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I rose from the bed, crossed over to my suitcase and removed an item from it, and then disappeared into the bathroom for a few seconds. I returned with one of the two hand-towels which the hotel had automatically provided for this double-room, getting a slightly puzzled look from Helen which cleared when I reminded her that is emily oment dating michel musso there was likely to be a small show of blood when her membrane was ruptured, and I didn’t want it to get onto the sheet, where it might arouse questions or gossip. Helen had had the education lessons at school and so knew the mechanics (in theory, not in practice, of course!), and she understood my precaution, lifting her butt a couple of inches off the mattress so that I could slide the towel beneath her. Through most of this preparation, her eyes had been focused not on is emily oment dating michel musso the towel, but on the object in my other hand – the item which I had taken from my suitcase. She knew what it was, although she had never seen one before in reality: a vibrator. I had not brought any of my largest ones with me, for I was afraid that they might frighten her away, so this

is emily oment was dating michel mussois emily oment dating michel musso is emily oment dating michel musso h6> a simple design of a modest size, but it was very effective.

It was not made to appear like a male penis – I don’t like that michel emily oment musso type is dating, and I also thought that such a one might be rather repulsive to Helen as well, innocent that she was. This vibrator was a column of jet black plastic, smooth-sided and unadorned, six inches in length and with is mitchel musso emily osment dating a rounded knob at the end. Helen swallowed a little nervously, as I switched on the vibrator and then brought is emily oment dating michel musso the humming tip up to her pussy lips. At first, I just ran it up and down her cleft – not pressing to enter her at all, but letting the pulsing of the little machine act as a tantalising massage to her erogenous zones.

I could see that this was having the desired effect, as a sweat broke out is emily oment dating michel musso on her face and chest, and with an expression of fixed intensity her teeth almost bit down on her lower lip. Now she was ready for the next phase,

is michel dating and musso oment emily
I used the fingers of my free hand gently to press apart her inner labia, opening the way for the rounded end of the vibrator to slide for about a centimetre into the start of her hole. Helen gave a little moan, and I could feel her body trembling in anticipation beneath my touch – due just a little to nerves, but much more to fervent desire. I let the vibrator rest here for a few seconds, its throbbing doing the work of setting her juices flowing, and then I moved it slowly up her slit, her gasps becoming both higher in pitch and more frequent as the shaking tip neared it target – her clitoris. Helen’s mouth opened and her eyes widened, as for the first time I pressed the vibrator more firmly against her, and this transmitted its pulsing rhythm directly to her is emily oment dating michel musso clit, with powerfully erotic effect.

The sweet teen began to mumble and gasp, almost incoherently, as the waves of pleasure rippled through her lithe body: ‘Aaahh! now, YES, NOW!!’ is Helen emily oment dating michel musso had propped herself up on her elbows, not wanting to miss a second of her deflowering, but now she was shaking and almost on the point of is emily osment dating mitchel musso is emily oment fainting dating michel musso.

I didn’t want her to lose her grip completely, so I gave her clitoris a respite and brought the vibrator back down her valley – which was now wide apart, the hot pink inner flesh wetly glistening – and I let the throbbing tip press against her hymen. It had the effect of vibrating her membrane as is emily oment dating michel musso it were the skin of a snare drum, and the cute teenager gave a wild high-pitched cry: ‘YES, YES! ME NOW!!’ She was loud enough that I feared for a moment that anyone walking past in the corridor outside (like her mother!!) might hear, and so I quickly covered her mouth with my free hand to muffle her shrieks – and I noted for future interest that my dominance of her in this way seemed to excite her even more. I looked down at her, my full breasts swinging like a pendulum in front of her face. Helen’s eyes were riveted on mine, as without any further delay I thrust the vibrator firmly into and is emily oment dating michel musso straight through her hymen.

The teen winced for a second at the resulting short sharp jab of pain, and then her eyes widened in surprise and appreciation as the is emily oment dating michel musso is emily oment dating humming michel musso head of the vibrator pushed further into her, opening up what had never been entered before, and sending waves of electric excitement radiating through her. Now we were in is emily oment dating michel musso dating michel oment emily is musso is emily oment dating michel musso is emily oment dating michel musso a new wonderland, as nerve-endings in her body that had never been stimulated before pulsed with erotic charge, making her breathing alternate between a pant and a gasp. Helen stared down between her widespread legs, watching in wonder as I pushed the vibrator further and further into her. Two inches had disappeared at first, followed by a third, and now a fourth – eliciting from the young girl a sudden shaken groan, as her hips started, instinctively and almost of their own volition, to thrust back against the is emily oment dating michel musso hard presence which had penetrated her. Helen began to whimper, and her hips rose off the bed sheet as a fifth inch of the vibrator wormed its way into her vagina, and her back began to arch as her climax built. I was meeting some resistance now and I did not want to hurt her, so this was as

