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“I’m ready, Cory,” she said and they kissed a soft, lingering kiss.

Cory kissed her again, and then he pushed his hips forward. Tilly moaned dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger out girl 15 virdating a girl virgin younger 15 younger dating girl a virgin 15 gin loud and deep as Cory’s member penetrated her tunnel for the first time, his shaft forcing apart her virgin walls as it started to slide inside her oven. Her eyes were pressed closed as she adjusted to the intrusion of another human inside her .

She was warm, oh so warm, and Cory was sure her pussy was the dating a younger girl 15 virgin

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tightest pussy he had ever experienced. The feeling of his shaft sliding into the forbidden fruit of his sister was insane. The pain was both unbearable, and at the same time the most incredible thing she had ever experienced. She felt her walls stretching, and it felt like she was being torn apart. She groaned and cooed and moaned into his mouth as she felt him slither inside her. Cory stopped moving when he came to the soft, film-like barrier of her virginity and he took Tilly’s hand in his and he gripped it. “There’s no going back,” he said and Tilly took a deep breath whispered into his ear: “I’m yours.” Cory dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating kissed a younger girl 15 virgin her, and he pushed forward and that was tips for dating a younger girl the moment. It was the moment that her hymen was plucked from the wilderness of her body and she was his. She dating a younger girl 15 virgin buckled her hips and whimpered and cried into his mouth at the sudden jolt of pain deep inside her as her cherry popped, survey older women dating younger men and Cory felt her nails draw blood as they clawed at his back. They remained there for a moment, a tear escaping down Tilly’s face. And then her hips started to rock and the dance dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin continued.

Cory slid deeper into Tilly, until his balls came to rest on the coolness of her bubble butt and their pubic hair meshed. Tilly put her hands on Cory’s body, pulled him close and kissed him deep as he started to slide himself in and out of her tunnel, her needle threaded and the passion of their in dating a younger girl 15 virgin full flow. Oh, Cory,” Tilly moaned, her hips bucking and flexing and going into spasm at his thrust. He withdrew, feeling the friction of her lips as it released dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger his girl 15 virgin cock for the first time and he saw the blood of her purity on the tip, and on her lips as evidence of her beautiful and passionate depucelation. He dating a younger kissed girl 15 virgin her, and then he pushed himself back in and her scream of ecstasy filled his mouth. Tilly and Cory ed like animals, a couple embellished in lust for each other.

She moaned and cooed in his ear with each thrust into the warm tenderness of her promise land.

She grabbed his back and clawed at his skin until it was riddled with scratches and bled. She got used to the intrusion quickly and her hips undulated, welcoming him and ing him with as much passion as he felt. “This feels amazing,” she would whisper in his ear as the feelings grew in her belly. She nibbled at his neck and he felt the passion growing, from his dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl balls 15 vdating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin irgin to his shaft, and then he came hard and deep, thrusting one final time, groaning like a man on the edge of oblivion, until he was balls deep and dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin firing streams of his hot climax into his sisters womb, filling her with the seed of his passion. “Oh my,” she said, breathless, as she felt the warmth dating a younger girl 15 virgin of Cory’s semen firing deep into her cervix. “That was incredible.” She agreed, unable to find words.

They said little, the noise of their breathing and the rise and fall of their chests was the only sound in the room. She could feel his seed within her, warm and forbidden. Night was falling, and the room was cast in a deep golden orange glow as if encased in perennial sunset. “Do you hate me?” Cory heard Tilly whisper. “You’re incredible,” he said and her smile lit up the dimness of the room. “Is this…” she went to say and Cory took her hand and squeezed it and she stopped. They both thought about the taboo, about the forbidden of a brother and sister, but they didn’t care. She rolled onto her side and kissed Cory’s cheek, and dating a younger girl 15 virgin as he turned to face her, his lips. Her hand moved between his legs and she felt him in her hand, the wetness of his tip and throbbing that came 15 younger girl a virgin dating with each tug she gave. “You me.” His hand found her ponytail and he pulled back until their eyes met. She bit her bottom lip, and then his

virgin 15 a teeth girl younger datingyounger 15 dating a girl
vdating a younger girl 15 virgin irgin found that same bottom lip and he gave a tug and Tilly gave a moan. She pushed Cory back onto the bed, and her eyes shimmered with wickedness. Tilly virgin younger a girl dating 15 moved on top, straddling her brother again, only this time there was no fabric barrier beneath them. She grabbed his shaft and positioned her pelvis, moving the throbbing muscle (which dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl was 15 virgin now stoked again. “Tell me what you want,” she said, seductively. “I want you,” Cory said, “to me.” “How,” she said, dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin breathless. “ me hard, Tilly Greenstreet,” Cory said. “ me anyway you like.” Tilly giggled and leaned down to his lips. As they kissed, she thrust her hips dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin down and impaled herself on his member, breathing hard against his lips as this sister ed her brother, hard and passionate, under the ever-deepening sunset until she came to another hard and explosive orgasm, and with it, another powerful purge from Cory.

