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Breathlessly, she huffed and looked me longingly in the eyes, “Not here. I want you to rip my cloths off in our room, and me until I scream! She didn’t wait for my answer as she pulled me to her, attacking my mouth with a passion I had not thought possible. Her hands moved behind me to aggressively knead my ass dating for truck drivers in canada dating for truck canada drivers in as she sought a way to control her own thirst. Mercifully, the elevator had not stopped for hitchhikers and opened on our floor.

I grabbed Mindy’s hand, and we ran to the canada in drivers for dating truck dating for truck drivers in canada room, Mindy’s boobs spilling out in the process. I had the door open in a second, and we got in far enough for the door to clear us. I pulled Mindy dating for truck drivers in canada into me to resume enjoying her wet and inviting mouth. My hands, of their on volition found her waist, and met at the zipper in back. I quickly began unhooking, unzipping, and then dating for truck drivers ripping in canada the garment apart at the zipper. I let it fall to ground, useless; leaving Mindy naked below the waist. My hands moved up to finish getting Mindy exposed for my assault. Our dating for truck drivers in canada faces were slick with sweat and saliva, but we continued to kiss deeply, and with more throat, as the copular moment approached. Mindy’s blouse had only a few buttons, that

dating for truck drivers in canada
had been spared, but I destroyed them as I pulled the blouse apart. Mindy’s delicious breasts were bare, shiny with sweat and heaving. Her desire to be stripped naked, in a violent dating for truck drivers in manner canadating for truck drivers in canada da, was fulfilled. Mindy was working on my pants as she shrugged out of the remnants of her clothes, and then drug me over to the bed. I pulled her up short, kissed her hard once more, as she worked my pants free.

When I felt the waistband loosen, I quickly broke off our embrace to take off my shirt as she pulled my pants dating for truck drivers in canada

dating for truck drivers in canada
dating for truck drivers and in canada underwear down. Near mad with desire, I pushed Mindy onto the bed, and finished off my pants. I barely had time to admire Mindy lying back on the bed, her legs spread invitingly, but not wide. Her legs were off the bed, with her tight little ass on the edge of the mattress, as she leaned back on her arms, and looked at me, hungry and frustrated by the short delay.

I quickly took in her full breasts, with her normally erect looking nipples, now looking like cherry gumdrops, advertising the degree of attention her whole body was crying for. Her pussy was swollen, causing the lips to part slightly, begging for something to fill it. My cock pulled me towards Mindy; I rushed in between her legs and with no foreplay or hesitation, I buried myself into her hot, wet, cunt. My eyes rolled back into my head as I felt myself go deep into her love canal.

I immediately felt a light-headed elation, as partial relief was granted to me. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” Mindy moaned and shivered.

“God, that feels good!” Mindy continued to voice her pleasure and to egg for truck in dating drivers canada dating for truck drivers in canada me on. I was a man possessed, pumping as hard and fast as I could.

Each time I would find the bottom of Mindy’s pussy, my balls would slap against her dating for truck drivers in canada ass, sending a small jolt of pleasure up my spine, and stabbing into my brain. This was all animal instinct, with no thought towards anything other than relieving the pressure in my groin. Mindy in truck dating for canada drin dating ivers drivers truck canada for had spent two songs and a cab ride doing everything in her power to get me to the brink of explosion, I did not know how I could last much longer, and truth be told, I did not want to. Every fiber of my being was crying out for relief from the wall of lust that had been building. “I’m getting close!” I exclaimed “No!” Mindy shouted. The thought of Mindy telling me to her incredibly tight, and vulnerable ass, almost pushed me over. Had it not been for all of the recent , Mindy’s ass would have been disappointed. There is lube in the bag!” she breathed out in a breathless and lusty voice. Her proclamation spurred me into action, and I dating for truck drivers in canada withdrew from Mindy’s box. I had the new, urgent goal of violating Mindy’s forbidden opening. I rushed over to the side of the bed to retrieve the KY Jelly. Mindy’dating for truck drivers in canada s own desire compelled her to crawl over to meet me. She faced her backside to me and stuck her gorgeous ass in the air and begged, through ragged breaths; “Hurry! I dating for truck drivers in canada need it in my ass!” I very shakily slathered a handful of the jelly on my cock, refilled my hand and did my best to get Mindy’s anus ready for the intrusion. I did a hasty job on Mindy’s little butthole, and then my lust crazed cock ordered me to begin my anal assault. I quickly guided my throbbing member to canada Mindy’s truck in drivers for dadating for truck drivers in canada