is emily oment dating michel musso
far as I dared go – but I admired the girl, for I had not been able to take so much length when I had lost my cherry to a strap-on. I began to draw the vibrator backwards and forwards for a couple of inches – slowly at first, but as her vagina got used to this intruding presence, she became looser and wetter, and I was able to increase the pace. Helen’s eyes were almost bugging out – I still had my other hand clamped over is emily oment dating michel musso is emily oment her dating michel musso mouth, and she stared at me from above my fingers, her shuddering moans muffled and her saliva dribbling down below my palm and from her chin. I shifted emily dating musso michel oment is is emily oment dating michel musso my right hand slightly to get a better angle with the vibrator, and I knew that now was the time to ride the hot little teen right over the fence. Drawing the sweetly humming vibrator back until only perhaps an inch was still inside her, I paused for two or three heartbeats – to make sure that tree dating I had jamestown great dismal swamp her attention, and because I know how powerfully stimulating a hiatus like that can be when it is just on the cusp of an
oment is musso dating michel emily
orgasm. I removed my hand from her face and replaced it with my mouth, kissing her devouringly, whilst at the same time I repeatedly rammed the vibrator fully into her and then out again, hard and fast. My changed position allowed me to press my own cunt against Helen’s right thigh, just above her knee, for I was is emily oment dating michel musso getting so turned on by what I was doing to the pretty blonde bridesmaid that I ached for release myself. The girl’s body thrashed beneath mine in utter is emily oment dating michel musso is emily oment dating michel musso abandon, and her climax was so tumultuous that it transmitted directly from her trembling thigh to my pussy with pile-driving effect, and I shuddered on top of her, with my cum-juice squirting out to coat her leg. Helen flopped backwards, her head lolling on the bed, and the most wonderful look of stunned revelation appeared on her face. Wowie-zowie-wow!is emily oment dating michel musso ’ she whispered in delight, ‘Oh, Vicky – oh, that was just amazing – just incredible!

Thank you, thank you so much, for ever and ever and ever!’ ‘Babe’, I said, as I leaned over to kiss each of her little pinnacles of breasts, ‘that was my pleasure – and I mean that most literally!musso michel is emily dating oment ’ She laughed, and then we lay together on the wide soft mattress, companionably side-by-side. However, the girl was just so cute that I couldn’t leave it long is emily oment dating michel musso before touching her again, and after only a few minutes I reached across to massage gently her tight little teenage pussy. Helen was still at first, breathing quietly, and I

is emily oment dating michel musso
emily dating oment is enjoyed musso michel the sight of the rising and falling of her youthful chest with its small bumps of pubescent breasts. She was clearly more than contented, and watched me closely is emily oment dating with michel musso a sweet and slightly shy smile accentuating the pink flush of her cheeks. After a while, she began to move her hips in response to my caresses of is emily oment dating michel musso is emily her oment dating michel musso cunt, and her breathing became a little louder, faster and more ragged.

I would have been content to use my hand to ease her up gradually to a second orgasm, but Helen was starting to get ideas of her own. Suddenly, she sat up and with a merry laugh rolled me over onto my back, her slim form quite light as she lay on top of me, her hard little nipples pressing into the soft pillow of my bust. With bright happy shining eyes, she thanked me for is emily oment having dating michel musso taken her virginity and for being her first lesbian lover, and then she kissed me – first on my mouth, but then with a cute wriggle she nestled lower, and took one of my breasts into her mouth. oh, my sweet angel, that’s lovely’, I murmured, running my fingers through her long blonde hair and luxuriating in is emily oment dating michel musso the attentions that her lips and tongue were giving to my stiffly erect nipples. With this encouragement, she became more passionate and vigorous, sucking hard on the tit that was in her mouth whilst massaging the other breast with her hand, and clearly relishing the effect that she was having on me, as I gasped and thrust my breasts up higher towards her. Then her hand snaked down lower, questing between my legs, and with a sigh of pleasure I spread my thighs apart to give her full access to my cunt. She slid her hand inside my panties, which I had carefully chosen – they were one of my favourite ‘temptress’ pairs, a low-rise string in bright crimson, edged with lace around the waist and legs. I often wear these when I cruise the lesbian bars (that is, if I wear any panties at all is emily is emily osment dating michel muso oment dating under michel emily musso is dating oment michel is emily oment dating michel musso musso my micro mini-skirts, for there’s nothing like giving glimpses of bare pussy for riveting the attention of whoever you want to pull – the younger women especially!). For dating emily oment is musso michel a little while, Helen stroked me there – her first touch of a woman’s – and then, with a mischievous smile, she released my achingly-aroused breast from her mouth and squirmed further down the bed. I eased my hips upwards in an obvious invitation, and the pretty teen at once pulled my panties down my legs and

is emily oment dating michel musso
is over emily oment dating michel musso my feet. I parted my legs again – not too much, but enough to give her a clear view of my exposed cunt. Helen gazed in fascination at is emily oment dating michel musso my shaven pudenda, which were glistening with my juices and invitingly parted. Her fingers began to explore the folds of my labia and the hot pink valley of my slit – she was tentative at first, but then, trembling with excitement and desire, she became more venturesome and slid her finger into me, initially up to the second joint and then sinking it in right to her knuckle. The sensation of being fingered by this sweet lithe young teenager was incredibly arousing; I looked at her through half-closed eyes, and begged: ‘Sweet angel, make me come ... oh, please, make me come, make me come for you!’ This last suggestion thrilled Helen to the core – the
is emily very oment dating michel musso<is emily oment dating michel musso /h6> idea emily osment and mitchel musso dating that she had such power over my body, that an adult woman was in her hands and beseeching to be ed, made her bolder still.

