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“You are going to be walking nine of those blocks, and the first couple blocks you have to walk pretty fast so the hotel people don’t get upset.common sense and alicia &rdquo keys dating; His voice changed and took on a hint of bitterness. “The hotels on Canal don’t want ‘ workers’ slumming down their business. But that’s what most of the people came to Nawlins to see. They are attracted to Bourbon street like moths circling a flame. The Hotels sell that, but they don’t want that flame too close common sense and alicia keys dating common sense and alicia keys dating common sense and alicia to keys datingcommon sense and alicia keys dating g> their high-priced restaurants and clubs.” He looked like he wanted to spit, but instead continued his diatribe, “They will let their guests go slumming all they want down on Bourbon street, but don’t you dare track any of the dirt on the carpets when you come back. They gouge them good for their meals before they go and common alicia sense dating and keys overcharge them for their high-class cocktails when they come back. But don’t you go in there and ask for a good old-fashioned Hurricane or they will look at you like common sense and alicia keys dating you was a water bug that crawled out from under the carpet.” “Sorry,” he said suddenly as Kevin pulled up to the curb, “got to riding another

common sense and high alicia keys dating
horse. Let’s walk back down Bourbon Street to the club and I will explain some of the rules of the game. First off, the driver won’t stop on this side of the street. He will go down Poydras–he pronounced it ‘Per-drahs’– and then come back up Canal so he is on the right side of the street to drop you off at Bourbon.” As they crossed Canal street, Ace instructed, “When you first get out of the van, walk fast and keep walking. No matter what anyone says to you, keep walking fast.

The cops and hotel detectives don’t want you around the front of their hotels and might hassle you, but as long as you are already walking away they will let you go.” Ace was walking rapidly as he spoke and the girls had a little trouble keeping up with him. “The second thing–and this is very important–is that you cannot get within 25 feet of the entrance of any of these clubs or restaurants. There is a ‘No Enticement’ ordinance that goes back common to sense and alicia keys dating way before the civil war. I think it was to prevent the owners from shooting each other, but in any case, you can’t entice another establishments customers away from their business. That law hasn’t been used in forever, but I am going to be dancing around several modern laws and I don’t want somebody reaching back into history dating sense keys common alicia and common sense and alicia keys dating to come up with something to derail me.” “But how can we avoid walking past their doors?” asked Judy. “Trust me,” answered Ace, “the street common sense and alicia keys dating common sense and will alicia keys daalicia sense dating and ting keys commoncommon sense and alicia keys dating be packed with people. You just need to weave back and forth down the street so that you are always on the other side of the street when you pass common sense and alicia keys dating the entrance to a club or restaurant. Everybody understand all that?” “Got it, fearless leader,” chirped Sara, who then giggled. “You three just walk and look pretty,and common dating sense alicia keys ” Ace said, pointing to Julie, Judy and Joan. “You,” pointing to Sara, “walk and look even prettier and hand out the playing cards. You don’t say why common sense and alicia keys dating you are handing out the cards. If you do, you are soliciting for the club and that is a whole new set of laws and regulations. It doesn’t matter because common sense and alicia keys dating the cards are pretty self-explanatory.” He held up a playing card in his hands. It looked very much like an ordinary Jack of Hearts, and the back looked very much common sense like and alicia keys dating an ordinary playing card, except that in a big oval in the middle of the back was what was obviously an omnidirectional barcode scan block. “When they scan this common sense and alicia keys dating common sense and alicia keys dating with their phone, it takes them to the website and the website alicia keys and kerry brothers dating explains everything. That, and the signboards you other girls will be wearing will tell them everything they need to common sense and alicia keys dating know.

It’s all within the law because the laws haven’t caught up to the digital age.” Ace laughed and said, “We’re here.” They had now common sense reached and alicia keys dating Dumaine Street and Ace turned to enter the club. “Do you think you girls can handle it?” he asked. Sara asked, “What do I get to wear?

common sense and alicia keys dating
” “That will change each night,” answered Ace. “We get a little more daring each of the five nights. We are definitely within the constraints of the law except maybe for the last night, and then only for Sara. But that last night, things are so wild that almost anything goes as long as you don’t fight, don’t piss on the sidewalk, and don’t carry anything in glass out onto the street.” “I think we are safe there,” observed Joan. “I haven’t pissed on the sidewalk since I was six.” “Speak for yourself,” replied Sara. Then she asked, “When do we make our walk?” “We do it twice each evening,” answered Ace. Most of the little old lady tourists will have gone back to the hotel by then.

The website will tell them to expect you, so people common sense and alicia keys dating keys dating and common sense alicia will be looking for you the second time down the street. And that will include the police, so make sure you do everything right.” “Can we get arrested doing this?” asked Julie, suddenly looking fearful.

“I don’t want to end up with a record.” “I will be shadowing you the first couple of nights,” answered Ace. “as will two of my security people, my lawyer, and two retired police officers. If anything goes down, it will get settled on the street.

