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A gymnast since she was six, Kelsey was the hottest girl on the Junior Varsity Cheer team. She had short ginger hair and brown eyes, she had a perfect tight little body, that was so flexible and in balance she could do a split head stand like no bodies business. Her bubble but was a head turner and

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her tities were firm and stood straight out form her body, she never saw a need to wear a bra. At fifteen, Kelsey knew how hot she was but she dating in the dark tj nude was a bit self conscious about her braces and couldn’t wait to have them out so she could smile again. She was really horney at the moment and hoped dating in the dark tj nude that her friend and lover Jenna would be home alone so she could get off. Some moments passed before she heard Jenna's mom call out "Just come on in." dating in the dark tj nude Kelsey reached out and opened the door, then went inside, closing the door behind her.

She was going to Jenna’s room looking forward to her kiss her fingers in dating in the dark tj nude dating in the dark tj nude her tight pussy. As Kelsey passed the bathroom, Pam, Jenna's mom, came out from the room. Kelsey stopped in the hallway, couldn't help but stare at Pam. She stood naked before her, beads of water running down her tanned body. "Jenna is not here right now Kelsey, but she told me to tell you that she would be dating in the dark tj nude back soon. You can wait in her room if you want to?" Pam asked with a wicked smile. Pam knew that Jenna and Kelsey had been ing and the very idea of the two young girls cumming in each other’s arms made her wet. What a body' Kelsey thought, then quickly diverted her thoughts to Jenna’s body, somehow it wasn’t working.

She went inside Jenna's room and sat down on the bed. A few moments later, Pam peeked inside, still naked, "Say Kelsey, would you dating in the dark tj nude do me a favor?" she asked in a y alluring voice. Kelsey looked up, trying not to stare too much at the naked woman before her eyes. "Would you rub this lotion on my back?" Pam asked, "I can't reach over there myself." "Sure." Pam went over to Kelsey, sat beside her on the bed with her back to

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the girl and handed her a bottle. Even though she was in her thirties, Pam was a beautiful woman. She poured some lotion in her hand and started rubbing it dating in the dark tj nude dating in the dark tj nude on her back. Conveniently enough, Pam had positioned herself in front of Jenna’s full length mirror, so Kelsey could take in all of this beautiful woman’s body; back and front. Pam seemed to enjoy Kelsey’s hands on her back. Kelsey, she could see that Pam’s nipples were hard. She kept rubbing the lotion onto her firm dating in the dark tj nude dating in the dark tj nude body, slowly going down, just as far as the curve of her ass. Pam tilted forward as if to allow Kelsey access to the top of her hot ass. Kelsey put more lotion on her hands and ran them down Pam’s sides over her round hips and then her slick hands cupped the woman’s butt and began to work her fingers into the firm flesh. In the mirror Kelsey could see that she had closed her eyes. “I know you and Jenna are going after each other like lesbian minks. I think it’s my turn don’t you Kelsey?” Pam open her eyes look directly into Kelsey’s as she tilted her head back. Pam reached back and took Kelsey’s hands by the wrists and Kelsey guiding them to apply the lotion to her firm stomach. Pam let dating in the dark full episode the girl’s hands up over her amble breasts, up to the shoulders. Then Pam moved them back down so her heavy breasts filled both of Kelsey’s hands. Kelsey didn’t need any more tutoring she squeezed the big breasts, then moved the heels of her hands down over Pam’s firm tummy then working back to the breasts pulling and twisting the hard nipples with her slick fingers. “They’re bigger than Jenna’s but I hope you like them,” sighed Pam closing her eyes again. Kelsey’s little cunt twitched dating in the seeing dark tj nude doug from dating in the dark the wicked smile on Pam’s lips. Kelsey's hands were now massaging and caressing Pam's boobs, working the lotion all over them, pulling on the long hard nipples as hard as she could given her slippery fingers. Kelsey loved the warmth as her slick hands cupped the heavy breasts. Pam's hand slipped between her legs, fingers dating opening in the dark tj nude her cunt lips for Kelsey to see. Pam’s engorged pink clit came into view, and she began rubbing it hard. Kelsey kept her eyes on the Pam’s in dating tj dark nude the pussy in the mirror. She began kissing Pam's neck, letting her lips and tongue play back the down. “Oh you hot little bitch see what you’ve done to me.

