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I imagined Janice as I had seen her today, and my cock stirred in my lap. A long moment and then an indistinct figure was silhouetted against the window adventures in dating mandy by walsky adventures in blind dating mandy by walsky. At this point the blind slowly rose like a curtain and Janice stood at the window. Before I could register disappointment at the muumuu she was still wearing, she grasped the fabric as before, and slowly, slowly pulled the dress up like a second theater curtain. She removed the dress and put it somewhere out of sight. Then she reached behind her and undid the mortar-cone bra. She hunched her shoulders forward (as I now know women do) and pulled the straps down. The bra rode, unsupported, around her big, taut adventures in dating mandy by walsky breasts. She bent forward and pushed them down, and as she lifted first one leg then another to step out of them, each thigh in turn pressed up and into the

by mandy in dating adventures walsky
bulge of her pregnant belly. As it distorted and resumed its shape I realized I'd thought of it as rigid as a basketball. In fact, it was a complicated system that flexed with the mother while it cradled her baby. Janice did all this matter-of-factly, without the slightest come-on look or provocative wiggle; but she already had me stiff and hard as a phone pole. Now, however, she started teasing me, cupping and rubbing her heavy breasts, pinching her nipples, sliding her hands around her belly slope to touch her pussy. She adventures in dating mandy by turned adventures in dating mandy by walsky walsky sideways, took a big breath, arched her back, and froze with her huge belly shoving forward aggressively. As she turned back toward me, she smiled, and this time there adventures in dating mandy by walsky was seduction in that smile. She beckoned to me repeatedly, lifting her hand and curling her fingers up in summons. Since we were 20 feet apart and 15 above the by in walsky mandy dating adventures adventures in dating mandy by walsky ground, this puzzled me; then I realized what she meant. I was suddenly embarrassed, but I found adventures in dating mandy flash fiction my courage and slowly, shyly, stood up straight, my enormous boner flying high. Not quite getting it, I lifted a tentative hand and cupped it under my penis. Her grin widened, and she curled her fingers around an imaginary cylinder and stroked them up and down. Hypnotized like a bird with a snake, I began to slowly jack myself off. As I did so, she rubbed her swollen breasts and belly, and pinched her nipples dating mandy in adventures walsky by adventures in dating mandy by walsky again and licked her lips as her hips revolved. Then she reached a hand around her gut and found her pussy. We watched each other's hands go faster, faster, until adventures in dating mandy by walsky I lost control completely.

Just in time, I crowded up to the wide-open window and spurted rope after rope of white semen into the hot September dark. This must have set her off too, because she squeezed her eyes shut and shuddered, and her breathing drove her belly in and out, in and out, until she reared her head back and let go (what I hoped was) a silent scream. She came down in stages, bit by bit; and then we looked at each other, replete and sweating in the Midwest humidity. She blew a kiss and waved and turned and pulled the blind back down.

After a moment her light went off, while I stood wiping stray jism off the windowsill with my long-suffering pajamas. Oddly enough, out of all her erotic display, what I thought of most was that kiss. I spent most of the next day dreaming about that bathroom window crowded with big-bellied girl, and tugging at my pants to ease the world's longest-lasting hard-on. By 9:50 I was back on station, naked in front of my window adventures in dating mandy by walsky

adventures with in dating mandy by walsky
my abused pajamas ready. Janice appeared right on schedule, but tonight she surprised, and I admit, disappointed me. Instead of peeling off her muumuu, she shook her head and waved her upright hand, palm-out to signal no. Then she repeatedly pointed down, I guessed at the kitchen below, and held up three fingers. I three-fingered back and she smiled, nodded, and adventures in dating mandy by walsky adventures in dating mandy by walsky
adventures in disappeared dating mandy by adventures in dating mandy by walsky walsky
for the night. That was damn late with school in the morning, but okay, a small enough sacrifice. I didn't dare relieve my poor aching cock and maybe adventures in dating compromise mandy by walsky my late-night performance (as if I needed to worry at that age!) and the next five hours from ten to three lasted ten hours at least. I snuck downstairs, shoes in hand, put them on at the kitchen door, and stepped out into the cicadas' last summer chorus.