Worse case, they run us off and tell us to stay away and my plan fails. The chance of an actual arrest is very, very small as long as you stick to the rules and don’t say ANYTHING to a police officer.” “If you get stopped, just batt your eyes and stare at them regardless of what they say or ask. If sense dating common alicia and keys common dating alicia and keys sense common sense and alicia keys dating some drunk in the crowd hassles you, just move away from them. Don’t push, don’t yell, don’t argue, just move away.

Two big guys with black T shirts common sense and alicia keys that dating say, ‘Three Jacks Security’ should be enough to cause whoever it is to melt back into the crowd. And for your walks on Monday and Tuesday night there will be common sense and alicia keys dating two more black shirts walking with you.” Ace suddenly changed into a very Nawlins dialect. “You jus’ godda know ‘ow to tawk to dese peepo,” he said with a laugh. You four just strut your stuff and let the suits and the muscle and me take care of the rest.” *** Ace had suggested that the girls common sense and alicia keys dating rest up for the night ahead, but Julie hadn’t seen Kevin in a while and Judy hadn’t seen Ron for just as long. So, although they both went up to their bedrooms, there was very little actual resting done. Joan and Sara had not been apart so they decided to explore the quarter. Sara ran in and out of the common sense and alicia keys dating little shops and poked her head into almost every bar.

She wanted to buy a drink at the Cat’s Meow, but couldn’t prove that she was over 21.

So instead they went a little farther down the street and checked out “La Rouge,” one of the more raunchy clubs just off the main strip. Not a whole lot was happening in the early afternoon, but if you’ve got money, there is always a stripper available. A really nice looking, coffee-colored young man informed them that both he and the private rooms were available for more intimate lap dances. Sara smiled sweetly at him and said, “Right idea, wrong lap.” When he looked at her very confused, she common sense and alicia keys dating

common sense and alicia keys dating
reached over and pulled Joan into her arms and gave her a long, deep kiss. The young man laughed and said, “I’ll send Lucille over to see you.” Sara common sense and alicia keys dating giggled and said to Joan, “I guess nothing shocks them down here.” Joan patted her on the hand and replied, “Give it a few days, honey, I’m sure you will come up with something.” Then they both laughed. A heavily made up blond in a skin-tight, sequined body suit walked over to the table. “Sweety said that he wasn’t your type and that I should give it a try. You interested in some private dancing?” “Sweety?” said Sara, her eyebrows arched in surprise. The blond laughed and explained, “Let’s just say that you aren’t exactly his type either, but our preferences aren’t what is dating important.&rdquo methods devonian new common sense and alicia keys dating york shale; “So am I your type?” asked Sara. “You could be,” Lucille answered, “but I have a feeling that you are already taken.” “common sense and alicia keys dating You got that right,” said Joan emphatically. “Let’s just pretend that I’m her husband watching her have some fun before taking her back to our room to common sense and alicia keys dating ravish her.” Sara raised her eyebrows again, bounced up and down slightly, and said, “Promise? Promise?” A short, necessary, discussion of money followed between Lucille and Joan and then the three of them retired to the back of the club where there were a series of small cubicles with open archways. “If there’s a door, its’ prostitution,common sense and &rdquo alicia keys dating; explained Lucille.

“I think it’s an old French or Spanish law. Evidently you could all you wanted out on the street, but once you closed the eve and alicia keys are dating door you got arrested. I think it was really to keep hookers from robbing the johns. Now it is really for the dancer’s safety.., and to keep the customers from getting too wild.common sense and alicia keys dating ” She looked over at Sara, smiled and said, “Somehow, honey, I don’t think that the lack of a door will hold you back at all.” “What common sense and alicia keys dating keys dating sense alicia and common common sense and alicia keys dating are the rules?” asked Sara. “You sit in the chair while I do all the moving. No penetration - but that doesn’t apply woman to woman since you can’t actually touch me. I usually make a man remain clothed so he can’t accidentally spurt all over me, but woman to woman it’s totally up to you.common sense and alicia keys dating ” Sara answered by pulling her dress up over her head and throwing it to Joan. Lucille pulled her body suit over her shoulders and then down her legs and stood there in a very small bra and g-string. “A full skin to skin dance costs twenty extra,” she said to Joan. Sara looked at her with pleading eyes and common sense and alicia keys dating Joan dug more bills from her purse and laid them on the table with the previously agreed fee. “I’ll make it up to you,” she answered as she common sense and alicia keys dating gripped the edge of the chair like she was getting ready to start a roller coaster ride. The blonde pushed a button on the wall and an old fashioned bump and grind song began playing from the speakers on the wall. Swaying with the music, Lucille danced around Sara and slowly removed her bra. After a couple more trips around the chair, she leaned down away from Sara and slid the tiny thong down her legs, exposing her clean shaven pussy. Sara was swaying with the music and staring at Lucille as she sat common sense in and alicia keys dating the chair. The blonde was moving around her and rubbing her legs against Sara’s body. She suddenly bent slightly, straddled Sara’s legs, and pushed her ass cheeks against common sense and alicia keys dating Sara’s breasts. The music had reached a section with a series of bump-bumpdy-bumps and Lucille swirled her ass in time to the music. Sara just sighed and pushed her breasts dating keys common sense and alicia back against her. The music was timed out for 8 minutes and Lucille knew exactly when it would end. She planned her movements so that she was grinding her way up Sara’s legs into her lap, gyrating in time to the heavy beat.

