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He realized the base of his cock was supporting a lot of her weight, and it was contacting her right on her poor flattened clitty. She shuddered and anonymouse dating and uncut intimate sites whined and then made burbling sounds, nonsense sounds as her voice got louder and louder.

Her pussy clenched hard on his cock and she let her feet drop, putting more of her weight on his cock, trying to drive it as deeply inside her as was possible. She gasped and then kissed him wildly as her pussy fluttered again, rippling, milking, asking for his precious gift.

He didn't even think about pulling out and when she felt the heat and wet splashes of his cum in her pussy she just scrunched her pussy harder onto him. His seed bathed the inside of her pussy, all along its length and seeped into her teenage womb. He came so much intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites it ran out around his cock and down her thighs, to be washed off by the water beating down on both of them. Between the two of them, it was intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites a three minute orgasm. He finally tried to pull it out of her, but her hands slapped his ass and held him in. "That's silly and you know

intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites
it." Then he was more serious. "We can't do this any more." he said, trying to do the right thing. She dug her very sharp, very long fingernails into his butt cheeks. "Oh, we're going to do this again." she said, looking up at him now. I liked this very very much." She smiled and flexed some newly discovered muscles, squeezing his shrinking cock. "And I've never ever felt this clean so far up inside me." And that, after all, is what bath time is for, right? The intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sisites intimate anonymouse dating and uncut tes End Window Belly by Paul Gazer I stood at my bedroom window, stunned by the sight of a naked, pregnant girl, framed in the neighbor's window 20 intimate anonymouse and uncut feet dating sitesanonymouse intimate and sites dating uncut away. Way back then, when I was 17, you never saw a naked woman, let alone a pregnant woman, for chrissake; but there she was, standing just quietly with
intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites
her hands on her hips and her big gut pushed forward.

After a few frozen moments, she smiled at me, then slowly reached a hand up, making her breasts lift and swing, and pulled down the blind as deliberately as a theater curtain. It was only then that I realized that I was bare too and my bedroom lights were plenty bright enough to show my instant, instinctive boner. I'd been undressing for bed when I caught sight of the big-bellied girl and my own blind was up because old Miss Rogan next door never, EVER opened her blinds on our side, so why bother? But that sure wasn't skinny, dried up Miss Rogan tonight! Turning off my lights, I grabbed my pajama bottoms and, naturally, whacked off into them. I mean, Playboy was just a year old back then, but the magazine's teasing display of maybe two coy nipple sets per month was more than enough to set me off big time.

Stashing the pajamas in the back of my closet as always, I crawled into bed naked and lay in the dark staring up at an afterimage of bulging, beautiful girl. The truth was, I'd been so entranced with her swollen, erotic body that I hadn't paid much attention. Forcing my memory up from her straining belly and breasts, I recalled her face. Hm, not "beautiful," maybe, but young, good-looking, and marked by signs of brains and personality. Her hair was some kind of dark but not black, and it curled around her shoulders…. Which led my imagination back downward intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites and before I knew it, I was hard again (ah, to be 17!). I reached for my backup tissues on worlds largest dating sites and profiling the nightstand and took care of Willy again. Then I stared at the dark some more, thinking very uncomfortable thoughts. A good and powerful online dating sites lot of my friends had declared themselves breast men or butt men or leg men, and they understood and respected each other. You might prefer butts to boobs, but the boob guys accepted your preference. In 1955, "nice" people never acknowledged that pregnancy existed (because it was evidence that intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites a pregnant woman was guilty of "you-know-what"). Women growing bellies wore blowsy tops styled by Barnum and Bailey and then mainly disappeared for the last two months before the intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites baby came. Was it normal for me to have the hots for pregnant women? But I imagined telling guys at the pool where I worked for the summer that huge, intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites swollen guts made me cream my jockeys. They'd just walk away from this sicko pervert and never come back. No sane man reacted the way I did, so therefore intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites I must be some kind of crazy. I feared that if this got out they'd lock me away for the good of society. If I wanted to run intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites around loose, I'd have to conceal my shameful condition forever, in my one-man closet like the homouals I'd read about but never seen in those long-gone innocent times. The intimate next anonymouse and uncut dating sites day passed in one long agony of fear and doubt.

I watched my every move, reviewed my every word, to make sure I wasn't doing something else that revealed my disgusting sickness. When a guy at the pool said, "Hey, dig the tits on that chick," I made a damn fool of myself, babbling, "Wow! They really are some knockers I really love boobs yeah I'm really a boob man," and idiot jabber like that. He looked at me strangely, but shrugged and changed the intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites subject while I kicked myself mentally. Nevertheless, I left the blind open each night in my bedroom, very casually getting undressed while stealing quick glances at the window next door.

