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I kept where she could see me easily, and slowly undressed – taking some time to fold each garment and put it on a chair, so that she could see plenty. First to be removed were the belt and the sweater, and I turned casually so that she had good views of my breasts and bra – the latter being a skimpy concoction of black gauze and lace – from several angles. Next went the skirt, and I know that I look magnificent in black boots, hold ups and scanty lingerie dating in the five college area – in the silence, I could hear Helen’s shaky indrawn breath, and I could almost smell the dampening of her panties in a room which seemed suddenly much warmer. I pulled off my boots, and then turned my back to her – affording her a splendid view of my ass – whilst I rolled my stockings down my legs.


dating in the five college area
I turned almost to face her and undid my bra from behind, pulling it aside and stretching luxuriously – both revealing my naked breasts and making them thrust and jiggle enticingly dating in the five college – whilst area I made some comment about it being hot and sticky in here, and how glad I was to remove it. When I quickly glanced at Helen, her face wore dating in the a stunned five college area expression and she looked pale, almost as if she might faint. To steady herself, she rested one hand for a moment on the shoulder of the dress designer – a pleasant middle-aged woman who was kneeling at Helen’s feet, intent on adjusting the drape of the hem, and who with her back towards me had missed my little college area in five the dating strip-tease performance. The bride and bridesmaids dresses – like so many in this summer of 2011 – were influenced by the Royal Wedding not long before. Of course, they were not simply dating in the fairfax va area copies – but they followed the newly-fashionable style by having a narrow waist and sweeping wide skirt for the bride, and plain and figure-hugging floor-length pencil dresses for the bridesmaids. I was all in favour of this – like any hot-blooded lesbian, my enduring memory from the television coverage of the wedding was not of Prince William or even the dating in the five college area lovely Kate Middleton, but of her athletic younger sister Pippa’s stunning ass in her gorgeously y slimline maid-of-honour dress. In fact, the dresses for Helen and myself were going to dating in the five college area be so closely fitted that we were not to wear our ordinary bras underneath; instead, to support our breasts, each of our dresses would have soft cloth cups of the appropriate dating in the five college area volume sewn inside the bust. A delightful consequence of this was that we spent much of the fitting sessions dressed only in our panties, and I sneaked almost as many glances at Helen’s small pointy tits as I saw her giving my swaying ripe mounds.

During that second session, when it was my turn to stand on the stool for area in the college five dating fitting and measuring, I could see from the corner of my eye that Helen was leaning against the wall to my left, gazing almost hypnotised at my tits and ass. When dating in the five college area I turned more away from her, she did not realise that I could still see her reflection in a nearby full-length mirror, and my breath caught in delight as I saw her cup and pinch her own small breasts, and then she slipped one hand down inside the front of her panties and was clearly giving her pussy a vigorous rub. I

five area college in dating the
dating in the five college area was sure from this point that Helen fancied girls, and some instinct convinced me that she was – as I am – purely and entirely lesbian, rather than biual. However, the college dating in area five dating in the five college area I also doubted that she had yet had any actual ual experience; I was certain that she would not want to do it with a boy, and it was most likely that she would be too scared and nervous of coming on to any of her female friends – the risks would be too great. She was only sixteen-and-a-half years old, and so almost certainly a virgin – unless, of course, an older woman (such as a school teacher, sports coach or Girl Guide leader) had seduced her, as she was more than area dating five in college the pretty enough to be tempting. However, I thought that this had not yet happened, as her manner radiated the naive eagerness of the inexperienced. It was after this second fitting that I began to think of seducing Helen at the wedding, and taking her cherry myself. After all, it was only right and proper that there should be a loss of virginity on a wedding day, and my resolutely heteroual sister Samantha could not fit that bill, as she and James had been ing like bunnies ever since they started going out dating in together the five college area<dating in the /strong> five college area. The third and final fitting was also a final confirmation of Helen’s growing interest in me – in fact, in addition to her awareness of my physical charms (my breasts being a particularly magnetic focus), it was clear that she was developing quite a crush on me, chattering away and eagerly agreeing with any comment that I made.

At dating in the five college area one point, when the designer briefly left the fitting room to take a phone call, and Helen and I were naked apart from our panties (mine this time being a sketchy thong in burgundy red), I managed to contrive an opportunity to remove mine. I forget the reason that I gave, but I turned my back to Helen in apparent modesty, and area in college five the dating bent from the waist only, keeping my legs straight, as I rolled the panties down from my thighs to my ankles.