dating for truck drivers in canada
ting little brown eye. She took in a breath when she felt my head touch her back door. There was almost no hesitation, as I pushed in with a steady pressure. My lust filled delirium was complete as I felt the head of my organ penetrate her tight outer ring, and then quickly the whole head popped in. I could not have paused for dating for truck drivers in canada her to relax, even if I had wanted to.

I held back as much as could, but I did not stop once I was in. Not wanting to tear her apart, I dating for truck drivers in canada was fighting the desire to bury my cock to the hilt with one mighty thrust.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Mindy cried out “Slowly! You’ll rip me apart” “God, that still hurts!” she added that last more as a statement than a plea. I could see only the red of my burning need to be free of the load building in balls. Buried dating for truck drivers in canada dating for truck drivers in deep canada inside Mindy’s bowel I could only restrain myself long enough to enjoy the now familiar tightness that surrounded my cock, and sent a shiver of anticipation up my spine. The first in stroke was slow, but when I bottomed out again, and Mindy only moaned a low search for dating site in canada “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” It was like a pistol shot and I immediately began my sprint. After just dating truck canada drivers for in dating for a few truck drivers in canada strokes, I was at full speed, sprinting to the finish line. I was so worked up; there was going to be no stopping again. “ my ass!” Mindy yelled, dating for truck drivers in canada not the least deterred by any pain or a lack of lubricant.

Her desire for relief blotted out all other concerns. “Harder!” she begged, as she reached underneath herself to begin dating for truck drivers in canada working her pussy. “She shouted Mindy breathed is gaps and spurts, as she closed her eyes, laid her head to the side, and worked her cunt furiously. She was deeply into dating drivers for truck in canada herself now and could only moan, groan and grunt as I ruthlessly pounded her ass. Mindy’s fingers tried to race her pussy to orgasm, and her own climax. No force short of a bullet could stop me from cumming now. Her ass was trying to squeeze my cock into submission, as Mindy’s own build up increased. I was using her hips to aid in slamming myself as deep into her bowels as I could. Mindy punctuated each thrust with a groan or grunt each time our bodies met in an increasingly more violent collision. I began to erupt into her ass as I felt Mindy tighten her whole body and yell “Godddddddddd! !” She stopped me dead, for a split second, but my own orgasm was driving dating for truck drivers in canada me deep into her back door. I felt myself begin to empty by balls into Mindy’s ass. I pulled hard on her hips trying to force my juice as deep as dating for truck drivers in canada I could and Mindy continued to voice her pleasure “Yes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ She was tense with her orgasm. We were cumming together but working against each other. I was desperately trying to push deep in to Mindy’s ass, feeling compelled to seek one more micro inch of Mindy’s bowel, with my final thrust. It hurt, but the pain was overwhelmed by such an intense pleasure I was on the verge of blacking out. I was seeing little points of light, when almost at once Mindy relaxed. I immediately gained another fraction of an inch, as my balls shot more of my lust deep into Mindy’s ass. I held Mindy’s hips against mine, with a white knuckled grip for just another moment, as I drained, and dating for truck drivers in canada then relaxed, too. I let out the breath, I had not known I was holding. My right hand followed the curved of her hip, waist, ribs, and then underneath to fondle Mindy’s heavy breast. I felt the weight of it, cupped it, and fondled it.

