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“This ones about 5 inches.” Then she pulled out a slightly bigger one attached to a bunch of leather straps. “This is about 7 inches and it’s australian women in us for dating called a strap on. The other is to get you ready.” Then she pulled out an even bigger one but with smaller straps. It’s for you to wear whenever you’re australian in us dating women for ready to me.” I stared at it all surprised. I wasn’t sure what to think so I picked up the smallest one. She then pulled out a plain red towel with a matching washcloth. “Okay,” she said, “When you’re hymen breaks, we’ll need these. It will make it hurt less.” I winced a little at the mention of

australian women in us for dating
pain. I knew from what I read about the hymen how painful it was. I took a deep breath and sat down the dildo then went to my room. "I assume she knows women dating for us australian in what she’s doing." I thought to myself. When I got into my room, I stripped down then laid on my made bed. Jamie came in and sat the bowl with the asian sites dating busty women single washcloth and water in the bowl, as well as the other items she bought, down on my bedside table. “Aww, I was hoping to undress you.women for in dating us australian ” She said with a laugh. She stripped down too and lifted my ass to put the towel under me. I don’t want to ruin your bed.” I took a big australian women in us for dating gulp and was breathing heavily. “Don’t worry hun, I’m not going to do it yet.” She said and got on the bed between my legs. I wrapped my arms australian women in us for dating around her neck and kissed her back. Too soon the kiss broke and she looked in my icey eyes. Jamie started kissing her way down me, lingering on my neck. Then, she started australian women in us for sucking datingaustralian women in us for dating strong> and nibbling my nipples till I let out a small moan then clamped my mouth shut. Make all the noises that come naturally.” Jamie said then started kissing her way down for us in australian dating women australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating again. She stopped and breathed lightly on my inner hip-bone which made me jerk a little. She kissed it and licked at it a little which made me arch my back some and australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating let out another moan. She moved down and started kissing what I now knew was my clit but reaching up with one hand to play with my smallish tits.

She started licking circles australian women in around us for dating my clit and nibbling at it then her hand trailed down my stomach. I felt her fingers feeling around my opening, poking at it and rubbing gently, with her finger just australian women in us for dating barely entering. I felt myself getting close and knew she could tell. All of the sudden right after the pleasure erupted there was searing pain in my pussy that made the pleasure stop australian women in us for dating and tears fill my eyes. Jamie had shoved the dildo in me and broke my hymen. She pulled it out very slowly then put the warm washcloth on me which made the pain australian women start in us for daustralian dating for us in women australian women in us for dating australian women ating in us for datin

australian women in us for dating
g to fade. Just breathe.” I took deep breaths and soon enough the pain was gone. “You could have warned me, you know.” I said as I began to sit up and wiped the tears away.

“Just new jersey fat women for dating lay down.” Jamie said, “It would of hurt more if you were expected it because you would be tensed up. Now, let me australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating please you.” She wiped me clean then pulled the towel out from under me.

Jamie lifted my legs so my knees were resting on her shoulders and breathed in my scent. Especially australian women in us for dating after you cum.” I blushed and reached down to run my hand through her short brown hair. She smiled up at me then leaned back down and licked my pussy which made australian women women in ensenada area for dating in us for dating me fall back down onto my pillow, my hair sprawled out around me like an ash blonde halo. I felt her tongue slip inside me and the moaning began again she moved us for dating women australian in her focus to my clit, nibbling and sucking on it again as she slipped a finger inside me and moved it in and out slowly. It felt amazing having something wiggling in and australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating out of me. Another finger moved into me and I could feel my pussy stretching. "Oh Jamie, it feels so goooooood." I moaned as another orgasm rocked my body and I felt my juices squirt into her mouth. This time I didn't stop it and felt her fingers rubbing at my clit, causing the orgasm to drag out and intensify so I was writhing in

dating australian women in for us
pleasure. Jamie stopped and watched me finish cumming then dived back in, this time pounding me hard with her two fingers then three until I came again but just barely squirted. "Are you ready for more?" She asked and I jerked up. WOW!" Jamie chuckled and grabbed the smallest dildo and slid it inside me without much warning and I fell back again. She pounded it women australian in dating for us in and out of my pussy so that all I could do was claw at the bed as I moaned in ecstasy.

