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For the first time Amanda felt a twinge of embarrassment knowing that Sara and Sean were looking intently at her restrained nakedness. In the mirror, she saw alcohol drug related to dating abuse Rapture's smiling face looking back at her. The embarrassment quickly faded and was replaced with with the flush of arousal. She looked behind her at Rapture and said softly, "Ok Rapture .. Come to me .." Her heart beat faster as she watched her four legged Lover pad its way toward her. It stopped beside her and pushed its head through the side of the Frame under swaying breasts. Amanda sighed as the wonderful tongue lifted and curled itself around her right breast with an alcohol drug related to dating abuse exquisite kneading action and then she gasped as the tip of its tongue slipped around the stiffening nipple with a delicious swirling action. Rapture withdrew and moved behind dating abuse alcohol related drug to alcohol drug related to dating abuse alcohol drug related to dating abuse Amanda with its head pointing toward the junction of her spread thighs. Its long tongue flattened and formed over her labia, slipping forward and backward over the swelling related drug alcohol abuse dating to folds.

The tongue pressed onto the thickening clitoral hood and its tip moved onto the protruding clitoris with exquisite licks and swirls. A loud gasp was heard from Amanda as her clitoris leapt out of its protective cover into the warmness of Rapture's suckling appendage. Rapture began quick licks up and down Amanda's womanhood and her hips jerked rearward trying to get its tongue to return its focus to her rigid organ of joy. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .." Rapture withdrew from Amanda's body and she moaned with disappointment. It walked to the front of the Frame and she smiled at her Lover, knowing what was going to happen next.

It jumped up and placed its paws on the rail beside her hands. She could see an inch of thick, dark, pinkness protruding from the dog's fur lined sheath and she stared at it longingly. Rapture shuffled forward on its hind legs so Amanda's mouth was just few inches from the dog's glistening gland. Amanda's alcohol drug related to dating abuse alcohol drug related to dating abuse arousal soared as she saw the thickness expand out of the sheath and the pulsing head neared her face. As the hardness expanded, Amanda opened her mouth and Rapture used her warm, moist breath to guide its erection toward the opening that it craved for.

He pressed his throbbing gland between the parted lips and it alcohol slowly drug related to dating abuse sunk into a cavern of delicious warmth. As Amanda's mouth, lips and tongue adorned the wonderful thickness, Sara and Sean heard a muffled moan from their alcohol drug related to dating abuse mother.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .." Her mouth closed around the dog's thick member and began to deeply suck and suckle in it. The dog whined and hunched forward lunging its excited erection deep into Amanda's mouth and throat. As the massive shaft filled her mouth and throat, Amanda instinctively tried to pull her head away to alcohol drug related to dating abuse prevent herself from choking on it. The dog followed her frantic movements keeping its imbedded erection firmly within her stretched throat. In a few seconds, Amanda got used to the fullness and resumed her deep throating actions.

The dog's oozing preseminal fluids began to affect her taste buds and she began to crave for more and more of Rapture's delicious nectar. It was like an aphrodisiac and the sensations spread down to her rigid clitoris and spasming vagina. Her erect nipples tingled in the air under her swaying breasts and her clitoris jumped excitedly. Rapture now began lunging its flexing member deep into Amanda's stretched throat.

Her tongue slipped alcohol drug related to dating abuse alcohol drug related to dating abuse around the tip of the dog's throbbing hardness on its outward stroke and sucked up its drooling fluid like a straw. Her throat muscles began an inward rippling motion, pulling the wonderful thickness deeper and deeper into her suctioning mouth and throat. A low guttural moan filtered its way past the lunging organ that filled drug abuse to alcohol dating related her wide open mouth. Amanda couldn't believe how good the dog's drooling nectar tasted and her mouth and throat intensified its clasping, milking action in its alcohol drug related to dating abuse alcohol drug related to dating abuse desperate quest for the ultimate liquid essence .. Her hips were grinding her enflamed in tight circles as if looking for something .. The appreciative eyes of her two viewers were locked onto the frenzied contortions of their mother. Amanda intensified her clenching actions on the dog's straining hardness and its whines became growls of intense pleasure as its lunges took on a sense of urgency. Amanda felt the deep spasming of the dog's imbedded erection and knew it was just seconds away from ejaculating.

