Схема штекера магнитолы сони mdx-c5400x

The «Loudness» function is disabled if you have the DSP connected. Records from radio, or connected CD or MD changer. Provides a larger area on the face for the display and controls.

Examples include Disc Memo , Station Memo and Memo List. CD Text — A compact disc and player feature utilizing disc, track and artist information encoded directly on the CD media. Amplifier: DSO (Dynamic Soundstage Organiser), EQ-7 (7-band Equalizer), separate Bass, Treble control, Loudness, Pre-amp output: Front and Rear (HPF — swicthable Highpass), Mono sub-output and swicthable Low Pass filter, Sub volume control. New Sony Xplod series design. 30 radio station presets, 10 second anti-shock protection, volume synching with telephone system, multi-color display, bass/tweeter adjustment,CD-TEXT support, detachable faceplate. Features «Dynamic Sound Stage Organizer» (DSO) DSP function to adjust sound stage so that driver feels to be at apparent center of listening field.
Multi color display, similar form as the XR-C900 (white characters on black background, multi selector), although no flip-down front. «CD-custom file» and «CD-text». No remote sensor. Both playback and media components must have CD Text compatibility. This is instead implemented with as the «Last Sound Memory» function of the optional DSP. So, you have to have the DSP if you want this feature. Couples to Sony head units with Unilink control. Custom File — A feature package that provides intuitive and safe source management for an audio and A/V system. Flip out (down?) type front panel has 6 electrically settable display angles, with built-in setting memory.

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