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Asshole." As I finish that sentence, I tugged on the butt plug in her ass.

Honey, I'm cumming!" Jenny's pussy spasmed all over my cock. I squeezed enterprises dating 2009 jelsoft ltd fun her breasts and she put her hands on top of mine. If it was just me and her, I would have came already. After those few seconds, Jenny came back from dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd her orgasm. "Mistress, please me some more." "If you want more, then ride my cock on the bed." Jenny got on the bed and lied down right in the center. Lexi climbed on top of Jenny with her back facing her.

She aimed the strapon to the entrance of her pussy. Slaves only deserve to be ed in the ass!" Lexi had dating fun 2009 jelsoft a look enterprisdating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd es ltd of disappointment on her face. "How dare you answer back your Mistress!" The look on Lexi's face showed it was obvious she was too scared to try again. I only deserved to be ed in such a dirty place." Lexi lowered her ass down and the strap on went back in. The moment it filled her rectum, she moaned, "dating enterprises ltd 2009 jelsoft fun Oh Mistress, it feels so good in my ass." Lexi was riding Jenny while stroking her clitoris. I pushed Lexi back and her back landed on Jenny's chest. I shoved dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd my cock in her pussy because I knew it was what she craved desperately for. I always wanted to be double penned!" Jenny grabbed Lexi's breasts and asked her, "Now what do you say?" "Thank you Mistress!

Thank you Master for ing my ass and pussy at the same time! Oh , I'm already gonna cum from this!" I felt Lexi's vaginal muscles contract around my cock. She dug her nails into my back and was screaming in pleasure. It was actually starting to hurt so I took my mind jelsoft enterprises fun ltd 2009 dating off it by ing her faster. I'm cumming!" 'Wow that was quick, I guess she really never tried double penetration before.' I thought. "Did I say you could cum?!" Jenny asked as she pinched Lexi's nipples. I didn't mean to disobey you." Jenny then directed her attention to me and asked, "Honey, can you lift her off me?" "Okay." fun dating 2009 ltd jelsoft enterprises I lifted Lexi off of Jenny. Once I did this, Jenny pulled the strapon out of Lexi's ass and got up. "Okay honey, you can lay her down." I laid

dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd
dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd Lexi onto our bed and we were in the missionary position. I was about to pull out, but then Jenny mounted Lexi's face and said to her, "Show me how dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd sorry you are slave. I'll only allow you to lick my pussy this once since I'm really enjoying this butt plug." "Thank you for allowing me to eat your jelsoft dating ltd enterprises fun 2009 dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd beautiful pussy Mistress." Lexi licked away and Jenny praised her, "Oh! That's it slave, please your Mistress's pussy!" I continued to Lexi as she ate Jenny out. Jenny and dating jelsoft ltd fun enterprises 2009 I smiled at each other and I leaned forward. We both completed the triangle by kissing each other passionately. When we broke our kiss, I looked fun dating 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd into those beautiful blue eyes as she told me she loved me. I responded, "I love you more." "Yeah, says the person who's ing another woman while he says that to his wife." 'Damn, dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating jelsoft fun enterprises ltd 2009 she got me.' We both chuckled at her comment and look at each other again. I could tell Lexi had no complaints because it felt like her pussy was getting more dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd and more slippery. It was to the point where Lexi was leaking onto the bed sheets. "Baby, I think this slave is really getting off to eating you out.