Her mouth and throat increased their sucking and milking actions. The exquisite spasms of her own orgasm were building within her enflamed vaginal passage and her thick alcohol drug related to dating abuse juices were drooling from her swollen folds. Amanda almost fainted as the hot, thick essence gushed and spurted into her throat. The dog's erupting erection pulled all the way out, flooding Amanda's mouth with its delicious, spewing nectar and then plunged back into the depths of Amanda's loving throat.

Amanda groaned when her to dating abuse drug alcohol related alcohol drug related vaginal to dating aburelated se alcohol abuse to drug dating sheath and rigid clitoris exploded with joy as her 'hands free' orgasm was unleashed.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM .." Rapture pulled out of Amanda's gasping mouth. She closed her eyes as the ecstatic aftershocks flooded her body and her mouth and tongue savored the delicious remnants of the dog's delicious nectar. After placing a few licks on Amanda's face, Rapture moved behind Amanda and sat down, its sniffing nose reacquired the strong scent of her . Amanda felt the large head sniffing up and down her wet, swollen crease and then felt its warm, wet, rubbery tongue begin lapping at her flared labia. Slivers of pleasure rippled within her swollen folds causing dating abuse drug to alcohol related them to tremble with anticipation. Waves of excitement flooded her vaginal sheath and radiated upward toward her engorged clitoris. The slippery tongue dipped between the flared folds, pushing alcohol drug related to dating abuse them further apart as it explored the warm, moist crease of her . The tip of the wonderful tongue glided upward onto her solid organ of joy and curled around the rigid appendage with an ecstatic squeezing action, causing Amanda to squeal in joy. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .." The tongue slipped back down and began caressing the excited entrance to her vagina. Her hips thrust rearward, forward and ground in tight circles. Her body had never felt such incredible sensations. The tip of the Rapture's tongue eagerly sipped up Amanda's drooling, thick vaginal juices like a straw. The canine slipped its tongue back to its mouth and then slid it all the way forward alcohol drug related to dating abuse alcohol through drug related to dating abuse the swollen lips of her labia. Amanda howled in pleasure, her head thrashed back and forth, her engorged organ jerked wildly and her vagina clenched and spasmed. Again alcohol drug the related to dating abuse tongue curled around her extended clitoris with an ecstatic twisting and turning action. Orgasmic flashes of lights filled her eyes as her second orgasm exploded across alcohol drug related to dating abuse her loins.

"IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE .." Rapture, as if on cue, stepped back. In about thirty seconds, Amanda's body came down from her orgasmic high. She slumped onto the alcohol drug related to dating abuse supports of the Mounting Frame gasping and panting. Its tongue gently caressed and fondled her oozing labia, sipping up the remnants of her orgasmic juices.

She moaned as delicious aftershocks flooded her body. Rapture sensed Amanda's ual rejuvenation and again curled its tongue around the rigid pink organ that stood out like a beacon at alcohol the drug related to dating abuse top of labia. That wonderful tongue once again started its incredible and ecstatic journey from vaginal opening to enflamed clitoris. Rapture now concentrated on Amanda's excited alcohol drug related to dating abuse vaginal entrance. Its tongue teased the clasping entrance with delicious swipes and caresses. Amanda squirmed and pushed her hips rearward in a desperate attempt to get the loving appendage to slip into her seething . Amanda moaned and pleaded as her body vaulted up the arousal ladder. Oh God .." Rapture sensed it was time for the 'main alcohol drug related to dating abuse event'. Amanda felt a pulsing thickness against the inside of her right thigh. She had just enough movement with head to see the front four inches of her alcohol drug related to dating abuse