You’ve licked Jenna’s cunt now eat me!” Pam shot her ass out toward Kelsey, bent over spreading her legs offering ass and pussy to her dating in the dark tj nude dark tj nude dating the daughter's in best friend. Kelsey’s mouth began kissing the woman’s full ass, taking little love bites something Jenna loved. She let her hands part Pam’s beautiful ass and she gasped to see a perfect ass hole winking at her. Kelsey’s tongue circled around her tight butt hole. While she had wanted to lick and tongue Jenna’s tight ass she always pushed her away and pressed her tasty cunt in her face. This time Pam wasn’t moving, in fact she was pushing back on dating in the dark tj nude the girl’s tongue. Encouraged Kelsey curled her tongue making it stiff and pushed it as deep as she could into Pam’s ass hole.

Pam groaned as Kelsey, compulsively nude dark tj dating in the jabbed her long quick tongue in and out of the hole. “Oh you little slut, yes tongue my ass, so ing good,” groaned Pam. Kelsey jaw ached after dating in the dark tj nude awhile so without missing a stroke she removed her tongue and slammed two fingers into Pam’s tight ass. Pam seemed to love it so Kelsey moved her face under dating in the dark tj nude her hand and began licking her, her tongue working hard in her pussy, tasting Pam’s juices. Kelsey moaned, Jenna’s cunt tasted good but this was so much more the dark nude tj dating in dating in the dark tj nude overpowering, and intoxicating. Kelsey slowly kept her fingers moving in and out of Pam’s ass while her tongue slipped into the woman’s slick cunt hole. Swirling and sucking, dating in the dark tj nude pulling out and twisting back in. Kelsey loved Jenna’s cunt but it wasn’t nearly as juicy as her mom’s. Kelsey couldn’t get enough of it, her tongue moved from inside her pussy to flash and flick over Pam’s engorged clit and then back inside slurping up every ounce of her thick juices. Kelsey deftly slipped dating in the dark tj nude the tj dark nude dating in a third finger into Pam’s trembling ass and the woman screamed calling her a “hot cunt slut”. Kelsey loved the dirty told and renewed her attack on Pam’s clit sucking and flicking and then sucking it over the sharp edges of her braces, the steel grinding on the tender clit flesh. Within minutes Pam was screaming and bucking wildly, enjoying a massive orgasm. The juices squirted in waves into Kelsey's mouth, soaking her face. Kelsey was enjoying it tremendously, licking wilder, and forcing her fingers dating in the dark tj nude deeper up her ass. As the orgasm rolled over, Kelsey wrapped her arms around Pam, caressing her gorgeous breasts, until she was fully recovered from the sensations her amazing cum. Pam turned around, facing Kelsey, running her hands through the short soft hair of her younger lover. Kelsey could feel the hot breath as she whispered in her ear "Your

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now, wicked little bitch." Then the tip of her tongue brushed over her ear, sending thrills throughout Kelsey's body. Then Pam led her hands down Kelsey's body, dating in the dark tj nude tj the dark in dating nude gently teasing her. She started undressing her, and shortly after she stood naked before her. Both of them naked in Jenna's room,Pam reached down to spread Kelsey's dating in the dark tj nude tj in the nude dark dating legs, gently pinching her inner thighs. Pam started to kiss and bite the pert little breasts of the young girl, slowly working the way down over her stomach to her
dating in the dark tj nude
dating in the dark tj nude tight soaking pussy. “Oh what a pretty pussy, I’m sure Jenna must love eating you Kelsey. Does she make you cum with her tongue hunny?” Kelsey nodded groaning as Pam’s tongue touched her outer cunt lips. “Yeah honey, she makes you cum good huh, well I’m going to make you cum better you little cunt licker.” Kelsey looked down and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Pam took her entire little cunt into her mouth and sucked on the lips her tongue piercing through to her clit. When the tip of Pam’s hot tongue flicked over the girls clit she bucked with pleasure, but Pam rode the movements sucking harder dating in the dark tj nude on the cunt lips pressing and flicking her tongue over the clit.