She started on my clit again as she ed my australian women in us for dating virginous pussy then kissed her way up and started kissing my mouth. She started kissing an sucking my neck so I came all over again and she sat up. Jamie watched me cumming my brains out around her little dildo. She was smiling and pleasing herself and quickly came with me.

After we both finished she laid down beside me, pulling the dildo out and dropping it onto the floor, and kissed my forehead. I rolled my head over onto her plump breasts and she started petting my hair. When you get up, we'll eat supper then I'australian women in us for dating ll show you how great it is when the cock is attached to me." I barely heard her as I fell into a dreamless rest. I lived in a semi-rural area, so while australian women in us for dating it wasn't exactly the middle of nowhere, there was always somewhere new to explore. I was always looking for the most secluded, hard to find places. I loved the idea of being for australian in dating us women hidden from the world, but still being surrounded by life. I found a lot of interesting things when I went hiking, but one summer afternoon when I was sixteen, I found something REALLY interesting. School was out for the year and I had nothing on my mind but killing time. I decided that day to go visit this small waterfall I'd discovered, though it australian women in us for dating was a pretty long hike so I started early. It was a particularly hot day, and by mid morning the air was already feeling sticky, and I'd have been sweating just lounging australian around women in us for dating the house. I looked forward to finding the falls, and the small river they emptied in to, just to jump in and cool off. I was glad to see there were no people there when I finally arrived, and no sign of anyone in the area at all. After double checking that I was definitely alone, I stripped down to the bikini I was wearing australian women in us for dating under my cut-offs and tank top, and enjoyed the cool water on my skin. I wasn't being egotistical or anything, my boobs were slow to start growing, only really making any progress australian women in us for dating over the previous year, and before that I was afraid I would end up flat chested or something. So it was certainly nice seeing my now C-cup boobs straining against the top that australian women in us for dating for dating in australian women us was now a bit too small for them. After spending a while lounging about under the waterfall, my long, brown hair now soaked several shades darker, I noticed what looked like the opening australian women in us for dating to a small cave hidden in the rocks behind where the water fell that I'd never noticed before. My natural inquisitiveness took over and I went over to check it out. The australian women in us for dataustralian women in us for dating ing hole wasn't big enough to just walk in unfortunately, but I knew I'd be able to fit without much difficulty. Of course, that seemed like a really bad idea because australian women in us for dating australian women in us for I had dating no idea where the hole led, and the risk of getting stuck was too great. Nevertheless, I continued to examine it, hoping to find some kind of clue as to what was inside. I threw some rocks in, and never heard them hit any walls, so I figured there must at least be a decent amount of space in there. I figured I'd australian women in us for come datingaustralian women in us for dating back another time when I was better prepared, but then I noticed an odd smell. It was faint, but quite pleasant, reminding me of the smell of baking cinnamon buns, somewhere off australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating in the distance. The scent became stronger though, and before long I realised that it was actually coming from inside the hole! I became very curious about the source of this aroma, this was definitely not what caves usually smelt like. My online dating profile tips for women desire to explore the cave was becoming almost overpowering, but still a sense that it was too risky caused me a great deal of conflict. The hole was certainly big enough for me to go in without much difficulty, and I started feeling a bit silly considering that I had brought a torch with me, and women australian dating for in us australian women in us for I knew australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating australian in women us dating for dating enough about caves to avoid falling into a pit or something. Well that did it, I grabbed my torch and carefully climbed through. That smell was even stronger now, and I australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating noticed that I suddenly felt very light, as though I weighed as much as a feather.