Ten minutes later they lay there in the warm afterglow of orgasm, the scent of their ing lingering dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin in the bedroom as a reminder of their actions – him having climaxed for a second time, filling his sister with his love, and her having felt things she never dating a younger girl 15 virgin even knew possible in the orgasms he had given her. She had come hard and explosive that time, while impaled on his shaft, and it was the greatest feeling she

dating a younger girl 15 virgin
had ever felt. And then they lay there, she was a wreck and he was a mess and neither of them had the energy or the words to say or dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin do anything more. They just lay there, legs entwined and bedsheets twisted in the manner of their ing. She was filled with her brother’s seed, and she felt it tricking down the inside of her thighs and onto her bedding and then she slept.

*** It was sometime in the early hours that Tilly awoke, alone in her bed. She was still naked, but she was under the covers and she could hear the loud hammer of raindrops battering her window. She didn’t remember coming to bed, and dating a younger girl 15 virgin she wondered if Cory had carried her there. Tilly dressed in her long blue sweater and she pulled on some panties and she headed downstairs for some water. From the dating a younger girl kitchen 15 virdating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin gin window she watched the rain and she drank, and then she thought and that was when the tears started. And they came like a flood, all the emotion dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin and all the passion that had built up within her over the last few days was being released like a tidal wave of pain and longing and what could never dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin possibly be. She sat by the window, knees pushed into her chest and she sobbed as the water poured down. She felt a sharp pain in her loins, an aching from where her walls had been intruded for the first time. Her nipples ached and were sore, and her lips were chapped from their kissing.

She cried because of what dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger had girl 15 virgin happened, the emotion that came with losing your virginity. She cried because of how beautifully perfect and how hotly passionate it was, and how it was better than anything she could ever have imagined. And she cried because it was with Cory and they could never, ever be together. She started to claw at her skin, as if there 15 a girl dating younger virgin was an itch there that, no matter how hard she scratched, it would not go. “Tilly…” his voice called, soft and caring, from the stairs. “What did you want to talk about?” she asked, sweating now. “Before.” “It doesn’t matter,” he said and she sobbed harder. “I know what you were going to say,” she said. “But I wanted it to be you, and I wanted the moment to be right and I wanted it to be a younger &rdquo girl 15 dating a younger girl 15 virgin virgin; A silence lingered for a moment. “But?” She opened her mouth to reply but words failed her. “Are you OK, Tilly?” he asked and she virgin dating 15 younger girl cried a harder now, into her sleeve. "I can't help but think that things have changed between us now,” she said through sobs. “Like we’ve lost our dating closeness a younger girl 15 virgin and our trust in each other. Like when you look at me all you seen now is this ed-up, pathetic little girl who is so emotionally damaged. This little dating a younger girl 15 virgin slut of a sister that had with her brother because she is too emotionally unstable to be in love with anyone else. That’s what is wrong, Cory.” She found herself yelling and cried into her sleeve again. “Hey,” he said back, on the defensive, “that must make me ed up and emotionally damaged too, Tilly. I’dating a younger girl 15 virgin m not saying what we did was right, but I don’t regret it either. And for the record, I wasn’t going to say what you think I was going to say.” “You’ve always been so much more than just a brother to me but this… I never thought… how can something so wrong feel dating a younger girl 15 so virgin right?” she sobbed.

She’s burning up now, sweat pours from her head.

She can’t take it anymore, and she flings open the patio doors and she dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 runs virgin out into the rain and the coolness, yelling, “I shouldn’t love you. I shouldn’t be in love with you.” The coolness was nice, she thought. She felt herself cooling as the water bounced off her face, matting her hair so that it stuck to her face. The rain was coming down, and it was coming down like a storm – this wasn’t light rain, she knew. “Because we’re broken,” he yelled over the rain as it bounced down around the two,

dating a younger girl 15 virgin
“but sometimes love is broken too. Maybe we are two seriously ed-up teenagers, Tills, but I love you and you love me and nobody can change that. There isn’t a guide or a handbook on what to do. Our lives are pretty ed up, right?” He moves close to her so she can hear him over the battering rain. “I’m sorry that you feel like this, and I’m sorry that our lives have turned out the way they have, but I could never, younger dating 15 virgin a girl dating a younger girl 15 virgin ever, look at you any differently, Tilly because I love you, and that’s something I can never apologise for “I’m dirty,” she said, clawing at herself again. That talk you were so scared of, I wasn’t going to shut you down. I was going to say to you,” and he took her hand now, dating a younger girl 15 virgin
dating younger a girl 15 virgin
the trembling fingers that shook within his, “Tilly Greenstreet, younger girls for older guys dating I am head over heels in love with you,” and she cried, maybe in relief, maybe in exhaustion, but she cried differently and she cried as her lips met his again, under the torrents of rain that fell from the sky, and in that moment she felt absolution. Back dating virgin a girl younger 15 dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin inside, Tilly led against Cory on her bed with the sound of the rain battering down as their soundtrack. His arm pulled her close to him, and she felt safe 15 virgin girl a dating younger dating a younger within girl 15 virgin his grasp. “Are you OK?” he asked again and the question lingered for some time. It was the best she could offer, and it was true and dating a younger the girl 15 virgin silence took over after that. Cory didn’t sleep, and Tilly drifted in and out until their bodies forced their brains to shut down sometime around three AM.