The insistent rise and fall of their non-stop buzzing kept dialing up the tension as I watched for the kitchen light next door. Crushed as only a 17 year old can be crushed, I took off my shoes and dragged back up to

adventures my in dating mandy by walsky
room. One ray of hope remained: maybe she meant tomorrow AFTERNOON at three! I romanced my pajamas as usual and drifted off in what little remained of the night. Then,
adventures in dating mandy counting by waladventures in dating mandy by walsky sky
on my parents' usual benign neglect, I said casually, "I start shooting for the yearbook today." Mother carried dishes to the sink. "Don't you already take photos for the is matthew perry dating mandy moore
adventures in dating mandy by walsky
school paper?" "Uh, yeah, but that's only maybe three days a month." "What about sports? What about football?" my father asked from behind the paper (even a city our size had morning and evening newspapers back then). But after trying to please my father through a Junior football season with my face mostly shoved into freezing mud, I was going adventures in dating mandy by walsky mandy dating walsky adventures in by to disappoint my old man this year. "They really need a good photographer; and when I told them you had taught me everything I know…." "I guess that's okay then," Father said in a satisfied tone. (In fact, he used his expensive equipment and home darkroom roughly never, now that his latest hobby was a full year old. That was about adventures in dating mandy by walsky adventures in dating mandy par by walsky for the course for Father's costly passions.) "So I won't be home 'til maybe five or six." No answer from the Oldies, who were back to their adventures in dating mandy by walsky news and dishes. It took some hustle, but I made it back from school by three, snuck through the wooded vacant lot on the far side of Old Miss Rogan's house, and tapped on the kitchen door. Janice said, "After I left the bathroom, I realized you might have mistaken my sign language for 3 a.m." Though I was stifling yawns, I offhandedly said, "Oh no, not at all." As she turned back into the kitchen, I said, "Um, is there any place we could, maybe sit down?" I mimed adventures in dating mandy by walsky side-by-side with my arms.

"Because you want to start making out?" "Well, not, 'start,' but, yeah, eventually; but I also like to talk with you, I mean…" oh, this was going badly! Either you want to make out with them and don't want to scare them off, or else you DON'T want to make out with them but don't want to insult them by giving yourself away.... I'm sorry; but it's always so complicated." Jennifer wrapped her hand lightly around my upper arm and studied the distress in my face. "It's just as hard for girls, and you my dating adventures post divorce trey ellis know, I don't think it ever gets easier." "Oh! Well, I thought it was easier for you and me, anyhow. That's why I love to come over – well, PART of the reason, I mean…" Jennifer actually snickered. "Boy, when you dig you a hole, you dig adventures in dating mandy by walsky it deep, don't you?" At my stricken expression she laughed out loud. Then, "I'm sorry I laughed, Peter." For some reason, I wasn't embarrassed at being embarrassed – not with Janice. I grinned and said, "That's all right; sometimes I feel like Red Skelton; you know: stumbling around and knocking stuff over." "Yeah. "About Old…about Miss Rogan…." She shook her head. "The library doesn't close 'til 5:30 and then she has stuff to tidy up. The number 9 bus stops up at the end of the block at 6:11 every night.

"She's so hidebound; I think she won't use the crapper except on schedule. Oops!" We both laughed (1955 was far less adventures in dating mandy by walsky candid about bodily functions) and she sat us down on the couch. So we talked again for an hour or more; and when things started running down, Janice said simply, "adventures in dating mandy by walsky Okay, it's make-out time. Now, does that make it easier?" "Does it ever!" I put my left arm over her shoulder beside me, pulled her in gently and kissed her, not aggressively, but kind of exploring. Her lips were very warm and soft and her tongue was wicked when it got going. After a long, long time, we came up for air and Janice said, "You hit the pitch; now you get on first base." Her voice sounded breathy and y. I placed a palm on her big left breast and felt it under her shapeless dress.