At dinner one night, I waited until my parents were deeply involved with pot roast and then said, oh-so-casually, "Is somebody visiting Old Miss Rogan?" My father looked up with his mouth full and mumbled what must have meant "I don't know." Mother pushed a mouthful of roast aside and then attempted, "Why?" I did that dismissive teenage shrug that irritates parents and forked in a mouthful. She gulped, sipped some water, then managed, "I did hear about some girl." As she remembered, her face took on her intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites devilish Fresh-Juicy-Gossip look. "I believe she's in a… delicate condition." At my blank expression, she added primly, "She made her bed and now she's got to lie in it." Beds were clearly involved, but I couldn't see what making them had to do with getting pregnant. Closing a fist, my dad mimed a horizontal piston, in intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites and out. "Knocked up," he explained around his own pot roast. "I do believe that's old Miss Rogan's grand-niece from Cleveland, Peter. Miss Rogan's keeping her out intimate anonymouse and uncut dating of sitesintimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites i> sight, here, until she, well… has her, um, child." I carefully showed no further interest and my parents resumed their pot roast. That same night I had turned out intimate anonymouse and uncut my dating sites lights and was sitting on the edge of my bed when the neighbor's window lit up. The girl stood there, naked again, and waited while watching my window. Afraid to turn on my own lights or even move, I just sat there in the dark with my eyes bugging out. After a few minutes with her hands on her hips, the pregnant girl started rubbing her swollen belly, making slow deliberate circles with both hands. My rebellious cock went straight to full battle alert. I wanted to beat the meat there and then, but was afraid of revealing my shameful insanity. (In those days, we were assured that masturbation would quickly drive us crazy, so maybe it was my daily jerk-off sessions that'd unhinged me.) Sure, I was in the dark, but who knew if she could still see me a little.

I watched in intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites uncut anonymouse dating and sites intimate agony as she cupped her heavy breasts, lifted them, let them tumble and bounce on her belly dome.

It was all I could do to keep from splashing cum all over the rug. After a few long minutes of watching, the girl shrugged with a disappointed look, turned so her big belly was in profile, and walked out of sight. I WHOOOSHED noisily, not knowing I'd been holding my breath. Between night and morning, I romanced my pajama bottoms four different times. Now, in the American Midwest, suburban property fences aren't considered real friendly, so the long back yards of our block were all one uninterrupted river of grass, with ours next to last and Miss Rogan's place last of all, except for a big, partly wooded vacant lot on her other side, where the developer's cash had run out.

I always started mowing with a swath down the property line to mark our border with those evil Johnsons that we didn't get along with, but then mowed the lawn at right angles all intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites the way to the end of Miss Rogan's yard, to be neighborly with this nice old lady. It was humid and hot on this August day, my shirt was off, and I was sweating as I pushed the mower up one width and back down the next. I was well-tanned and muscled from my summer job at the intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse pool and uncut dating sites. Anyway, I had finished mowing, removed the last carrier full of clippings, and come back for the lawn mower when a window on Miss Rogan's lower floor opened up. "Can I call you Pete?" She waited, smiled, and said, "Okay, Peter then. Want some water?" When I nodded, she disappeared from the window. "I can't find where Miss Rogan keeps a water pitcher." "Oh, uh, never mind then." "Come on in the kitchen. It's only tap water." "But I'm all…" I raised my glistening intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites arms. So I walked into Old Miss Rogan's prim, tidy kitchen. The girl, Janice, was covered head to foot by a big shapeless dress. (People would someday call these muumuus, but the word wasn't common in 1955.) She looked fresh and pretty in daylight, and the sun through the kitchen window showed her hair was mixed up luxurious browns. She handed me a dish towel to wipe the sweat off and carried two glasses of water to the kitchen table. "Come sit down," she said, "so you intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites can relax and not have to look at me." At my puzzled expression, she plucked at the sleeve of her homely dress and then patted her belly. She smiled and intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites pulled the sides of her dress tight to outline the half-globe she carried around. I continued quickly, "Sorry about my reaction the other night." When Janice chuckled, her round belly uncut anonymouse intimate jiggled dating and sites enticingly. "Why do you think I was standing there?" "I meant my…" I gestured vaguely down at my groin. Hmh!" she snorted, "And for two more months it'll intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites dating anonymouse uncut intimate sites and only get uglier." "No!" I practically shouted. "You look beautiful and, well, y, REALLY y!" Janice cocked her head, studying me. Er, excuse my language." Now I'd revealed sites dating and anonymouse intimate uncut to someone that I was insane. Now the boys in white with the great big nets would come and lock me up for sure. Still, confessing was a kind of relief, and after all, it was HER belly. I'm sorry, but I just can't help it." She chuckled again. "Yeah, I heard why you were staying here." She thrust out her chin defiantly. "Okay, He stuck it in me SIX TIMES and I let him because he said he loved me. The baby was an accident; so intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites okay, I'm a sinful, immoral Fallen Woman. I don't care; I STILL liked doing it." She sipped her water, rubbing her belly under the table with her other hand. The world judged her so guilty she had to be hidden to have her shameful bastard child in secret. But watching her, I could tell her defiance wasn't intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse and a brave uncut datinintimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites g sites front. I started to feel better and maybe not quite so insane after all. After the first three months of barfing every morning, I now think this intimate dating anonymouse sites and uncut is kind of fun. They say I'll have to give up the baby, but…." She looked off in the distance a moment, then her face lost its wistful look and she stood up and walked over to me. From my eye level I was looking at fabric where her breasts and belly would be under that tent she wore. Crossing arm over arm, she grabbed the dress at her hips and pulled it up, then held it, bunched in her armpits. In those days, good girls wore "sensible" underwear: intimate anonymouse and uncut dating stiff sites bras that squeezed their boobs into tight, hard cones and white cotton panties that covered their belly buttons. (I mean, so they told me.) For comfort though, Janice'and anonymouse intimate dating uncut sites intimate anonymouse and uncut dating s panty sites top rode beneath the dramatic bulge of her gravid belly. Unthinking, I raised one hand and let it hover in front of me. Without marriage dating waiting agency intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites sexy busty girls for an answer, she took my wrist and guided my palm onto her belly.