The hole led into a tunnel of about the same size, which I carefully began to crawl australian women in us for dating though, not really knowing what I was doing.

After around ten metres, the tunnel opened into a small area large enough for me to stand and walk around.

I shone my torch around, for women in australian us dating australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating

dating finding australian in women for us
nothing particularly interesting. I was hoping to maybe find something someone had left behind a long time ago, some fascinating relic of the past, but there was nothing but moist rock. Despite my earlier belief, I suddenly felt the ground disappear as I began to fall. The torch slipped from my hands and was lost, so I could see nothing, but could feel myself falling. I australian women in us for datin
for australian in us dating women
dating women in australian for us g cursed myself for getting so wrapped up in my own thoughts and not seeing the giant hole I now plummeted down. I'm not entirely sure how long I fell for, australian women in us for dating australian women in us for but dating it was certainly long enough for me to realise that I'd been falling for too long to possibly survive when I finally hit the ground. So soft in fact that it dating australian us women in for gave way as soon as I hit it, stretching all around me like a weird bubble. I could still feel it all over me, stretching, slowing me down. When I finally landed, it was only enough to knock the wind out of me, and I was now covered in whatever it was that had slowed my fall. It was a strange kind of liquid, sticky, but australian women in us for dating slippery at the same time. I stood up with a start when I felt an odd mass writhing against my butt. I still felt it under my feet of course, and I quickly australian women in us for dating realised it wasn't one solid mass, it was many. Long, thin, slippery shapes slithered under my feet. I tried to calm myself, thinking I'd just fallen into a real life pit australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating full of god damn snakes, and that not moving was really my only option. But then I felt the snakes start worming their was up my legs. I have to admit I panicked australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating then, and frantically tried to brush and kick them off me without falling over. Suddenly, I was practically blinded my a bright flash of light. For a brief moment I thought it australian women in us for was dating sunlight, and that I was saved, or possibly just dreaming, but when my eyes adjusted I noticed that the walls of the cave had started glowing with a warm, clear light. I knew it was probably a huge colony of photoluminescent bacteria, but before I could think about it anymore, I finally saw where I was, and what was in there with me. The entire floor of the cave was covered in a mass of wriggling worms of various sizes. Some as small and thin as a pencil, some were feet long and inches wide. They were all australian women in us for dating an off-white colour, and seemed to constantly ooze a clear, thick substance that I quickly realised was the source of the smell that led me in there. I can't even describe the australian women in us horrible for dating feeling in the pit of my stomach that welled up from the sight. But that feeling of revulsion started to change a little. It turned into a pleasant tingling sensation, which oddly reminded me of those times when I was feeling particularly horny.

More than anything, I was feeling confused at that point, because I was consciously aware of the dire situation I was australian women in us for dating in. Even without the weird horror movie creatures all around me, I was deep in the ground right now. It was a long fall I'd taken, and it was very unlikely there australian women in us for dating was any other way out of there. I knew I was going to die, or at least have to subsist on those freaky worms for the rest of my life, but I felt really calm.

I started feeling faint, and figured there would be no harm in lying down, the worms probably weren't going to eat me or anything, and I felt so drowsy. No australian for in us women dating sooner had I sunk to the floor than the worms started to swarm, slithering all over me. Like some kind of wonderful, wet massage, every inch of my skin that the worms touched australian women sang in us for da