Her nipple was hard and she sucked in her breath when I circled it with a finger. I cupped and lifted the heavy globe, thinking adventures in dating mandy it by walsadventures ky in dating mandy by walskydating in by mandy adventures walsky g> felt filled with warm jelly or something. Janice put a hand on my crotch and just rested it there. It was agony, wondering if she'd move the hand, wondering what she'd do. Almost absently, I said, Janice, it's hard to find words to describe holding your, um, breast. It's not… it's not just y, it'adventures in dating mandy by walsky adventures in dating mandy by walsky adventures in dating mandy by walsky s like… it reminds me of…" When I trailed off, Janice finished, "Sucking milk out of mommy's boobie." "No!" I thought some. "Well, maybe that really is partly true, if adventures in dating mandy by walsky adventures in dating mandy by walsky dating adventures by mandy walsky I admit in it honestly." She leaned her head back to study my face; then she nodded. "And you do admit it, Peter; that's unusual." She thought a bit more and then pulled farther away and finally stood up. "All right," she said, "you can latch on to mommy." Without waiting, she stripped the muumuu off and discarded it. Today she

adventures in dating mandy by had walsky
no underwear on, so the heavy breast I'd been holding swung gently as she sat back down. This time I cupped her right breast, lifting it gently, feeling its adventures in dating mandy by walsky sensuous weight. I bent my head and took her nipple in my mouth, then opened wide enough to surround the pink aureole around it. Of course there wasn't any milk adventures in dating mandy by walsky there yet, but I must have triggered something because Janice suddenly shuddered. "Ho-oh-oh!," she said in a shivery tone, "that does something. I've rubbed them but never felt that!" When adventures in dating mandy by walsky I lifted my head momentarily, she raised her right arm, draped it over my neck, and pulled me back down onto her resilient breast.

I teased the button nipple and circled it with my tongue. As I cupped and kneaded her swollen boob I was looked down at the hill of her swollen belly. That pink, distended dome strained outward, and adventures in dating mandy by walsky every few moments, its surface rippled smoothly. Since her belly button hadn't quite poked out yet, I couldn't see her navel. I transferred my hand to the slope of her convex gut and started caressing in slow circles. Janice's shivers turned into long soft sighs of pleasure.

Janice whispered, "Fair play now, take off your shirt." We unwound enough so she could undo my buttons. I stripped the shirt off and Janice once again placed her palms over my own male nipples. "Mmm," she murmured, "muscles!" She slowly rubbed her hands all over my chest. Then she snaked her arms around my back and the awkwardness of this position unconsciously made

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us stand adventures in up dating mandy by walsky.

"Hoo, cold!" she said and immediately jerked her gut backward.

She just looked at me, so I thought, well, maybe not yet. Sinking to my knees, I embraced adventures in dating mandy by walsky her, grasped her tight backside cheeks, then leaned in and Eskimo-kissed her navel with my nose. I kissed it properly and licked it, fighting to contain my threatening orgasm (though in in walsky by mandy adventures dating those innocent days, I didn't know it was called that). Then I brought my arms back around and bracketed the tight sides of her warm, heavy belly. Slowly, hesitantly, I

adventures in dating mandy by walsky
in cocked adventures dating walsky by mandy
my head sideways, slipped under the big slope of her lower gut, grasped the backs of her warm thighs, and buried my mouth in her sparse, brown curls. "I'
adventures dating by walsky in mandy
ll have to show you how to do that right," she said, "but you stand up now and I'll give you a present." Wondering what she meant, I reluctantly rose to my feet. With a wicked look, she hooked her left hand in the waistband of my jeans, her fingers warm against my hard, flat belly. Working the stiff fly buttons adventures in dating mandy by walsky adventures in dating mandy by walsky was tough going and my insistent erection made the job even tougher. Top button, second button, third, last, then she peeled back the front and tugged the heavy fabric off adventures in dating mandy by walsky adventures in dating mandy by my walsky hips. Janice paused and looked into my eyes, knowing the suspense was killing me.