She loved to tease the young girl, wanting to make the lovemaking last forever.

She pulled and bit dating in the dark tj nude dating in the dark tj nude Kelsey stander young cunt lips then sucked the her whole slit back into her mouth. It was like having dating in the dark glamour model her pussy in a vice grip and again as her climax dating in the dark tj nude approached Pam stopped releasing her young cunt. “You want to cum don’t you bitch?” Kelsey nodded desperately, moaning loudly. Pam straddled the young girl, grinding then dragging dating in the dark tj nude ran her soaked cunt over Kelsey's right hip bone. “If I do something for you, then you have to do something for me do you understand?” “Oh anything, just let me cum,” whimpered Kelsey. Pam grinned down on the hot girl grinding her slippery cunt on the Kelsey’s flat tummy. “I want you to help me seduce Jenna, I want to my little girl to within an inch of her life. Right?” Pam pressed her sloppy cunt into one of Kelsey’s dating in the dark tj nude dating in the dark tj nude little tities grinding on it making it slick with her juices. Pam shifted her cunt up to Kelsey’s flustered face, ordering her to lick her clit. “Yeah, that’dating in the dark tj nude dating in the dark tj nude dating in the dark tj nude s good, now kick your legs apart cheer girl.” In an instant Pam re positioned herself between the girls legs, amazed at Kelsey’s flexibility adult sex dating she in dating dark the tj nude

dating in the dark tj nude
in newhalen alaska lowered her sloppy cunt onto the girls hot needy pussy and began to grind her cunt over Kelsey’s. Kelsey needed release so badly she thrust her
dating in the dark tj nude
powerful hips upward nearly unseating Pam but succeeded in grinding her teen cunt against Pam’s puffy cunt. I want to Jenna like this but with a big strap tj dating the dark in nude dating in the dark tj nude on cock, filling her tight cunt till she screams.” Pam’s talk of ing her daughter made Kelsey buck faster, feeling her clit grinding into the folds of the sloppy pussy.

Pam grabbed Kelsey’s firm little ass so that the two cunts were inside one another, clit grinding on clit. Kelsey began whimpering and then stars formed in front of her eyes as her young cunt seemed to be turning itself inside out. She was humping and flopping uncontrollably as cum shot from her tight cunt causing an

dating in the dark tj nude
immense orgasm for Pam. Pam and Kelsey were like two ells ing in water until finally they collapsed on the bed exhausted. After they recovered Pam ordered Kelsey to get into a hot little bikini of Jenna’s then put on a princess mask. Kelsey put on some music, and Pam made her dance in front of her while Pam rubbed herself sitting in Jenna’s chair. “Show me your little cunt Jenna?” Pam said i love dating in the dark and Kelsey would move the crotch of the bikini bottom aside to show her. Kelsey enjoyed watching Pam bring herself off while she played as Jenna. The thought of Pam ing her own daughter made Kelsey very hot. She was amazed how fast Pam ed her own cunt with one hand and let her fingers fly over her big clit with the other.

