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I fell asleep dreaming about sweet smelling flowers and honey flavored suckers. Several times during the night I was awakened by CJ sucking on my flaccid shaft like it was a mother’s nipple. The Girls Next Door – 11 Alissa was the first to wake up. She woke CJ by rubbing two fingers into her warm pussy. When CJ stirred, and started sucking and stroking me, she pulled the fingers out and put them between my lips. The sweet taste on my lips and her wonderful musk in my nostrils woke me up. When my eyes opened I was still less than the length of my tongue from her delicious womanhood. I raised my head and pushed my tongue into her velvety tunnel. She pushed back against me divorced parents dating sites holding bangor maine my head against the pillow as she moaned and ground on my tongue. She was running the full length of my shaft in and out of her throat, stopping with it all divorced parents dating sites the bangor maine way in and swallowing around me. Just as I started pumping cum down her throat she pressed her slit hard on my mouth and groaned around my shaft. I was rewarded with divorced parents dating sites bangor maine a mouthful of her sweet nectar. CJ rolled over on her back and pulled Alissa to her for a long tongue wrestling kiss. I rolled over to face Amanda and moved her down divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine enough to take one of her nipples in my mouth and suck on it gently. “Mmmmm I just love all the different ways you wake me.” Next thing I knew divorced parents Anna dating sites bangor maine was on top of us with her breast in my face. “What about me daddy I like having you suck on my titties to.” It ended up with me attached to one nipple and Amanda attached to the other. Now let’s go shopping like you promised.” I wanted them to wear their Levis, tank tops and heels. I told them we would be getting what they needed for their motorcycle class and a few extras. We piled into Alissa’s convertible and headed out to find them some boots for riding. We found divorced parents dating sites bangor maine what they needed at one of the big sporting goods chains then were off to our next stop.

Dave had converted a small, older two bedroom house to a store and his wife used one of the rooms as a beauty salon. The place was packed with racks and not a lot of empty space. Just one small area where he had a platform about 3’ square and 2’ high that customer’s stood on so he could measure them or fit leather pants and chaps. When I walked in with my four ladies his smile grew. What can divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine

divorced parents dating sites I do bangor maine
for you?” I introduced the ladies and started listing what I wanted. I need a light weight leather jacket, chaps and gloves for each of these lovely ladies.” Dave got busy finding what we needed from the racks and having them try them on. He had them stand on his platform one at a time so he could cut the legs parents sites divorced bangor of dating maine their chaps to length. They all picked black fringed ladies jackets that really showed of their figures. When he asked for one of them to step up on the platform CJ said “Wait, we need our other shoes.” They ran outside and got the heels they had brought and came back in. CJ stepped up on the platform wearing the 5” heels she had brought. When Dave measured her inseam she cooed at him “Be careful down their I get turned on real easy.” Dave just grinned at her and went to find a pair of pants from his racks.

Before he could point her to the back room, CJ had kicked off her heels and had her Levis down to her ankles revealing her panty-less mound. Dave just stood there with his mouth open as she kicked off her Levis and wiggled her hips as she pulled on the leather. Do you have some that are tighter?” divorced maine dating bangor parents sites She slid them off and stood there naked from the waist down as Dave walked away. With her wicked smile CJ said “Did I do you think he likes the show divorced parents dating sites bangor maine so far?” When he came back I said “Maybe I should have mention that they are uninhibited and like being exhibitionists.” Dave laughed. But if my wife shows up you divorced parents dating sites bangor maine get to explain it.” With a little help CJ got the pants he had brought on and stepped into her heels so he could mark the bottoms of the legs for trimming. “I forgot they also want vests that make them look hot.” Dave went to the racks and came back with a vest that only had two ties. He brought out another on that had laces on the side and three ties in the front.