I knew that she could see my asshole, the dating in the five college area swell of my completely-shaven pussy mound and the base of my slit – with my labia visibly puffy and parted. I heard her give a sigh of desire, and a quick glance at the mirror (once again, she was so intently focused on me that she had not realised she was visible in it) showed me a glorious sight of sapphic apprenticeship – Helen had thrust her hand so hard into her panties that they were pushed down three or four inches, and I could see that her fingers were frantically frotting along dating in the five college area

dating in the five college area
dating in the five college area her gash. When I slowly straightened and turned – giving her a full view of my cunt from the front – she had had time to straighten her panties and dating in the five college area dating five the area in college dating in the five college area remove her hand, but my eagle eye noted the giveaway dark damp patch at her crotch. Seconds later, Helen excused herself to visit the en suite bathroom, and as the designer
dating in the five college area
dating in the five college area had not returned, I swiftly crossed the room and put my ear to the toilet door. My reward was to hear the moans of a girl fingering herself to a rapid climax, and when she came – to my delight – it sounded like she was saying my name, over and over. Some time after the wedding, Helen told me that she dating five in the college area had begun to suspect that I might be a lesbian after the second fitting session, and had wondered if the eyefuls of my tits and cunt which I had afforded her both then and at the third session were a come-on – but, because she wanted so much for that to be the case, she was afraid that she was reading too much into it. It had only been when I touched her ass at the wedding reception that she had been really sure, and she had almost swooned with excitement when college I suggested in area five dating the that we go together to my room. So now, here in my bedroom at the wedding hotel, we reached the consummation that we both devoutly wished for. After breaking our clinch, I reached up to unpin her hair, which had been piled up in an elegant arrangement for the wedding ceremony.

Helen has lovely blonde hair, long and straight, dating in the five college area which I knew from the fitting sessions she normally kept in a pony tail, sometimes just loosely gathered and sometimes plaited – either way, she looked such a pretty picture of a wholesome schoolgirl.

She stood silently, savouring my proximity and the thrilling knowledge that much more was to come, whilst I carefully removed the comb and pins which were holding her area in five dating the college five in area dating college the coiffure in place. Released, her hair spilled down over her shoulders in a wave, and I ran my hands through its silky fineness. My next move was to turn Helen gently dating in the five college area dating in the five college area dating in the five college area around so that she was facing away from me, and then with a single slow pull I drew the zip of her bridesmaids dress down from the back of her neck to the base of her spine. It gaped open, but remained hanging from her shoulders until I stepped right up behind her – my breasts pushing against her back – and brought my hands around to the front of her dress. I cupped her small breasts through the soft satin material, and she stiffened for a moment before relaxing against me and letting the erotic sensations carry her away. After squeezing Helen’s tits through her dress, I eased it from her shoulders and it fell quite neatly down to her ankles. As we were not wearing bras beneath the wedding outfits, this at once afforded me full access to her perky little A-cup breasts and their hard pointy nipples – which I began to tweak and tease, so heightening her h dating in the bay area pleasure. I kissed the back and sides of her neck, and then in a whisper asked her to undress me as well. Helen dating in the five college area hastened eagerly to comply, and with slightly shaking hands she undid the zip of my satin sheath dress and slowly lowered it down over my hips. I smiled at her dating in the five college area as I stepped out of it, and quickly hung it up in the wardrobe. Now, we were both reduced to just our panties and the plain white girlish knee-highs which dating we in the five college area had worn under the long bridesmaids gowns. Helen reached forwards to cradle my heavy breasts, an expression of wonder on her face as she felt their human warmth and soft resilience. She looked as if she could not quite believe that this was really happening, as if this was a dream come true – as indeed it was, for later she told me that she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about me from when we met at the first fitting session and I had stripped off in front of her; since then, she had masturbated almost every night whilst fantasising that I was making love to her. This had confirmed the erotic thoughts she had already been having for more than a year about some of her school friends and teachers, and she had come to realise and then happily to accept that she was almost certainly a lesbian. ‘Oh, dating in the five college area dating in Vicky!&rsquo the five college area; she exclaimed, ‘you’re so gorgeous, so beautiful!’ I smiled and said nothing, for I intended that actions should speak louder than words. I took a gentle dating in the five college area dating in college the five area grip of Helen’s upper arms and steered her backwards to the large king-size bed. She got the idea at once, and when the backs of her calves encountered the side dating in the five college area of the bed, she quickly scrambled onto the mattress, sitting up and waiting for me to join her. Her posture and body language perfectly fitted the old expression of being dating in the five college area ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’. However, although she seemed keen enough, I wanted to take things slowly and carefully, lest this spirited filly should panic and refuse the who is marilyn manson dating now fences ahead of her. I joined Helen on the bed, easing her down onto her back and then lying down alongside her. I began with gentle kisses, just brushing my lips against hers and not trying to get my tongue into her mouth. She stirred with pleasure, her warm body pressing against my breasts and stomach, and I was delighted dating in the five when college area

dating in the five college area
she almost immediately opened her mouth to me, whilst her own tongue ventured between my lips. I replied with firmer and more passionate kissing, and soon our tongues were entwined in a tangle of saliva. My next move was to slip one hand across to her left breast, which was on the side furthest away from me. I began by dating in the five college area tracing my finger around its circumference, trailing one fingernail tantalisingly over her smooth pink skin. The nipple of her breast became visibly even more stiff and prominent as I did so,
dating and in the five college area
she mumbled something incoherent but encouraging into my mouth. I let my fingers brush across her tit, and she broke our kiss to give a little squeal – followed by another cry as I took a firmer hold of her breast, cupping the palm of my hand over it, and simultaneously compressing and massaging it. ‘Aaah, yes!’ she gasped, ‘oh, Vicky ... yes, do that to me more, do it more!’ I smiled down at her, and hunkered a little further down the bed so that I could bring my mouth to her right breast, whilst still continuing my groping and fondling of her left one.