After a few squeezes, which helped to coax my heart rate back down, I rolled us into a spoon position, popping my softening cock out of Mindy’s ass. “That was the best of my life” I said through ragged breaths “You can throw that ing paddle in the trash” “Thank you, kind sir” Mindy said, also trying to catch her breathe. Then after a few seconds she added “It rocked my world, too” and then as she eased back

dating for truck drivers in canada
dating for truck drivers in canada dating in truck for drivers canada into a normal breathing pattern, she started to cry softly. To be continued I don't see many hitch hikers these days, and certainly not single women. To be honest, my first dating for truck drivers in canada dating for truck instinct drivers in canada as I stopped to let her into the cab was to feel protective. Of course, that pervert turned out to be me, and I needn't have worried on her behalf. In dating for truck drivers in canada retrospect I pity anyone who ever did cause her any problems.

They'd have soon found themselves very much the worse for it.

The usual, unspoken deal with hitch hiking is that the driver wants some company, and the price of the lift is to make entertaining conversation on the subject, or subjects of the driver's choosing. I've hitched myself in the past, and sometimes it can get awkward, when you really need that lift, but just don't like the driver. But as Alice and table for eight dating ontario canada I chatted, I found her easy to talk to, dating for truck drivers in canada and the feeling seemed mutual. Still, I never expected to get on quite as well as we did. The stretch of motorway we were on has few service stations, and I had a long drive to make. It turned out that Alice was going even further than me, and on the same route. So neither of us were keen to make too many stops, dating especially for truck driversdating for truck drivers in canada in canada as it would probably mean turning off the motorway to look for services, which can waste a lot of time. It had been a hot day too, and Alice had been standing in the sun trying to get a lift for quite a while. I didn't say it, but I was pretty surprised about this, given how fantastically cute she was. But when I thought it over later, I could only guess that families or couples weren't going to let such an obvious temptress into their car, and many commercial drivers aren't allowed to dating truck drivers canada in for give lifts any more. Who knows, maybe they thought she was just too good to be true, and there must be some kind of trick involved! In any case, the point of the background story is that we were both extremely thirsty, and soon finished off the bottles of water I had behind my seat, drinking at least two litres each over the course of an hour and a half. It's not about domination, and it's not really the pee itself. It's perhaps just the intimacy of the act, and the taboo. It's maybe also about childhood experiences when the body's sensations are all less differentiated, and the mere thought of a girl taking her knickers off to pee was intruiging. Of course, these dating for truck drivers in canada

dating days for truck drivers in canada<truck drivers for in legal age for dating in canada canada dating dating for truck drivers in canada /h6>, I'd just as likely ask her to keep her knickers on while she peed, but that's another story! We had just passed a turning for one of the few service dating for truck drivers in canada dating for truck drivers stations in canada when Alice interrupted herself to say, 'Damn, I should have asked you to pull in there.' I replied that it was 40 miles to the next service station. Already I was titillated by the turn that the conversation was taking. I'll never know if Alice had deliberately missed the service station, but it was the professional perfect romances dating lover professional singles opening into discussing my, and as it turned out, her secret fetish. Alice told me she had to pee, and she'd never last another 40 miles.