alcohol drug related to dating abuse
Lover's massive erection. Thick, pulsing nubs were protruding from the surface of the engorged shaft and its precum drooled from flexing gland. Amanda gasped at the incredible sight that she had seen so many times before and her vagina spasmed and twitched with anticipation. In the mirror, Amanda saw the full 8.0" x 3.00" dating abuse alcohol drug to related length and width of Rapture's erection and the excited opening to womanhood opened and closed like a hungry mouth. You magnificent thing .." Amanda felt a slight furry pressure on her back as Rapture reared up and took the classic position for mounting. Its large paws reached all the way to the support rail and rested
drug alcohol related dating abuse to
alcohol drug related to dating abuse alcohol drug related to dating abuse alcohol drug related to dating abuse beside Amanda's hands. At the same time, Amanda felt the throbbing mass slipping upward along her right thigh into the flared folds of her labia. Rapture's heavy member pressed itself into the wet crease, pushing the folds further apart. Amanda couldn't contain herself government influence in teen dating abuse as her body flowed from one ecstatic sensation to another. Her alcohol hips drug related to dating aalcohol drug related to dating abuse buse ground up and down forcing the massive head inward as it explored her clasping furrow. Uhh .." As the head of the animal's erection teasingly explored between the thick lips of her labia, her vaginal entrance quivered in eager anticipation. Amanda felt her inner lips kiss and caress the massive gland as it nudged
related dating abuse alcohol to drug
against them.

She pushed back and felt the entrance widen and a loud hiss of ecstasy escaped her wide open mouth as the massive thickness stretched her excited vaginal opening. 1"..2"..3"..4" "Oh Godddddddddddddddddd .." Four inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into her steamy passage. She gurgled and drooled as Rapture's thickness moved inward, inch by glorious inch. In a few seconds, Amanda felt the gates to her womb flare open to receive her long, thick Lover. I alcohol drug related to dating abuse love it .." Sara looked wide eyed as the granite pillar burrowed into her mother's as her fingers were busy calming her own excited . Sean's eyes were also glued to his mother as his glistening manhood throbbed in the air. Amanda felt the contact info about domestic dating abuse dog slowly slide its long, member outward and then slip it alcohol drug related to dating abuse alcohol drug related to dating all abuse the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, flex, wiggle and then lunge deeply back into the depths of her vagina. Her hips thrust rearward and ground alcohol drug related to dating abuse in tight ecstatic circle. Rapture pulled back and Amanda's clenching vagina franticly fought its withdrawal. It plunged back in and Amanda's rearward thrust matched it. The rhythm was set, canine and female worked in unison to bring each other toward their respective climatic orgasms. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .." The trained canine adjusted its position behind Amanda's alcohol drug related to dating abuse wide spread thighs. The angle of its penetration changed and the head now pressed against the upper lining of her vagina. It started a back and forth dragging motion until ... An intense wave of raw joy exploded throughout her vagina into advice on dating a recovering alcoholic excited clitoris and up to her rigid nipples. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH .." Prince had searched for and found Amanda's enhanced ecstatic 'G' spot.

It flexed again and again and Amanda squealed with joy. Rapture now plunged all the way into Amanda and then came back alcohol dating drug abuse out to related. Amanda's mind was overloaded with waves of pure ecstasy. The dog now started a methodical rhythm to its massive thrusts. Sometimes sliding all the way in, filling Amanda completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her sweet spot again. Goddddd .." Amanda gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. She alcohol drug related to dating lewdlyrelated dating drug alcohol abuse abuse to thrust back and ground hips in ecstatic circles. Her vaginal muscles desperately clenched around the pulsing nubs of the dog's massive thickness in a desperate attempt not to break the ecstatic connection. Her hips were a blur as she matched her Lover, thrust for thrust. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww .." Amanda saw nothing except white spots flash before alcohol drug related to dating her abuse<alcohol drug related to dating abuse /i> eyes. With every outward pull, her thick vaginal juices dating after drug and alcohol rehab spewed past her swollen labia folds and down her bent thighs. Suddenly she felt the most incredible sensation she had ever felt. A hot bloating fullness was filling her vagina and cervix. She cried out in joy as Rapture started ejaculating deep inside her enraged passage. Strong alcohol drug related to datingalcohol drug related to dating abuse abuse waves of orgasmic explosions raced from her toes to her stunned mind. Her vaginal muscles clamped and clenched all along the length of Raptures erupting hardness unleashing Amanda's body wide orgasm. "IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE .." Amanda lost consciousness, the restraints prevented her from slumping down and losing ual contact with the dog. Her hips continued to grind around Rapture's lunging erection. The dog was still spewing its thick essence and Amanda was propelled into a series of intense aftershocks.