When my wet lips closed over the nipple of her right breast, I simultaneously tweaked her left one. Helen’s head jerked sideways from the sudden erotic stimulus, and she started to moan in arousal. From blind instinct, her hips twitched and her knees

dating in the five college area
swung wide open.

This was, quite literally, the opening that I had been waiting for.

Still kissing and sucking on her right breast, I removed my hand from her left one and slid it slowly and inexorably down the centre of her body. My deliberation was quite deliberate – I wanted her to realise where that hand was travelling to, so that when it reached its destination of her cunt, she would be already turned on and hyper-sensitised to anything that I might do. Sure enough, as my hand moved down past dating in the five college area college area in the five her datdating in the five college area ing tummy button, she began to pant for breath and she arched her legs even further apart. Helen gave a high-pitched gasp and a shudder of excitement ran through her the in college area five dating dating the five college in area

dating in the five college area
slender frame, as my questing hand reached the crotch of her panties and I cupped the fleshy protuberance of her Venus mound in my palm.

I could feel that the gusset dating in the five college area of her sweet girlish pale-blue panties was already damp – indeed, almost sodden – and she whimpered as I rubbed the wet material along the visible contours of her slit, abrading dating in the five college area her labial lips. Take them off and me, Vicky!’ she gasped, ‘please – strip me, me – don’t wait, ooohh – please, now!!’ Despite this, I took my time – I didn’t want Helen to climax too soon, so I eased back a bit, and she drew some deep breaths as I very gently stroked the dating in the five area college dating in the five college area fabric of her panties around – but not directly on – her pussy. I also stopped my oral attentions to her breast, and rose up slightly to gaze down at her slim teenage body. Helen was lying almost still, her face wearing a look of astonished revelation which telegraphed her thoughts: ‘I expected it to be good – but I never dreamed it would be THIS good!’ I gave her a reassuring smile and a kiss, and then hooked my fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties at either hip,

dating in the five college area
dating in the five college area and gently tugged them downwards. She had to bring her legs back together so that I could remove the panties, but as soon as that was done she swung them dating in the five college area wide open again – almost as if there was such a hot furnace raging between her thighs that she could not bear for them to be together. Now she was completely dating in the five college area naked apart from the white knee-highs that we were both wearing, and their presence only served to heighten the impact of her nudity from the knees upwards – she looked so young, so sweet, so innocent and so utterly ing able. I savoured the moment that my fingers first touched her bare cunt, and she gave a moaning sigh as I explored college in five the area dating dating in the five college area her folds and valleys. She was not too hairy – not shaven, of course, but it seemed that she kept her pubic hair closely trimmed with scissors, and this fact and its fine blonde composition meant that nothing of her genitalia was hidden or obscured.

She gave a pretty mewling sound – very appropriately – as my fingertips began to slide between her labia and tease along her pussy. However, she made no protest over this invasion, and I tugged her opening a little further apart, curling the end of my index finger into her vaginal slit and sliding it around. My probing finger soon encountered an obstruction – as I had suspected and hoped, her hymen was still intact.

I withdrew my digit, despite Helen’s soft whimpering imprecations for me to continue, and indeed to be harder and firmer. ‘You’ve still got your virginity, my sweet angel’, I told

dating in the five college area
her; ‘I’d better not go any further, I might tear or break it.’ Helen’s frustration at the possibility that the cup of lesbian love might be dashed dating in the five college area from her lips was palpable and almost comic. She was also exactly where I wanted her to be – panting with desire, aching for release, and desperately in need of ing.

You’re the one for me, you be my first, please – so take it, take me – oh, please me, please do!’ ‘profile headline characters love dating enjoy college five in the area dating dating in the five college area dating in the five college area dating in the five college area Helen – are you sure, your virginity?’ I queried, putting a doubtful note in my voice and successfully smothering my jubilant satisfaction, for of course her plea was music to my ears. ‘Yes, YES!!’ she almost shouted, and then she raised herself up on one elbow, looked at me the top five best dating websites squarely, and said more calmly: ‘Really, truly, I’m quite sure, Vicky – oh, there couldn’t be anyone more wonderful than you to be my first! Please take me, Vicky, please, I promise that I won’t ever five the in dating area college complain – I know that I won’t, because I want you so much!’ I smiled at her, nodded my assent, and told her to wait for just a moment.

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