Now I really was turned on, and I was beginning to suspect, or at least hope, that was her intention. I offered to turn off at the next junction, but even that was at dating at least the age of 14 20 miles away, and I didn't know how far off the motorway we'd have to go to find toilets. 'You might end up having to pee behind a dating for truck drivers in canada in dating drivers truck canada for bush', I said. 'We'd be in the middle of the countryside - why bother going behind a bush, if there's nobody there to see me?', she asked cheekily. To which she just smirked again, and glanced pointedly down at the now obvious bulge at my crotch. Just to make it a little more obvious she started jiggling up and down in her seat and lightly and almost casually put her hand between her legs to cup her pubic mound. By this point it was about all I could do to concentrate on the driving. Fortunately dating for truck lorries drivers in canada these days all have great cruise control, and there was hardly any other traffic around! But even so, I had to at least pay some attention to the road, which was dating for truck drivers in canada getting more and more difficult to do. Firstly because of my increasing arousal, and also because I was beginning to suspect that Alice shared my kink, or was at the very least aware of it and deliberately teasing me. There was a definite flirtatiousness about the conversation now, but I don't know if I would ever have found the courage to be the first dating for truck drivers in canada one to admit it out loud. Imagine how awkward it would have been for the next 20 miles if I'd told her I was turned on by the idea of her peeing drivers dating truck in canada for dating for truck drivers in canada by the roadside in full view of passing drivers, and then found out I was misreading the whole situation! Fortunately for me, I didn't have to make the next move. I'dating for truck drivers in canada drivers ve dating canada for truck in never known anyone as relaxed an upfront about their kinks as Alice was. She picked up the nearly empty water bottle from behind her seat and, looking me in the eye dating the for truck drivers in canada whole time, finished it off in one long gulp. 'I suppose if I was a man I could just pee in this', she said with a grin. 'But you are most definitely not a man, are you?' Now it was my turn to give her meaningful looks - mainly at her full, shapely breasts pushing against her cotton T shirt. She laughed out loud now, and vampishly thrust her chest out and juggled her tits. But I bet I could still manage to pee in this bottle anyway'. At which point, naturally, I had to play along canada in truck for dating drivers and call her bluff, which was all the excuse she needed. I only just cleaned this cab.' 'Don't worry, I never spill a drop', she replied. At this point, I think I was more turned on than I had ever been before in my life. Although in this case, my imagination didn't come anywhere close to the reality to follow. Alice scooted forward dating for truck drivers in canada in the passenger seat, loosening the seat belt so that she could wriggled right to the edge. She put the bottle down again for a moment, and slowly unbuttoned her shorts, all dating for truck drivers in canada dating for truck drivers in canada the while looking at me to check I was watching. Of course I was, at least as well as possible without crashing! She pushed her shorts down to her knees, picked the bottle up again, and made as though to put it between her legs. 'I'll have to take them right off.' As though she hadn't known that all along.

Putting the bottle down again she pushed her shorts right down and kicked them off.

She was dressed now only in T-shirt and plain white cotton panties. It's a good job the cab of

dating for truck drivers in canada
the lorry is so high and few other motorists had any chance of seeing her lower half, or I wouldn't have been the only driver in danger of loosing control. Now she truck dating for canada in drivers reached for the bottle and, spreading her legs wide, put it against her crotch before pulling her knickers slightly to one side, giving me just a teasing glimpse of her neatly trimmed drivers canada truck in for dating pubic hair and pretty pussy. Even that partial view was more than enough to see that she was also enjoying this game tremendously. Her pink lips glistened in the shafts of warm dating for truck drivers in canada sunlight streaming through the windscreen. Although, of course, she might also have already peed herself a little. Now she looked away from me and concentrated her gaze on her own body, carefully spreading her pussy lips apart with her fingers, and placing the narrow mouth of the bottle right over her urethra. She pressed it firmly against herself to make sure she had a good dating for truck drivers in canada drivers canada truck in dating for dating for truck drivers in canada seal against her flesh. It was now patently obvious that she had done this many times before, and had known exactly what she was doing all along. How many other lorry drivers had dating for truck drivers in canada she done this with, I wondered? Although on second thoughts, how many drivers were going to admit to having a pee fetish?

I could do no more than nod, my mouth dry dating for truck with drivers in canada excitement and expectation. (But more of my dry mouth in a bit!) And then, finally, she began. The hiss of her stream hitting the inside of the bottle. The I looked down to see the fountain of golden piss gushing out, catching the sun, splashing into the waiting receptacle. Alice let out an involuntary sigh of relief as she relaxed to let it flow. I could imagine the warmth she felt in her hand as she held the bottle, the weight of it as it filled. Her fountain of piss seemed to continue for ages, but dating for truck drivers in canada then little by little the rush of urine slowed as her bladder emptied and the bottle filled. The last drops dripped into the nearly full plastic container, and she pulled it away from

for canada in drivers dating truck
her crotch.

She adjusted her panties, straightened up, and looked back at me while holding the nearly full bottle of piss out in front of her. She swirled it around, as if in deep concentration, holding it up to the light, and then putting it up to her face to sniff its odour. It barely looks as though it's been through me at all.

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