australian women in us for dating
ting to me in pleasure unknown. I sighed as I lay there, feeling more and more relaxed by the second, as more and more worms writhed all over me, until I was more women for us dating australian in australian women or in us for dating less completely covered. I could feel one nudging its way into my armpit, while more others began to investigate every nook and cranny of my body. Soon enough, one slipped under my bikini bottoms and made its way between my legs. I felt a sudden jolt of incredible pleasure as it found my pussy, and began rubbing itself against my clit as if it australian women in us for dating australian women in knew us for dating what it was doing. And others found their way inside my top, and I must admit I loved feeling them massaging my boobs and wriggling against my nipples. It had been slow australian women to in us for dating dawn on me, but I now realised I was now more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I wasn't new to , having had plenty with my ex boyfriend, and some more with my cousin Jenny when we were younger. My heart was racing and my stomach was positively tingling. It was almost unbearable, but when I felt one of the worms start exploring my pussy lips for a moment before bravely delving in deeper, I decided it was definitely bearable. In fact, I was looking forward to seeing just how good these weird worm dudes could make me feel. Maybe living in this pit wasn't going to be so bad after all? As it went inside me, it felt about as thick as two fingers, and it felt amazing. It was as though the feeling of my pussy being stretched was being greatly exaggerated somehow, so while I didn't feel like I was being stretched a great
australian women in us for dating
deal, what I was feeling was more powerful than even my ex's eight inch monster had ever made me feel. The worm was all the way in now, at least as far as it could go. The rest of them suddenly seemed to develop a singular purpose, as instead of just slithering all over me, I could now feel them start suckling on me. Every inch of flesh felt like it had a worm attached, each sucking gently, but they continued moving about, so they never sucked on one place for too long. Except of course, for australian women in us for dating the ones who had found my nipples, and the one at my clit. They all stayed attached right where they were, and they were doing more than sucking. I couldn't for the life of me work out exactly what, but it felt AMAZING. Every inch of my flesh was being pleasured, and the worm in my pussy was now itself sucking on and massaging my g-spot. So of course, it wasn't long before I started cumming. The cave filled with my ecstasy laden screams, countless bolts of electricity echoed throughout my entire body, my pussy practically throbbing australian women in us as for dating I continued to experience the most intense orgasm I'd ever felt. As I came back down to earth, nothing really changed around me, the worms continued doing their work, the australian women in us for dating one in my pussy had started doing something to what I figured must have been my cervix. I was still riding waves of orgasmic afterglow, and I smiled knowing that my next one australian women in us for dating wasn't too far off, and the way things were going, it was going to be even more intense. That's when I felt the worm inside me suddenly disappear, and a new orgasm suddenly reared its head. My mind was pretty hazy at this point, but I definitely felt it disappear from inside my pussy, only it hadn't exited from the outside. In the women dating australian for in us midst of my climax, I realised that it had slipped past my cervix and entered my womb. This knowledge further intensified my already overpowering orgasm, and I felt a great need to touch myself. That wasn't too easy, since I was covered in worms, so instead I found myself just touching them, and surprised to discover just how much I loved how they felt. They
australian women in us for dating
australian women in us for dating for dating women us in australian australian women in us for dating were impossibly slippery, I don't think I could have grabbed one no matter how secure a hold I had. That same kind of fleshy, rigid, yet every so slightly malleable feeling, and us for women I imagined australian dating iaustralian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating n myself just surrounded by all these giant cocks and I found myself wanting them to violate me more and more. I half screamed, half whimpered when I felt a worm that had finally found my butthole. It rubbed itself across my asshole, then sucked on it a bit before finally pushing its way in. I always enjoyed having my butt played with, but australian women in us for dating
australian women in us for dating
australian in women for I'd dating us
never actually had anything bigger than a couple of fingers up there. I felt it pushing against my tight hole harder and harder until it slowly started slipping in. I could australian women in us for dating feel my ass expanding around it, I could feel every inch as it started making its way deeper and deeper. I absolutely thrashed about, completely lost in pleasure. The worms managed to hold me down, so all I could really manage were twitches and restrained jolts. When another worm started pushing itself into my pussy, this one definitely one of the larger ones, I experienced what could best be described as an orgasm within an orgasm. Because despite all that was going on, I still hadn't stopped cumming. It must have been several minutes, I had no idea australian women in us for dating australian women in us for dating it was possible to feel so good for so long, but then within that, my feelings of immense pleasure increased as I felt the two worms wriggling about in my ass and pussy.

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