Схема магнитоллы 22dc279/62

схема магнитоллы 22dc279/62
The options are BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE and FADER (front to back relative volume). The rear speakers have to be activated in Expert mode for the latter to work. Select the right one with the scroll wheel and then press the button on the underside of the remote (nearest your lap). The next question is CURVE (0-5) and sets the frequency response to suit the car. You now have a 2 minute wait while it beeps at you then, eventually, it will ask for the security code.

Switch it off the same way. CD Random Play To enable this, when the CD is loaded, press and hold the “1” button until the display shows RD. Expert Mode In order to invoke Expert Mode, press and hold the SRC button until it goes beep. The choice is America, Japan, Asia, Arabia and Other. Often good for national stations but not so good if reception is generally poor or for local ones. SPEED (0-5) controls the increase in volume as you increase speed to compensate for road noise.

The search takes some time but they will be stored in alphabetical order of RDS name. Then when it is playing, press and hold the desired number button until it beeps. The AUX input must be activated in the head unit’s menu. C2 doesn’t exist at all on Tuner List models (***) Models before 2000 have an analog CD Changer audio input instead of SPDIF. In that case, the pinout is as follows: 18=Audio GND, 19=Audio Left and 20=Audio Right.

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