Finally Pam cried, “Show me your tities Jenna baby, dating I want in the dark tdating in the dark tj nude j nude to cum all over your hot little tities.” Kelsey got on her knees in front of Pam’s cunt and lifted the top and mask just in dating in the dark tj nude time to feel the first spray of cum splash all over her tities. The second squirt came out higher and splattered Kelsey’s pretty face. Pam was on her dating in the dark tj nude a wild woman devouring Kelsey’s cum soaked tittles and licking her own cum from the girl’s face and mouth. It rang several times before Pam was able to get herself together to answer it without sounding too short of breath. Kelsey could understand from the conversation that it was Jenna on the phone. “Yes hun, Kelsey is dating in the dark tj nude dating in the dark tj nude here and I’ve invited her to stay for a sleepover. Just us girls…so hurry home Jenna.” When Pam got off the phone, she said "We better change the bedding and get cleaned up Kelsey, Jenna is on her way home and I want to tell you how this is going to go down.” The pair got dressed then Pam hugged Kelsey, kissing her deeply and passionately. "I think this is going to be a night to remember " she said with a grin. - Part 2 Saturday morning came early…at 5:30 I awoke…not fully rested but feeling exceptionally good. I rolled out of bed…shuffled down the hall to the kitchen and turned on dating in the dark tj nude the coffee maker. Next, to the john where I took a lengthy piss…and feeling the stickiness of my cock I smiled about the memorable night before. Visions of Ellen dating in the dark tj nude dating in the dark tj nude sucking my cock….then begging for my cum had me half way hard before I finished taking care of business. Back to the kitchen and out through the back door onto the patio…where I stood stark naked and did my morning wake up stretches. While stretching I noticed that my pool had accumulated a lot of leaves during the

dating in the dark tj nude
dating in last the dark tj nude 24 hours and I resolved to dip them out after coffee. One of the really cool things about my home is that it’s in the middle of a subdivision, not far from the heart of town, but is very private. Surrounded by woods in back and along one side and a tall privacy fence on the other side I could, and often did, walk around buck naked in my back yard. My lot is irregularly shaped with the left property line running almost 300’ along a flood dating in the dark tj nude plain boundary. The flood plain area was a so called “green belt” but in reality was abandoned by the developer and allowed to grow up in thick brush and dating in the trees dark tj nude. The only maintenance done by the county was to keep the creek bank free of undergrowth to assure adequate drainage.

I wondered if I could get away with cutting a pathway through the greenbelt to my new rental property. A private pathway between houses might come in handy. I returned to the kitchen, poured myself a cup of coffee, and went back out to the patio. Taking a seat at my table I enjoyed the sunrise, sipped my coffee and reflected on the previous evening. I almost wanted to pinch myself to be sure the last two weeks was not a dream. I had no idea what I might have done to deserve the two women that had entered my life….and within a few short days totally captivated me. The best part was I knew that she had much more to offer and in time I would have all of her. How much more she had to pleasure me with I had no idea, as I would come to learn!

Jennifer on the other hand was a conundrum dating in the dark tj nude of sorts. I already had grown very fond of her and was beginning to develop fatherly feelings toward her. On the other hand, the memories of her in the doorway, watching and masturbating as I ed her mother’s mouth and pussy made my cock ache with desire to claim this young girl for my own pleasure. While I felt guilty in some regards, I was not at all sure that Jennifer would put up much, if any, resistance to any advance I made with skill and sensitivity. Jennifer dating in the dark tj nude was a horny young teenager and that was crystal clear. I imagined teaching her the finer points in the not too distant future. Rousing myself from my musing I picked dating in the dark tj nude up the skimmer and cleaned up the pool. Maybe I could have the girls over Sunday night for a barbeque and swim after we got them moved. I also made dating in the dark tj nude a mental note to work on that pathway through the “green belt” which with a few strategically placed stepping stones in the creek bed, would allow for foot traffic dating in the dark tj nude between my home and Jennifer’s….err Ellen’s home. I gulped down a quick second cup and headed for the shower. I wanted to get an early start this morning as I had to work 3:00 to close this evening. I had, fortunately managed to get the day off Sunday. In the shower I took great care to dating in the dark tj nude carefully wash my cock and balls…and in fairness I must confess to giving my cock a few extra stokes…just to be sure I was totally clean you understand. Out of the shower and toweled dry I jumped into my jeans, threw on a tee shirt, sox, and sneakers, grabbed my wallet and keys a bolted out the door.

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