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“The whole ing thing…..right up to the wrist. My cunt has never been stretched so far, at least not since the last time I gave birth!” He groaned. “online dating sites that have im Oh man, I would have loved to be there to see that!

By the way, where are you now?” When Katie dropped the C-bomb Dean realized she must be somewhere private where she was sure her Dad couldn’t overhear her conversation. “Well as you know I was….busy for a couple of hours, and then I really wanted to call you so I told Dad I was going for a walk to get some fresh air.” He was finally starting to relax, and managed to laugh at her infectious enthusiasm.

As online dating sites the that have im time passed I was doing a great job of convincing myself that you thought my story was crap and had no idea how to let me down gently.” “What?online dating sites that have im ” She replied, disbelief clearly evident in the tone of her voice. Your story is so much better than anything I’ve read on that website. The way you write just completely online dating sites that have im involves me; I mean, I actually believed I was right there with the characters. And……oh wait……this was your first attempt……and while I’m busy having one cum after another……you were sitting there……thinking I couldn’t tell you I didn’t like it…………Oh Dean, I’m so sorry; it just never occurred online dating sites that have im to me. Oh God, I’m such a thoughtless bitch!” “No you’re not.” He reassured her. “There’s no way you could have known, and I think online dating sites that my have im imagination kind of ran riot for a while.” “But I still should have realized. Instead I was too busy having a good time.” “Well that still makes online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im

online dating sites that have im
me happy.” He replied.

“At least I know it had the desired effect.” “And then some!” She responded. But I still feel as though I let you online dating sites that down have im and I need to make it up to you. Where are you right now?” “Sitting by the pool.” He replied. “Have you got a drink?” “online dating sites that have im Sure do; I poured a double to steady the nerves while I was waiting.” “Ok, take a long sip.” She instructed. “What are you wearing?” He followed online dating sites that have im her instructions and felt the warm glow from the alcohol radiate from his stomach before replying. “Just a pair of shorts, it’s nice and warm here.” “Take ‘em online dating sites that have im off.” She replied simply. He put the phone on the table and slid his shorts down, his firm cock slapping against his skin as he sat back down and picked up that online dating im have sites online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im his cell. Ever since you told me about fisting your own pussy.” “That’s good, very good.” She hissed.

“I’m glad it made you hot, because you online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im dating im that have online sites had me on fire! Now, wrap your hand around your cock and start stroking, and when you reach the head slide your thumb across and spread your juice down the shaft. We need to make sure you’re nice and wet.” “Oh…..God.” He whispered as he followed her instructions. “That feels soooo good!” “It’ll feel a online whole dating sites that have im lot better soon, but let’s take it slow, ok? I want you to picture me lying back on our bed, with my legs spread and my freshly shaved pussy exposed online dating sites that have im for you, and you alone. Remember how you shaved me the other night, and how good it felt to lick me, suck me, and me?” “I’ll never forget that!” online dating sites that have im

online dating sites that have im
He moaned.

Now I’m sliding two fingers in my mouth, and then rubbing them up and down my slit. My pussy feels so hot; just ripe for ing!” He groaned online dating sites that have again im, his cock oozing even more clear liquid every time his hand moved upward. I can easily slide two fingers into my hot cunt, so now I’m adding a third. Oh online dating sites that have im have sites sweet that dating im online Jesus; that’s really starting to stretch my tight little pussy. Wouldn’t you like to slide that big, hard, dripping cock in there? Or would you rather do my ass top online dating sites in us while my fingers keep going?” “I don’t care!” He hissed. I just wanna cum!!!” “All in good time lover, be a little patient.” She instructed. My online pussy dating sites that have im is running and my juices are going everywhere. I’ve just cum and you can smell the scent of . I’m going to slip a fourth finger into my pussy, as I think I’m loose enough to take it now.

It’s really stretching me, but my greasy cunt juice is helping and I think…I…can….just…get it….in online dating sites that have im there. That’s four fingers and my cunt is gaping; it’ll take hours to go back to normal shape. Keep stroking that ing cock babe; I promise you’ll be spraying cum online dating sites that have im everywhere real soon!” “I…hope…so!” Dean groaned, his balls starting to ache. “I wonder if I can get my whole hand in there again?” She continued, online dating sites that have im teasing him mercilessly. “I’m sliding my fingers back so I can fold my thumb into my palm. Now I’m really starting to myself; my hand is punching my hot, online dating sites sticky that have im pussy and each time I manage to get it in a little deeper. up the knuckles now…but I just can’t seem to open quite wide enough. I’m such online dating sites that have im a slut; a fist-ing slut who wants to ram her hand deep inside her own cunt! Oh God, I’m getting so hot I feel like I’ll burst into flames. Get ready Dean; I’m almost there and I know I’ll cum so hard the second my hand slides into my greasy hole!” Dean was sweating profusely, rivulets of perspiration leaving online dating sites that have im liquid trails as they ran down his skin. “Nearly…nearly.” Katie gasped breathlessly. I’m ing myself so hard I’ll have a bruised pussy tomorrow, but who gives a ? My