By the time CJ finished adjusting the sides the front just came past her areolas in the front. Just bangor dating sites maine divorced parents as she was satisfied, Alissa jumped up on the platform. Just as Dave went to measure her inseam I felt an arm slip around my waist. “What the is going on here.divorced parents dating sites bangor maine ” I looked back and Dave’s wife Maryanne was standing behind me. Damn I can’t leave you alone in this store for 5 minutes without you finding some way to get

divorced parents dating sites bangor maine
a girl naked.” If she hadn’t started laughing she might have scared Dave but as it was he just laughed and kept working. “Haven’t seen you around for a while, how have you been?” I told her about my wife and a little about my new family. She told me she was sorry about my loss then looked at my maine divorced dating parents bangor sites four ladies. “I hope you know what you’re getting into.” When I told her I was happy and Amanda was pregnant. While they were fitting Alissa Anna hollered from the other side of the racks. “He has leather bikinis.” She came out carrying an armload of bikinis.

She piled them on a rack in front of me and stripped her pants parents divorced dating bangor maine sites divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine and top, handing them to me. It fit her like a second ski and barely covered enough to be legal. While I watched she rubbed her nipples under the material and when divorced parents dating sites she bangor maine pulled her hands away, the material formed around them. “Daddy can I have this one, please?” Maryanne gave me a strange look and I had to explain my ‘Daughter’ to her. I told her she could have that one and to let the others pick one out. After Dave and Maryanne finished fitting everyone for pants and vests they all picked out divorced parents dating their sites bangor maine own color bikini like Anna had and tried them on. The four of them were wearing red, blue black and tan bikinis and wanted to wear them out of the store. It was a hot day in Austin but seemed to get a lot hotter as the four of them walked out in the bikinis and 5” heels.

They put all their bags in the trunk and waited until I put the top down before putting on their sunglasses and getting in. They were happy with our shopping so far but the wanted to make another stop, Victoria’s Secret. They wanted to find something to wear over the bikinis so they could take me to dinner before we went home. We got to the mall where the store was divorced parents dating sites bangor maine located and my ladies got out and headed for the entrance. By the time I got the top up and headed that way they were inside. When I caught up they were maine divorced sites parents bangor dating walking thru the mall like they owned it and ignoring the looks they were receiving. They walked into Victoria's Secret and I waited outside. Two minutes later Anna came out and grabbed my hand to take me in. “You’re not getting out that easy.” The girls started trying on and modeling dresses for wear over bathing suits. They all disappeared for a divorced parents dating bit sites bangor maine then reappeared with all of them wearing white crochet dresses that did a wonderful job of showing off their colorful bikinis.

As they headed for the door Amanda looked back over her shoulder at me. Oh and we will be in Kay’s Jewelers When I caught up they were gathered around one counter with a sales lady.

The sales lady asked them if I was the gentleman they were shopping for. When Amanda said I was the lady took my left hand and looked at before reaching under the counter and pulling out a box full divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced maine bangor dating sites parents of small brown envelopes. She flipped thru them until she found what she was looking for.

“I think this is what you’re asking for.” She opened the envelope and poured out a man’s gold four piece puzzle ring with four small diamonds. Amanda took the ring, put it together and slid it on my ring finger and held it up for divorced parents dating sites bangor maine sites the parents divorced maine dating bangor others to look at. Amanda told the lady they would take it and pulled a credit card out of the small purse she had with her. “Well ladies I think we’divorced parents dating sites bangor maine ve marked our territory pretty good. Now let’s go to dinner.” As we walked back to the car Amanda had my arm around her shoulders, holding my hand out looking at

divorced parents dating sites bangor maine
the ring. Now other women will no your spoken for.” When we got to the car they crowded around me and said they wanted to christen the ring. I did know what
divorced parents dating sites bangor maine
they were talking about until CJ stood close in front of me and put my hand inside her bikini bottom and slipped my ring finger in her hot hole. In less than a minute her nectar had coated my finger and was running into my hand. She hugged me and said “I’ll love you always.” Then she pulled my hand to her
dating bangor sites maine parents divorced
mouth and kissed my wet palm. When it was Amanda’s turn she smiled and told me later. They wanted to do dinner at a place on Lake Travis that had decks for watching the sunset as you ate.