Her final thrust on the last bump of the music left her sitting on Sara’s lap with common sense and alicia keys dating common sense and alicia keys dating her cunt just fractions of an inch from Sara’s dripping pussy. When the music ending, Lucille stood up and began calmly picking up her clothing. She knew Sara would say yes, but Joan was the one with the money so her’s was the important answer. “That’s enough for now,” Joan answered. Sara looked over at her with

common sense and alicia keys dating
semi-glazed eyes and said, “You’ve got to take me back to the room, Joanie... now.” Then she stood up and started walking toward the front of the club. Lucille common sense and alicia keys dating laughed and said, “You’d better get that dress back on her before she reaches the street, or somebody is going to spend the night in jail.” Joan ran common sense and alicia keys dating after her through the club yelling, “Sara, wait!

Put your dress back on!” Joan caught Sara just before she stepped outside. She didn’t seem to notice when Joan slid the dress over her head. She was in a pre-orgasmic high and would remain there until she and Joan got back to their room at the Three Jacks.

They went up the back steps at the club and Sara more than “made it up” to Joan once they were back in their room. *** At supper, Ace explained the plan common sense and alicia keys dating dating alicia keys sense common and for the evening and showed the girls their costumes. The Three J’s would each be wearing what amounted to a white cat suit. The skin tight white latex would have common sense and alicia keys dating common sense and alicia keys dating been almost obscene if worn alone, but over it they wore a short, leather petal skirt. The petals alternated red, black and white in color. Over their shoulders was a large common sense and alicia keys dating collar cape which was also composed of petals. Judy and Julie’s were totally red,, while Joan’ was black.

The hoods matched the collars and had matching feathers attached around the eyes which gave the girls a rather owl-like appearance. In addition to the costume, The Three J’s also wore a leather waistlet-style corset from which two aluminum poles extended from the back to over their heads. Above their heads, supported by the poles, was a large playing card. Julie was the Jack of Hearts; Judy was the Jack of Diamonds; and common sense and Joan alicia keys dating was the Jack of Clubs. On the back side of the three cards was an ad for The Three Jacks which invited everyone to the club. It also said in large font, “For one night only, visit The Ace of Spades private club for a very special evening.” Beneath that was the same omnidirectional scan block that appeared on the back of the deck of cards which Sara would be distributing. Sara’s outfit was also white latex, except it wasn’t a cat suit. It was a bikini, a rather common modest sense and alicia keys datingcommon sense and alicia keys dating trong> bikini, but a bikini none-the-less. The bottoms were skin-tight, but there was a camel toe shield in the crotch so it actually revealed less than most modern swim suits. On the very front of the bottom piece was a large spade, located so that the tail of the spade descended between Sara’s legs. The top caucasians surgar is alicia keys and eve dating was daddy community common sense and alicia keys dating common sense and alicia keys dating common sense dating and alicia keys dating 2008 also skin tight, but had more coverage than your average bra, and since there were nipple shields in the cups, it too, revealed much less than would average swim attire. A set of high-heeled, knee-high black boots covered her legs. The boots had a large square coming up from the front like pirate boots in old movies.

It covered most of her thigh and flapped slightly as she walked. As with The Three J’s, a leather hood / face mask completed the outfit. Sara’s hood was white with gold common sense and alicia keys dating feathers attached around the eyes. Attached to the back of her top / bra was a small white box with wires that led into the latex and also down to the bottoms. The wire leading to the bottoms was held in place with a piece of almost flesh colored tape. Ace explained that whenever someone scanned the block on the back of the common sense and alicia keys dating cards, the website would send out a signal that caused the lights on the costume to flash. He used his phone and one of the cards to demonstrate and very small common sense and alicia keys dating LED lights flashed around the edges of the bikini tops and bottoms and around the large spade on Sara’s crotch. Larger lights also flashed and ran around the edges of the large Jacks the girls were carrying. “There is one minor downside to these costumes,” explained Ace. “You three can’t sit in the seats of a car or van.” “How will we get to where we start?” asked Julie. “I took the back seats out of the van,” said Ron. “You will common sense and alicia keys dating have to sit on the carpet for the short ride over to your start point.” “So, are you ready?” asked Kevin. Sara chirped, “Ready to go.” common sense and alicia keys dating common sense and alicia Then keys dating she added, “But I’m a little disappointed in the outfit. I’ve worn less than this to church.” Ace’s eyes opened wide. Judy smirked and said, “She has.” Ace joined in the laughter and then smiled and said, “Like I said, the outfits get a little less each night. If we started small, you common sense and alicia keys dating would be walking down Bourbon Street naked by Sunday night.” Sara smiled back and said, “And the problem with that is?...” Julie gave her one of her looks of shock and disapproval and said, “Sara!” They went out the back door of The Three Jacks and through an interior alleyway to the slot where the van was parked.

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