, this time rubbing Stacey's tummy.

"I don't really feel

christian online dating right or wrong
like doing anything with Ulysses." "Yeah me neither. Your son is, mmm, giving me good loving," Stacey joked.

"I'd never, you know, be inappropriate, beyond innocent flirting, with Aaron." "christian online dating right or wrong I know Trish, same here." Stacey paused, thinking for a moment. "You know since we'll miss out on New Year’s with them, we should go out on separate christian online dates dating right or wrong again. It'll be cute." Stacey grabbed Trish’s butt, squeezing it playfully. "Good idea," In Bennet's room, he used a dirty t-shirt to wipe the semen off his chin. His cock erupted so hard some of it landed on his face. He put his pajamas back on and knocked on Aaron's door across the hall. "Hey," Aaron opened online dating wrong christian or it right, having just jacked off too.

"I think it's time we tell them the truth," Bennet said. "I think it's time they know." Aaron sighed, looking downward, "What christian will online dating right or w

christian online dating right or wrong
christian online dating right or wrong rong they do?" "No idea. But we need to make them promise to keep it a secret." "Yes. Maybe we can tell them before their Hawaii trip, so we don't christian online dating right or wrong have to be around them for a while," Aaron suggested. Bennet nodded in agreement, heading back to his room. "Good idea." Chapter 8 Christmas Day ended with aunts and nephews on the couch, in each other’s arms, drifting off to sleep as movies played on their big screen TV. The next night would be special, romantic date – a nice evening christian online dating right or wrong christian online dating right or wrong before Stacey and Trish flew to Hawaii on the morning of the 27th. Wearing new suits their mothers purchased, Aaron and Bennet waited for their dates. They weren’t tight like their usual ones, they weren’t quite as y either, but had a more elegant, flowery design. Their nephews smiled politely, extended their arm to their aunts. “Wow, maybe we’ve made progress with these guys after all,” Stacey noted. “Maybe,” Trish smiled at Aaron, taking his arm. The boys glanced at their mothers, nodding to them. They went to their own beachside restaurant, a few miles away from the other. Both were Italian and had similar atmospheres – low lit, romantic. After a lull in the conversation, Trish looked to her nephew Aaron, her hand on his. The past few months, I’ve seen you open up more around us. I know it’s hard dealing with the christian online dating right or wrong opposite sometimes, but you’ve come out of your shell and these practice dates have helped. I’m sorry your mom and I have been away a lot of over the christian years online dating right or wrong, we are trying to make up for it.” At Bennet and Stacey’s table a few miles away, she had said some similar, though not as gentle. “Now, you’ll be able to talk to a girl at school, take her out and all that. If your mom and I had been around more, maybe it would’ve helped. You christian online dating right or wrong got any lucky ladies in mind?” Bennet paused, setting his spoon down, taking a sip of tea. He took a deep breath, “Yes.” “Great!

wrong or dating right christian online Listen, Stacey, I appreciate what you and my mom have been doing. But there’s something you need to know,” Bennet said. “Ah, here it comes,” Stacey placed christian online dating right or wrong

christian online dating right or wrong
her hand on her nephew’s. It’s totally cool too.” “No, no,” Bennet shook his head, stopping his aunt from continuing. “We don’t.” “online or christian right dating wrong What?” Stacey couldn’t believe what she was hearing. They were having a similar conversation at Aaron and Trish’s table. That’s one thing we’ve tried to do, christian online dating right or wrong get you to open up more. If there’s a special girl, maybe I can help why online christian dating is wrong you, give you advice,” Trish was saying. This woman can never know how I christian online dating right or wrong feel,” Aaron said. “Woman?” Trish asked, thinking maybe she was older, perhaps a teacher. I have been for a very long time,” Aaron replied. Well, if you
christian online dating right or wrong
don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to.” “I do. I need to get it off my chest.” Trish nodded, listening intently, her hand on christian online dating right or wrong Aaron’s. “It’s mom.” “Your mom?” Stacey asked at their table, having just heard the same thing out of Bennet’s mouth. “What do you
christian online dating right or wrong
mean?” “It’s her.

She’s the one I’ve been head over heels for all this time. She’s the one I love.” “Right, you mean love her like a son – ” “No,” Bennet interrupted her. Like romantic love.” Stacey was in shock, unable to speak. “I’ve never gone out, christian online right dating or wrong never tried to get with girls at school, mom has always been on my mind – the only one I’ve wanted. I didn’t care about doing anything else,” or online wrong right Bennet dating christichristian online dating right or wrong an explained. “I see,” was all Stacey could say, her heart rate speeding. Trish was having a similar reaction, “So this is why, the house, the chores, why you’ve been so perfect.” “Yes,” Aaron said. “That woman, my mother.” He closed his eyes.