We had finished dinner and ordered dessert just before sunset. Amanda was on my left and slid her chair close so she could put her arm around me. Just as the sun touched the horizon Amanda put my left hand between her legs and pressed it against her wet lips. That’s when I looked down at her lap divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine and saw that she had untied on side of her bikini and slid it aside. She buried my ring finger in the entrance to her silky hole and held it as she leaned divorced parents dating sites against bangodivorced parents dating sites bangor maine r maine me watching the sun go down. When it had disappeared she stroked herself with my finger until I felt her give a shudder and my hand was coated with her cum. She divorced held parents dating sites bangor maine me in her until she was breathing regular then held my wet hand where the others could see it. She licked one finger and asked if they wanted a taste.

Anna took my hand and sucked on one finger then Alissa and CJ stepped around the table to do the same. Amanda tied her bottom back then stood up to go to the ladies room. Next thing I knew they were all up and walking away. They reappeared about twenty minutes later, ready to leave. By the time my wives, I guess it should be wives and daughter now, put away the day’s purchases it was 10pm. I wasn’t ready to call it a night so I went out to the pool and swam some laps. When divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine I turned to climb out I found all four waiting for me. “What’s up ladies?” “We’re waiting on you so we can go to bed.

We fit together divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine better with you in the middle.” I was kind of surprised when we got to bed and they wanted to just cuddle and go to sleep. They said they thought we all needed a quiet night after the week we had just went thru. When I woke up everyone was gone except Alissa who was next to me on her side still asleep. I moved

divorced parents dating sites to bangor mainedivorced parents dating sites bangor maine 6> spoon her back and put an arm over her so I could hold her breast. When I kissed her neck and ear she rolled over to face me and press her
sites maine parents dating bangor divorced
divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine body against me. What can I do for you this morning, missy?” “You can let me suck on your dick like Anna and CJ.” Then she turned around so her bangor parents maine dating sites divorced divorced parents dating sites bangor maine head was on my thigh and one leg was across my chest putting her slit right against my lips. I licked at her inner lips that were peeking out of her open slit and she jumped. “Hey you didn’t do that to them.” “We were asleep. Beside if you don’t want me to eat don’t put such a tasty parents maine dating bangor sites divorced treat in front of me.” I took her hips and pulled her slit to my mouth. As she put the head of my dick in her mouth and sucked on it like a straw she slowly stroked the shaft. Each time I pushed my tongue into her or sucked on her clit her hand would tighten on my shaft for a moment.

We had been playing with each other about 15 minutes when Amanda stuck her head in to tell us brunch was ready. Amanda said the rest of them had been up for hours. “Tonight you get to pick the way we sleep and I bet I know what it is.” She just giggled and pulled me out of bed towards the showers. We headed for the dating maine bangor sites parents divorced breakfast table and dug in with the others. While we were eating I remembered the envelope Anna and CJ’s father had handed me. I had thrown it on the dash in my divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine truck dating sites for divorced separated parents and forgotten it. “Hey daddy’s girl would you do me a favor.” Anna perked up. “Anything for my new daddy.” “Go out and get me the

divorced manila parents dating sites bangor maindivorced parents dating sites e
bangor maidivorced parents dating sites bangor maine ne envelope from the dash in my truck, please.” She jumped up and ran outside and was back in a flash with it. When I opened it and tipped it up, four divorced parents dating sites bangor maine bank books and some papers fell out. Each of the bank books had one of the daughter’s names on them and one of the sheets was a map. When I read the other sheet I gathered everything up and turned to CJ. “Call your sisters and do what you have to, to get them here for dinner tonight. Tell them it’s about divorced parents dating sites bangor maine the house and your parents.