Her smile widened into a saucy grin as she pulled my jockey shorts down in front (their design was the same half a century ago) and hooked the elastic waistband under my balls. "Ooooh," she breathed, tickling them gently with slim fingers. "You know you're nice adventures in dating mandy by walsky and big, Peter," she chuckled, "or should I say, you have a nice big peter, Peter." "Uhh, ho ho that's rich. Janice, please!!" Then, cautiously managing her heavy belly, she sank into a catcher's squat before me, now holding on to my shaft to steady herself. She gazed up at me and shook her hair back out of her adventures in dating mandy by walsky face. Looking down at her, I gasped at the size of her pregnant gut, now hanging, almost dangling between her wide-spread legs. I could see her breasts were swollen too, their

adventures in dating mandy by walsky
adventures in dating mandy by walsky sides bulging with their growing burden. She didn't calm it any by bending slowly, lips pursed, and kissing all around its purplish cap. Her tongue shot out and lapped the adventures in dating mandy by walsky pre-cum off the tiny hole. Then she lifted my cock and went to work on my balls, teasing, licking, pulling gently at the wrinkled skin with her teeth; rolling, tickling adventures in dating mandy by walsky dating in my mandy walsky by adventures dating mandy by walsky full scrotum.

She took my cock into her warm, wet mouth, in an inch and out, in again farther; and so, inch by inch, she pulled my pulsing shaft to adventures in dating mandy by walsky the very back of her mouth, until all seven inches were engulfed. As she did this, she sucked me in rhythmic pulses, helping each little spasm by tightening is mandy moore dating the rock her lips in adventures in dating mandy by walsky rhythm. You're going to make me… I can't hold… Janice!!" She deliberately pulled back and out, long enough to say, "Do it, Peter, go ahead and shoot. Cum adventures in dating mandy by walsky for me, sweetheart, shoot for me!" Slowly, still deliberately, she sucked me into her mouth again. The familiar pressure built and built in my testicles, moved into and up my cock and erupted into Janice's eager mouth. She gulped and swallowed quickly, but white sticky cum still surged around my cock and out the corners of lea michele john her lloyd adventures young in dating mandy by walsky dating mouth. It rained down on her heavy breasts and the shiny dome of the great belly that hung between her cradling knees; and all the while, she looked up at me with a happy, loving expression. When I had finally finished loading her with spunk, and nearly stopped shaking all over, she pulled her mouth away at last, looked adventures in dating mandy by walsky adventures in dating mandy by walsky up again, and said, "Ooh, I think you've been practicing, Peter. Hey, my knees are locking, give me a hand, lover." Lover! Overcome with feeling, I wordlessly raised her to adventures in dating mandy by walsky her feet, turned her, and sat us down on the sofa. When I could speak again I said ruefully, "I'm afraid that practicing is as far as I've ever got.

If I practice much more, I'll go blind." In 1955 we half-believed those masturbation scare stories. Janice was rubbing semen all over her breasts, making them bulge and in walsky adventures dating mandy by mandy adventures by dating in walsky wobble. Then she slathered it around her belly-dome like lotion. "A girlfriend told me this is good for stretch marks." (I looked wise, though I didn't know what those were back then.) Janice laced her hands below her swollen gut, pulled up, and also took a giant breath and arched her back. Her belly seemed to inflate like a great pink balloon. She said, "Obviously, I have more experience, but only those six times I told you of." She deflated somewhat and her look turned sad. "I really never was the dating walsky bad mandy by adventures in girl they thought me." "Well, I never thought so, Janice." Another thought floated into what little was left of my brain. "You said you were going to show me how to do something." She sighed.

"Oh, I don't want to go, Janice." "But you've got to.

Come back tomorrow." "Tomorrow and every other day. I already told my folks a good excuse." Reluctantly, we got dressed and tidied up. Janice had done such a good job of sperm control that there were no cum stains on the carpet. So adventures in dating mandy by walsky every day at three o'clock I snuck into Old Miss Rogan's kitchen, lugging my father's Exacta camera (remember, I was supposed to be shooting for the yearbook). Before I went home I did a different kind of shooting all right; but when I asked again what she was going to show me, Janice waved around at the prim

mandy walsky adventures in dating by
living room and said it was too hard to do there. It was enough to play with her pussy and finger her inside.

She led me to the button there and showed me how to make her groan and shake and cream. Meanwhile, her straining belly bulged ever outward, her belly button popped as advertised, and her breasts grew so full they finally sagged enough to touch the slope of her great pink gut.

Then one day when she was well over eight months gone, Janice said, "Something's been driving me mandy in crazy by walsky dating adventures. Why do you bring that camera every single day?" I told her my ruse to see her, explaining about my dad's expensive hobbies that changed about every three months.

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