She's even more wet." It's probably due to an orgasm but I just wanted to tell Jenny that to turn her on. Jenny responded by grinding her pussy into Lexi's dating ltd 2009 jelsoft fun face enterprises. I ed Lexi while I made out with Jenny and play with her breasts. You love eating my pussy don't you?!" "Yes Mistress, I love your sweet pussy and

dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd
I love it when you force me to take it in the ass." That did it for Jenny, she moaned in my face, "Oh honey, I'm gonna cum!" She then turned her attention back to Lexi and commanded, "Open your mouth slave!" Lexi opened her mouth obediently and Jenny raised herself up. "You better drink all of my cum or you'dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd ll be punished for it." "Yes Mistress." Jenny begged me, "Honey, suck and pinch my nipples!" I leaned forward and said "gladly" as I put one nipple in my mouth while pinching the other. I'm cumming!!" Jenny squirted cum into Lexi's mouth and she did her best to catch everything, but it overflowed and some of it spilled on 2009 fun dating enterprises jelsoft ltd the bed. Jenny shot torrents of cum so intensely that it not only ended up in Lexi's mouth, but all over her face and a bit on her neck and dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd chest. Jenny moved away from Lexi's face to see her work of art. She purposely kept it open to show us, then she closed her mouth to swallow but more of it spilled out before she closed her mouth. This did me in and I warned Jenny, " baby, that's so ing hot, now I'm gonna cum!" "No honey! This bitch got my cum all over our bed!" Jenny lied on her back next to Lexi, lifted her legs, and spread her pussy. She pleaded, "Please honey, cum inside here." I pull out of Lexi and put my cock inside Jenny. She moaned to me, "Oh yeah honey, I love having you inside me." "Baby, I'm gonna cum—" "Cum a lot dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd inside me! I'm gonna force this bitch to eat it out of my pussy as punishment. I deserve to be punished for spilling your cum." Before I came, I pulled out of Jenny and said "I have a better idea." I pulled out the butt plug and replace it with my well lubed cock. The moment it went in, Jenny clenched her asshole around my cock to give me a tight gripping sensation. "Oh honey, I haven't had you in my ass all night." Her ass felt soft, warm, and dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd clean. I could tell she cleaned it; I didn't feel anything inside. The soft warm sensation of her rectum and the clenching of her asshole were too much to bear dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd anymore. my ass!" I only lasted for a few more seconds, then I yelled "I'm cumming baby!" and started pouring cum inside Jenny's ass. It felt like I was filling Jenny's insides and she was loving it. That's good, more to force this bitch to eat!" As I finished cumming, I pulled out and Jenny clenched her asshole dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd so none of my cum leaked out. She turned to Lexi and commanded, "Alright slave, get off the bed and on your knees." "Yes Mistress." Lexi got off the crossdress dating 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd bed and knelt in front of Jenny as she lifted her legs and put her knees to her breasts. Lexi immediately put her tongue inside Jenny's asshole and I saw my cum spilling into Lexi's mouth. Jenny pushed all of my cum out of her ass and Lexi took it in her mouth without complaint. Lexi's mouth was full of my cum, but before she swallowed, she turned to me and opened her mouth to show me just how much cum was in there.

She swallowed and went back to cleaning the

dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises rest ltd
out of Jenny's ass. By the time it was all gone, Lexi was still eating out Jenny's ass. She wasn't even cleaning or eating my cum dating fun 2009 anymore jelsoft enterprises ltd, she was just trying to go in as deep as she could into Jenny's ass. When she finally stopped and pulled her tongue out, she looked at me and gave me a naughty smile. It felt nice to have her put me back inside; I almost got hard again. Once she was finished, I went on the bed to lay with Jenny and Lexi decided to resume eating Jenny's ass again. You did well." Lexi got back on her feet and said, "Thank you for the treat Mistress, your ass dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd tastes amazing as always and thank you Master, your cum was very thick and delicious." The role play was over once that sentence ended. I cuddled up with Jenny, she kissed dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd me and Lexi was leaving the room to clean up and change. I sighed happily and said, "That was wonderful baby. What did I do to deserve someone as amazing as dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd you?" Jenny just smiled at me and responded with "You massage me, take care of me when I'm sick, help me out with anything and everything, you cook and clean dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd with me instead of sitting around, you make me cum multiple times before you even cum once. I think the real question is: What did I do to deserve someone as dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises amazing ltd as you?" I smiled and was happy to hear that. I think otherwise, but decided to not try to disprove her. "I don't know what I'll ever do without you." "I could say the same." She shot back. You don't have to share me with another man; I have no interest in that.