"max dating mad rules alcohol drug related to dating abuse s for Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .." She lifted up and rested her head on the padded rail moaning and gasping.

It slid out with a delicious slurping sound and Amanda moaned alcohol drug related to dating abuse as the wonderful fullness left her body. She closed her eyes and savored the ecstatic aftershocks that raced throughout her still spasming vagina.

Suddenly, Amanda felt that wonderful alcohol drug related to dating abuse tongue lapping her thighs and . Sara's labia and thighs were coated with her juices and Sean's thighs and softening penis glistened with his pools of semen.


alcohol to drug datinalcohol drug related to dating abuse alcohol g related drug related to dating abuse abuse
finally backed away, then walked in front of Amanda and kissed her face. It then padded back beside the bed and laid down on the floor. Amanda dating drug to alcohol abuse related alcohol drug related to dating abuse pressed a button on the right hand grip and the restraints were removed from her wrists and ankles. Sara and Sean helped their mother out from the Frame to dating abuse alcohol related drug alcohol drug related to dating abuse and all walked to the large walk-in shower. My wonderful, considerate employer has given me some free time as a reward for the amount of travel and associated work we have been doing recently, which was extremely generous of him! This has allowed me to continue with my story and to be honest, when I started abuse alcohol to related drug dating on this project I was sure three chapters would see me reach the planned conclusion. Well even the best laid plans are subject to change, and as I wrote this chapter my principle characters, Katie and Dean, took me on an interesting and unexpected ual detour.

As they, and I, enjoyed ourselves the word-count grew to

alcohol drug related to dating abuse
alcohol drug related to dating abuse the point that I cannot conclude with this story without cutting things short, so chapter four will now be where my story ends. I have received some PMs following Chapter two from readers who could not find the first installment, and while I’m sure most of you know this, I will provide a “how alcohol drug related to to&rdquo dating abuse; for those that don’t. If you wish to review any author’s earlier works, merely click on the name to the right of the story title. This will take you to a complete list of their stories, so that you can read their earlier chapters, or other stories.

If you think you will enjoy abuse to alcohol related drug dating this chapter I would encourage you to read the previous chapters first, as the story makes far more sense if you follow the chronology. I hope you derive some private pleasure from this installment, and that you’ll leave a post if you do! XXX Cyn ******************************************************************************************************************* As they drove back from the airport Dean managed to maintain some form of compliance with the posted speed limit, which was quite a feat considering every fiber of his being wanted to mash the gas pedal to the floor. Katie rolled down the window and luxuriated in the breeze that massaged her face and body like feather-soft fingers. “So, did you miss me alcohol drug related to dating abuse just a little?” She asked coyly. She wasn’t surprised when he laughed loudly, before grinning back at her. “Which became a lot when you made a very enjoyable phone- call, and then went off the top of the charts when you sent me those…intimate pictures!” She giggled like a mischievous child. “drug to related I was alcohol alcohol drug related to dating abuse dating abuse wondering how you’d feel about that!” He slid his hand slowly up her thigh, loving the uninhibited way she spread her legs for him. “The only thing was, you weren’t here to take care of the problem you created.” She giggled again. “Well I’m here now!” She assured him. He smiled broadly before returning his attention to the road. “I’d suggest you enjoy the sunshine Katie, because you may not see to related abuse drug dating alcohol it again for a while.” “That suits me just fine.” She responded. “Can’t this car go any faster?” “Not unless you want a speeding ticket, and that would only slow us down.” He replied, but still accelerated slightly as he kept a watchful eye on the rear view mirror.

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