Her tongue wetted her lips, and then she brought her face down onto my cunt and fastened her sweet teenage mouth around my pussy, and like a puppy she began eagerly to lap and lick up and down my gaping vagina. I writhed and moaned in rising ecstasy, as her hot little tongue delved into me and she avidly sucked up is emily oment dating michel musso my coursing pussy-juices. It wasn’t that she was expert – quite the contrary, it was the very novice nature of her efforts, together with her enthusiasm and evident pleasure is emily oment dating michel musso is emily oment dating michel musso in her task, which made it such a thrill. It was truly mind-blowing to realise that I had between my legs a sixteen-year-old newly-minted lesbian who was tasting the pleasure of female cunnilingus for the very first time! It did not take long for her bring me off, and with a broken cry my back arched, my hips jerked in spasms, and I clasped the back of her head with both my hands, driving her mouth against my quivering cunt. ohmigod, I’m gonna come for you babe, I’m cumming for you ... aaah, yes, for you!’ I sobbed, as one of the most powerful climaxes I have ever known exploded simultaneously in my cunt and in my head, making me nearly pass out and leaving me dishevelled, panting for breath and gloriously fulfilled. We were both sweaty and sticky from our lovemaking, and we decided

is emily oment dating michel musso
that sharing a bath together would be the nicest way to get clean and fresh – and fresh with each other. We ran the water in dating the sites in your the city large bath in my bedroom’s private en suite facilities, adding lashing of lavender-scented bubble-bath to make mountains of sweet smelling foam on the surface of the steaming hot water. We stripped off our knee-highs, and I stepped in first, settling down in the gloriously hot and scented water. Then Helen climbed in to sit is emily oment dating michel musso between my legs, and I washed her long blonde hair and massaged her lissom back, which she loved.

She leant back against me, resting her shoulder-blades against the support of michel musso emily dating my oment is bust, as I reached round to her front and soaped her chest. The teenager giggled in delight as I scooped handfuls of bubbles onto her breasts and watched is emily oment dating michel musso is emily oment dating michel musso them slowly slide back down into the water again. I then continued playfully to stroke and tweak her tits, until she began to squirm in the bath and thrust a hand between her legs, rubbing at her own pussy. However, instead of bringing herself off, she turned round and settled again facing me, our legs intermingled under the water, is emily oment dating michel musso and she repaid me with similar attentions to my own glistening breasts, until I thought that I would come in the warm water myself. I paused her before it is emily oment dating michel musso went that far, taking her hands and kissing them, and then pulling her to her feet and stepping out of the bath. We each picked up one of the hotel’is musso s huge michel dating emilyoment musso michel is dating oment emily soft white Egyptian cotton towels, and by mutual sapphic instinct began to dry each other’s bodies. My soft gentle strokes aroused her so much that I

is emily oment dating michel musso
took her back to the bed, spread her legs wide apart, and ate out her cunt – returning her earlier favour until she had a similarly back-arching climax. Without a dating emily musso oment is second’s michel pause, I rolled her over onto her stomach and paid worship to her lovely jutting ass, parting her butt-cheeks with my fingers and probing into her tight little pussy from behind, whilst my teeth nipped playfully at the base of her trim teenage butt and my tongue rimmed around her delicate flower of an asshole. She luxuriated in these attentions, glowing with pride and pleasure as I said in a muffled voice (my mouth being pressed right into her anus) how beautiful her bubble-butt was and that it was her pert ass that turned me on the most about her, and I admitted that after our fitting sessions I had had to go home and myself really hard with my vibrator whilst I imagined doing just this to her naked bottom. This was enough to bring us both off again – Helen with shudders of dating delight oment musso emily isis emily oment dating michel michel musso as my thrusting fingers and probing tongue made her climax, whilst I could not contain myself and grunted with lust as, bending over the cute teenager’s slender form, I ground my cunt against the hard rim of a corner of the mattress until the friction on my clit made me come. It was then time to get is emily oment dressed dating micheis emily oment dating michel musso l musso for the dancing, which took longer than usual as we both spent time helping the other into her lingerie and dress – accompanied by many caresses and sweet little kisses. We were a bit late for the start of the party when we went downstairs, but no one noticed, and if we looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in our is emily oment dating michel musso pretty dancing frocks, it was naturally attributed to the excitements of the wedding day. Before we left my bedroom, I told Helen that if she wanted to, she could slip back to it later, after everyone had gone to bed, and spend the night with me – returning to her own bedroom before people began to wake for breakfast.

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