Automatically, I brought my other hand up behind her to brace the small of her back. Her belly flesh was warm as well, but its smooth skin was stretched tight over the great hump of her womb. I smoothed my palm around the convex surface, pressing slightly here and there, feeling the thin layer of fat and then hard muscle. I felt woozy, as if I'd run a mile and then intimate anonymouse and uncut dating got sites up too fast from resting, and all the while, my brain spun on: this is it, this is what I need, I'll never get this again, got to intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites anonymouse uncut dating and intimate remember sites every feeling, every inch of pregnant belly. Without warning, my poor horny system betrayed me and my cock squirted semen into my jockey shorts while I sat there helpless. I glanced down and saw a small stain already spreading out into my blue jeans. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said, "but that makes me feel so good โ€“ dating anonymouse and intimate I mean uncut sites, to know I can do that. When I pulled my hand off her belly and dropped it to hide my shame, she continued, "It's all right. Take intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites your underwear home in your pocket." Still trembling, I sidled up the kitchen stairs and did as she said. When I came back, she turned from the kitchen sink with intimate anonymouse a damp and uncut datingsites uncut anonymouse intimate and dating gay and lesbian bisexual dating sites sites rag. "Come here." When I obeyed, she struggled down into a kneeling position and mopped at my pants. In doing so, her hand stroked my cock beneath the fabric, which twitched again despite my sternest efforts. Janice felt this and her mouth wrinkled into a crooked line that showed she was suppressing laughter. give me a hand," intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites she grunted, and I helped her stand up again. "Now, while that dries, let's just sit and talk." Janice sat at the table and, after a moment's hesitation, sites anonymouse and uncut dating I joined sites anonymouse uncut dating and intimate intimate her. Turns out we both had a lot to say and each one found the other an intelligent listener, so we yakked about school and dating and college intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites and the future and the usual Big Heavy Topics that have always preoccupied teenagers โ€“ well, anyway, on and off. After more than an hour I reluctantly said, "I intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites think I better get back." Janice glanced up at the kitchen clock.

"Yeah: 5:45; Miss Rogan will be home from work pretty soon." She hauled her belly upright. "intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites Will you come again?" I nodded, "And you come to my place." She shook her head sadly. "I promised I wouldn't leave โ€“ wouldn't reveal my Terrible Shame intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites to the world." My eyes widened. "You can't even go out of this house?" A wan smile. "Well, as far as the back yard, maybe, if no neighbors intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites are around." "Except me." A grin broke up her sad expression. "Want a last feel?" She did the dress thing again, stripping it all the way off this time. I intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites put a palm on each side of her belly and just held the warm, tight dome, thinking, "O Powers That Be, I do thank you!" I closed my eyes a intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites moment to focus on simply feeling her wonderful swollen gut, and, in a moment, she raised her own palms, placed them on my chest, and rubbed me slowly. When my eyes snapped open, she grinned at my surprise. I slowly backed off, turned, and went to the kitchen door; then I turned back. "Ten o'clock what?" She shot me that patient look that women reserve for slow-thinking males. * * * * We were half way through dinner when it hit me and I said loudly, "That's it!" "That's what?" Mother asked. The… um, answer to some puzzle in… uh, in the um, um, newspaper." "Today's?" Hastily, "No no no no, some… a few days intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites back. Sorry to shout." Mother stared at me and I imagined a Mother Radar Dish revolving on top of her head. I smiled unconvincingly, and she raised her eyebrows intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites and cocked her head in an "oh well" shrug. At 9:30 I yawned elaborately, stood up, and said, "Guess I'll turn in early. Mowing two lawns is hard intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites intimate anonymouse and uncut dating sites work." My parents said good night without paying much attention and I escaped to my room upstairs. Then I got ready for bed, got undressed, and sat down on the edge of the bed that faced my window. The lights were on and I was naked, except for my wristwatch, which crawled around toward ten o'clock with agonizing slowness.

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