I love you and all I need is you...and your cock and cum." "Oh baby, thank you, thank you so much." We resumed our cuddling and kissing, then Lexi interrupted us. That was fun." dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises We ldating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd td both said to Lexi, "Okay goodnight Lexi, we had fun too." "Actually it's more like good morning, it's already around 5:30 in the morning." Lexi giggled. We were having for about six to seven hours?!' I was shocked when I calculated that. Lexi then asked, "Before I go, I was wondering Jenny..." Jenny had a curious look on her face and asked, "What is it honey?" Now it was Lexi's turn to look embarrassed.

She said bashfully, "Well...I, uh...I...I was wondering if we could do dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd this again." 'What?! Am I dreaming?!' I looked to Jenny to see her reaction. She looked to the side trying think of how to answer Lexi. Nothing romantic." Jenny was still pondering on what to answer her with.

Lexi got on her knees and put her hands in a praying position. She gave Jenny a puppy-dog-eyed look and begged in a submissive dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd tone, "Please Mistress Jenny. You can my ass and force me to lick your beautiful tight pink asshole a thousand times if you want." Jenny looked at Lexi and smiled. She rolled her eyes and said, "Ooooh Aaaalright." I got hard the moment she said that and Lexi smiled while cheerfully saying, "Yay! I promise to never steal Jack away and dating fun to 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd let you swallow the last load next time. I hogged it all to myself." "Oh don't worry, you're not the only one that's excited." She lifted her dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd leg to expose my hard on. Once the laughing subsided, Jenny continued, "Besides, I really enjoyed this night, both the cuckquean fantasy and dominatrix fantasy. Also, as for the cum, don't worry, I still have a lot here with me." She moved her hand towards my cock and I move so she could grab it. Instead, she stuck two fingers in her ass and pulled them out with my cum all over them. "See, not to worry." Jenny stuck her fingers in her mouth. The only thought in my head was 'Wow, fun 2009 dating ltd jelsoft enterprises that was hotter than what I was expecting.' "Haha, okay you two, see you later. Thanks again Jenny." We both said, "Okay Lexi, goodnight, thanks again." As Lexi left our field of vision, I turned my attention to Jenny. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" "Yeah, I love you and only you and you're feelings are mutual. Besides, I dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating really fun 2009 jelsoft enterprisdating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd es ltd enjoyed watching you Lexi while I was bound and helpless. Then having me dominate her after just made everything all the more better." I smiled at her and kissed her.

Once the kiss broke, I looked into her blue eyes and said, "I don't deserve you." Jenny put her pointer finger to my lips and said, "Oh shush honey." She turned around so I could spoon with her. I held her tightly as we both drifted off to sleep together. Since then, our marriage and love for each other are dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd still strong and our life was even better than it already was. Very little to no in this chapter, mostly just back story and set up for what comes in later jelsoft 2009 dating enterprises fun ltd

dating chapters fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd
. Baby-sitters Delight: Joyce Joyce Silverman ran out the door of the office building where she worked as an executive assistant, fearful she might miss her bus home and be late ltd jelsoft 2009 fun dating enterprises for dinner. Her long black hair streamed out behind her as she ran down the block. Reaching the bus stop with a couple minutes to spare, she stopped to catch her dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd breath. As her breath returned, she caught sight of herself in the plastic side of the bus shelter. Staring back at her was a woman that could have been any other normal working single mother. A fact she was proud of, as it made her look much younger than the forty years of age she was. The horny mature asian women for dating fun dating 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd eyes that stared back with large and brown, what many would call doe eyes. They were bright and clear, unless one looked very closely and saw the weariness behind them. Six months ago I had my own car, my independence and a healthy bank account. Yes, I did, but I never dreamed it would go this far, but this all encompassing. She 2009 jelsoft enterprises dating fun ltd looked at how she was dressed in her reflection. Her skirt was just a couple of inches too short to be proper for the office, but not short enough to draw comment. The same with the heels she wore, just a little too high to be working in all day, but not so high to be noticeable. Most of all jelsoft enterprises dating ltd fun 2009 ltd fun 2009 jelsoft dating enterprises dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd she was aware of what she was wearing, or not wearing under her clothes.