online whole dating sites that haveonline dating sites that have im im
hand is in there and I’m fisting my own cunt! I want to hear you cum everywhere!!!!” Dean didn’t merely cum, he exploded like a volcanic eruption. “online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im
online dating sites that have im
AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” He yelled into the phone, his first spurt hitting him on the chin with surprising force that made him flinch. His second burst had cum dripping down his neck, and his third just fell short. His eyes were clenched shut and he could feel hot liquid pooling and running down his body. He continued squeezing and stretching his cock, failing to realize
online dating sites that have im
dating im online sites have that online dating sites that have im Katie had gone silent as she listened to him gasp and groan. ing…..God!” He stammered into the phone. Can you believe it?” “Of course I can believe dating sites that have im ” Katie said softly. “You’re just a horny little cunt-er, and I love that I can make you so hot.

It’s the least I can do after reading your that online im have dating sites online dating sites that have im story.” “I’m so relieved you liked it babe.” He said earnestly, his body trembling from the physical and emotional roller-coaster he had been through. “I’m not sure I can describe how I felt, but I never knew masturbation could be so satisfying.” Katie attempted to explain. “Don’t get me wrong; it’s always pleasant but normally that I’d dating im have sitonline dating sites that have im es online only do it if you were away or working late or something, but this was completely different. I’m starting to tremble just thinking about it. I promise you this; online dating sites that have im as soon as I know Mom’s ok I really hope you can get some time off, because I’ll be heading home, and once I get inside I won’t want online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im online dating sites to that have im step back through the door until we run out of food!” Dean laughed; a long heartfelt expression of happiness and relief. “As soon as I’ve delivered this presentation dating have I think online that sites im I could arrange a day or two. So, do you still want me to send you updates, or save them until you get back?” “You’ve got me online dating sites that have im hooked babe.” She replied passionately. “I want to read it while the ink is still wet, ok?” “Ok, as soon as I finish a section I’ll email online dating sites that have im it through. I presume you’ll want a text letting you know?” “Yes PLEASE!

It’s probably more practical than trying to sleep with a laptop.” She laughed. “Seriously though, when I’m sure Mom’s ok I’m coming home. We’ve got some serious catching up to take care of!” “I’m looking forward to that, and I can’t tell you how much I miss you, but if you were here I doubt if the story would have progressed this far. I think I’d be tempted to keep stopping for some….quality time.” “Hmmmm.” She mused. Well, how about you keep busy and see how far you can get before I fly in, ok?” Dean online dating sites that have im chuckled at her enthusiasm. “Ok, I’ll do that, but only for you.” They said their best online dating sites in malta goodbyes, both a little breathless after their first phone- experience. “And I didn’t even need a credit card.” Dean mused to himself with a wry smile, as he restarted his lap top and continued his story. In the meantime Katie was strolling back to her parent’s house, a beaming smile on her face. As she walked through the door her Dad smiled and asked if she felt like a coffee. She nodded, waiting as sites online that have dating im he brewed a fresh pot and thanking him as he passed the steaming cup across. They sat in the den and he went back to watching his game as big tall women online dating sites that have im

online dating sites that have im
personals dating singles Katie’s thoughts drifted away. It was difficult not to laugh out loud as she thought of herself calmly walking down the sidewalk, talking on her cell, lustfully encouraging her husband to masturbate as she described her own self-pleasure to him. “It’s a good thing nobody came the other way at the wrong time; talk about a case of coitus interruptus if they had!” She smiled to herself. She marveled at the story Dean had created, and the feelings she had experienced as she read through. He had the ability to online dating sites that have im online create dating sites that have im a presentation quickly and professionally, and when she had occasionally asked for his help with an email that she was struggling with, he would take her computer, sit back and think online dating sites that have im for a moment, before his fingers would fly across the keyboard. Then he would slide it back and she would read what he had written, and wonder how he could precisely put online have dating im sites that online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im her thoughts into words in such an effortless manner. But her thoughts kept drifting back to his erotic story, and the way his words had captivated her. She had never had any online that sites dating im have online dating sites that have im reservations about masturbation, and while it was a pleasant way to spend some time, it had never provided the same level of blissful release that having had given her. The orgasms she had online dating experienced sites that have im were so strong they bordered on all-consuming, which was part of the reason she had thrown her inhibitions away when she told Dean about her pleasure. It also added to her online dating sites that have im desire to help him achieve a similar level of ecstasy as she graphically described her earlier activities. This only reinforced her conviction that they slipped into a comfortable but ultimately unsatisfying pattern, and she was more determined than ever that it was time for a change. She started thinking about what they could do to avoid this happening again, and she found herself considering
online dating sites that have im
how she could dress and what surprises she could prepare for her return. Her suggestion that they take some time off and stay at home until they ran out of food was largest online dating sites in world have dating sites online that im a serious one, and she started developing a mental list of -games they could enjoy, and surprises she could unveil at an appropriate moment. As her plans took shape she realized some serious shopping was called for, and started Googling lingerie outlets and adult stores in the area. With a series of options available she interrupted her Dad’s game. “Dad, I’d online dating sites that have im like to do some shopping after we visit Mom tomorrow. Would it be ok if I borrowed your car for a while?” He smiled over at her. Would you like for casual online dating sites arab that havonline dating sites that have im e im dating sex sites some company?” She appreciated the offer, but walking into an adult store with her father was not something she wanted to contemplate so she shook her head, online dating sites have im that smiling as she replied.