“She’s the one who’s perfect.” “christian online dating right or wrong Bennet,” Trish thought of her own son. Never going out, never socializing, and always being so sweet to us. He feels the same way about me?” At Stacey’s table, Bennet nodded “yes” when Stacey asked the same question about Aaron. “He and I both have been in love with our moms. It’s so stacy london and christian online dating right or wrong clinton kelly dating stupid,” Bennet shook his head. “How long have you and him felt this way about us?” “As long as we can remember. As long christian as online dating right or wrong we’ve liked girls, I guess,” Bennet answered. “Was Aaron, was he,” Stacey had trouble focusing. “You two didn’t seem to care that your christian online dating right or wrong moms were hanging out with their nephews. Why?” Trish had just asked Aaron if he was jealous that Bennet was spending time with his mother, Stacey, instead of him. We christian online dating know right or wrong nothing could ever happen, we know we could never be with our mothers like that. I love you Aunt Trish, but not like that,” Aaron admitted. We were never jealous because no one could know how we felt. Until now.” “So why tell us?” Trish asked. “Because you two have been spending so much time with christian online dating us right or wrochristian online dating right or wrong ng, hoping we’ll be more comfortable around women. We figured it’d be best to tell is online dating wrong for christians you so you’d stop wasting your time.” Trish teared up, “It hasn’t been a waste of time.” Stacey slowly looked to her nearly finished meal, “So you’ve never been interested, never cared about any of the stuff we’ve been trying to make your more comfortable around?” “Never,” Bennet answered. “Mom is the reason I didn’t want to go away to college. She’s the reason we don’t go out and why we stay at home. He loves it when you get sassy and kinda bossy.” Stacey smiled weakly, “Yes, I can be.” Aaron was telling Trish something similar, “Bennet loves your smile, your sweet and gentle ways.” Both sons sat back, relief watching over them.

The aunts suggested christian online they dating right or wrong may grow out of it in the years to come. Their nephews told their aunts they might, but probably not. They admitted they’d rather be virgins forever, instead of christian online dating right or wrong christian online dating right or wrong dating girls, or marry one they didn’t love. The aunts paid the meal, holding the hands of their nephews as they drove home. They each received a long embrace from their aunts in front of their bedroom door. Stacey and Trish said nothing to one another the rest of the night, showering together, packing a few last minute items, and went christian online dating right or wrong christian online dating right or wrong to sleep in each other’s arms. Aaron and Bennet took them to the airport, they received quick hugs from their moms and they went on their way. “Do you think they’ll tell each other?” Aaron asked, watching his aunt and mother walk toward the security checkpoint.

But honestly, we’ve had this secret for so long, I don’t care if they did,” Bennet replied. “Me neither.” Chapter 9 Not while showering together, not while sleeping in the same bed together, not while occasionally having with christian online dating right or wrong men at the same time, not while occasionally having three-ways over the years, have Stacey and Trish felt awkward around one another. They slept most of the way to Los Angeles; only briefly speaking while waiting for the connecting flight to Hawaii. Someone recognized them – something that happens maybe twice a year. He thanked them for inspiring him to get christian online dating right or wrong christian online dating right or wrong into shape. They signed a napkin and posed for a picture with him, trading glances at one another, and boarded their flight to Hawaii. Stacey and Trish arrived at their hotel christian online dating right or wrong room, speaking only about how nice it was, noting the huge bathtub – everything was casual conversation, they avoided talking about their last date with Aaron and Bennet. They retreated to christian online dating right or their wrong room, watched a little TV and went to sleep. Their concentration was low, they struggled, and the photographer had trouble getting the perfect shot. Ulysses was there, working a different photo shoot. He said hello to them, asking them how were things with the family. Stacey and Trish glanced at one another again, shaking their head. Ulysses didn’t pry, only saying he was sorry they were having a tough time. On New Year’s Eve they managed to finish up early. Stacey bought a couple of wine bottles, headed back to christian online dating right or their wrong hotel room, and started drinking. She uncorked the top and drank straight from the bottle, handing Trish the other bottle. She smiled, quietly taking it, pouring herself a plastic cup christian online dating right or wrong full of wine. They said nothing for the next 15 minutes until Stacey’s wine bottle was halfway empty. “Tub, you and me,” She said, standing, pulling off right christian wrong online or dating

christian online dating right or wrong
christian her online dating wrong or right t-shirt, unhooking her bra, stepping out of her thong. Trish downed the rest of her wine and joined Stacey.