Her half-cup bra lifted her firm 36B breasts, but left the nipples bare to poke thru the silk of her blouse. Only silk tops for her, to stimulate her nipples and keep them stiff. Under her skirt she was bare, other than shoes, she was only allowed only enterprises dating 2009 jelsoft fun ltd article of clothing below her waist. The bus came to a halt at the corner, the hiss of its airbreaks snapping her out of her thoughts.

She entered the bus and ltd jelsoft enterprises fun dating 2009 paid her fare with the last two dollars in her purse. She found a seat near the front, and sat down with a heavy sigh, her mind going back to the events of six months ago. She had just divorced her abusive alcoholic husband of 15 years and moved away to find a new life for her and her thirteen year old dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd daughter. She found a two bedroom house in a nice suburban neighborhood, full of families. There was a good school nearby that came highly recommended by the neighbors. It would be dating a prefect fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd restart to their life she thought. That was until the day she met Allison, her neighbor's sixteen year old daughter and her world was turned upside down. They dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd had just arrived at their new house and were moving boxes in when she first saw Allison. Joyce had just grabbed a couple of boxes out of the truck and

dating 2009 fun enterprises ltd jelsoft
turned around when she caught sight of the young beauty standing on the lawn next door. Joyce noticed right away the cut off shorts the girl wore, and how they showed dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd off her long, firm and tanned legs.

The girl's T-shirt was tight and Joyce could see she wasn't wearing a bra, the girls nipples were visibly making small tents in the shirt. The girl smiled at Joyce, her brilliant white swingers dating 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd teeth standing out in contrast to the golden tan of her face. Joyce knew right away she was in love, dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd well, more like lust. Joyce had always harbored a secret attraction for teen girls. She loved their smooth firm skin, the fresh scent of their bodies and their sweet innocence. It was a desire she never acted on, not wanting to risk losing her daughter or going to jail. She did enjoy going to the mall or the beach and secretly checking them out, but that was as far as she went. She also had a large collection of stories and pictures she had downloaded off the Internet to help curb her desire to act out her fantasies. "Hi!" The girl said cheerily as she approached Joyce, her shoulder length blond hair glowing in the warm sun. "I'm Allison, I guess you're our new neighbors huh?" "Hello Allison" Joyce dropped her eyes as she spoke. There was something about this girl's presence that was intimidating.

The boxes in her arms were dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd starting to become heavy and she started to turn to put them back down in the truck "Yes, I guess we are. I'm Joyce and my daughter Elizabeth is around dating fun 2009 jelsoft enterprises ltd 2009 dating jelsoft fun enterprises ltd her someplace," " You have a daughter? How old she is?" Allison moved to block Joyce from putting the boxes down in the truck. but Joyce could have sworn there was a hint of a darker intent behind it. "Liz is thirteen" Joyce gave a nod towards the house "There she is now." They both turned to look as a young girl came running out of the front door. Her skinny legs flashing under the loose summer dress that flapped around them as she ran towards them. She

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looked much like her mother, long black hair and just a hint of her hips starting to fill out into womanhood. "I love this house Mom!" she turned to Allison "HI! I am Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Liz, you can call me Liz too. "Hello Liz, I am Allison, a pleasure to met you and your mother." She said with a smile. They go in the kitchen." She turned back around, pushing a loose strand of hair out of her face, to find Allison had moved to stand very close to her.

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