Tell Katrina and Marisa they can stay in your house or they can use one of our spare rooms and drive back tomorrow.” CJ said “Are divorced parents dating sites bangor maine you ok?” “I’ll be a lot better after we take care of this.” CJ made the call and surprisingly they both said they’d be here this evening at 5pm. I put Alissa and Anna to work getting a room ready and working on dinner. I sent CJ to their house to make sure it was ready and the ac was

sites maine parents dating divorced bangor
divorced parents dating working sites bangor mainedivorced parents dating sites bangor maine strong>.

I took Amanda to the bedroom and we put on some shirts, jeans and tennis shoes and headed out the door. We drove my truck next door to the girl’s house

divorced parents dating sites bangor maine
divorced parents dating sites bangor maine and took it on back to a far corner of the 10 acre lot. “One of the papers in the envelope was a map of their lot. There is an X on divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine it and the other paper said to look for a metal locker.” We found what looked like one of those 2 door upright lockers lying on the doors and overgrown with weeds and mesquite. I got some gloves and a machete from the tool box on my truck and half an hour later we had it cleared enough to turn it over. When we
divorced parents dating sites bangor maine
did the door fell open and two large suitcases fell out. They were bulging, heavy christian singles parents online dating sites and the zippers were stuck. We dragged them back to the truck and I opened one of them divorced parents dating sites bangor maine
divorced parents dating sites bangor maine
with a pair of pliers. There must have been over a hundred bundles of 20’s, 10’s and 5’s in it. We threw them in the back of the truck divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites and bangor maine closed the tonneau cover. I moved the truck back to our carport and asked Amanda not to say anything for now. We went in to see how things were going and had Alissa tell us that she and Anna had it under control. We old folks could go lounge on the deck they would site america in best the dating let us know if they divorced parents sites maine bangor dating needed anything. We got in to get wet and then laid down in the sun in my favorite position. Amanda was on her back and I had high school teacher dating recent graduate my head on her breast, one leg across her leg and my hand on her mound. We had been out there about 30 minutes when CJ came out. “So they chased you out to?” CJ got wet and laid down on the other side of Amanda. Anna came out to let us know it was 4pm and we needed to get dressed for single parents dating sites bangor maine
divorced parents dating sites bangor maine
our company. By the time Marisa and Katrina arrived I was in slacks and a sports shirt.

The girls were all wearing short skirts and tank tops with bras. When Marisa and Katrina walked in they didn’t look anything like I remembered. Of course it had been a few years but they had really become beautiful young women. She looked to be a 34C divorced parents dating and sites bangor mamaine dating sites parents bangor divorced ine was 5’8” tall. Katrina was 21, another Brunette with 36D’s and 5’9”.

Marisa was finishing her 1st year at UT and Katrina was in her 3rd at A&M. after divorced parents dating sites bangor maine divorced parents dating sites bangor maine some introductions and hugs we sat down to dinner. We had pasta, baked chicken steamed vegetables and garlic bread. Marisa and Katrina were surprised that Anna and Alissa prepared all of it by divorced parents dating their sites bangor mainedivorced parents rong> dating sites bangor maine selves. When we had finished and the table was cleared Anna brought me the envelope. I opened it and handed each of the sisters one of the passbooks. “Your father gave me these when we were getting the paperwork done for custody of Anna. The last deposit was three years ago before they are known to have started the smuggling. Next a deed sites bangor parents dating maine divorced

divorced for parents dating sites bangor mainedivorced parents dating h6> sites bangor maine
the house in my name is supposed to be here in a week or so. I’m supposed to ask if you want to sell it and split the money or keep it as a place to live. If you want to keep it I have been given enough money to take care of the taxes and utilities for a long time.

So you ladies need to talk it over and decide what you want to do. This isn’t something that needs to be done today or even next week but you do need to decide eventually.

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