They waited for the water to fill the tub, testing it wrong online christian or to right datingchristian online dating right or wrong g> see it wasn’t too hot. Stacey slid in first, taking a wine bottle with her. They traded the bottle back and forth, sipping from it until it was gone. More silence, in the hot, soothing water, resting their heads back against the edge of the tub. They traded a few looks, their mouths opened as though they were going to speak, but changed their minds. “Sorry, you first.” Stacey said nothing, shaking her head. “I think,” “I think we both know the same piece of information,” Stacey said, then burped. Except it’s a little more than a crush isn’t it?” “It’s much more than a crush,” Trish replied. Stacey started laughing, the wine helping her see the humor it in, Trish following suit. “What in the world are we going to do?” Stacey asked. They’ve missed out on so much because of us.” “They’d rather not have anyone if they can’t have us.” “They can’t,” Trish solemnly shook her head, christian online dating right or wrong

christian online staring dating right or wrong
at her breasts, under the water. “Well, I don’t know about that,” Stacey said, another small burp. “Huh?” She giggled, “You heard me.” christian online dating right or wrong “Are you suggesting incest?” Stacey shrugged. “Maybe.” “You’re drunk,” Trish said; the thought of with Bennet flooded her brain. “I’m drunk too,christian online dating right or &rdquo wrong; she said, blaming those thoughts on the wine. Stacey was rubbing Trish’s knee, “I mean, look at you and I. Some of the stuff we’ve done borders christian online dating right or wrong on incest.” “True,” Trish’s fingers were lightly caressing Stacey’s calf. “Hell, I’ve tasted your pussy on a cock before. I’ve tasted your saliva.christian online dating right or wrong ” “Same here.” “I’m not a lesbian, but if someone ordered me to make love to woman for some reason, you’d be the only choice,” christian online dating right or wrong christian online dating right or wrong Stacey admitted. “I guess I could say the same about you.” The sisters smiled at one another, gazing into each other’s eyes for a moment. Stacey slowly moved christian online dating right or wrong Trish’s foot to the side, her leg’s opening. They stared at one another, studying each other’s faces. "We could give them everything they've ever wanted," Stacey said. "It could be beautiful - wrong, but beautiful," Trish added. There was a final pause; eyes burning through each other's, hearts were racing. The sisters lunged at one another, christian dating spilling right online wrongchristian online dating right or or wrong water out of the tub, their mouths joined together, and tongues wrestling. They gripped each other's head, locking one another in place, kissing madly. Stacey took control, diving over the side of the tub, taking Trish with her. The sisters rolled around on the bathroom floor, making their way to the door.

Their mouths separated; "Oh christian singles dating online for singles !" Stacey cried out, climbing christian online dating right or wrong dating online christian or wrong right off Trish, pulling her to her knees. Stacey grabbed Trish's ass, Trish wrapped her legs around Stacey, and Stacey stood, their intense kissing resuming. At that moment, Ulysses was at their hotel room door, holding a dozen roses - six for each sister he planned on making love to that night. He took a deep breath, raised his fist to knock christian online dating right or wrong on their door. Just before his knuckles made contact with it, something on the other side of the door slammed against it – hard. Ulysses, startled at first, leaned in close christian online and dating right or wrong listened. Stacey had slammed Trish against the door, kissing at her neck, holding her friend christian singles online christian dating with one hand, the other sliding fingers up and down her pussy lips.

“I love christian online dating right or wrong christian online dating right or wrong you,” Trish moaned, arms wrapped around Stacey’s shoulders. “I love you too,” Stacey grunted back, her hand moving faster and faster against Trish’s wet pussy. She slid her fingers in, and bounced Trish against the door, mimicking ing her with a cock. Ulysses smiled, placing the roses on the carpeted hallway floor in front of their door. “I guess it’s me and you tonight little Uly,” he whispered to the growing bulge in his cargo shorts. He walked down the hall toward his room; wrong right christian the or dating online sister’s secret would be safe with him. She was on top of Trish, on the bed, kissing and licking at her neck, rubbing her thigh against Trish’s pussy, her own pussy rubbing against Trish’s thigh. “Yes!” Trish called out, grabbing Stacey’s face, kissing her hard. They rolled around a couple times, Stacey sitting up in bed, her hands gliding up Trish’s back, into her long hair, pulling her head back. Stacey attacked Trish’s breasts, swirling her tongue around the hard nipples, and then sucking them hungrily. She laid Trish on her back once again, licking her way down her body. “Never ate a pussy before,” Stacey said, in between licks. “I’m right online wrong or dating christian sure you’ll do fine,” Trish assured her. She arched her back even more when Stacey’s tongue licked at her engorged clit, lapping at it like an animal. Stacey christian online dating right or wrong plunged her tongue into her sister’s pussy, swirling it around, licking juices she’d tasted several times before over the years – this time it was directly from the source.

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