“Thanks Dad, but I need to buy some clothes and new shoes and you know what women are like when they shop. We like to take our online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im

online dating sites that have im
online dating sites that have im time!” He gave her a mock groan but smiled as he did. “In that case, I’m happy to hand over the car keys. I’ve been through enough of that with your mother thanks.” “I had a feeling you’d say that. Thanks Dad.” Katie laughed, and went back to her planning. Her plans were progressing until she online dating sites that have im interrupted them to prepare dinner, and she and her father chatted as they ate their meal. “So how long do you plan on staying Katie?” He asked. “Not that I’m complaining as it always good to see you, but I’m sure you’ll need to get back to work at some stage.” She nodded as she sipped from online dating sites that have im her wine glass. “I do, but I’m not planning anything until I know Mom’s ok. John’s talking about flying in later this week, so once we know more about Mom’s recovery and when John flies in I probably should think about heading home.” “How’s Dean doing? She smiled as she thought about him sitting at home, and what he was probably doing. “That goes both ways because I’m missing him as well. But he’s fine Dad, and he felt quite guilty that he couldn’t come with me. He’s offered to fly out later if I’m going to be here for a while, but when John comes over I’ll fly home. Apart from anything else, online have that im dating sites you’ve only got one spare bedroom so it would get kind of crowded with too many of us here.” “You’re right.” He replied.

“But it would still be nice to have both my kids here.” She thought about that aspect, as she spoke with John regularly but it had been some time since she’d actually seen online dating sites that have im him. I’d like to see John, so maybe one of us could sleep on the couch the night he arrives, and I could fly out the next day.” He beamed at her suggestion. If John’s not too tired we could go out for dinner. There’s a great little Italian restaurant just round the corner.” They cleaned up the kitchen and online dating sites that have im went into the den where they watched a movie before heading for bed. The next morning Katie prepared breakfast and then they headed for the hospital, to find her Mom sitting up in bed and looking significantly better. Katie saw the relief on her Dad’s face and sat back as they talked, the strength of their love evident in every word, touch and online dating sites that have im

online dating sites that have im
gesture. He was even happier when she told them her Doctor expected to release her in a few days, and provided she watched her diet and exercised with care she should enjoy online dating sites that have im a complete recovery. They were permitted to stay for around an hour before a kindly nurse suggested it was time for some rest, so they kissed her and headed home. As they sites im online have dating that online dating sites that have im drove he thanked Katie profusely for dropping everything and flying in, and they chatted about life in general before agreeing they should try and get together more often.

When they arrived he online dating sites that insisted have im on making Katie a coffee, before sliding the keys over so she could head out to the mall. Katie was not surprised that she was flushed with excitement as she drove down online dating sites that have im sites dating that online have im the street, her nipples almost painfully firm as they strained against the fabric of her bra. She had planned her trip well, as the mall she was heading for had a high-class lingerie store as well as some top-end fashion houses. There was no doubt her credit card was in for a serious workout, nor that Dean would be fine with her spending spree,

online dating sites that have im
online as have that dating sites online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im im he would have enjoyed the delights she had in store before the bill arrived. She parked the car and headed inside and soon purchased the perfect outfit she planned to wear sites that have when dating onlin
online dating sites that have im
e im Dean picked up from the airport, as well as a formal-style but incredibly y cocktail dress for an intimate dinner at home. Two pairs of shoes, one to match each outfit, online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im im online dating sites have that with the tallest heels in which she could comfortably walk completed her ensembles, and it was off to the lingerie store. Ably assisted by a helpful lady around her own age who online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im had a real eye for detail and picked out several outfits that suited her perfectly, she spent over two hours in the lingerie store. She almost shuddered when she paid the bill, online dating sites that have im but trusted Dean would not object; too much! With her hands full of shopping bags she made it back to the car, before she realized she didn’t have room in her suitcase online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im to accommodate her purchases on the trip home. She grinned as she stowed her bags in the trunk and headed back to buy another suitcase, figuring she’d deal with the excess sites that dating online have im baggage charge when she checked in at the airport. Once that detail was taken care of it was back in the car, and off to the adult store tucked away discreetly in online dating sites that have im online dating sites that have im a back street half a mile away. The young man behind the counter looked bored and disinterested when she walked in, merely nodding a greeting as she started browsing. His attitude improved online dating sites that have im noticeably as she started placing items on the counter, and he gave her a belated welcoming smile. “Is there anything you’d like some help with?” She returned his smile and shook her head. “I’m fine at the moment thanks, but if I get stuck I’ll certainly let you know.” She continued to work through the aisles, and finally told the assistant that she was done. He bagged her purchases and happily assured her she had made his day, before she breezed out the door, tired by satisfied with her efforts.

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