And dating a younger girl 15 virgin that is how they woke, side by side, with the streaming of sunlight breaking through the gap in Tilly’s curtains and the sound of Loraine’s voice announcing that she was going to work. She always left early, and hit the 7/11 on the corner for a bottle and some mints. They looked at each other through broken vision, dating a younger girl 15 virgin colours and stars and blotches of white as their eyes adjusted to the light. Led there, his arm around her, comfortably numb and without feeling. His strong body naked except dating a younger girl 15 virgin for his grey Calvin’s with their grey and black detailing. She, her light blue cotton jumper crinkly from where the rain had dried, and her panties exposed from where dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating her a younger girl 15 virdating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin gin top had pushed up in the night. They looked at each other in silence until their vision was sound and their eyes met. “I’m okay,” she dating a younger girl 15 virgin said and she was. A gentle, lingering kiss in the early morning light. “I’m okay,” she said a little louder, and she laughed at the craziness of dating a younger girl 15 virgin their togetherness, and that is all he needed to hear. He wouldn’t cry, but it was a relief to know that he could. He laughed too, and that hole dating a younger girl 15 virgin he had felt was repaired, and he kissed her back. She moved on top of him, he on the bottom, their bodies together and legs twisted and entwined as she dating a younger girl 15 virgin kissed him again.

His groin pressed through his boxers at the fabric of her panties but it was content, not excited. And then they just lay there, not ing, just dating a younger girl 15 virgin laying, her head on his chest listening to the soft, steady beating of his heart. They felt complete, she felt complete, despite the circumstances of their kindred relations being so dating a younger girl 15 virgin dangerously corrupted, and they lay there until the middle of the morning, sleeping in the most innocent sense of the word, bodies entwined in the new-found boundaries of their kinship and they were together. /fin Uncle Bob's Carwash by Lubrican CHAPTER ONE Megan skipped along happily on her way to her very first paying job.

She had eagerly been awaiting her 16th birthday so she would be old enough to work at Uncle Bob's car wash. It was a big bustling business

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down on the bay by the beach, with 30 employees, almost all High Schoolers, and five lines in which cars could be washed, waxed and detailed. When a car came out of Uncle Bob's, it looked brand new. It was a loud place, with music blaring from speakers all over.

And with that music, a lot of dancing went on at Bob's too. She'd been there hundreds of times, hanging out, or visiting with her favorite Uncle, but this time she looked at it differently. She dating a younger girl 15 didn't virgidating n a younger girl 15 virgin know what it was before it was a car wash, but now it looked like a light house, with the car wash at the bottom, and the tall dating a younger girl 15 virgin tower going up four or five stories. Every New Year's eve Uncle Bob or somebody turned that big light on and made it do one complete revolution to mark dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin the new year. That light sparked different colors as it went around, and it could be seen for miles. That tower was the only part of the Car Wash Megan had never been in. The door to that was in Uncle Bob's office and had no handle. It was always locked, and Megan never could even figure out how anybody could open it. When she got there she went straight to Uncle Bob's office. Everybody there knew her and lots of people said "Hi" as she went in. Her dating a younger Uncle girl 15 virgin was sitting behind 33141 dating girl i can't live his desk and he looked up. "Hi pumpkin" he said, writing something on a piece of paper. She noticed that his eyes slid down her body and then back up. He'd been doing that a lot the last couple of years. She knew he was looking at her body, but she liked it. "Ah dating a younger girl 15 virgin dating a younger girl 15 virgin yes, the most beautiful girl in town has decided to entertain my customers." His grin got wider. They were based on a pirate theme, with tight blue shorts below a dating a younger girl 15 virgin thin shirt with broad horizontal red and white stripes on it. It highlighted every muscle, rib, fold of fat and anything else on your body and, when wet, was fairly 15 a girl dating virgin younger transparent ... The guys' shirt was a normal T shirt, but they had to wear a stylized pirate head bandana that looked fairly ridiculous.

The shorts were gym shorts, for all younger virgin 15 dating girl a intents and purposes. Bob said they had to be for safety reasons, so that the machinery couldn't catch loose clothing and drag somebody around or hurt them.

Every guy dating a younger girl 15 virgin wore a jock strap under his shorts, for reasons that will become clear in a few sentences. The neckline then swooped down and under the other arm, leaving that shoulder dating a younger girl 15 virgin bare. With all the leaning over, stretching and all that involved in washing cars, those bras were uncomfortable. That meant there were a lot of wet shirts, with stiff nipples under them. Then there was the problem with the shorts riding up into pussy cracks, making delightful camel toes, especially if a girl didn't wear panties under the shorts.

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